No More 24 Hours Per Day

No More 24 Hours Per Day

No More 24 Hours Per Day. By Neva (Gabriel RL).

Humanity has become accustomed to living 24 hours a day, but as the Ascension process progresses, this time has tapered into dissolution.

The faster we move towards Ascension, the faster high frequencies reach Earth, the faster the time “breaks up”, entering an eternal “NOW”.

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Thus, there is already a long period that we no longer have 24 hours in our days.

Although our watches show this, in reality, the perception of time is less.

It is not a case that most people think that it seems the “time is flying”, and there isn’t time enough to do almost anything in a day, because soon the day is over.

This is really happening. The “time is ending”.

No More 24 Hours Per Day - Eternal "NOW"

Eternal “NOW”

No More 24 Hours Per Day

In this case, people need to start entering into more harmonious states with themselves, without anxiety and with more lightness in their hearts, as this is a call to the interior, to the NOW.

We are heading towards an Ascension and “we will only have more time”, I mean, we will have the perception that the day is yielding more, when we align ourselves with this new frequency that arrives.

Otherwise, if we continue with our material and unbalanced thoughts, we will be “dissolved” as time itself is being.

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​The P1 Notes began to announce “Protocol DESTEMPO (16h00 / 14h12) started. Harmonizations happen. ” – Simply meaning that it will not be 16 hours anymore – which was already “little” for agitated minds – now we will have 14h12 minutes a day.

Obviously, you will continue to look at your watch and see 24 hours, but the perception will not be the same, I guarantee it.

So, P1, while announcing this, also announces that there will be a process of energies coming, that will also be helping people to harmonize more quickly with all this, so that they can enter the new frequencies right away and be completely in the NOW, as we speedily enter the ascension zone.

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