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Operation Air Matrix - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Operation Air Matrix

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Air Matrix – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The operation of Air Matrix Absolutizing has an important place among other ops of the ground team for the transformation of elementals, which are the basic energies that make up the Universe. Each has its soft and infinite number of manifestations, and, mixing with each other, generates new forms and properties (see DNI, Operations in Iran, 12 January 2023; and Operations in Maldives, Parts 1 and 2, 26 and 27 June 2022).

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Operation Air Matrix - Elementals

Operation Air Matrix

The air elemental saturates our mental field, serves as a conductor of Higher Intelligence, as well as link for the manifestation of the qualities and properties of other primary powers.

For a better understanding of the op’s significance, it’s necessary to remind what the air consists of. It includes Nitrogen (78.084% of total volume), Oxygen (20.946%), Argon (0.9340%), Carbon Dioxide (0.04%), Neon (0.001818%), Helium (0.000524%), Methane(0.000187%), Krypton (0.000114%), Hydrogen (0.00005%), Xenon (0.0000087%), Ozone (0.000007%), Nitrogen Dioxide (0.000002%), Iodine (0.000001%), Carbon Monoxide (0.00002%), Ammonia (trace).

Once again, each of these elements is a carrier not only of certain properties, but also of a SPECIFIC PROGRAM OF EVOLUTION. Moreover, the evolution MULTIVECTORAL AND MULTIDIMENSIONAL, what, in the form of soft batches, Co-Creators initially downloaded in the Noosphere, from which the physical Earth then appeared (see – Disclosure News, 9 January 2023).

Much can be said about this software. Here, it’s sufficient only to note that from the primary Hydrogen sequentially, one-by-one, unfolded the entire chain of all 288 elements and their software. Official science does not know about half of them. But these elements are the basis of the development of Earth from 1D to 13D.

Operation Air Matrix - Five Elemental's Matrix
Five Elemental’s Matrix

Operation Air Matrix

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It’s worth also noting that the soft of the still undiscovered 109th element impacts on the formation of a new planet’s air shell; of the 110th – on upgrading molecular composition of atmosphere; of the 111th – on movements of energy layers and air planes, carrying program changes; of the 112th – on changes in the positions of energy planes; of the 113th – on black energy RIR walls, separating the worlds from 3D to 6D; of the 114th – on energies’ output into five-dimensional space; of the 115th – on weighing the atmospheric energy planes and control of plasma content; of the 116th – on forming Subtle substances of the atmospheric planes; of the 117th – on changing the atomic structure of air elements; of the 118th – on regulating the general composition of the Earth’s atmosphere.

As for our 3D planet, the software of elements, which make up the air envelope, already play an important role. Hydrogen, being a primary substance with its own programs and tasks, is the basis of matter, its Matrix as an energy structure, and forms the origin and completion of plasma.

Operation Air Matrix - Plasma

Operation Air Matrix

Nitrogen develops Intelligence plasma and saturates by it various evolving energy and biological systems. Oxygen creates a force field for the development of biological matter and regulates the volume of transmitted Intelligence plasma.

Argon changes power fields, affects the work of new, 5D matter, and forms energy channels for quantum flows. Neon impacts on plasma splitting cycles of matter, regulates the state and functioning of energy channels, and is an elements’ energy binding substance.

Helium serves as a communication center and a translator of information energy, and is also an important part of the planet’s protective field. Helium also supports the Quasitron (encompassing the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea), where new matter of Earth and all living things is continuously being formed at the level of the cell nucleus.

Operation Air Matrix - Cell

Operation Air Matrix

Krypton provides a transition to the next stage of Higher Intelligence, strengthens energy protection against 2D emissions, blocks them and gradually removes two-dimensional matter.

Xenon regulates the ionization of the upper layers of the atmosphere, supports the exits to other dimensions, created by the movement of plasma, released from matter by sound frequencies. Xenon serves as a conductor of these freqs, thus participating in the transformation of matter. Iodine affects the state of the atmosphere, changes the frequencies of magnetic fields, and creates thought forms, saturating them with energy.

During the Cosmic Night and the era of duality, Darks and Grays completely rebuilt for their purposes that mechanism, which play a key role in life support and evolution of earthlings and Earth. On the Subtle Plane, Calladion and his Black Archons rewired it for the needs of their parasitic System.

Operation Air Matrix - And His Archons
And His Archons

Operation Air Matrix

Thus, carbon dioxide has become for humans an ethereal poison. Its Causal crystal is an ideal accumulator of negative information, death viruses and karma. The radioactive isotope Oxygen-15 also contains a karmic substance.

The entire Earth’s atmosphere was turned into a toxic garbage dump by Darks and Grays, pouring into it not only their karma, but also chemical, transport, industrial and other emissions, forcing us to breathe this lethal mix, shortening our lives.

Paradoxically, even the ozone, inhaled with this cocktail, has become toxic to humans. The high oxidizing ability of ozone and the formation of oxygen free radicals in many reactions with its participation have dangerous effects. They impact on the respiratory organs, causing irritation and tissue damage, as well as on cholesterol in the blood, forming insoluble deposits, which lead to atherosclerosis. So it turns out that we can breathe various kinds of crap, but ideal air – no.

Co-Creators assigned Lightwarriors radically correct this abnormal situation and restore the air Matrix software, originally embedded in the Noosphere when creating the planet. They recommended the ground team to find a location for the op on their own, suggesting that it should be a place where the wind always blows.

After a comprehensive and in-depth geographical analysis, Lightwarriors found, as it seemed to them, the most ideal point, and Higher Hierarchs confirmed the correctness of their choice. It was a mount with Saints Cosmas and Damian’s church on the top, in one of the European countries. Centuries have passed, but many places, where the memory of ascetics is remembered and honored, still preserve their powerful energy.

Operation Air Matrix - Sandansky Monastery of Cosmas and Damian, Bulgaria
Sandansky Monastery of Cosmas and Damian

Operation Air Matrix

Operation Air Matrix - The Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, Lastovo, Croatia
The Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian
Lastovo, Croatia

Operation Air Matrix

Cosmas and Damian were third century Arabian-born twin brothers who embraced Christianity and practiced medicine and surgery without a fee. They healed purely out of love for God and man, strictly observing the command of Jesus: “Freely have you received, freely give.” This led them to being named the “silverless” (or “unmercenaries”), and attracted many to the Christian faith.
Operation Air Matrix - Saints Cosmas (left) and Damian (right)
Saints Cosmas (left) and Damian (right)

Operation Air Matrix

Both successfully cured blindness, fever, paralysis and other maladies. They were arrested by Lysias, governor of Cilicia (modern day Çukurova, Turkey) during the Diocletian persecution because of their faith and fame as healers. The Emperor was a religious fanatic and worshipped only pagan gods. By all means, he tried to wipe out Christianity from his empire.

After Cosmas and Damian’s arrest, the Prefect of Cilicia ordered them under torture to recant. But they stayed true to their faith, enduring being hung on a cross, stoned and shot by arrows and finally suffered execution by beheading. Their three younger brothers, who were inseparable from them throughout life, shared in Cosmas and Damian’s martyrdom…

Operation Air Matrix - Decapitation Of Saints Cosmas and Damian (Fra Angelico)
Decapitation Of Saints Cosmas and Damian (Fra Angelico)

Operation Air Matrix

Arriving at the site of the operation, Lightwarriors received additional Co-Creators’ detailing and explanations. The ground team had to work not with the wind, more precisely, with its runners – Black Archons, who were only operators of distribution and targeted delivery of air masses.

The main work had to be focused on the Wind Rose – a Crystal with 144 facets, and not 6, 8, 12 or 16, as it is often depicted. On the Subtle Plane, the “body” of the planetary air elemental, as it turned out, consisted of 144 sub-Archons’ energy, which were subordinate to the Main One, created very long ago by Yaltabaoth. They were symbolized by 144 rays from the center of the Mandala.

Operation Air Matrix - Wind Rose
Wind Rose

Operation Air Matrix

The op’s action plan was similar to those that Lightwarriors carried out with Water and Fire Matrices on Maldives and in Iran. First, from the Pleroma, Supreme Hierarchs emitted powerful impulse at them. With its help, the team members looped over all 144 facets of the Crystal that controlled the planetary traffic of the air elemental.

After that, in the Saints Cosmas and Damian’s church field, Lightwarriors installed a Causal Matrix, and then, superimposed on it a new one – of Absolutized Air, which was created by two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. After combining both structures, the folding of 144 Crystal rays began, looped on Lightwarriors and linked to the Earth’s core.

By the power of the latter, on the Subtle Plane, the substance of all 144 rays was drawn into the Matrix of the Absolutized Air, like in vacuum cleaner, purified from the negative software and Black sub-Archons’ karma. Then, it passed through the Earth’s core and transformed according to the formula of the new air elemental, which will fully change the planet’s atmosphere after the Great Quantum Transition into 5D.

Operation Air Matrix - Earth's Core
Earth’s Core

Operation Air Matrix

A separate part of the op was the elimination of the Main Black Archon, who was in the center of the Wind Rose. For it, Lightwarriors had to call fire on selves in the literal sense. They pulled him into their combined Monads, blocked there, and then, boosting their manifestation bodies to the state of Absolute Light synthesis, burned the monster as in driving blast furnace.

The most active cleansing from karma and air Absolutization by the new Matrix took place through Lightwarriors, since it included fragments of their Monad’s Radiant bodies.

As a result of the operation, the old Matrix of the air elemental, consisting of the Main Archon and 144 sub-Archons’ energies, was destroyed and erased from the Causal level. The air of the planet was oversaturated with their negative and karma substances, as the rest of the elements and elementals that made up the 3D water, fire, earth, as well as space, Time, etc.

Operation Air Matrix - New Air Matrix
New Air Matrix

Operation Air Matrix

In the end, Lightwarriors installed and activated a new air elemental’s Matrix in the Earth’s core and sanctum Saints Cosmas and Damian’s church. Now, this Matrix gradually fills atmosphere with Absolutized prana. In parallel, all the above-described programs of elements, forming the air, which were loaded into the Noosphere, are being prepared to restart for ours and planet’s evolution in new dimensions.

More by Lev

Ram – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Ram – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

We are still waiting for fresh info on the new 3D Earth’s Logos creation. Recall that it is scheduled until expiration of the spring Eclipse Corridor, which will end with the Lunar Eclipse on May 5. In its cosmic scale and complexity, this is an exceptionally tough challenge that Co-Creators never dealt in our Local Universe.

Whipsaw Part 6 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Whipsaw Part 6 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

This day, during the Solar Greatest Eclipse, Co-Creators fully deactivated our planet’s Logos. Until the last moment, ground team did not believe that they would dare to do this. Nevertheless, it has happened.

Whipsaw Part 5 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Whipsaw Part 5 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On April 25, 2023, Co-Creators planned another attempt to upload a new Causal Matrix into our three-dimensional planet. Recall that this giant space construct performs many functions, among which two main ones can be distinguished.

Malaise – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Malaise – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On April 14, Earth entered the disharmonious zone of the approaching eclipse corridor, which will begin with Solar eclipse (on 20.04 at 02:37 UTC), and overstressed stelliums that will last through the second decade.

Destiny – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Destiny – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Today, on the Subtle Plane, it is clearly visible what powerful streams of Light are coming from space. Some are like lightning; some are like a flowing golden waterfall. Each of us, depending on personal characteristics, reacts to them in different ways. Some is literally burned to ashes, some gets singes, and some not feels anything. And some becomes very bright and joyful, and perceives this Light as an outpouring of grace.

Whipsaw Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Whipsaw Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On March 24, 2023 at 05:01 AM CET, additional details were received about the activation of a new and permanent Earth’s Causal Matrix instead of a temporary one. The full Matrix activation in 4D and 5D occurred the day before, on March 23 at 09:23 PM CET, and now, both parts are functioning in full-format working mode as a single operating system (OS).

Whipsaw Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Whipsaw Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On 21 March 2023 at 00:15 PM CET via the Single Hierarchical Channel, the latest update on the new Earth’s Causal Matrix set in came (more on it see Whipsaw, Disclosure News, 17 March 2023).

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