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Operation 5D Grid - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Operation 5D Grid

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation 5D Grid – The Great Quantum Transition – By Lev


I can say I personally feel this “new world” setting in. Stabilization – in both an emotional and mental sense. And while the “outside” could be in havoc or chaos, the inside is different. But there was a phase before this stabilization that reflected that internal chaos, too.

Seems like it’s completely unimportant for many to who they were so far, what “role” they played. It’s like opening a brand new page in a shiny new book – while throwing the old and moldy one away.

I KNOW the global happenings will eventually trigger sooner rather than later, but these are times when we must purge the rest of the burden we all carry with us. One can see the importance of non-physical and emotional as more and more with people who make faster progress regarding this. While material things depreciate within their focus.

Here’s my advice to anyone – prepare to open yourselves fully to new capabilities, to new work that will empower everyone drastically, and to accept any “weird and paranormal” happenings, as a clear sign that veil has thinned so much that it cannot be ignored anymore even if someone wants to. It’s also time to think about potential future work and what skills fit us truly. Many will need informational help when things roll, but only if they seek it by themselves.

Two worlds – one parasitic creation of malevolent non-physical beings and their cabal incarnations. The other world is reborn as our original reality and original state of being directly from us. The parasitic one is dying rapidly, being left without energy, it eats itself and implodes. The original one shines through the cracks and holes of the dying old world which becomes bigger every day.


27/10/2021 at 21:42

Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 😊

It feels like an incredible balancing act to NOT react to what’s going on in the dying world (with billions of humans now likely to get very sick and/or pass on due to the toxins they accepted into their bodies) and stay in a calm, peaceful space. But this seems to be the only way to provide a stabilizing force for the higher frequencies coming in.

We must choose what is right for us at the moment, and focus on our original reality starting to shine through, as described by Daedalus. For many of us, it’s still a feeling; our hearts feel lighter at times, with no logical reason. I had a dream in which I was catching a train and was “lifted” on board. I think this is what’s happening for the ascending collective – the Higher Forces are helping to lift us into a higher stream of energy.

The biggest challenge for some of us is dealing with friends and family members who are still ruled by fear and react to every new rule and restriction imposed by the dark elite. This may get worse as many sicken and die, both from the accepted toxins and from an inability to accept the higher frequencies because of the limiting programs and beliefs they continue to cling to.

For us to make peace with this, it helps to recognize that all have their path back to Source, finding themselves now on a more resonant timeline (as described at DNI). Choices have already been made at their higher levels and many must depart the physical world at this time to begin elsewhere.

Desert Flower

28/10/2021 at 17:15

There is no better way to live in the present, it is a huge waste of energy to live in anticipation of a future date or event.

Everything is under control by the Creator. And this is our absolute security.

We have intentionally come to this precise time in the life of the Earth for a specific purpose and a specific mission, knowing in advance the obstacles that await us on Earth, we are immense divine creatures, we love challenges, and the current challenges are many on Earth. And that is why the Creator asks us to ask for help and to have Faith in His Plan. He never disappoints.

The events on Earth indicate that mankind is passing a very difficult test, and it is only up to us, individually, to decide to pass this test successfully or not. Up or down, heaven or hell, 5D or 3D. The challenge is a spiritual one, which can only be met by raising positive vibrations, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

The current chaos is obvious to everyone, everything seems to be underneath, it is inevitable, and out of chaos comes order, and this time, for good, the Light has already won. God always wins. May the Divine Light guide us always and everywhere.


27/10/2021 at 23:05

Dear all, stay as much as possible centered in the heart.

Rest you, especially the brain, because it must take new functions that it does not have before. Do not think about what can happen. Stop doing things that fatigue you the body and mind. It is the heart that takes the command, the brain must be the one that must send and emit the information.


27/10/2021 at 21:28

Recently something VERY BIG happened in Creation and on Earth. I hope Lev is aware of this and will write about it.

Radiant Love

22/10/2021 at 16:02

DNit Telegram Channel

Aquadea - Crystal, Implosion, Vortex and Torus - Click for more info!


Yes, the VERY BIG happened indeed. On October 22, 2021, at 11:11 AM CET, the planet’s new crystalline 5D grid – an Absolute-like Merkaba – was launched to full power.

It was done what Dark Forces were most feared of and tried with all their might to disrupt or stall at any price because this 5D energy structure is lethal for them.

Operation 5D Grid - 5D Absolute-Like Merkaba

5D Absolute-Like Merkaba

Operation 5D Grid

Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy, and the Galactic Committee continue to actively build the new 5D energy frame on Earth, involving their ground team for this work. Now, it’s the number one priority that will determine everything else.

As many times before, until the very last minute, Lightwarriors did not know what their role in this operation would be or what specific assignment they will get.

On October 16-18, 2021, in one European country, the group held another op, also very important.

On the Subtle Plane, the team was building the multiverse (omnipresence) of their collective Logos to the maximum 12D level – of the Local Universe’s Logos. Recall that the Absolute’s abode is in 14D and the Pleroma – in 13D.

The site of Lightwarriors’ operation was a mountain cape which is a cosmic depository. It stores copies of the Causal Matrices of various Logos and Universes.

Operation 5D Grid - Local Universe's Logos

Local Universe’s Logos

Operation 5D Grid

On October 18, at 04:00 PM CET, the group began the tuning-up to the Local Universe’s Logos to exchange with it the aspect of their collective Logos. A year ago, a one-time exchange had already been carried out. Now the goal was to make this link permanent.

If successful, the team’s Logos became an even more powerful energy channel and tool than in its Galactic status attained on October 5, 2021, during the Helios coronation as a Spiritual Sun of our part of the Milky Way (see – Operation Helios, DNI, October 13, 2021).

The aspects exchange was successful. This is how it was described by the participants:

NADINE: “Synchronization and aspects exchange turned out. Our Logos was very bright at first, and then its color changed to purple.

TANIA: “My chest suddenly felt very hot and painful. I heard: “Stay calm, don’t be afraid – it’s the unpacking aspect coming!” – and I felt supported on both sides, and someone touched my back, and the pain went away.

ELITA: “A single beam rose from us, and from the Universe’s Logos sprinkled sparks for aspects exchange scattered. The energies were sunny, golden, and colorful.

NATALIE: “During the aspects exchange the energies in me went along a triangle trajectory – from the Universal Logos to my navel through the solar plexus and to the heart, then, to the eyes and back to the Universal Logos. My eyes still felt the heat.

Operation 5D Grid - Single Beam Rose

Single Beam Rose

Operation 5D Grid

Then the energies lined up through my 7th chakra to the Earth’s core, and the Logos too: the Universal Logos-Helios-Logos of the group – through me into Earth’s core. I got an aspect of the Universal Logos, placed it in the crystal of my Soul. And there it shone like a bright star.

STACY: “Before aspects exchange, adjustment and synchronization with the Universe’s Logos and its Light took place all these days immediately after the Helios coronation.

Operation 5D Grid - Merging With Universes

Merging With Universes

Operation 5D Grid

Day and night in my physical body there were constant Light flashes and waves from the core of the Universe which burned with their fiery vibrations and expanded my heart so that I lost the feeling of self.

I felt a merging with the whole world, with all the Universes. It was not just on a conscious level. This Light synchronized with my body, energy fields, cells, and it all swirled around me like a torus.

Although the first aspects exchange was long ago, now it was perceived quite differently. Not just an exchange with the energy unit – the Universe’s Logos, but the inexpressible, boundless Living Light, the Single Consciousness and Wisdom of all Universes.

It was my contact with the Higher Entities, various experiences, civilizations, which have unpacked, unfolded with all their presence and diversity from the Universe’s Logos, turning into a boundless ocean of Light of One Single Consciousness.

Very dense and powerful Universal Light energies went through my channel into Earth and beyond. It was a participation in the global synchronization of everyone and everything, both outside and inside, me with all and all with me.

Immediately, active inner work with the Higher Self, disclosure of energies and the Universal memory, and simultaneously many other processes began. Everything was so concentrated and intense that my brain and body could barely stand, at times to the point of complete exhaustion and fatigue.

On October 20, at 04:00 PM CET, a sensation occurred. While the aspects exchange between two Logos was in progress, suddenly Co-Creators connected the entire group to the Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe and turned on full power to tune Lightwarriors in with it…

For a better understanding of what happened, a few words of clarification.

The Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe stores all the codes, keys, sacred formulas, plans of its development. This is Ground Zero.

The Spiritual Sun is a manifestation of the Absolute, a retransmitter and emitter of Its Life-giving Fire. It is the Source of Light, Love, energy, vital vibrations, evolutionary programs, Spiritualization. This is all that is radiated by the Absolute Itself.

Operation 5D Grid - Spiritual Sun

Spiritual Sun

Operation 5D Grid

Spiritual Suns develop according to the Hierarchical principle. They move from one level to another in which they can change their objectives, improve or, on the contrary, degrade the created forms, increase or decrease their vibrations.

Each Spiritual Sun is the center of the run, observation, and control of development in all, even the smallest, corners of its manifestation bodies. As the past, present and future are in every point of space, so control is exercised over the observance of the clear occurrence of all planned events everywhere and in everything.

The task is not limited only to controlling the observance of regularities. Necessary changes and adjustments in the Co-Creators program are communicated to each addressee.

The whole range of tasks is built according to a hierarchical principle applicable to any object and subject in the Universe and operating in automatic mode. The Laws of the Universe and the Highest Moral Principles are the basis of control…

To sum up, what happened on October 20, 2021, was:

    • An exchange of Causal Matrices between Logos – of the Local Universe and the group;
    • A swap of Causal Matrices between the Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe and the team;
    • The Spiritual axis between the cores of the Universal Logos and Earth through the planetary Universal Portal was built and activated.
    • A reboot of the Universal Temple’s Matrix at the op’s spot was carried out. An updated Matrix of the Universal Logos was installed in it;
    • An aspect of the Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe was introduced into the field of this Portal.
Operation 5D Grid - Universal Temple (Portal)

Universal Temple (Portal)

Operation 5D Grid

The surprises were not over, and as it turned out, the whole complex of the above works had another, very important purpose.

On October 22, Co-Creators instructed Lightwarriors to engage at 11:11 AM CET with all their resources in activating and bringing to full capacity the new 5D crystal grid (Merkaba).

It turned out that the group was not in the area of the operation by chance. In this place is located an important nodal point of the 5D planetary lattice from where its activation can be significantly enhanced.

The activation itself was planned to be performed through Earth’s core by a single powerful pulse directed to all nodal points of the crystal frame.

The impulse was to ignite them and amplify their vibrations before they initiated their own Radiant fusion.

Co-Creators instructed Lightwarriors to amplify this starting impulse and disperse it throughout the cores of all nodal points, using the power of their collective Logos which now has not only Galactic but also Universal status.

Operation 5D Grid - The Earth's Core (Crystal)

The Earth’s Core (Crystal)

Operation 5D Grid

Before the operation began, the ground team leader reminded Lightwarriors of its technique:

    • At the appointed time, to enter into the higher vibrational state of Absolute Love. Get well grounded;
    • To unite into one spiritual whole, to send each other Light and Love;
    • Connect with Higher Selves and ask for their help in the work;
    • To tune in and synchronize with Earth’s core through the nodal point;
    • To tune in and synchronize with the group’s collective Logos;
    • Synchronize the group Logos with Earth’s core to accelerate and fully activate the planet’s Merkaba;
    • Create an intention and give a group’s impulse of Light into Earth core and from the core, and direct its radiations to all nodal points of the new 5D crystal lattice;
    • Through self, Subtle fields, and with the help of the group’s Logos, activate Earth’s Merkaba to its full capacity, and keep a stable and independent Radiant synthesis of the entire network;
    • To hold and synchronize with Subtle fields all the processes under the guidance of the Higher Selves and Higher Light Hierarchy as long as it is necessary.

At exactly the appointed time, Operation 5D Grid began. After a group emitted the pulse of Light, the crystal lattice began to slowly fire up.

The new Light jets into the core produced such a bright and powerful flash that its shining ran through all the nodal points of the grid which became looking like a Christmas garland.

Operation 5D Grid - Bright And Powerful

Bright And Powerful

Operation 5D Grid

All the Spiritual Suns linked before the operation – of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and Earth – immediately connected to it.

The new grid’s consumption of Light energies is enormous. And until the 5D crystal lattice becomes self-supporting, it needs quantum feeding from the Higher and Earthly planes.

Several more bursts of Light from Earth’s core and the team followed. With a series of firing volleys, they gained the necessary power and potential, like lightning bursting out and flying across the surface of the planet from its nodes.

For a while, there was a synchronization between them, and then again a maximum concentration of the Light and the decisive launch of the Merkaba. It spun faster and faster, and the glow from it spilled over the entire planet.

Our Earth has begun to shine. It has become the first planetary Logos that radiates its own Light like a Star. Other planets only reflect the light coming to them.

It is made by the new 5D crystalline grid where each core of its nodal points is a micro-substance of the core of the Earth’s Logos. Now the main task is to hold this Radiant synthesis and strengthen it.

These days, Lightwarriors continue their work, using, in addition, the Perfect Light Mandala.

Operation 5D Grid - Perfect Light Mandala

Perfect Light Mandala

Operation 5D Grid

During the operation, the group received the following message from the Galactic Committee:

“After the aspects exchange and unification of the Causal Matrices, a more stable connection has been set in the single Hierarchical channel that links the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and Earth.

Co-Creators of other Universes are very interested in the processes taking place on Earth. They’ve never seen anything like that in their life and history.

With the permission of their Spiritual Suns and the Karmic Committee, they sent spaceships to Earth with their representatives to help the planet and humanity by their Spiritual and creative power, responding to the call that comes from Earth.

The way was paved for them by the rays of the Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe. The new Curators had to significantly lower their vibrations, adapting to Earth’s energy. Their goal is to breathe pure Spirituality into earthlings through their Souls and thereby accelerate the transformation on the planet.

The Galactic Committee expresses its deep gratitude to Lightwarriors who by their work have enabled Co-Creators through the cascade of Spiritual Suns to awaken the sacral energies embedded in men. And thus, they, directly and indirectly, influence those around them, expelling the soullessness from the Earth’s reality.

Humanity is a single one in its original essence. But it is ruled by parasitic, cloned, and robotic entities, subjugating the consciousness and sub-consciousness of Man. They act aggressively and assertively, violating the Laws of the Universe. Their destructive intrusions distort your inner essence.

Operation 5D Grid - Parasitic, Cloned, And Robotic Entities

Parasitic, Cloned, And Robotic Entities

Operation 5D Grid

The Laws of Non-Interference with free will and freedom of choice did not allow us to help you radically.

But now, when the inwardly unfolding part of humanity has made its way to us through the Hierarchy of Spiritual Suns – from the Universal to specific individuals as representatives of single humanity – we can help from within, starting with those who are ready for it.

Lightwarriors’ operations, utilizing their collective Logos, helped unify the entire Hierarchy of Spiritual Suns up to the Local Universe. Joining the Absolute is next in line.

This is a great achievement of mankind which was separated from the Source through the manipulation of destructive forces.

The human essence has long been braided by false laws and prohibitions.

Only a few strong personalities who incarnated on Earth managed to conduct the Rays of Spirituality through themselves for a brief moment. And after their premature departure, the connection of people with the Hierarchy of Spiritual Suns was again interrupted.

Operation 5D Grid - Rays Of Spirituality

Rays Of Spirituality

Operation 5D Grid

It is now fully restored on Earth, in groups, and in individuals who have unlocked their hearts, helping more and more people to free their inner potentials of Spirituality.

By doubts and mistrust, by despair and fear, do not reduce the Light energies of your inner Spiritual Suns. This way you will help to change the situation in you, humanity, and on Earth as a whole more quickly.”

More by Lev

Siberia Ops Part 1 – Lev

Siberia Ops Part 1 – Lev

From May 25, the Lightwarriors’ ground team started disclosing parts of their ops, carried out in stages in different regions of Ural and West Siberia.

June Exams – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

June Exams – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

June is one of the most challenging periods of 2024, as the state of the Earth’s biosphere would be negative after the 6th. In the first decade, there will be a change of fields and very tough space waives increase, causing new powerful Solar Flares and magnetic storms.

Builders – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Builders – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Whatever’s going on, the construction continues non-stop. For it, we left the Central Sun, remaining in its state, in which earlier returned. This time, we exited it not as the core of a planetary system, but as a part of metagalactic energy axis, around which a multitude of subsystems with their own dynamic laws, tempo and rhythms move in different directions. And we felt again how the Universe pulses.

Milking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Milking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Let’s not be under any illusions: the 3D System and Power Pyramid will fight to the last, even are doomed, for saving their animal farm and dairy cattle, meaning all earthlings. After Darks invasion of Earth, causing the pain was the main tool to syphon the vital energy for them.

Feat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Feat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

After leaving Earth, Christ returned to his status as the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch and Co-Creator of our Local Universe. Today, He continues re-building the latter and Earth with His brother, who passed to the Light Side.

To Whom It Concerns – From 3D To 4D And 5D

To Whom It Concerns – From 3D To 4D And 5D

It’s indeed hard. Powerful quantum flows have dissected the deep layers of our Soul’s memory of destroyed worlds in other dimensions eons ago. And now, when pictures of their death with all closest to us emerge from the depths of subconscious, it causes unbearable suffer.

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