On The Way To The 5th Race - Part 1

On The Way To The Fifth Race

Q&A with Lev

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May I ask who is Sanat Kumara?

Can one person’s life break off a crystal of si, to continue evolution in another body, and live both at the same time?… In that case, does the evolution of both souls accelerate? …


The Mariana Trench history, so positive for the planet as a being having that terrible wound healed, at least energetically. Though I don’t get how come millions of years have passed between the 1st and the 2nd attempt to make Earth radioactive. Weren’t there nuclear incidents in Atlantis time or any other time perhaps? And what about all the other 2000 officially reported explosions? Will there be or was there a cleanup of all that radioactive material that’s circling the planet for decades now and centuries to come, causing all kinds of problems? …



Sanat Kumara is a Supreme Light Entity who has dedicated His life to Service and Feat.

18.5 million years ago, Source decided to eliminate the Earth. The Lemurian Civilization that was there at that time proved to be a dead-end branch of evolution. It has completely lost touch with the Creator.

Just like today, the events on the planet at that time were a continuation and only a small part of what was going on in the Big Space.

Fleets of Archons, Drakos, and other Black and Gray races invaded our Local Universe, destroying or subjugating one planet after another. On each, they established their order, turned the population into slaves.

The Earth did not escape this fate.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara

On The Way To The 5th Race

After the invasion of it, the Archons subordinated the then planet’s Third Race to their absolute dictate.

The Higher Dark Hierarchy always considered the Earth only as a mine for the extraction of necessary raw materials, and the earthlings – as a labor force and a source of their vital energy.

Earth was seen as a planet of gold. The Archons and other Black civilizations needed it in huge quantities to accumulate energy and purify the atmosphere on their planets. The metal was mined in the territories of Eastern Hyperborea, in modern South Africa, South America, and Antarctica.

The new Earth’s Masters were incredibly aggressive and cruel. It was generated with such force that negative energy began to threaten the entire Local Universe. And not only that.

The Higher Light Hierarchy approved and accepted the Source’s decision to eliminate the Earth as cosmic cancer, as a hotbed of absolute Evil.

The Third Race did not stand the test of duality. It could not resist Evil either externally or internally. It didn’t even try to become stronger, purer, and accelerate its evolution to the Source by fighting negativity.

It was decided to burn all the detrimental energy accumulated by the Earth and the planet itself in the Galactic Central Sun. The remaining part of the energy – to reprogram and return to the Creator for further worlds construction.

No one on Earth and in the entire Local Universe who could find the strength and will to change the situation. Therefore, the Higher Light Hierarchy unanimously agreed with the Source.

But at the very last moment, such power was found.

It was Sanat Kumara…

On The Way To The 5th Race - NASA Poster - Venus

NASA Poster – Venus

On The Way To The 5th Race

Sanat Kumara was the Highest Light Hierarch of Venus civilization. For eons, this planet, at its best, has served as a source of Spirituality, Love, Knowledge, and Selfless Service. This is how it remains today, preserving all the most valuable things accumulated in the Local Universe over billions of years…

On a crucial day, Sanat Kumara arrived at the Intergalactic Council’s meeting. All 12 Higher Light Hierarchs gathered there. They represented the 144 major then Light civilizations of our planetary Sector in the Local Universe

After hearing their verdict, Sanat Kumara announced that he was ready to take personal responsibility for saving the Earth, for returning the earthlings’ souls to the Source.

The Council had told him that such a mission would require a physical presence on the planet. He will have to deal with everything that Black and Gray’s civilizations do on it.

Sanat Kumara was also acknowledged that the space wars in the Local Universe would continue as a catalyst for evolution. That the Earth is waiting for new waves of invasions of Black and Gray civilizations. That nuclear wars will bomb the earth again and again in the Stone Age. That during cosmic cycles, global catastrophes will occur on the planet, and civilization will have to be revived from almost nothing…

Sanat Kumara replied that he fully understands all the consequences and is ready to accept them.

After long and difficult discussions, the Intergalactic Council gave its permission as Earth’s last chance.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Sanat Kumara India

Sanat Kumara India

On The Way To The 5th Race

Sanat Kumara’s call to help was immediately answered by 144,000 Light Entities from many civilizations in our Local Sector. By the way, a huge number of them are embodied today in many LFs’ ground teams.

Light Hierarch selected 400 volunteers. Together, they had to prepare a beachhead for the arrival of the entry’s main part.

But first, more details about Sanat Kumara…

Before becoming the Highest Light Hierarch of Venus, he went through a series of incarnations on the small planet of Sirius A. This planet is very similar to Earth in size and density. He has lived on it for sixty-nine lifetimes.

After Ascending to the Subtle Plane, Sanat Kumara devoted himself to the study and management of the planetary Logos evolution.

Each structural unit of the Super Universe has its Logos (immortal Spiritual unit) and Its Hierarchy. So there are separate but interconnected Hierarchies of Planets, Solar systems, Galaxies, Local Universes, Small and Large Sectors in the Super Universe.

All their way to the Source is one endless school, with many steps. One can tell a lot about it. In the case of Sanat Kumara, these are the main ones.

The training program included the practice of the aspects’ exchanging. He was learning how to divide his manifestation body into 900,000 fragments. That is, by the number of worlds in one Small Sector (1 million worlds) or in 100 Local Universes.

How to bring each of these aspects back into Unity, enriched with new experience and knowledge.

How to use a powerful Flash to unite all aspects into a Single Spirit, in a new – Divine form.

The next step of training was as a Planetary Logos. He learned to take responsibility for all forms of life on the planet. Guide their evolution.

All the Logos are on it. Every being and everything lives within its aura. It does not Ascend to the next level until all the combined life forms have reached the Ascension level because it is responsible to the Source for all.

It gives an understanding of how the Higher Light Hierarchy works in the Local Universe today. What goals it pursues on Earth.

The final stage of training was relocation to the planet to apply the acquired knowledge. And at the same time – to get the new ones, but in practice.

So Sanat Kumara ended up on Venus. After a while, he became its Highest Light Hierarch. Here he found his Twin Soul.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Venus


On The Way To The 5th Race

It is a highly developed planet, close to the fourth dimension and higher. There the eight advanced civilizations are located. Two of them – humanoid. Six – densely populate the astral and etheric Planes.

On the Venus Subtle plane, there are seven temples and twelve educational faculties. Each has its specialization.

Eons ago, this institution was created to teach six billion souls. Twelve thousand were the first to arrive. Then they became the teachers for millions of students.

One of the postulates of education is that if one’s life produces results on the Physical Plane, it will produce results anywhere in the Super Universe.

This, by the way, is the main meaning and dream of the incarnation of souls on Earth today.

Sanat Kumara continued his education in the Venus Temples. In particular, how to combine the Love and Consciousness of an entire planet into one.

Using the experience of the Venus Logos, Sanat Kumara learned to build on the physical Plane a framework for all evolving forms of life – minerals, plants, animals, and human beings, allowing them all to grow and develop. The planetary Logos is like a mountain with paths through which all forms of life (its “cells”) move upward. The Logos is already at the top and helps all its parts to Ascend to it.

People also go this way. They die in the physical body and adapt to the astral Plane. Then they leave the astral Plane and adapt to the mental body. Then they die in the mental body to go Buddhic Plane. They die in it and rise to the Atmic level. They die on the Atmic Plane and Ascend to the Monadic Plane.

Souls adapt to each Plane, perceive it as their home. Then they must leave it and rise even higher in their consciousness. It’s an endless process. This is how the path of all living beings back to the Source is built.

People as embodied souls, as individuals, live in all Subtle Bodies. They are responsible for the purity of their thoughts, feelings, instincts, vitality, intuition, and all the cells and organs of their physical body.

If people neglect one of these aspects, they get suffering, illness, injury, premature death for not learning a lesson. A person must ensure the balanced evolution of every cell in their body. That is why it is so important to keep the heart and mind clear and open, to get rid of bad habits that prevent from going up.

The same applies to the planetary Logos, but on a much higher level. It must develop all the life forms (“cells”) of its body, preserving their free will and action freedom…

Before going to Earth, Sanat Kumara connected his heart chakra with the planet’s energy. So, remotely, he examined and studied it in detail. It took about two thousand years.

A powerful energy bridge was created for Sanat Kumara to cross from Venus to Earth. Through it, he and a group of 400 of his coworkers were incarnated in etheric bodies on our planet’s Subtle Plane.

Along with them came six Kumaras, also originally from Sirius A. Kumaras are called one of the ranks of the Highest Light Hierarchs. They play leadership roles as Spiritual mentors and administrators. Each of the six represented an energy channel of a certain frequency of the Source for solving specific problems.

Sanat Kumara could joint them in parts or as a whole, if necessary. Therefore, in the Indian epic, it is often depicted as a unity of seven entities.

The site of the residence was a Subtle Plan above an island in the middle of the sea, which at that time covered the current Gobi desert. Later the headquarters was moved to Shambhala, in the Himalayas.

Upon arriving on Earth, Sanat Kumara met with the then planet’s Spiritual government and received a comprehensive report from it. Many of its members got new appointments in other places. Some stayed to help his mission.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Sirius-Earth Gateway

Sirius-Earth Gateway

On The Way To The 5th Race

What Sanat Kumara and his associates saw on the spot, was confirmed by what they had previously seen remotely. The Third Race was approaching complete extinction.

This was the age of Kali-Yuga. On the Archon-scarred Earth, tiny sources of Light barely smoldered. The Lemurians were so fiercely and purposefully exterminating each other that it was impossible to draw a border between war and peace. The chiefs plundered and killed their subjects. The subjects, drunk with the blood of their victims, plundered and tore their state to pieces. The righteous were poor, rotting in prisons. Criminals grew fat and thrived.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Ancient Lemuria

Ancient Lemuria

On The Way To The 5th Race

Love has completely disappeared from the minds of the Third Race. Love was called jealousy and aggression, deception and debauchery, the hunger to rule over others, and get rich at the expense of slave labor.

Unprecedented maladies flourished. Viruses of previously harmless diseases mutated so that even mild became fatal.

The confrontation between the Archons from Orion who settled in Hyperborea and the Sirians on the territory of modern East Africa brought the planet close to another thermonuclear war. Previously, they have repeatedly occurred on Earth.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Orion


On The Way To The 5th Race

Sanat Kumara’s powerful intervention quickly changed the situation. It drastically reduced the protective layers of ozone and mental in the stratosphere. Hard cosmic radiation began to reach the Earth’s surface unhindered. X-ray radiation, alpha, beta, gamma rays destroyed large cells of human bodies.

At all times, evil and aggressive people have had and have physical bodies created from long cells of protoplasm. Extra-long cells of the muscles and internal organs are formed in people due to negative thoughts and emotions, selfish desires, eating meat, and abusing sex.

Cosmic X-ray radiation and gamma rays destroy physical organs that have a multitude of large protoplasmic cells. The aggressive and hateful people begin to lack energy, get sick, and quickly fall apart. They are always drawn to do evil to siphon vital energy from others.

Those who are pure in heart and mind, on the contrary, receive additional energy from the short-wave radiation according to the law of resonance. They sleep less, work more, full of optimism, of desire to share, and help selflessly.

In such people, the length of the cells is ten times less than in the first. Small cells are not destroyed by radiation. They, on the contrary, according to the law of similarity, absorb, accumulate, and radiate Subtle high-frequency energy.

With each day of cosmic radiation, that type of Lemurians improved their genetics and general condition. From the Subtle magnetic wind, new abilities appeared – telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, clairaudience, levitation, conscious exits from the body, and other superhuman talents.

By channeling the Logos energy of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, and the Sun into the Earth’s core, Sanat Kumara raised its vibrations. The core warmed up and with the Sun more strongly irradiated all living things with prana.

Under the influence of the pranic current, the molecules of the lower layers of ocean water quickly split, captured free electrons, and, heated, rose to the surface.

This electrified water was absorbed into living organisms faster and better. It quickly cleaned of accumulated slags and dirt, causing the body to mutate.

Ultra-fast purification accelerated natural selection among Lemurians. Healthy grains were quickly separated from the chaff. The Earth raised its temperature to get rid of all human dirt, as a disease-causing virus.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Ancient Lemuria - Artist Concept

Ancient Lemuria – Artist Concept

On The Way To The 5th Race

The new Spiritual Hierarchy created by Sanat Kumara constantly reported to him on the work’s progress. When an Earth Council met in Shambhala, they were either present in one of their etheric body aspects, being in several places at the same time. Or tune in to the Council remotely.

Many problems still rested…

8 million years BC the confrontation between Archons settled in Hyperborea, and Sirians lived in the mountains of the East African rift came to a nuclear exchange in space and on Earth. Sanat Kumara managed to stop the war.

Its traces are still visible on the surface nowadays. In the North, these are the walls of ancient megaliths melted by ultra-high temperatures. In Africa, on the territory of the East African fault, there is a huge cemetery of bones of animals that once died from high radiation. The entire area was turned into a zone of high radiation for several million years.

Modern scientists believe that the radiation was natural. Allegedly, out of the blue, natural nuclear reactors started working in the mountains of modern Somalia and Ethiopia.

But they are stubbornly silent about the melted rocks of Svalbard and Novaya Zemlya, about the glass-like mass of stone hills with buildings standing on them in the North of Scotland. To melt basalts or granites, a gigantic temperature is required…

Around 2 million years BC, the Earth, and near-earth space became a new battleground. This time between star fleets of reptilians from the Scorpion Constellation, and humanoids from the Leo Constellation. The reptilians had to retreat. Humanoids with Sanat Kumara’s permission settled in Lemuria.

For about 800 thousand years, Lemuria existed as a huge continent that included modern parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. Every 12-14 thousand years on Earth there was a change of Poles. In just one day, the solidified crust floated along with the magma from the equator to the North Pole, and the South Pole becomes the new equator.

The instantaneous shift of the Poles caused disasters of unprecedented power. Among humans and animals, only the strongest and fittest survived. As a result of floods and earthquakes, new lands surfaced, and old ones quickly sank to the bottom of the oceans.

Each time, as a result of cataclysms, from 6 to 10 billion people on Earth remained alive only 1-1.5 million. Thus, six Lemurian sub-races were replacing each other.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Asteroid Impact On Lemuria

Asteroid Impact On Lemuria

On The Way To The 5th Race

Lemuria has experienced approximately 60 Pole shifts. The continent gradually crumbled into pieces, which eventually became South Africa, South America, Antarctica, Asia, and Australia. And the Midlands were swallowed up by the oceans.

After the penultimate cataclysm, a new state emerged in the South of Lemuria, which Sanat Kumara and his Hierarchy had to build again from scratch.

At first, they were reincarnated in the bodies of the natives. Then they became their Rulers and Mentors. Legends of the current Australian aborigines tell about two Great Space Teachers – Ay and Taya. They were Sanat Kumara and his closest associate.

They opened an esoteric school, educated the population in the Sciences and Arts. Some of their knowledge they passed on to Initiates and priests.

The school taught exit from the body, levitation, telekinesis, transmutation of matter, and other areas of Spiritual work. Partly, this knowledge came to our days as Ashtanga yoga.

The program included the Ascension technique, a method of transferring the mind and body to other worlds and dimensions using the Merkaba.

Ordinary people, thanks to Sanat Kumara, have learned to call rain and wind with mantras, treat other people with thoughts at a distance, predict the future and find out their past. They widely used the method of searching underground for water and minerals, which is now called dowsing.

The Lemurians had a very large etheric body in the head area. So, they can see the Subtle world and vividly communicate with the elementals, the entities of earth, water, fire, and air, with the inhabitants of underground and stellar civilizations.

The Renaissance of new Lemuria, which once again began from the Stone Age, continued until an unprecedented cataclysm flooded the continent.

Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy, and the inhabitants were well aware that a huge asteroid was approaching the Earth, and soon their continent would disappear under the waves of the ocean.

On The Way To The 5th Race - Buddhic Body

Buddhic Body

On The Way To The 5th Race

But while eight billion people died during the previous flood, this time there were almost no human casualties.

Warned residents in advance relocated to safe lands. Now, these are the territories of India, Tibet, Peru, Central America, and the North Pole (Hyperborea). The descendants of Lemurians live in Sri Lanka, Southern India, Ethiopia, and partly in Kenya and Australia.

The colossal supercontinent Lemuria was destroyed by an asteroid impact that caused volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The mainland split into many pieces. The outskirts of Lemuria became new continents and Islands. Its central part sank to the bottom of the Indian ocean.

Waves up to two kilometers high washed away most of the civilization from the Earth’s surface. Before the sinking of the continent, Sanat Kumara and the Hierarchs took tens of thousands of people and animals from death to the underground cities.

A small part of the Lemurians migrated to some of the Western Islands. Later, the movement of tectonic plates raised and merged the Islands into a giant continent – Atlantis. Rich of volcanic minerals, the surface was rapidly covered with dense vegetation again.

After a while, the people and animals came out of the dungeons and spread out on the renewed planet.

Sanat Kumara received new reinforcements from the fourth planet of Sirius A. Together, about a million and a half years ago, they united under their command various tribes of Lemurians in the area of the current Amazon basin.

So, Sanat Kumara laid the foundation of a new – Fourth Race on Earth – the Atlantean.


On The Way To The 5th Race

(To be continued)

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