News Burst 9 April 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 9 April 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 9 April 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 9 April 2020

  • Police arrested a Seattle man at Bill Gates and Melinda Gates’ mansion for allegedly collecting more than 6,000 child rape photos. Rick Allen Jones, reportedly employed as an engineer at the Gates’ home, is also accused of trading pornography images via Gmail. The 51-year-old has been collecting child porn for a decade, according to King County prosecutors. In 2013, investigators started looking at Jones. They were able to track him down in March after he shared a suspicious image through Gmail. After failing to find Jones at his Ballard apartment, police found later found him at the estate. none of this alleged crime actually happened at the Gates mansion.


  • Google has banned employees from using Zoom on company laptops and computers because of the security risks associated with the software, according to internal company emails. It’s unclear why Google allowed employees to use Zoom on company equipment since Google has its own competitor app, Hang. The app has become wildly popular during the quarantine, as people have used it to do “virtual hangouts” including happy hours and workout sessions. For Google, the math on Zoom is pretty straightforward: It’s a competitor, and it could potentially expose company secrets to hackers and “Zoom Bombers”.


  • Italy on Wednesday closed its ports to NGO run migrant rescue ships because the coronavirus crisis means they can no longer be classified as places of safety. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, Italian ports ”do not meet the necessary requirements for the classification and definition of ‘place of safety’ as provided for by the Hamburg Convention on sea rescues” by foreign-flagged ships outside of the Italian search and rescue zone. The decree is valid for ”the entire emergency period”.


  • About 60 Lampedusa residents including fishermen on Wednesday morning took to the streets and protested in front of the town council on the island of Lampedusa against Mayor Salvatore Martello due to the arrival of more migrants. ”We are in quarantine and they are out taking walks. No one should come to this island, no one,” yelled some of the protestors. The protest was held after three of the 46 migrant disembarked on Monday and ordered to remain in quarantine instead managed to leave the hotspot and were found in the center of the city. Lampedusa residents are afraid of catching COVID-19 and are angered that they are expected to comply with the decree while migrants have been found not doing so. Martello has said that the island inhabitants were right to be angered and is seeking to understand what happened at the hotspot. On Wednesday morning, a boat landed with about 67 people onboard that had asked for help via Alarm Phone.


  • Italian soccer players have rejected taking a pay cut for the coronavirus emergency. On Monday Serie A agreed to a 30% cut for players and staff if the competition is not completed, and a one-sixth cut if it is. “It’s a disgraceful and unacceptable proposal,” said the vice president of players’ association AIC, Umberto Calcagno. “They want to make the players alone pay for the possible damage caused by the crisis.” [Hopefully will be the end of this football]


  • Covid saved lives. A bridge collapsed Wednesday on a provincial road near Massa Carrara in Tuscany. A van was hit by falling masonry and the driver was taken to hospital with slight injuries. Another van driver was reportedly unhurt but in shock. A strong smell of gas was detected in the area. At the moment of the collapse a loud bang was heard. The bridge was placed under observation in November after a crack opened up in the asphalt. It was repaired. “It could have been a tragedy if we had had the traffic of a normal day,” said Tuscany Governor.


  • Russia has the means to solve problems in any of the possible scenarios for the development of the coronavirus pandemic, but it will not be possible to completely avoid losses, although they can be minimized, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday. “We will work confidently and professionally. I would like to emphasize, we have everything for this – a stable macroeconomic situation, minimal state debt, a solid safety net in the form of reserves accumulated over previous years, we have means to solve problems in any of the possible scenarios. Finally, we have experience in overcoming crises from past years,” he said.


  • Satellite launch company Rocket Lab announced earlier this week it had been forced to delay the launch of three US intelligence satellites from its New Zealand launch facility after that country ordered residents to stay home amid a spreading COVID-19 outbreak. The private space launch company announced this week it had been forced to postpone the launch from its New Zealand spaceport on the north island’s Mahia Peninsula for a second time. The rocket, which is due to lift three satellites for the US Department of Defense’s National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), was originally slated to launch on March 30 but now is not expected to blast off before April 23.


  • A newspaper close to the Rouhani administration says a large number of nurses in Iran have lost their jobs during February, March and April as the income of private hospitals have been declining. Oddly enough, this is happening while the coronavirus outbreak is escalating in Iran according to Health Ministry officials, and President Hassan Rouhani resists continued restrictions out of economic concerns.


  • POTUS on Obama: “He’s knows something [about Sleepy Joe] that you don’t know. That I think I know. But you don’t know.” We know.


  • Singapore on Wednesday announced new measures to accelerate local food production as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts global supply chains, including a plan to turn car park rooftops in public housing estates into urban farms. The densely populated city-state produces only about 10% of its food needs. “The current COVID-19 situation underscores the importance of local food production, as part of Singapore’s strategies to ensure food security,” authorities said in a statement. “Local food production mitigates our reliance on imports, and provides buffer in the event of food supply disruptions.”



Sun Activity

An unexpected stream of solar wind is blowing around Earth on April 8th. The stream’s velocity is only moderately high (~450 km/s) but it contains south-pointing magnetic fields that can open cracks in Earth’s magnetosphere. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras mixed with springtime twilight.



Active Weather

Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold (Category 4) w/v 110kts – 940hPa- SE of Tonga – Moving SE 30 kts.


Strongest EQ in Europe M3.0 Azores
Strongest EQ in North America M3.5 California
Strongest EQ on the Planet 5.4 411 km Wallis and Futuna
Deepest EQ M4.5 604 km Fiji Region

News Burst 9 April 2020

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