News Burst 6 September 2021 - Get The News!

News Burst 6 September 2021

News Burst 6 September 2021 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 6 September 2021 – Featured News

  • Cleanup personnel were responding to a large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico following Hurricane Ida, the Associated Press reported on Saturday, citing the US Coast Guard. The outlet reported that the spill was spreading eastward along the Gulf Coast for more than 19 km (12 miles). According to Coast Guard spokesman Lt. John Edwards who said that the source of the pollution is thought to be crude oil from a Talos Energy-owned undersea pipeline in Bay Marchand, Block 4.


  • Michael Fawcett, Prince Charles’s former closest aide and chief executive of The Prince’s Foundation, has temporarily quit amid allegations he offered to help a billionaire Saudi donor to the royal’s charity secure a knighthood and British citizenship, reported The Mail on Sunday and The Sunday Times.


  • An insidious sentiment has begun metastasizing throughout the United States and Britain, expressed by politicians, pundits, and – most disturbingly – by physicians themselves: that the unvaccinated who contract Covid-19 should be denied medical care. It gets worse. A former US senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill, also wants the unvaccinated to have their insurance rates raised. Piers Morgan, the British TV personality, demands to his nearly 8 million Twitter followers that the NHS must refuse them hospital beds. An emergency medical physician in Arizona responds to a video clip of people unmasked in a grocery store with a message, “Let ‘em die”. A liver surgeon at Massachusetts General suggests that declining a Covid vaccine should be treated by doctors as a functional Do Not Intubate/Do Not Resuscitate order.


  • Norwegian police have said they have found a trove of ancient artifacts, including what are believed to be cuneiform tablets, in a private collection. They are believed to have originated in ancient Mesopotamia and were reported missing by Iraqi authorities. “In total, almost 100 objects of significance to the global cultural heritage have been seized,” the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim) said in a statement. “They are now being examined by experts to determine their authenticity and, if possible, establish their provenance,” it added.


  • Facebook has promised to fix its auto-generated recommendation system after the company’s AI linked a video that heavily featured black men to primates, shocking viewers. “We apologize to anyone who may have seen these offensive recommendations,” Facebook said in a statement to the media, adding that the entire topic recommendation feature has been disabled. As we have said, while we have made improvements to our AI, we know it’s not perfect, and we have more progress to make. Darci Groves, a former content design manager at Facebook, said a friend sent her a screenshot of a video featuring black men, which included the company’s auto-generated prompt asking viewers if they wanted to “keep seeing videos about primates.”


  • Russian cosmonauts have discovered small cracks on the International Space Station (ISS), and it’s unclear whether the cracks are causing air leaks in the orbiting space lab. Vladimir Solovyov, the chief engineer of Moscow-based company Energia, the top contractor for Russia’s spaceflight program, told Russia’s state-owned RIA news agency that “superficial fissures have been found in some places on the Zarya module.” Solovyov warned: “This is bad and suggests that the fissures will begin to spread over time.”


  • A recall election seeking to remove California Gov. Gavin Newsom (NWO) will take place on September 14, 2021. The recall election will present voters with two questions. The first will ask whether Newsom should be recalled from the office of governor. The second will ask who should succeed Newsom if he is recalled. A majority vote is required on the first question for the governor to be recalled. The candidate with the most votes on the second question would win the election, no majority required. [Newsom’s bot army has been deployed and is working overtime right now.]


  • New evidence has emerged of gross violations during the UK investigation into the alleged poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury on 4th March 2018. The new revelations put into question the main evidence that the Skripals were poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok. Newly disclosed information obtained from the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) under the Freedom of Information Act questions the integrity of the main evidence that the Skripals were poisoned with Novichok, namely their blood samples. The ministry is in charge of the British military laboratory DSTL Porton Down which analyzed the Skripals blood samples and reportedly identified Novichok. “Our searches have failed to locate any information that provides the exact time that the samples were collected”, the ministry states. The lack of this information is gross violation and breach of the chain of custody. The UK NHS protocol requires that a request form accompany all specimens sent to the laboratory and clearly state the exact (not approximate) date and time of collection. A British toxicologist with extensive knowledge in the field of organophosphate pesticide analysis who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons has reviewed the MOD document: “It is inconceivable that with such a visibility case, and the obvious significance of any and all biological samples, normal and expected sample logging and documentation did not take place. The person drawing the sample, in any clinical or forensic setting knows that the date and time must be recorded, and the donor positively identified. In a criminal case, evidence gleaned from these samples would be thrown out as inadmissible. Custody seals can be broken and re-applied. In a normal blood draw, the donor would sign the seal which is placed over the vials. In this case, with the donors apparently unconscious, then the phlebotomist would do the signing, and be able to later verify his/her signature on the seal. As we don’t know when, or possibly where the samples were taken, it would be difficult to prove that the seals were in fact the original seals. This lack of protocol is either very sloppy or clandestine.”


  • Gazprom Neft will switch from US dollars to yuan and rubles to pay for refueling aircraft flying to or from China, the company’s CEO Alexander Dyukov told reporters on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum. “We are starting in September, and by the end of the year we can transfer virtually all payments for aviation fuel in China to yuan,” Dyukov said. He added that settlements for refueling Chinese airliners at Russian airports will be converted into rubles.


  • Following the recent death of 13 US service members in Afghanistan in a suicide bombing attack, DeBary Diner owner Angie Ugarte placed a sign outside her central Florida establishment announcing that she preferred not to serve those who continue to support the current administration. “If you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, please take your business elsewhere,” the sign read.


  • Australian medical practitioners may be prosecuted if they post anti-vax material online. Medical professionals cannot criticize [science] in Australia.


  • Robert Maurice Reeder was arrested after he was caught inside the US Capitol on January 6th. Reeder was about to get a light sentence this week after telling the judge he is “not a Trump supporter” and because of this he demanded a light sentence. And he was about to get a very small sentence with an excellent plea deal because of this. But then a video turned up before his sentencing of Robert Reeder attacking police on Jaunary 6th. It turns out he was shouting at the crowd extremely violent rhetoric while loosely wearing a MAGA hat to make the real Trump supporters appear violent by association.


  • The West African nation of Guinea has been rocked by a military coup attempt on Sunday, following hours of reported heavy gunfire erupting near the presidential palace in the capital of Conakry. Video emerged online showing the 83-year old elected president of the country, Alpha Condé, under military detention amid a coup reportedly led by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, said to be a former French legionnaire who is commander of an elite national army unit.


  • Iran will not recognize the Taliban regime which has forcefully imposed on Afghan. Iran’s President said Tehran, would support a Govermentt in Afghanistan “that is born out of the vote of the people”.


  • The Brazilian health regulator suspended the use of over 12 million doses of Chinese-made vaccines on Sept. 4 over being produced in an unauthorized plant, according to an official statement. Authorities said the ban was “a precautionary measure” to prevent “possible imminent risk.” “The manufacturing unit … was not inspected and was not approved by Anvisa in the authorization of emergency use of the mentioned vaccine,” the country’s federal health regulator Anvisa said on Saturday.
News Burst 6 September 2021

News Burst 6 September 2021 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 6 September 2021 - Jervis Bay

​Jervis Bay, Australia

“The night sky and Bio-luminescence Algae at Jervis Bay, Australia.” – Credits: rehlingenn

News Burst 6 September 2021 – Bonus Video

Tucson, Arizona On Sept 4, 2021

WITNESS: The orange lights appeared out of nowhere, in the videos I will submit you can see some floating along in a pattern while others zoomed in to join the others.

Pleiadian Fleet – They move in formation to show us that they aren’t floating sky lanterns. ~ Kabamur

News Burst 6 September 2021 – Bonus Video

Dario Costa Flies Through 2 Of Istanbul’s Çatalca Tunnels

News Burst 6 September 2021 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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