On The Way To The 5th Race - Part 3

On The Way To The Fifth Race

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Part 3

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How come Martians were allowed to settle on Earth when it should have been obvious they were on the dark side, Having all that dangerous weapons and being so aggressive? And again in Atlantis golden age Martians were allowed. Could it be that it was a deliberate intention to introduce the negative aspect and duality to Atlantis, for them as well as it is/was here for us now to be able to make a choice, Light over Dark?


I had this same question as Den, or why weren’t they stopped at some point when breaking agreements? So much of the article sounds familiar to me. I was searching for these answers for many years.


For such a long time, the Archons and evil forces have ravaged the Earth and its developed civilizations. The civilization of the Second Atlantis was even more advanced than us. Why did they not manage to cope with the Archons and the forces of darkness together with the forces of Light from other worlds of the universe? There was no Cosmic Night on Earth during all this time. With the coming of the forthcoming Cosmic Day, will the universe be completely cleansed of Archons and evil? What is different this time?


Answer – On The Way To The Fifth Race – Part 3

At first, there was no sign of the Third Atlantis’ death. Under the leadership of Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy, about 10 million Atlanteans became super-beings.

More than 8 million Initiates have left Earth. Many went to other star schools. Others were among the curators of young planets and stars.

On the physical plane, the Atlanteans colonized eight planets of the nearest Suns’ Systems. Many highly spiritual Atlanteans moved to the hospitable planets of the Pleiades.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara

On The Way To The 5th Race

Sanat Kumara was proud of the Spiritual heights reached by the best representatives of the Fourth Race under the leadership of the Higher Light Hierarchy.

If the surviving Martian settlers in Atlantis were imbued with the ideology of dualism, it was not the case of the Atlantean priesthood. Under the influence of Sanat Kumara, they looked at reality in a completely different way.

Even before the arrival of the Martians, the Atlanteans did not separate themselves from the Source. For them, the real world had no space and time, theses and antitheses, Light and Darkness. Everything is part of the Source, unchangeable, and always exists.

The Source permeates everything. For the harmonious development, the order may be replaced by chaos, wisdom by folly, Light by Darkness.

All serve one great cause of evolution on the way to the Source, enriching the Creator with new experience and knowledge. Regardless of whether the planets’ or star system is in the Cosmic Day or in the Cosmic Night.

The human soul decides on which planet to be born on, at what time, and in what body. So that it would not be mistaken when returning to the Source, on the way to It, the Creator put his Divine Spark in each soul. And gave humans free will and choice.

This explains why the Atlanteans in their heyday calmly accepted Sanat Kumara’s decision to allow the Martians to settle in the Second Atlantis. And even after the destruction of their stronghold on the mainland island of Mu, the survivors were able to move to the continent. Some settled on the surface, others relocated to underground cities.

By giving all the best to their children who flew to the stars, Atlantis created problems for itself on Earth. With their departure, the happy balance between highly spiritual Initiates and mere mortals was disrupted.

This also affected the priesthood. It began to divide into two camps. One preserved the spiritual values of Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy. The other used their position only as an instrument of power, wealth, and egotheism.

The population of the Eastern Islands of the Third Atlantis gradually fell under the influence of Orion’s Dark races. Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy, and the High Light Priests were aware of their desire to take over the Northern lands occupied by the Pleiades civilizations. But they did not interfere with these plans.

They quietly watched the Darks’ sipping into the authorities and some priestly structures, which gradually grabbed all the power.

The great Initiates allowed the Atlanteans, who were endowed with free will, to decide for themselves which side they should be on and how to react to what was happening. So they understood the Source’s Will.

They did not interfere, even when the degradation of some of the priests led to a general decline in morals when spiritual impoverishment led to discord. Wars began against the colonies, which wanted to separate from the metropole for the sake of survival.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Atlantis - Dubai

Atlantis – Dubai

On The Way To The 5th Race

For some time, the new power managed to win victories, actively using atomic and hydrogen weapons, as well as the Fire Crystal. With the help of its directed beams, they instantly turned entire cities and armies into molten stone and ash.

Fatal for the Third Atlantis was the year 200,000 BC. From this year, its slide towards the end accelerated acquired an inescapable character.

On the territory of modern Eastern China and Russian Primorye, there was a state that also had thermonuclear weapons.

The Global Crystals Operation - Atlantis Master Crystal

Atlantis Fire Crystal

On The Way To The 5th Race

A race from the Tuban star system of the Alpha Draconis Constellation actively participated in their creation.

The emergence of a new powerful civilization on the planet seriously alarmed the new lords of the Third Atlantis. They decided to destroy the competitor by sending a powerful beam of Fire Crystal through the center of the Earth and burn all the enemy’s cities.

But there was an error in engineering calculations. It became the source of all subsequent troubles.

When the rays reached the molten magma layer, there was an explosion of colossal force. The middle part of the Atlantis rose five kilometers into the sky and there with a terrible roar broke into huge pieces.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Alpha Draconis

Alpha Draconis Constellation

On The Way To The 5th Race

The burning territory of Central Atlantis, billowing clouds of black smoke and brown steam, disappeared into the open waters of the ocean. In the Northern and Southern parts, two large Islands were formed, and then three smaller ones. The global flood began.

The giant Fire Crystal sank to the bottom of the sea. Even today, when the Sun and Moon are positioned in a certain way, it emits deadly vibrations. Hundreds of ships and planes of our Fifth Race in the area of the Bermuda triangle are falling into a hole dug thousands of years ago.

The explosion of the Third Atlantis caused monstrous shocks to the entire Earth’s crust. Three waves struck the continents and the continents, carrying with them the city and the country. Volcanoes have woken up. Parts of the continents broke up and went to the bottom of the oceans, and new lands rose instead…

On The Way To The 5th Race - Atlantis Flooding

Atlantis Flooding

On The Way To The 5th Race

About 100 thousand years Sanat Kumara, the Higher Light Hierarchy restored the country from the almost Stone Age. The Atlanteans were able to rise almost to the previous technical level. But morally they sank even lower.

This was especially evident in the new war that they unleashed. This time – against Hyperborea.

In 458, 519 BC, a Vitemana (small spacecraft) landed on this continent, being damaged in outer space. The crew belonged to a white race from the Polar Star System of the Ursa Minor Constellation.

After repairing the Vitemana, part of the team flew away, some remained on the ground. They liked the planet. Many of them by the time of departure already have children born on Earth.

In 271, 895 BC, other white settlers from the Orion Constellation settled in Hyperborea.

In 209, 687 BC, they were joined by the white race from the Ursa Major Constellation. Initially, their ancestral home was the Cygnus Constellation.

Then, in 183,767 BC, a light-skinned race from the Beta Leo System arrived on Earth.

Their appearance on the planet was not accidental. It was a new project of Sanat Kumara and the Higher Hierarchy to purposefully populate the Earth with representatives of the Stars’ Family of Light.

With the help of starseeds, Sanat Kumara planned to find a scheme for combining the Monads of new and existing earthlings. Then – to extend it to the entire planet.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Hyperborea


On The Way To The 5th Race

However, the implementation of this plan was disrupted by the onset of another Cosmic Night, the active opposition of Black civilizations that subdued part of the priesthood, and another war in the Local Universe and Solar System.

As of today, events on Earth were just a continuation and reflection of what is happening in the Big Space.

The war in the Solar system peaked in 150,000 BC. The Black and Gray civilizations tried to capture the planet Phaethon located between Mars and Jupiter and its two moons – Fatta and Lutetia.

About two million years ago, the giant Phaethon, around which 12 moons orbited, was the most flourishing planet in the Solar System. The planet was inhabited by people from the Lyra and Vega Constellations.

They were constantly at war with each other, including thermonuclear weapons use. Many space races wanted to control the planet, so they also participated in this internal war.

Fatta was the largest satellite. On its surface, the Light Forces were located to repel external attacks not only on Phaethon but also on Mars and Earth.

Black and Grey’s fleets managed to capture one of the satellites – the Lutetia as a base to attack Phaeton. Its inhabitants turned to Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchs for help, and they came to their call. They moved Phaeton along with the population in another Solar System, and the moon Fatta to Earth.

After that, a powerful blow was delivered to Lutetia. There was a giant explosion that destroyed the moon. Over time, the asteroid belt was formed from many of its fragments. The explosion of Lutetia was so powerful that it blew away part of the Mars’ atmosphere and several habitable Jupiter’s moons, which were located on the side of Phaethon.

As a result, life on Mars’ surface in the Equatorial regions has become almost impossible. Some of the inhabitants moved to Earth, adding to the Martian colonies on it. The rest took refuge in underground cities, specially created in the case of interplanetary war.

And today, the Mars’ territories that are most adapted for life are only above and below 20 degrees north and south latitude.

The Earth was also seriously damaged. The explosion sent it flying from a vibration wave orbit from 5D to 3D. The day lasted 25 hours, a year – 360 days. The Sun began to rise in the North and set in the South.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Phaetons Death

Phaetons Death

On The Way To The 5th Race

The blast wave caused powerful tsunamis that hit the continents. Volcanoes and earthquakes were ignited everywhere. Poles have changed: the North became South and South became North. The planet began to rotate in the opposite direction.

Earlier the Earth had two moons – the current one (Mesyaz) with a period of 29.3 days and Lelya with a period of 7 days. In 143,000 BC, Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy attached Fatta to the first two. It was placed on the orbit between them with a rotation period of 13 days.

Due to three moons, the Earth’s climate began to change. New types of vegetation and animals appeared. The air temperature in the Equatorial regions has become higher by several degrees.

It allowed Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy to relocate to Earth a part of the planets’ population affected or destroyed during the war in the Local Universe. This is how the central regions of present-day Africa were settled.

The Black priesthood of the Third Atlantis and its cosmic allies saw all this as a threat to their influence on Earth. Together, they unleashed a new war on the planet. Their main attacks were directed against the Light Races in Hyperborea.

The main battle took place in 109,806 BC. The Archons first occupied the moon Lelya and then moved it to a geostationary orbit over Hyperborea. On day X, from this satellite, they intended to deliver a devastating blow to the Northern continent.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Three Moons

 Three Moons

On The Way To The 5th Race

Knowing, thanks to Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy, about the day and hour of the attack, the Hyperboreans launched a powerful preemptive strike on the moon and the Black Archon bases on it. Debris from the satellite crashed into Hyperborea, which sank to the bottom of the Northern Ocean. The new global flood began.

But the population of the continent was not affected. Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy helped to evacuate the Hyperboreans across the stone isthmus on the site of the present Ural Mountains to the South – to Siberia and further – to Asia and Europe.

Some of the Hyperboreans escaped by taking Vitemanas into low-earth orbit. After the flood, they returned. Others moved through Portals to the Ursa Minor planets.

In 103,773 BC, for protecting their new territories, the Hyperboreans began building a gigantic system of pyramids, Portals, and Power Crystals.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Atlantis Destruction

Atlantis Destruction

On The Way To The 5th Race

They served as energy sources and energy shields against possible Archons’ attacks. A similar system existed in Hyperborea. Its remains can still be seen on those Google maps that have not been removed from the Internet.

For a time, the Archons and their Black priests of the Third Atlantis suck it up. But they didn’t accept defeat.

In the new situation, the Martians picked up momentum. During the time spent in the inner part of the planet, many have moved to the 4D and acquired etheric bodies. Now their main food was the negative emotions and passions of people living on the Earth’s surface.

Mars was once a densely populated 3D planet. It was inhabited by the Lyrans and the gray races of the Zeta Reticuli. Mixed marriages between them gave a new type of humanoid – Martians.

After the events described in part 2 (see – DNI, 13 October 2020), they built a new state on the inner Earth, similar to the one on Mars. Through a Portal in Antarctica, they took in the migrants from the Red Planet, the Earth’s moons, and Pluto.

The Grays built powerful low-frequency wave generators underground to influence the human’s evolution. Low vibrations formed negative thoughts and emotions among earthlings, feeding the Martians with this energy.

During the Second Atlantis, its technology successfully suppressed all harmful radiation generators. But by 100,000 BC, the situation had changed. The deep split between the Light and Black priests made this impossible.

Many Martians were incarnated in the bodies of Atlanteans. Their new mixed genetics made it easier to get along with both the Gray and Black races.

Soon they began to use their generators to irradiate the population in what is now Africa, Asia, Antarctica, and the Islands leftover from Lemuria. Now high-frequency vibrations were being emitted that destroyed the DNA helices.

In the Second Atlantis, earthlings had 48 chromosomes twisted into 12 DNA helices. This provided 100% capacity of the brain’s both hemispheres.

To subdue the earthlings, the Martians used high-frequency radiation to change their genetics. Gradually, the number of chromosomes in humans decreased to 42, and the number of DNA helices – to two. This led to the loss of all previous paranormal abilities of the Atlanteans, which sharply slowed their development.

By 80,000 BC, the appetites of Martians and Greys had grown even more. Not meeting resistance from the Atlanteans, they decided to move the Earth to another timeline, to the Black eons of the Local Universe.

An electric field shaped like a tetrahedron was pumped around the planet. It was supposed to be an Earth’s transporting Merkaba.

The field rotated counterclockwise. When the speed increased, the venture got out of control. There were magnetic gaps in other dimensions and spaces. All the cosmic dirt – from Goo to other negative entities – poured into the Earth in an endless stream.

The Sirius Space Council did everything possible to close the gaps and destroy the gigantic Merkaba of the Grays. But the Sirian forces were not enough.

In 71,000 BC, the Intergalactic Council represented the 144 major then Light civilizations of our planetary Sector in the Local Universe (DNI, 11 October 2020), ordered Sanat Kumara to destroy the power generator of the Martians and Greys, which was located between the two largest Islands of the Third Atlantis, along with the maintenance staff.

Following the order, Sanat Kumara, with a powerful impulse, struck a blow of monstrous force that shook the planet. It caused the movement and release of magma through the volcano, which was located on the coast of the Western part of the continent. A huge mass of rock, hot lava, dust, ash, and gases shot up into the atmosphere.

From the terrible force of the explosion, the Eastern part of the Western continent and the Western part of the Third Atlantis was destroyed. The formed huge funnel was filled by the ocean waters, which flooded it and many deep workings. As a result, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea were formed.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Hyperborea End

Hyperborea End

On The Way To The 5th Race

The Eastern and Central parts of Atlantis were preserved as a group of large and small Islands. They formed an archipelago, in the center of which was a huge island, which later in the legends of the ancient Greeks was called Poseidonis.

A powerful eruption of the volcano affected the Earth’s climate. There was not only the movement of continental plates but also the pollution of the atmosphere as a result of volcanic emissions. The Sun was covered with black clouds for several years throughout the Equatorial part of the planet. Only the Northern and Southern regions of the Earth remained uncovered by heavy clouds.

The intensive atmosphere’s cooling and glaciation of a significant part of the territories in the Equatorial regions of different continents began. The eruption, the subsequent earthquakes, and cold snap killed a significant part of the population in the Equatorial areas.

The Black priests and many of their followers left Atlantis at the time of the eruption on the flying ships of the Black and Gray races. However, some of the ships were lost, some while on the ground, and others during takeoff.

When the situation returned to normal, the priests and the surviving Atlanteans returned to the Islands that had escaped destruction. Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy still had hopes of returning Atlantis to what it was in the previous era (see part 2).

Their hopes were not fulfilled. The split between the Atlanteans and the Black priests became even deeper. The country was under a draconian regime. Any dissent or insubordination was suppressed by force. There was a slave trade, including space one. Violent genetic experiments have become a widespread practice.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara

On The Way To The 5th Race

The confrontation with the Hyperboreans escalated. In 36,000 BC, it led to a new world war with the use of nuclear weapons. It created another cold snap, which in modern science appears as Wurm or Valdai cold spell, lasting more than 7 thousand years.

The entire North of Eurasia and America was controlled by the Hyperboreans. The Third Atlantis held Mesoamerica, North-West Africa, and the Iberian Peninsula. Antarctica gradually was covered with ice and became uninhabited.

After losing many territories in the East, the Black priests sought help and advice from the Lords of the Grey eons in the Local Universe. It took a very long time to wait for a response, but it was received.

The Higher Dark Hierarchy suggested that the Black priests use gravity-plasma emitters against the Hyperboreans. To power them, the energy of the Earth’s force fields was used. Such emitters were so powerful that they could destroy large cosmic bodies.

The Archons also pointed out the goal to the Black priests – the second Earth’s moon Fatta. Its fragments were supposed to fall to the surface in such a way as to destroy all life in the Hyperboreans’ territories.

The Archons dispelled the priests’ fears that Fatta’s parts might destroy Atlantis as well. They promised to change the trajectory of the moon’s debris. In case of danger, the priests were promised evacuation through Portals to safe places.

In 11,008 BC, the Black priests of the Third Atlantis struck Fatta. The moon was destroyed. A huge fragment crashed into the ground, changing the tilt of the Earth’s axis by 23.5° and the continental shape (hence the modern word “fatal”). A giant wave circled the Earth three times, which led to the death of Atlantis and all its Islands.

It crashed so that the planet shifted from its orbit and in two days turned four times around both axes (Equatorial and polar). The Sun rose twice in the current West.

A huge fallen moon’s fragments caused serious tectonic movements of the crust. The bottom of the Atlantic rose more than three hundred meters. A deep break was formed, which was quickly filled with liquid basalt. But the column of gases that erupted generated a strong shock wave.

The cataclysm has devastated all of Europe, Africa, North and South America. The shock wave was so strong that in Northern Canada, they still find pieces of animal corpses that are frozen in the ground along with rocks and fragments of trees.

The impact was followed by a hurricane, then rain, which quickly turned into snow and severe frost. From the epicenter to a height of tens of kilometers, a column of steam rose, raising several thousand cubic kilometers of water from the ocean.

Vapors that had a temperature of more than 900 degrees Celsius and a pressure of more than 3500 ATM., due to rapid adiabatic expansion, instantly turned the ocean water into supercooled snow clouds almost to absolute zero. These clouds were carried by jet streams of air over vast distances and covered a giant strip of the coast of the Northern Ocean, Siberia, Alaska, and Canada.

A band of supercooled snow circled the globe several times in the Northern hemisphere, killing all mammoths and many other herbivores – wild horses, donkeys, musk oxen, etc.

The year lengthened to 365 days. The planet changed its vibration from a 7.1-centimeter wave range to a 7.23-centimeter one. This is why archaeologists can’t find any evidence of the Three Atlantis existence. They are looking for the wrong dimension, the wrong timeline, and the wrong vibration.

Most of the Hyperboreans’ territories survived. Sanat Kumara and the Higher Light Hierarchy warned them in advance of the impending attack.

With their help, the Hyperboreans created a huge infrastructure of power generators and crystals, which covered vast areas with a protective dome. Not all of them were completed. But even that was enough to repel the falling debris of Fatta on the Third Atlantis the territory.

In Atlantis, shortly before the catastrophe, the Light Priests preserved all the energy networks. The most important Master-Crystals that formed their bases were evacuated and safely hidden in different parts of the planet. Recently, all this has been restored and activated again (see – The Global Crystals Operation, Part 2 and 3.DNI, 1 and 2 October 2020).

In 9,564 B.C., the last great movement of the Earth’s crust put the final point in the Atlantis history. The surviving inhabitants and priests moved to former colonies in Central America, North Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world.

When the Service and life of the Atlantis Light Priests came to an end, they turned to Sanat Kumara with a final request. They asked for a place where they could build a city on the etheric plane so that they could direct human evolution and send them help.

Sanat Kumara pointed out a place that corresponded to the Earth’s Heart. It was Shambhala in the Himalayas. Sanat Kumara himself was and remained its permanent Host.

His and the Higher Light Hierarchy’s Service continued in the Fifth Race. For Sanat Kumara, it was terminated in 1956.

With the consent of the Intergalactic Council, he was allowed to hand over the reins to the Buddha and return to Venus. From there, he continued to supervise the Earth.

In 2020, following the Great Quantum Transition plan, the Absolute and the Co-Creators of the Local Universe appointed a new Higher Light Curators of the 3D, 4D, and 5D Earths for the Sixth Race on our planet. But the Sanat Kumara’s Service and Feat will always remain in the memory of the grateful Earth.

On The Way To The 5th Race - The New Atlantis

The New Atlantis

On The Way To The 5th Race

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Argorians Update 3 August 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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Our Decision – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Decision – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Unusual things have been happening to many of us for the last 3-4 days, then it tends to sleep, then it breaks into tears or apathy occurs, diseases worsen. In relationships with loved ones, the situation sometimes becomes completely unbearable. Almost daily, with short breaks, we are irradiated with the highest and longest doses of frequencies that a person can withstand.

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