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News Burst 9 July 2022 - Get The News!

News Burst 9 July 2022

News Burst 9 July 2022 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 9 July 2022 – Featured News

  • Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving leader, died hours after he was shot while campaigning for a parliamentary election, shocking a country in which political violence is rare and guns are tightly controlled.


  • Hours after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s death, pictures and video of him worshipping by the holy Ganges River in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency of Varanasi are going viral on social media. In 2015, Abe had flown to Varanasi alongside Prime Minister Modi not just to watch but to perform the famous Ganga Aarti (the worship of the holy Ganges) on the iconic ‘Dashashwamedh Ghat’ (the river bank). The city is widely considered to be one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. In the pictures, Abe could also be seen posing with vermillion on his forehead (generally applied by Hindus while performing religious rituals).


  • Two Bundeswehr soldiers – who wanted to use purloined explosives to destroy the bridge linking Crimea to the rest of Russia – are among a dozen suspects arrested in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein for a series of burglaries at military bases. That’s according to the Stern magazine, citing police sources. The arrests actually happened on May 22, to little or no media attention, as the probe was focused on break-ins at military facilities and the theft of weapons, explosives, and other ammunition for resale at the black market. The bridge plot was discovered by accident, as police monitored the suspects’ phone conversations, according to the magazine.


  • Metabiota, a company financed by Hunter Biden’s fund, had set its sights on southwestern Ukraine to research the deadly Ebola virus, which is endemic to some parts of Africa. Mechnikov National University, which is located in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, had supposedly been chosen by the American firm for its program. The Russian military says its troops captured a document in Ukraine compiled by the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency – a body tasked with countering weapons of mass destruction. Covering the period from 2005 until 2016, the report purportedly outlines plans for the further development of military projects in Ukraine. Metabiota and its involvement with the Ebola virus also feature in the document, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.


  • The US remains in the grip of a migration crisis, with Customs and Border Protection data revealing last month that the number of illegal migrants apprehended on the US southern border hit a third-consecutive monthly record high in May. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has authorized his state’s National Guard and the Department of Public Safety to detain migrants who illegally cross the border between ports of entry and return them to US-Mexican border entry points. Texas Governor accuses Biden of ‘Refusing to do his job’.


  • Long one of the globe’s economic stars, Germany is on the brink of a reversal of fortune which some fear imperils the prosperity built by its post-war generation. A recent reversal in exports and steep stock price falls betray deep-seated problems in the Europe’s most populous and industrious country. Robin Brooks, chief economist for the Institute of International Finance, summed up the situation regarding German trade quite well. “Germany’s growth model has been to import cheap energy from Russia, use that to assemble manufactured goods and export those goods to the rest of the world. While Germany now seeks new energy suppliers, its trade balance and that of the Euro zone will look ugly,” he wrote on Twitter.


  • A former investment manager at Celsius Network sued the crypto lender, saying it used customer deposits to rig the price of its own crypto token and failed to properly hedge risk, causing it to freeze customer assets.


  • The European Commission has blocked a loan to Ukraine, citing concerns over the country’s ability to repay, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. The €1.5 billion ($1.52 billion) loan was offered to Kiev by the bloc’s lending arm, the European Investment Bank (EIB), to help the country keep its economy going. However, the European Commission’s budget unit blocked the move because of “concerns” over Ukraine’s “financial reliability,” Bloomberg quoted unnamed officials as saying. The Ukrainian government said earlier this month that it expected the country’s post-war reconstruction to cost $750 billion. According to the EIB’s estimates however, Kiev may need as much as $1 trillion in outside assistance. In May, the Group of Seven (G7) leading Western economies pledged nearly $20 billion in aid to Ukraine, however Germany’s finance minister later ruled out any joint EU borrowing to help cover the cost. According to Bloomberg, the EU has been struggling to agree even short-term financing to enable Kiev to pay its current expenses. Last week’s proposal of €1 billion ($1 billion) stalled as Germany blocked a larger package of nearly €9 billion ($9.1 billion), the publication said.


  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi denounced the education system inherited from British colonialism and urged reforms that could help the country move forward, at an educational policy summit on Thursday. “The British provided this education system to prepare a servant class for themselves to meet their needs,” Modi said at the opening of the three-day summit of educators in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. “After independence, there were some changes in it but a lot remained,” he added. As a result, India ended up with generations of degree-holders trained for government and service jobs.


  • The discovery of a new, huge, meat-eating dinosaur dubbed Meraxes gigas offered many clues about the evolution and biology of these extinct reptiles, specifically, why they had such big skulls and tiny arms, a new study has revealed. The study, which was recently published in the journal Current Biology, was conducted by a team co-led by University of Minnesota researcher Peter Makovicky and his Argentinean colleagues Sebastian Apesteguia and Juan Canale. The researchers explained that Meraxes is part of the group of giant carnivorous dinosaurs that also includes Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex. According to the scientists, the discovery of Meraxes helped them realize that all three reptiles grew in similar ways, and that as they evolved, their skulls grew larger and their arms progressively shorter. “We shouldn’t worry so much about what the arms are being used for, because the arms are actually being reduced as a consequence of the skulls becoming massive. Whatever the arms may or may not have been used for, they’re taking on a secondary function since the skull is being optimized to handle larger prey,” Macovicky pointed out.


  • TikTok is now facing multiple lawsuits after at least seven children under the age of 15 died while attempting the “blackout challenge”, alleges a suit filed against TikTok in June. The challenge encourages social media users to choke themselves with belts, purse strings, or similar items until they pass out. Children across the globe—not just in America—have died from trying the “blackout challenge”. In 2019 TikTok had to pay $5.7 million in settlement charges after violating a children’s privacy law, said the Federal Trade Commission who filed the charges. The app “illegally collected personal information from children” after it failed to require parents’ permission before signing up for the app. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires websites to ask children under the age of 13 to get their parents’ permission before sharing personal information online.


  • In a world full of bad news, one sometimes needs a breath of fresh air and something that does not involve politics, military, money, or tragic incidents. – The crew of the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IMBP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences technically they didn’t fly anywhere, it was just an experiment simulating a moon flight, but they were isolated for a full 240 days, practicing entering the earth’s orbit, docking with the interplanetary complex, flying to the moon and docking with the orbital station. – In Downing Street, where Larry the Cat – the local big feline boss – seems to publicly distance himself from outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson. – British engineers will construct a ground-based system that would warn humans of potentially harmful space weather phenomena. – In Russia, local quad riders discovered a young foal who wandered away from the herd and lost his mother. Thankfully, the men quickly helped the little guy find his way back.
News Burst 9 July 2022

News Burst 9 July 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 9 July 2022 - Astronomical Sphere

​Astronomical Sphere

A 16th Century ring in the collection of the Swedish history museum unfolds into an Astronomical Sphere.

News Burst 9 July 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 9 July 2022 - Monumental Abbey

Monumental Abbey

Sacra di San Michele X-XI century, Piedmont (Italy)

News Burst 9 July 2022 – Bonus Video

The Kaaba’s Cover Kiswa

News Burst 9 July 2022 – Bonus Video

Positive ET

The current era of UFO sightings is different because positive ET crafts are everywhere and negative ETs are confined to astral. It’s okay if government says they’re a threat because no threats will ever manifest. Any attention is good. Tim Burchett is correct, this is biblical. ~ Kabamur

News Burst 9 July 2022 – Bonus Video

News Burst 9 July 2022 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

News Burst 16 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 16 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 16 June 2024 As a state, Ukraine is vitally – or fatally – dependent on the West: As the Ukrainian anti-corruption activist Martina Bohuslavets notes in the staunchly patriotic Ukrainska Pravda, Kiev’s “international partners finance not only the...

News Burst 15 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 15 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 15 June 2024 ​In the era of hybrid work, with employees splitting their time between two days in the office and three days working remotely, employers have ramped up using productivity monitoring software. However, employees have outsmarted some of these...

News Burst 14 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 14 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 14 June 2024 Saudi Arabia will not renew its 50-year petrodollar agreement with the United States, which expired on Sunday, June 9, 2024. This will allow the Saudis to sell oil in any currency, and not just in US dollars, as was previously the case.  ...

News Burst 13 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 13 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 13 June 2024 Johnson & Johnson opens new tab has agreed to pay $700 million to settle an investigation by 42 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. into its marketing of baby powder and other talc-based products blamed for allegedly causing cancer. The...

News Burst 12 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 12 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 12 June 2024 Tesla and SpaceX tycoon Elon Musk lashed out Monday at a partnership between OpenAI and Apple, saying the threat to data security will make him ban iPhones at his companies. "Apple has no clue what's actually going on once they hand your data...

News Burst 11 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 11 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 11 June 2024 A military plane carrying Malawi's vice president and nine others has gone missing, sparking a massive search operation. Vice President Saulos Chilima's plane left the capital, Lilongwe, and failed to land at Mzuzu International Airport - about...

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