Operation Hard Reboot - New Galactic Ops. Part 15

Operation Hard Reboot – New Galactic Ops. Part 15

April 2021

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Hard Reboot – By Lev.



This is not a historical moment, but a cosmic one. A crucial date in the history of the Universe for humanity. We are present and we are witnesses to this reversal from Darkness to Light.

But we must not rush to celebrate the victory, they still have a card to play on earth, it is a very big card and a test for humanity. From above they have lost, from below they also lose in any case. The Light has won.


25/04/2021 at 2:29 pm, Operation Hard Reboot

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“For those who want to stay in 3D, no one will be forced and it is not going to be it in the future…” So, those who’ll continue in 3D will be transported to another 3D planet if they’re alive.

27/04/2021 at 10:25 am, Operation Hard Reboot

Some souls leave because they decided to do a 3D experiment again. SOME will do experiments on 3D SINCE THE STONE AGE for the good reason that the soul is a solar flame if it happens to have a minimum of brightness it must do experiments that will allow it to revive and in intensity and magnitude of course this is not done in a lifetime. THERE ARE THOSE WHO LEAVE BEFORE THE END OF THE PLAN to find us in the new world because THEY HAVE THE NECESSARY LUGGAGE TO LEAVE AND WAIT FOR US.

27/04/2021 at 10:03 am, Operation Hard Reboot

Will Photon Belt influence this transition?

27/04/2021 at 6:58 am, Operation Hard Reboot

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On April 26-27, 2021, the Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee began Operation Hard Reboot, another major op after Armageddon.

After the annihilation of Anti-Pleroma on April 21, 2021, and all the Black entities that were in it, the problem of what to do with their Monads arose.

Operation Hard Reboot - Anti-Pleroma Annihilation
Anti-Pleroma Annihilation

Operation Hard Reboot

After a brief meeting, the Higher Light Hierarchy made the following decision. If there is at least one photon of Light left in the Monads after the destruction of their Black carriers, such a Monad must be tried to be saved and returned to the Source.

This is what Operation Hard Reboot is aimed at. It creates a single maternal Logos for re-adrogation, karma cleansing, and transformation of all flawed Monads.

New mother Logos is formed from the Monadic aspects of the various Intelligence forms. On April 25, 2021, a piece was “bitten off” from the Monads of the Light Forces ground team leaders for this purpose.

Operation Hard Reboot - New Logos Creation
New Logos Creation

Operation Hard Reboot

The first to reboot are the Monads of the former Higher Black Hierarchs of Anti-Pleroma, including those who made up the pantheon of the most irreconcilable.

From Pleroma, the Great Hard Reboot, the transformation, and re-adjustment of the “orphaned” Monads will extend to Earth, to the Monads created on it.

Monads “parents” who have crossed over to the Light Side will now, by their new state and purpose, reboot their “children”, orienting them to progressive development, toward the Higher Light Hierarchy.

If Monads were created with imperfections, they will be lustrated to determine how badly they are contaminated with Dark and Gray energy and whether they have any chance of returning to the evolutionary path.

Such Monads will be purified and, if necessary, readopted. Adoptive parents would be selected amid those who will be close to them by birth, and by the properties of their Monads.

Operation Hard Reboot - Human Monad
Human Monad

Operation Hard Reboot

​Many people are now temporarily disconnected from their Monad. It is felt as a sharp deenergizing, a lack of strength, and depression.

After Armageddon, a huge number of Monads are rebooted, freed from direct or indirect insertions of the Dark Forces’ energies. It is done gradually and very carefully, so as not to harm those who are ready to go to the Light.

The projection of the Black Anti-Pleroma was on Earth as well. It was fueled by clones in human and animal bodies.

Now, without the Matrix and Darkies Heads, they can’t live. What will happen to them? The natural and artificial death. The bacilli of Black energy in their bodies will be neutralized so that they will not remain on the planet.

Operation Hard Reboot - Without A Black Matrix
Without A Black Matrix

Operation Hard Reboot

There is enough work for all Light Forces. And there will be no rest for them. The Darks’ legacy on Earth has rooted very deeply.

Rising Gaia’s vibrations, especially in its key Power Places, are of great help to LFs.

Restoration and cleanup of people’s memory and subconsciousness, as well as the earthly layers of the Akashic Records, will require enormous effort. The time continuum is also cleared and tuned to the multiverse.

Unified Hierarchic Information Channel has begun to work in a renewed Light mode, in energies accessible to earthlings. Through it, those who have already raised their vibes began to receive new knowledge and expand their consciousness.

An avalanche-like cleansing process is underway. Of course, it takes time to reboot the entire Local Universe, from Pleroma to Earth.

Operation Hard Reboot - Galaxy Cleansing
Galaxy Cleansing

Operation Hard Reboot

Leaders of the constellations and planets are being replaced. Not all, of course, but only those who resisted the Absolute’s Pleroma, and those, in whom the parasitic contagion has grown, taking the severe form of sarcoma. Any treatment will not help them.

The like attracts the like. What does not correspond to the Light will be transformed or removed. The process is slow in some places, speeding up in others.

Approach to reboots is varied to different time-spaces. In the Local Universe, it is the first time that such an enormous exodus carries out, and the inertia of the prevailing conditions has taken its toll.

The lower the dimension, the more delay. The sluggishness of the inhabitants of different worlds also affects. The dense matter is tougher and takes longer to rebuild.

Using Earth as an example, one can see how difficult it is to establish a New Universal Order. Although the main leadership of the Darkies has been decapitated, there are still followers who continue to live the old way. Information about the changes that are taking place reaches them, but not everyone is ready to accept it.

There are tryings to convince such people, and coerce them into peace. Others are removed from the planet in various ways. The wave of reboots is spreading inexorably.

An important favorable factor is the transition of the Milky Way into the Photon Belt.

Operation Hard Reboot - Photon Belt
Photon Belt

Operation Hard Reboot

Photon Belt is special field energy of the star Sirius, around which our Solar System and Earth orbit.

This Belt is part of the spiral arm of Light of the Central Sun for our Galaxy, the Alcyon. It serves as a Higher Dimensional Portal, a Gateway separating the physical and the Subtle Planes. It is the beginning of our Spiral of Life, the Fibonacci Spiral.

This region extends for 50,000 light-years, or approximately to the diameter of the Milky Way. Every 12960 years, our Solar System crosses the Photon Belt and remains in it for the next two thousand years.

The energies inside are very different from that outside. The light in the Belt is highly concentrated, and therefore the highest vibrations reign there. They have the strongest effect on everything that enters their field.

An example is our Sun. Its magnetic field forms a heliosphere in the form of a giant capsule with a sharp elongation in the opposite direction from the motion of the Solar System. All planets move inside this capsule.

Operation Hard Reboot - Heliosphere

Operation Hard Reboot

Since the Sun entered the Photon Belt in 2000, the intensity of the radiant plasma forming the capsule shell has now increased tenfold. And the brightest glow falls on its head part.

Photon Belt has the same effect on the Earth. The planet and all life on it undergo a profound transformation. Many people have gained a vision of their cosmic tasks, awareness, and mastery of unique skills and abilities.

Photon Belt is closely adjacent to the Earth’s atmospheric layer. Its energy is held at the borders of the stratosphere by the planet’s magnetic field which is now regulated by Siriusians through the Earth’s electromagnetic grid.

Under the influence of this energy, the Earth expands with changes in mass, density, and configuration. The internal processes in the planet’s core also change.

Operation Hard Reboot - Photonic Shell Of Earth
Photonic Shell Of Earth

Operation Hard Reboot

Staying in Photon Belt, the Earth will become multidimensional. Its biosphere will be a source of new life forms that Galacom and friendly races will spread throughout the Galaxy.

Photon Belt has several zones. First, comes the blind zone, a huge barrier, enveloping blue (azure) light. Approaching the blind zone is accompanied by an increase in pressure in the Earth’s atmosphere and on its surface.

This is the area where the magnetic fields touch each other so tightly that the 3D magnetic field can’t pass through it unchanged. Then, follows the main zone – the endless daylight.

Photon Belt forms 12 giant lenses of different Lightwave intensities. In 2007, Earth entered the first lens, from which no return is possible. Since 2021, with the New Galactic Year start, we are in the tenth, higher frequency lens.

Those who will resist the Light and the changes it brings will not be able to pass through the remaining two lenses.

Siriusians saturate the Earth with photonic energy depending on the speed of the earthlings’ Spiritual awakening. This energy is synchronized with Gaia’s vibes. This allows it to be better used in the Quantum Transition.

Operation Hard Reboot - Gaia's Vibrations
Gaia’s Vibrations

Operation Hard Reboot

As soon as people’s consciousness and bio-field frequencies rise to the 4D/5D level, a signal will be given to the main nodes of the Earth’s electromagnetic grid, and its field will begin to weaken.

It will be accompanied by an adjustment of plasma processes inside the Earth’s core and an increase in the intensity of the photon radiation of the Sun.

The program of transition to the fourth dimension is already loaded into the Earth Crystal. The planet’s Matrix and its space-time continuum have been changed.

Operation Hard Reboot - Earth's Crystal
Earth’s Crystal

Operation Hard Reboot

The transition first to the 4D and then to the basic 5D has already launched a deep transformation and readjustment of all physical, chemical, biological, and other processes to another frequency range. It changes the distance between the nucleus and electrons in each cell.

Photon energy has a positive effect on the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and waterways. They are powerful accumulators of this energy.

Many impurities in the water will be unable to coexist with the photon energy that will absorb, dissolve them.

This is part of the purification of the Earth which has already begun.

But it will be slower than the other changes because over the past few centuries water has been polluted beyond all limits. The healing of the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers will not happen overnight.

Operation Hard Reboot - Purified Oceans
Purified Oceans

Operation Hard Reboot

The plant world, whose life is based on photosynthesis, adapts more easily to the changing chemical composition of the atmosphere. Under the influence of photon energy, plants’ growth will accelerate by 20 percent. Their nutritional value will increase.

As a highly organized substance, photonic energy does not support non-evolving species, so many will not be able to continue their existence.

Anything that is no longer capable of evolving will be removed from Earth. Reached the end of evolution have no more reason to exist. They will not be able to withstand the photon energy due to their continuing density.

When Siriusians periodically weaken the Earth’s magnetic field, it cannot hold back the onslaught of photon energy, and it penetrates deeper into the planet, starting from the poles.

To prevent an energy imbalance and Earth from getting out of control, Siriusians installed in orbit the external ring-shaped stabilizers.

For this purpose, they used the Moon and its energetic (invisible in our dimension) twin, as well as the nearest planets – Mars and Venus, and Sun.

Operation Hard Reboot - Magnetosphere

Operation Hard Reboot

Siriusians have also erected energy stabilizers along the outer perimeter of the Solar System. Comets and asteroids of the Kuiper Belt are used to adjust planetary programs.

For a long time, our Sun could not produce photon energy, generating radiation instead. Now, thanks to the Great Quantum Transition, it has begun to emit its photonic waves and purify itself of radiation, just as the Earth is cleared of 3D energy.

Sun’s photon energy is in addition to the photon energy coming from the Source which increases as it passes through the intergalactic Portal into the field of Alcyon, the Central Sun of the Milky Way.

Operation Hard Reboot - Alcyon Portal
Alcyon Portal

Operation Hard Reboot

The Sun and Earth will eventually become self-sustaining systems. They will independently generate the necessary photon energy to support the 4D/5D vibrations. They will increase it until the human bodies and Souls are as the Source created them to be.

This is the spiritual goal of our Solar System and Gaia. Each form will acquire a new nature that, from within, will itself produce everything it needs, including its photonic energy, to move to a new level of evolution.

The Source’s photon energy carries tremendous information. Each Z-particle of this energy is multidimensional. It can think and evolve, adapting to all conditions.

It is a form of Higher Intelligence. Every particle of photonic energy is a particle of Source. It possesses a Higher Self, which is the Creator Himself.

Can we make contact with this Higher Self?

Of course, we can, if our vibrations and frequencies are ready to receive and withstand the energy-information flow of such power.

But the photons themselves determine which of us is ready for contact and reception of the high vibrations of the Universe. It has happened to Earth more than once, leading to a change of civilizations.

Operation Hard Reboot - Photons Streams
Photons Streams

Operation Hard Reboot

The contact was preceded by the discovery of new laws of humanity’s interaction with the surrounding space, including the Greater Cosmos.

The notions of human abilities, consciousness, and understanding of the intensity and depth that is inherent in the One Consciousness were expanding. Such a Consciousness is itself interested in studying Itself through humanity.

One Consciousness directs the photonic influence when and where a particular civilization approaches its end-of-cycle. It ceases to produce qualitative and information-rich content necessary for further evolution.

Then the Source sends new radiation affecting space, structure, energy, and bodies of objects. It discloses new realities and ways of interacting with the Universe that accompanied by the inevitable death of destructive and waste material.

The current civilization has already entered this stage of cosmic transformation. People have no power to change the course of events. But for surviving, they must begin to generate as much as possible of the only saving energy given to humanity: the energy of Love.

Operation Hard Reboot - Love Energy

Love Energy

Operation Hard Reboot

Photon Belt expands consciousness so that we begin to read others’ minds, and have more paranormal abilities. It will fundamentally change everyone who lives on Earth.

Photon energy will flow into the human body through the parietal chakra as a source of cleansing, nutrition, and vitamins. The body will become less dense and will require less water, moisture can be absorbed through breathing.

Metabolism will change so much that food will be unnecessary. People will assimilate only the lightest plant-based substances, and feel the true essence of their vibrations.

Many will begin to enjoy the new source of nutrition.

Physical bodies will morph for the first 15 years after the completion of the Quantum Transition. The appearance will depend on vibes. Aging will be much slower. The volume of the brain will increase, activating its untapped abilities.
Operation Hard Reboot - Subtle And Physical Planes
New Mental Abilities

Operation Hard Reboot

Photon Belt is a field of very powerful positive energy, so nothing negative can pass through it. It carries many of the healing freqs that the Earth needs right now.

Meditation and prayer help us attune ourselves to higher vibrations. Fear and disbelief are the only things we all need to avoid because they block evolution. Fear brings all negativity into reality. That’s why we need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

There is still a lot of violence, aggression, negative emotions, and thoughts on the planet. All this has formed a toxic field around the Earth.

After entering the Photon Belt, whose vibrations are many times stronger, the negative energies are disintegrated by them. Those who cannot pass through the Photon Belt are already sent by Galacom and Siriusians to planets with a 3D vibration level.

Now the cleansing of the Earth’s Subtle Plane of the Earth is in full swing. Then more active cleanup of the physical plane will begin. The work will be carried out in parallel because the population continues to emit a lot of negative energy which strongly affects the climate and tectonics.

Operation Hard Reboot - Subtle And Physical Planes
Subtle And Physical Planes

Operation Hard Reboot

Earth has already received and will receive additional structures to absorb new powerful energies, and this will affect its physical condition.

The surface of the planet will be transformed. We will notice it in plants, colors, and animal behavior. Soon, we will have a telepathic connection with Nature.

Gaia is raising its vibrations. All unnecessary, all the ballast that inhibits the development of everything that exists on the planet will be actively removed.

Galacom’s updates as of April 29, 2021

Galacom’s latest scan of the planetary complex showed that 54% of the total volume of new quantum equipment has significantly increased the Earth’s energy capacity.

Instability of air masses on the planet is rising, and their influence on the cardiovascular system is increasing. This is due not only to interplanetary work and planetary cleansing but also to the higher planet’s vibrations.

Mankind’s emissions are generally low-frequency, and the chaos created by humans intensifies sudden bursts of psychic energy. The situation heats up and the confrontation within civilization grows.

It manifests itself in the tectonic activity of the planet. More than a hundred earthquakes occur every day. The negative energy removal will increase to relieve the pressure on the planetary complex.

At the moment, all work on the extraction of old stocks of chyrons (particles of Evil) comes to an end, but their storage in interplanetary bowls is constantly replenished by mankind. Siriusians’ ships are operating in an active mode. By April 29, 2021, they had completed 75% of their planned cleanup work.

Cleansing of the Earth’s crust through the opening of the ozone layer is still done through the Siriusians’ Moon’s repeater.

Waves of compacted plasma are converted by sonic energy. Ionization of the upper atmosphere is carried out by Siriusians with the force fields of their space fleet.

Operation Hard Reboot - Plasma Waves
Plasma Waves

Operation Hard Reboot

The sound of the planet is being readjusted: it has risen to an octave higher. Everything that cannot resonate with the Earth is not viable. More and more people, living with an open heart and pure soul, are ready to perceive the changes taking place and to co-tune in with the planet.

Radiation from the supernova is expected within a few days. To protect the Earth, additional rings of absorbers of energy emissions at the entrance and exit, as well as the structure of refraction of energy pulses and their conversion into a neutral state are installed.

Magnetar’s influences remain, and they can be significant at times but are controlled by squadrons of the two Galacom’s space fleets.

Unique installations for working with the new five-dimensional space have been obtained, and are already being installed. Their deployment is gaining momentum.

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