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Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 – The Great Quantum Transition – By Lev


But how can people decide when they’ve been trapped in mental emotional and spiritual manipulation without knowing…essentially blocked from receiving anything higher energy sources. Also does this mean us people on this site have to move to one country in order to rid ourselves of this repeating drama/trauma? “And it depends only on people what kind of energy they will fill the egregores of their countries.”


23/08/2022 at 18:16, Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

It’s difficult to talk about these things. 1. Because of all of the parasitic forces that exist online 2. Because of the A.I., currently ravaging people’s minds, and 3. Out of fear of retaliation if you do speak out. Long live Christ Consciousness on this beautiful planet which gifts us the courage and the strength to carry on.


23/08/2022 at 15:49, Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

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Last week almost everyday, I’ve been tired because of the dreams of taking the test with more than 300 questions in the high school. I was suffering but at the end of the dream suddenly someone appeared and told me the answers secretly. Every morning I feel tired but I wasn’t stressed out, I just let it go..

Today I woke up at 5 a.m. and fell asleep again around 6:30 a.m. And I had a dream again. I was going down the stairs from the second floor to the first floor at the subway station. However, in the meantime, in the middle of the 1.5th floor, my heart suddenly became overloaded and I said “argh” sound.

I felt some circular forms of energy for the heart, it was expansion and exploding. The palpitations were intense. I walked slowly and steadily, holding the handle and dragging my legs, and then I dropped down. People gathered around me. Someone grabbed me, asking if I was okay, and I eventually fainted and closed my eyes.
At the same time, come down to the presence, Knowing, like lucid dream body is sleeping, I was asleep. Cardiac status is now also connected with ‘now’..

The view was a little red as the morning sun shone on the closed eyelids. The palpitation of the heart was still strong, so the whole body shook, and even the eyes shook even in the closed eyelids. I felt like I am the light being and my body is a vehicle. The tinnitus in both ears was heard in a larger and higher tone than usual, and both sides were making different sounds stronger. And I felt there was no time here.

I’ve become calm, peaceful and rational. I wasn’t cynical but insensitive.. I seemed to be the higher being than before. I felt like I was in that state for another 30 minutes, and I woke up with my eyes open. I said thanks for the Source, my higher self, soul team, the masters, the archangels and all the beings of light.

I felt something has been upgraded. I don’t know what is getting different in real life, but I feel that change is continuing inside and In the world. I spend my time feeling like an observer over a glass wall. I am a wanderer… The change in the world’s energy is felt. I’m thankful and happy.


23/08/2022 at 00:51, Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

“The proton is positive (“male”) energy, the electron is negative (“female”) one, and the neutron is neutral, which balances and separates the first two in the atomic nucleus. Its ideal structure is a Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony of the Universe, that is, the unity of proton and electron. Such a model does not need a neutral, balancing force.”

In the old Local universe what part of physicality played the role of “Neutron”-balancing force? Same question for humans and all living physical beings and their creations as a balance form of existence.

Many chemical elements and molecules have few protons in the nucleus. Without neutrons the protons in the nucleus would fly apart as there would only be repulsive forces due to the positive charges not wanting to be close together. Let’s say as an example, Oxygen-16 consists of 8 protons, 8 neutrons and 8 electrons. How will this change to a new Local Universe preserve the stability of the multi-proton core? I predict that the mass of all physics will decrease dramatically with the removal of the neutron if I understood correct.

There is only one stable atom that has no neutrons. It is an isotope of the element hydrogen called protium. Protium, which contains one proton and one electron, is the simplest atom. All other stable atoms contain some number of neutrons.

Please collaborate more on what exactly changed in the two Lightworkers (male and female) and compare what they experienced and felt as a relationship between the two before and what it was like after the experiment? I am looking for more specific details to feel how Unity and Harmony were expressed before and after the experiment.


23/08/2022 at 00:25, Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1


The structure of the atom, the interaction of particles and energies in it, are much more complex, and official science knows almost nothing about it. This is not a question of quantum physics, but of POLITICS.

The most famous example is ether. We know from unofficial history that for CENTURIES, cities and entire countries have been heated and illuminated with ether taken from the surrounding space (see DNI, OPERATION STELLAR NETWORK PARTS 1-6).

But at the beginning of the 20th century, a few smart dads transferred the entire global economy instead of ether to oil, which was controlled and divided by giant money. The mention of ether disappeared from the Periodic Table of Elements, and the scientists, who dealt with this topic, starting with Nikola Tesla, were simply killed.

DNit Telegram Channel


Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

Many quantum physicists, who reads the DNI, consider its descriptions of the Time, matter, energy and space’s structure as a sci-fi, fairy tales, or raving nonsense.

Which of the official physicists can list and describe the action of more than 1000 energies that Kalachakra relays? Or millions of energies that pass through the four-armed Antahkarana, in which each of the seven primary colored energies is divided into the same number of shades, each of them – into the same number of hues, and so ad infinitum, up to the Source. Or, at least, 70 quantum energies that Argorians redirect to Earth from the Galactic Center.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Kalachakra


Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

Nothing has changed in the relationship of the Lightwarriors couple. These higher entities are still actively working on the planet in their 3D bodies, helping the Co-Creators’ ops not only on Earth, but throughout the Local Universe – but in their energy bodies.

One of such operations was the transformation of the Local Universe’s Logos. For a better understanding of op’s scope and importance, a big digression is needed.

Former Black Co-Creator left behind a huge legacy of anomalies in all spheres and dimensions, permanently distorting the evolution of our Greater Cosmos’ part, including the Earth.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Earth In The Local Universe

Earth In The Local Universe

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

For several years DNI, in numerous posts, narrates in details the Co-Creators and Light Forces’ ops to root out these anomalies and its remnants in Time, energy and matter.

Local Universe’s Logos also was contaminated. It is controlled by a Super Monad, the Highest Intelligence Form of this part of the Greater Cosmos. It became another target of Black Co-Creator.

Following his plan to take over the entire Local Universe and the Pleroma, he secretly hacked the Logos and set off viral software into it.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Black Co-Creator

Black Co-Creator

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

It was a program of involution, decay and death. But the power of the Pleroma was so strong that the Trojan did not work.

Then Black Co-Creator committed one of the most serious crimes against the Absolute, the Source and Evolution. He introduced into the Universal Logos a primary cell of karma and death, which was formed in him after the betrayal (see Parts 1 and 2).

He made a new hacking of the Logos and downloaded in it the karmic virus through the Gray Super Monad of the Yaltabaoth’s eons. How did it appear?

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Yaltabaoth


Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

When the Pleroma (Light eons) and Anti-Pleroma (Dark eons) were separating, Yaltabaoth drew the substances of both and built a mix of them, his Gray eons, of which we are a part. They were controlled through their Logos by the Supreme Monad, an energetic entity that contained aspects and primary karma cell of Black Co-Creator.

This cell did not need additional energy and programs. It was self-sufficient and was a perfect tool for the disintegration and destruction of Life and matter.

Introduced into the Local Universe’s Logos, this virus infected all life forms, including other Logos and Monads. Its action produced the effect of an exploding bomb in the eons and tipped the scales in favor of Darks.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Karma Cells

Karma Cells

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

Our Universe was doomed to rapid death and decay, everything in it. Why did Black Co-Creator need it? He wanted to turn this part of the Greater Cosmos into a black hole and control it as his Anti-Universe.

If it were not for the intervention of the Pleroma’s Hierarchs, this would have happened. To prevent the catastrophe, Co-Creators, by their aspects, created the Cell of Life, also known as the Flower of Life, and introduced it into the Local Universe’s Logos.

The Life Cell came into contact with the primary death cell and began to counteract it, restraining the decay. That was all it could do: just slow down the destruction.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Flower Of Life

Flower Of Life

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

The Universal Logos became the carrier of both cells and their energies. There was a fierce struggle between them, but the death cell turned out to be stronger, because Black Co-Creator by 97.44% consisted of the Absolute’s Substance.

Evolution in the Dark and Gray eons went according to his program, subjugating everything – Time, energy and matter of Stars, Planets, Galaxies and Monads, including human ones.

Of course, in the Local Universe there were also Light Logos and eons, created by the Pleroma’s Absolute Ray, bypassing the Universe’s Logos. They suppressed the death cell and become carriers of the Life Cell.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Absolute Ray

Absolute Ray

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

On Earth and in man there are projections of both cells. But the advantage was on the side of death, because the karmic virus was transmitted from the Local Universe’s Logos, leaving no chance for anyone. Therefore, man and everything in the Universe were doomed.

The exception was those Logos and Monad carriers who, as a result of the cleansing from karma, inner work and Spiritual growth, broke through into the Pleroma, ascending from our mortal and karma-bearing reality.

If it were not for Black Co-Creator, this part of the Local Universe would be perfect and immortal. Initially, it was created as a kind of Pleroma, its outer Eon (Exclave).

Earth was a Direct Projection of the Pleroma. Moreover, Gaia is the daughter of Supreme Light Hierarchs, the first bearer of the Absolute Matrix of Life, which She handed over to the planetary Logos.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Gaia


Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

To relay the energy of the Matrix to the entire Local Universe, Co-Creators built 12 Temples of the Flower of Life on Earth with a center on the today’s island of Moorea, in Polynesia. What became of these Temples, DNI described earlier (see – OPS IN POLYNESIA, PARTS 1-3).

Furthermore, Earth was an analogue of the initially Absolute-like Logos of the Local Universe.

Black Co-Creator not only introduced a copy of the primary death cell into Earth, but also built a number of his Portals, captured and transformed the already existing Temples of Light and Flower of Life, and through them began to relay the lethal virus to the entire Local Universe. One of these transmitters was the mortal infrastructure of Easter Island (see – DNI, EASTER ISLAND OPS, PARTS 1 and 2).

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Mortal Infrastructure

Mortal Infrastructure

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

The karmic virus helped the Gray Super Monad to penetrate deeply into the Universe’s Logos and control it as its manifestation body. Nothing seemed to be able to resist the demonic entity.

This giant cosmic parasite intensively sucked vital energy not only from Earth and humanity, but also from Galactic and Stellar Logos, and the Local Universe as a whole, accelerating their disintegration.

To rescue them, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs planned a complicated operation, which consisted of several parts.

In the first stage, they began to transform the vital field of the Local Universe. They assigned an important role to Earth and their ground team.

The Logos of our planet, as the carrier of the Absolutized Energy of Life, had to act as its repeater and temporarily distribute it in the Local Universe through the Portals preserved as well as restored by Lightwarriors.

The objective was to displace the Gray Super Monad’s energy, which acted like Cyclone B in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, and completely replace it with the Absolutized Energy of Life.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Grey Super Monad

Grey Super Monad

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

For this op, Lightwarriors arrived at the sacred Power Place, named Four-Worlds-Crossing, in the mountains of Southern Europe. There, they, together with Higher Light Hierarchs, built a separate channel of vital energy to the Pleroma, bypassing all intermediate Portals and the Local Universe’s Logos.

Through this channel, the Energy of Life went directly from the Pleroma to Earth, and, via its planetary chakra and vital Portals, was distributed undistorted in the Local Universe.

Of course, it was a temporary solution, because the resource capacity of Four-Worlds-Crossing and Earth was insufficient for the entire Local Universe, though it was like a saving breath of pure air or prana.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Vita-channel


Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

Direct vital support continued for about a month, but then it was suddenly interrupted. Co-Creators quickly identified the cause. It turned out to be an energy clot that appeared in the channel at the level of the Universe’s Logos.

The thrombus was installed by the Gray Super Monad to block the flow of Life Energy from the Pleroma. In addition, the fully controlled Logos tapped into the vita-channel at a level below the plug, and injected some poisonous substance into the conduit.

Co-Creators immediately intercepted it, blocked by selves, and began to recycle it. Lightwarriors also got toxic. It was like a severe carbon monoxide intoxicating. They were barely alive for a couple of days, but managed to annihilate it.

In response, the Gray Super Monad turned off the pump in the Logos of the Local Universe. Through the Multiverse of the latter, it provided, albeit poorly, the substance of Life. It was serious danger, since our Universe, Galaxy, Solar System and Earth were totally dependent on Logos, which became an instrument of monster.

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1 - Local Universe's Multiverse

Local Universe’s Multiverse

Operation 4th Universe Part 5-1

Another threat was discovered by Lightwarriors. At that time, they were clearing from karma some Logos of Stars, where local civilizations, in a distant past, shared their DNA with earthlings.

During the operation, it turned out that after cleaning the Logos again picked up karma from other Logos. When the Lightwarriors isolated the former from the latter, the Logos of the Local Universe began to dump its karma on the sanitized ones.

In this situation, after thinking for a long time, Co-Creators made a fateful decision for the entire Local Universe: to completely destroy its Logos and Multiverse.

(To be continued)

More by Lev

New Matrix Part 8-1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 8-1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On 3 JUNE at 09:12 AM CET, via a Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators briefly informed that they continue prep for the activation of the new Earth’s Causal Matrix. Its OS, soft and codes will accelerate the scenario of events, the planet’s and our evolution in general.

Roller Coaster – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Roller Coaster – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The new Earth’s Matrix anchoring in the core of the planet through its Logos gave start to a sinc of entire Multiverse from 3D to Absoluterra in the 13D Pleroma. Next up, will be the link of new Causal Matrix and its full activation. The speed of the processes depends on many factors, including the astro-weather in the coming weeks.

New Matrix Part 7 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 7 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On 30 May at 06:12 PM CET, start to come first details of the Co-Creators’ operation to install a new Earth Matrix. They entrusted Lightwarriors the main part of the op: to be a live interface for linking the new structure to the planet’s core. For that, the ground team arrived on Power Place in one of the South Europe’s mountainous regions. Earlier, here, on a Subtle Plane over a picturesque lake, they built their second (of four) City of Light, which was also used as send-receive unit.

New Matrix Part 6 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 6 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

There are many scenarios of the birth and development of planets and their civilizations in the Greater Cosmos. Some Absolutes, belonging to the Supreme Hierarchy, unfold their manifestation bodies from the highest dimensions down to the physical plane.

Matrix Part 5-2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Matrix Part 5-2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

To create 3D Earth’s Matrix, not only elements known to science were used, but also unknown ones. Their names and software were described by Argorians, who, along with other friendly space races, have been closely protecting our planet for a long time. The names sound different in other languages, but this is a secondary factor.

New Matrix Part 5-1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 5-1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The upgraded 3D Earth’s Causal Matrix (OS, soft, codes), Logos (downloading tool), and new planetary Matrix (net) will dramatically activate and enhance ALL energies’ programs, downloaded into EVERY elements that form our physical and Subtle worlds. The soft was set in Noosphere at its creation

New Matrix Part 4 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 4 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

What will be the operating system (OS) of the new planetary Matrix? Activation of upgraded Causal Matrix (OS’s carrier) and Earth’s Logos, as downloading tool, accelerated all events. The situation is constantly and unpredictably changing, so Co-Creators are in no hurry to disclose many details.

New Matrix Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

With new Earth’s Causal Matrix and upgraded Logos, the run of the planetary Matrix will change dramatically. Earlier, Disclosure News partially narrated its very complex multilayered structure. These days, Co-Creators have disclosed many additional and important details.

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