Operation Deep Cleanup - New Galactic Ops. Part 17

Operation Deep Cleanup

New Galactic Ops Part 17 – May 2021

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Deep Cleanup – By Lev.



Where I live, there are constant little tremors of the planet, not just earthquakes… do you have any inputs on that?


03/05/2021 at 1:33 pm, Operation Deep Cleanup

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It’s gratifying to know that all these efforts are being made in the clean-up and to help the planet and humanity raise their frequencies.

Desert Flower

01/05/2021 at 12:27 pm, Operation Deep Cleanup

What system structure will be implemented for the people on 3D Venus and 5D planet Earth? Is it Universal law based on the rule of law or totalitarian/dictatorship system structure like current Archons/draconian – NWO-

Marxist/communist/fascist nonintelligent system structure on Earth that destroyed intelligent life forms, people’s God’s given unalienable rights to life, liberty, prosperity as codified in an American Constitution-the rule of law, destroyed/poisoned planet Earth, breeding evil everywhere?
Make a note, it is not enough to make product inventions or revolution, or have money … if the system structure is totalitarian control. It is breeding retardation, slavery, parasitism, wars, mass genocide, it is an absolute evil leading to the destruction of intelligent life forms, systems, planet Earth, Universe, the Source …

I had in my dreams a few years ago that our Earth was teleported in a string bag as you described and placed in a different region of Galaxy, it was snowing around. After arrival, I viewed the Earth from a higher location. She was beautiful standing in a heavenly blue sky and someone told me “your brothers and sisters arrived from slavery. Was our Earth teleported already to a different location?


03/05/2021 at 10:50 pm, Operation Deep Cleanup

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Operation Deep Cleanup is an important component of the other ops that the Galactic Committee is now conducting with 25D Siriusians and other friendly races.

This Operation encompasses the cosmic, near-earth, surface, and underground, as well as multi-dimensional space. It affects the plant, animal, and human plasma, and the planet as a whole on the physical and the Subtle Planes.

Galacom’s Earth sanitation system is a complex, multi-level structure. It operates with dozens of types of energy which are used both individually and in various combinations.

In the Earth’s interior, Operation Deep Cleanup takes place where the main energy collectors are located.

Operation Deep Cleanup - Plasma Collector
Plasma Collector

Operation Deep Cleanup

In the lowest reservoir, animals’ and plants’ plasma is collected. In the course of its cleanup, the excess substance is withdrawn which reduces the birth of species unfit for life in the 5D. The energies in this collector have a dirty dark purple color.

On the level above, there is a collector of people’s plasma, their Souls. There is always a very strong vibration here. A stream of dark blue purified plasma is directed to the central channel of the Earth and through it to the surface. This is the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea, and the Mediterranean, together forming a Quasitron (or Gravitation).

From the Quasitron, all cleansed plasma is redirected to other planets. Technically, it is done as follows.

In addition to special energy channels, as shown in the example of Venus in Part 16, the 25D Siriusians’ space fleet is used.

Their modules collect the plasma that came to the surface and brings it aboard the traueleventators outside the Solar System.

Once inside their airlocks, the modules unload the plasma into storage blocks and then head back to Earth for a new batch of plasma.

Operation Deep Cleanup - Space Ship And Module
Space Ship And Module

Operation Deep Cleanup

Plasma is once again purified from unnecessary information, processed, and sent to its destination for seeding on other planets.

Souls of highly evolved people go through several selections and weighing for energy capacity gauge. They will go on to live in better bodies and will be in demand much higher than on Earth.

Modules’ devices themselves detect Souls’ plasma that matches the specified parameters and draw them into their collectors. There is also a specialization.

Some modules are programmed to search for average human plasma. These are the Souls of ordinary people, honest, pure, kind – workers, farmers, teachers, doctors, etc. Those who in their lives did not cause evil, helped others, and filled collar.

Earth’s life of such a Soul is calm and balanced. It does not mean that they were not visited by troubles and misfortunes. Like everyone else, they experienced the bitterness of loss, the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood, and the hardships of loneliness.

They faced the betrayal of friends and loved ones, and the support of people who were strangers, who could understand and sympathize. Such is life on Earth. And all the more valuable is the plasma of people who managed to keep their Souls pure.

Yes, in some the fire of lust, profit, or envy burns, in others the fire of vengeance, malice, or war. This is the black fire.

But in most Souls, even without realizing it, the fire of Love, passion for life, the fire of creativity and labor burns. This is the fire of creation.

Some Souls flame and give fire to others, and there are Souls in which burn a pure but quiet flame of peace, happiness, and creation. This is the fire of holiness.

Operation Deep Cleanup - Soul Flame
Soul Flame

Operation Deep Cleanup

Such Souls are the most valuable.

They have already passed the stage of ignition and attenuation, passed the stage of rethinking the process of life, and now burn with the calm fire of love for life itself to nature, to the Source.

Each Soul is and will be placed in the Greater Cosmos precisely in the environment (system) that reflects this Soul with photographic accuracy.

Plasma seeding on other planets is preceded by the creation of a special environment on them on Subtle Plane.

It contains all the data to protect the planet and many of its development programs.

In this environment, ready plasma receives new codes, programs of cyclic development (time programs), and new energy fields. Plasma splits condense and enter nature as energy.

It accumulates in it and is subsequently broadcast as vital energy into the general space of the planet. The following happens next.

Siriusians select the energy plasma of the middle and lower levels of Intelligence. It is once again split, purified, and fed into Nature’s materializer.

First, programs of various plant and animal species are loaded into it.

Having passed this stage, Intelligence plasma gradually materializes first into plants and animals, forming a habitat suitable for a man. After that, human plasma enters it from inter-dimensional space to be embodied in the form of human individuals.

Since 2000, this process has also been started on Earth for new species of plants, animals, and the Sixth Race.

Operation Deep Cleanup - Sixth Race Kid
Sixth Race Kid

Operation Deep Cleanup

Now during the Great Quantum Transition and the planet’s cleanup, it is very important to pay special attention to the future generation. Low-frequency energies overwhelm people’s consciousness, keeping them in the right mode and lifestyle for the Archons and Dark Forces.

Children who are born today already have unique abilities. But very often they do not know how to love and respect everything around them, from their parents and grandparents to Nature, other people’s labor, art, and other Spiritual values.

This should be taught by the elders. Unfortunately, many have almost lost that ability and desire.

Galacom and Higher Light Hierarchs have to act as educators of failed educators.

Correctional education is done by influencing the energetic and physical environment that people continue to kill.

As the head of one of the LFs’ ground groups, the 25D Siriusian in a human body, observed, “Humanity has turned to the planet as a bloodsucking vampire, insatiable and indifferent to everything that is going on around it. ”

How do Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, and Galacom try to save civilization and revive true values in this situation?

By impacting the environment. The use of dozens of quantum energies for this purpose, DNI repeatedly described. Here are a few more actuators.

Today, all the water on the planet, the main source of life, is in terrible condition. People are fouling the rivers, blocking their free flow, pouring all the waste into them.

Operation Deep Cleanup - River Death
River Death

Operation Deep Cleanup

In the oceans and seas, oil is constantly being spilled, and chemical and radioactive waste is being dumped on the seabed. Nuclear power plants are built in places where any accident kills the waters and currents for thousands of miles around.

Water reacts painfully to ecological crimes. The oceans are becoming acidic, the rivers bitter. It is no longer possible to find clear water, now it brings death and disease. Even mountain springs are losing their purity.

Humans are well aware of this, but continue to do evil. All aquatic inhabitants mutate, and many leave the planet forever.

Precipitation also causes a lot of trouble. Huge hail falls from the sky, acid rains. Typhoons, floods, heavy storms, and hurricanes are coming more and more often.

People are given back the evil they do as long as they remain deaf to all warnings.

The situation is similar to the forests, the lungs of Gaia. The unrestrained cutting and burning of them have brought the planet and humanity to the brink of death.

About 200,000 km² of plantations are destroyed each year on Earth. It leads to the death of 100,000 animals and plants.

Trees are a source of oxygen. They absorb poisonous substances and destroy microorganisms that cause disease. Forests protect different kinds of animals and plants, absorb excess moisture, protect the soil, and shield from floods.

The elimination of forests ruins the oxygen cycle of the planet. It has become impossible to live in some areas – there is nothing to breathe.

Operation Deep Cleanup - Unrestrained Cutting
Unrestrained Cutting

Operation Deep Cleanup

Destruction of trees accelerates the swamping of the area. Water bodies become overgrown with grass and mud. There is less ozone in the atmosphere. It leads to poor harvests, epidemics, more cancer patients, and the formation of ozone holes.

The disappearance of forests has accelerated desertification as rainfall washes away the fertile layer of soil. Because of this, residents of areas that have become arid have become refugees, besieging now Europe and the United States.

Earth’s albedo, another trigger for disaster, is decreasing. Albedo is the planet’s ability to reflect the Sun’s radioactive fluxes. The amount of nitrogen in the soil increases, preventing new trees from growing.

Trees trap groundwater flows because their roots feed on them. The death of forests increases their fullness because there is no one else to soak up the excess moisture.

The liquid comes to the surface, overflows rivers, evaporates, and falls as a lot of rain. This is why logging and burning of forests increase floods and hurricanes where they have never been seen before.

The increasingly destructive fires around populated areas large and small are being sent to people as stark warnings of what awaits them if they do not stop killing the planet.

In Operation Deep Cleanup, not all tools are so harsh. Galacom and 25D Siriusians also use more humane methods of cleaning.

Many earthquakes and there are about a hundred of them every day, as well as volcanic eruptions are provoked by overstressing of PSY fields radiated by mankind.

Operation Deep Cleanup - Earthquake

Operation Deep Cleanup

To weaken this trigger, the Siriusians use their spaceships to compress the PSY fields that alter them. When compressed, a beam composed of chyrons (Evil particles) is formed and amplified. A “boil” of dirty brown energy appears which is immediately removed.

The same technology is used to stop and prevent military conflicts and hostilities. For example, in Syria and Iraq.

From their Lunar Station at 22D, the Siriusians direct an energy beam toward these countries and the entire Mediterranean which forms a cone that expands at the base. It begins to rotate slowly.

After that, the ultrasonic transducer switches on. It compresses the PSY field over the target area and draws in all the energy of aggression and hatred of the opposing sides, tightly clamped in its vise.

A three-dimensional world, with its dense matter and undisclosed consciousness, is fighting back desperately. After all, the Dark Forces are fighting for their existence here as well. How does it feel to lose such a precious generator of negative energy?

DFs cannot resist for long. The power of the 25D Siriusians’ space squadron is too great. Unfortunately, this system cannot be activated simultaneously over the entire planet, as it can destroy the Earth’s infrastructure.

But it has been used successfully locally. Light Forces’ ground crews applied it to cleanse, for example, the cemeteries in major cities and metropolitan areas from toxic necro-energy.

In contrast to the first version, Lightwarriors create wave cones on the Subtle Plane from the surface of the Earth so that by its wide end it covers the entire graveyard, and the sharp part goes into the sky.

The cone pumps out astral energy which accumulates in cemeteries and spreads throughout the city, getting a boost from living people. Such things ought not to be.

Operation Deep Cleanup - Pumping Cone
Pumping Cone

Operation Deep Cleanup

Constructed over the cemeteries of one city, the cones are reproduced over other cemeteries around the planet.

Energy from burial sites is extracted from the ground and placed in the planet’s energy inner collectors which are located outside the territories where people live.

The astral energy of bodies is the lowest-frequency radiation. Staying on the surface, it forms energy blocks capable of destroying not only human bodies, but also buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Bodies should not be buried in the earth, the Siriusians try to convince. Bodies should be consigned to fire to quickly cleanse the planet of negative energies. Long-gone civilizations knew it. Now, this knowledge is preserved only in India and few other countries.

Siriusians uses a magnetic field to cleanse the Earth from 3D matter, false or outdated knowledge.

It is multi-layered and multitudinary. In some places it is amplified, in others, it is completely turned off.

In the latter case, it is done for a short period – a few minutes to an hour – to spot-shock ultraviolet light through the ozone layer to specific locations to remove dangerous clots of negative energy.

Galacom also uses other ways to clean up the planet. For example, by asteroids and comets from the Kuiper Belt and Outer Space.

Approaching and flying at tremendous speeds over the field formed by the Earth’s orbital rotation, comets, or rather, intelligent entities in their plume are embedded in this energy field.

They extract from it the spent and unnecessary energy and use a comet to deliver it to a space location where it can materialize again. Or send it to the Sun for annihilation.

Siriusians’ ships apply plasma spheroids for the same purpose.

Operation Deep Cleanup - Plasma Spheroid

Plasma Spheroid

Operation Deep Cleanup

Spheroids are Intelligence energy clots of the 4th dimension.

All of the energy that has already been accumulated in the planet’s underground collectors, manifests itself in various forms in our 3D world.

One of these forms is a spheroid.

It contains a very large amount of spent plasma. Spheroids are sometimes visible, but it happens very rarely, most people can’t see them.


A large number of spheroids appear in the anomalous zones and at the pyramids, through which they come to the surface, as well as, in cities, in bustling areas. These are markets, train stations, stadiums, streets, and highways during rush hours.

The emotional energy emitted by humans is the food of spheroids. But it is not food in the literal sense. Spheroids don’t need it. They just collect negative energy in places where it is concentrated.

When a spheroid reaches a certain stage of “maturity,” it reproduces itself, releasing a similar form that can again accumulate energy from space, attracting it to itself and sucking it in.

Galacom has now activated their work and reproduction to cleanse the Earth’s PSY field.

In the Greater Cosmos, there is a certain space where the spheroids are then redirected, with a dimensionality that is unique to them. Here new plasma is formed from their radiant energy. It is necessary for further construction of matter in the cosmos, its multidimensional worlds.

There are many questions about 25D Siriusians, 23D Arcturians, and so on. Who are they? Are they the so-called Gods-Creators? – DNI regular reader Janis asks and continues:

Operation Deep Cleanup - 25D Siriusians

25D Siriusians

Operation Deep Cleanup

“The vast majority of people who are on the path to spiritual growth and are in search of truth are familiar with information about the 13-level (D) structure, where 13D is the Source dwelling and everything else is subordinate to the levels below, therefore information about 23D and 25D brings some confusion to many.

Yes, I know the human mind always tends to arrange everything on shelves and linearly, but still. How do 23D and 25D beings fit into the whole structure? In what system is it and where is the Source/Creator in it?” (DNI, 04/05/2021 at 7:11 am).

Each dimension is a densely populated space, with its civilizations in different physical and energetic forms, living on different “floors”. For example, in our seventh Super Universe, the youngest, these dimensions are one hundred. In others, there are thousands upon thousands.

For the inhabitants of the lower 3D level, everything above can be perceived as Gods. But the Creator is only one – the Source. All the others only help It know Itself and themselves based on Love and assistance, and not subordination and submission.

We are entering a new world, a new space, where it will be cleaner, brighter. This is only the first step on the way to it. But the first step was also the last for many. And it will still be the last for many.

They did not understand the Creator, the Light of their Soul, where the Source’s Spark is laid, and they did not fulfill Its laws – to live, to love, to do good, to shine, and not to enmity, to kill, to create new viruses for the quiet murder of their fellow citizens.

Many will not pass into the new world, the world of Light and Love. Their souls will undergo the most severe purification. Everyone will get what they deserve in this and all the previous lives.

Operation Deep Cleanup - World Of Light And Love

World Of Light And Love

Operation Deep Cleanup

In the last weeks and days, the fleets of Galacom and friendly races have been working with increased intensity, pumping negative emanations of humanity from Earth.

Planet’s energy collectors are constantly overflowing. Further filling with negative energy may lead to the rupture of the planet’s shell. The Higher Light Forces have to turn on the full power of the energy turbo-extractors to save the Earth.

The release of negative energy that does not enter the collectors due to their over-filling, manifesting on the surface in the form of poltergeists, strong magnetic storms, tornadoes, soil tremors, epidemics, and all kinds of anomalous phenomena.

Unfortunately, the man doesn’t want to help himself and the Light Forces. He is not ready for it. That is why now there is a dropout by the energy state of the Soul for reasonableness, separating seeds from the chaff. The planet is under a tough Operation Deep Cleanup.


(To be continued)

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