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Noru The Guardian of The Tower Pleiades-1

Noru The Guardian of The Tower Pleiades-1

Noru The Guardian of The Tower. By Gabrie raio Lunar. He is a very loving being of pink gold and energy. He visited several star systems, including Sirius, Andromeda, the Pleiades, Auriga and lately Jupiter and Antares. He’s a Moon lover!

Noru is an interstellar traveler. We could say that does not have a fixed home, his home is where he wants to be and where he is. We could also say that it is a gypsy of the stars, bringing his golden energy and wisdom wherever he goes. Noru is one of the Guardians of the Towers of Disintegration and Reintegration, which are mostly located on moons. There is such a tower to the Moon of the Earth, and he is one of his guardians.

When beings from other systems are on Earth for education and evangelization missions, a molecular change is needed in their bodies, because most of them have physical bodies of the planet from which they come from.

This change takes place in the Disintegration Tower. There are other guardians there as well. One of them is called Stuart and is part dellla Fleet of Capella (the Star Capella in the constellation of Auriga) and is a great friend of Noru.

Tower on The Dark Side

Tower on The Dark Side

Noru The Guardian of The Tower


These beings are responsible for the transformation of the etheric matter in the physical body and vice versa. Since the Earth can not reach higher levels of vibration, for the time being these contacts have to be this way.

Tower NASA Image

Tower NASA Image

Noru The Guardian of The Tower


We are moving towards “physical” contact with these beings, avoiding the need for them pass through the Tower of Disintegration. When they return from the Earth, here is the place where they will go back to “dress” their galactic physical body, ie the Reintegration.

These towers also have the function of filtering / softening of certain energies.

Some of the most powerful energies from solar beings pass through this tower for a normalization, and than arrive on Earth, according to the ability to receive these enrgies by each terrestrial. The Tower manage the frequency and delivers each Earthly the “percentage” appropriate quantity he can endure at that time.

The Guradian of The Tower is also responsible for anchoring the solar energy in the solar plexus. It then sends on the earth plane his energy merged with the Solar one.

Noru has had several incarnations on the physical Earth plane. In one of them he was close to Saint Germain, when he was in Merlin’s clothes. He is also embodied in Jesus’ time, as one of those fishermen who have seen the master of love deliver his message.

In Egypt, it was embodied in the court of Amenhotep III (Zero i), one of his first contacts with the land surface. In another time, along with Zero and IUD-IL, he was in Egypt, when the three were Medjai warriors and were part of the same army.

The End of Apollo Missions

The End of Apollo Missions

Noru The Guardian of The Tower


He is also incarnated among the followers of Francis of Assisi, and he was very close to him. In one of his most recent incarnations, he was a Russian general during World War II, tith the Zero’s army trying to fight Hitler.

He was also close to Silvestra, the Lunar Priestess and Multidimensional Warrior, in Lemuria, when he was part of a brotherhood called “Brotherhood of the Crystal Rose”.

As stated earlier, he is carrier of Gold and Pink rays, and has as his main mentors (so to speak), Jesus, Master Rowena, Maha Chohan, Kuthumi, Master Confucius, Lanto Master and Master Ling. He also has a special protection from Archangel Michael that can call whenever he needs.

Now he has been called by Pleiades 1 to permanently incorporate his joy in the physical Earth plane and to disintegrate the negativity in the hearts of men, reintegrating their soul’s purity.

Pleiades 1

Lunar Base 23T

Pleiades 1


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