Operation Bottleneck - New Galactic Ops. Part 27 - Lev

Operation Bottleneck

New Galactic Ops. Part 27

Operation Bottleneck – New Galactic Ops. Part 27 –  By Lev

Spaceships of 25D Argorians transporting Earth to a new 5D vibrational orbit exited from the extremely saturated energy space that DNI narrated earlier (see – Towards The 5D Vibes Orbit, Disclosure News, July 5, 2021).

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Operation Bottleneck - 5D Vibes Orbit

5D Orbit

Operation Bottleneck

Ahead is another bottleneck – a filter that dissects the energy field of space into beams.

To move on, the ships focus these rays on Earth’s core (Crystal). Especially for the beams, the Argorians adjust the work of the planetary Crystal, its energy capacity, and color gamut by pulses of the infrasound converter.

The density of the quantum flux coming into the core has increased sevenfold.

It is how our planet is adapted to the energy of the third sphere closest to the center of the Milky Way.

That is where the Argorians are now transferring the Earth and its two moons, the visible physical and the invisible neutrino one. Both have tracking and correction stations operated by the Siriusians.

Operation Bottleneck - Earth Crystal

Earth Crystal

Operation Bottleneck

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Before approaching the bottleneck filter, as a precautionary measure, the space race ships assisting the transportation were ordered to withdraw to the necessary distance.

Argorians’ squadron turned on the energy reflectors and focused them on the outer energy shell of the Galactic core.

The crew of the Argorians’ traueleventator which is pulling our planet on an energy tug has stepped up the tension to cross this difficult part of the route.

The tension of the countercurrents increases. The infrasound background is changing. Many of us fill it. To many they are unpleasant but to others, they are not perceptible.

The change is also felt by the Earth’s plants and animals. But everything is under Galactic Committee’s control.

Traueleventator switched on additional antennas receiving super ultrasonic pulses of matter. These short antennas probe the inner walls of the channel through which the Earth’s transportation continues and reduce field resistance.

Operation Bottleneck - Relocation Channel

Relocation Channel

Operation Bottleneck

The two Lunar stations working in unison in vector mode are of great help.

With the help of the energy blower, the field formed by the Earth’s orbital rotation is compacted. It is necessary for its synchronization with the counter quantum flows.


When reconnecting with the Galactic core channel, a Portal for Solar and cosmic radiation is created in the form of shimmering colors of full spectrum. They rotate clockwise, easing the transportation ship movement.

When the Argorians’ traueleventator, and with it, the Earth and its satellites, shrouded in the protective field of the red energy ERMA, continue to move along the course, the energies, changing their luminescence spectrum and the speed of passage, will perform the necessary work.

ERMA forms a new 5D Matrix, its energy structures, and matter. It divides near planetary space into two wave frames, simultaneously correcting the planet’s axial rotation.

Operation Bottleneck - Erma Energy

Erma Energy

Operation Bottleneck

The second frame is made by the orange energy ERKADO with power kinetic impulses.

New Time programs are activated. They create wave changes in the space of mixed energy of the light-salad, green, and orange spectrum (LIBRESSO-FEARO-ERCADO).

LIBRESSO accelerates the transition to a higher stage of evolution, the development of vital centers of the animal and plant world. Argorians use this energy to stabilize fluctuations in magnetic fields and regulate the climate.

The green energy FEARO stimulates the transition of earthlings to a new consciousness, revealing the full potential of the Intelligence embedded in them.

In this spectral structure, quantum waves create platforms of white energy ASTRO which forms Intelligence plasma with all necessary information and saturates Earth space with it.

Operation Bottleneck - Crop Circle Of Plasma Exit - France

Crop Circle Of Plasma Exit, France

Operation Bottleneck

The platforms are connected to all planet’s energy fields.

The contour of these fields consists of yellow SFAS energy.

It helps to adapt us to new wave energy pulses of the marine color FERIDO which affects the brain structures by magnetic impulses.

Using another wave energy – the dark blue GRICADO, Argorians build the new life support system of the Earth in 5D.

By the yellow energy SFAS, they correct the work of the SLES, SLAGO, and GLESIS energy spectrum.

The light pink SLAGO preserves and conserves the Intelligence plasma. The pink SLAGO changes the Earth’s information field. The lilac GLESIS compacts Intelligence l-gamma particles in space and condenses them into new energy structures.

Operation Bottleneck - Slago Energy

Slago Energy

Operation Bottleneck

With ERKADO energy, Argorians form temporary programs that transform the general background. Their impact changes and fills the environment with GRASIMO violet energy which synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes unnecessary impurities.

The work of this entire structure is supported by a magnetic transducer and creates an independent force field with vortex rotation. Inside the space channel to the 5D vibes orbit, it is this field that preserves the usual conditions for Earth and all of us during the planet’s relocation.

In the course of it, Argorians’ traueleventator compresses the rays emanating from the Galactic core into a single pulse and creates the vacuum space they need to move along the Milky Way’s axial channel.

The planet’s transportation is accompanied by Earth’s Crystal’s upgrading. With this help, Argorians develop a new fractal of the planet in 5D and inform the earthlings about it by another crop circle on the fields in Hampshire.

Operation Bottleneck - Crop Circle Of New Fractal - Hampshire UK

Crop Circle Of New Fractal – Hampshire UK

Operation Bottleneck

The new programs in the Matrix and programmed into the Hologram are adjusted, improving and adapting the matter of 3D Earth and all life that exists on it.

Transformation on the quantum level is speeding the planet up to the state required in 5D. We can see and feel it by our condition, by weather and climate changes, by disturbances of PSY fields, causing chaos in human consciousness, thoughts, and emotions.

Unlike us, Earth Nature is more sensitive to all changes. We are more conservative. We see the shift in literally everything but not all of us perceive with our consciousness what is happening, trying to keep ourselves in the habitual life.

The old 3D Earth and the system created by the Archons have long since outlived itself. The time is near when this framework will vanish as completely obsolete. Dependence on power, manipulations, greed, money hunger, and old habits will be a thing of the past.

It’s hard for us to imagine it now. Many have forgotten how to believe in goodness. Lies and deceit are forcibly imposed at every turn.

When consciousness of each of us changes so will the world around us. It will cost the loss of everything we hold so dear now.

Many times Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, and Ascended Masters have tried to convince us of the need to change ourselves. But under the power of Dark Forces, under the influence of the low-frequency vibrations of the 3D Matrix, not everyone could do it.

Operation Bottleneck - Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

Operation Bottleneck

Higher Light Hierarchs, who looked after the Earth and earthlings during their stay in the second (inner) energy sphere of the Milky Way, cede oversight of our planet to the Hierarchs of the third sphere – the space of the new 5D vibrational orbit.

They, together with the Hierarchy of Absolute and Pleroma, have now taken full control of the situation.

There will be no turning back. There is only one way: forward to the Light, forward to development.

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