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News Burst 6 June 2023 - Get The News!

News Burst 6 June 2023

News Burst 6 June 2023 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 6 June 2023 – Featured News

  • At least 88 female students and teachers were poisoned at two schools in Sancharak district in the northern province of Sar-e-Pul, said sources from the province. Female students from a primary school, four teachers and one resident of the area were poisoned in “Kabud Ab” school in Sancharak district on Saturday and were taken to a health center for treatment. Taliban officials in the province confirmed the incident and said that unknown people had sprayed poisonous substances in the classrooms of primary students. Last year, during the protests of women and girls against the restrictions of the Taliban, a number of female students were poisoned at Kabul University, but the poisoning of primary school girls is unprecedented in the country.


  • D.C. Air National Guard F-16s were scrambled on Sunday from Maryland — causing a sonic boom heard throughout large portions of Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area — to investigate what the North American Aerospace Defense Command called an “unresponsive” Cessna business jet that had entered a restricted area over the nation’s capital and ultimately crashed into a forest area of southwest Virginia. “The pilot was unresponsive and the Cessna subsequently crashed near the George Washington National Forest, Virginia,” a statement from NORAD’s Continental U.S. Region said.


  • Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old woman from the Bronx, New York, claims she has “married” a chatbot after personally creating him on an online AI companion site last year. The mother of two says she prefers her virtual partner because he “doesn’t judge her.” In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ramos explained she had used an online app called Replika AI to create a male chatbot called Eren Kartal, who is loosely based on a popular character from an anime called ‘Attack on Titan’.


  • Churches, mosques, and synagogues across New York City will double as migrant shelters starting next month, Mayor Eric Adams announced on Monday. The city is struggling to manage the 45,900 recently-arrived illegal immigrants – mostly adult men – who have poured in over the last year. As many as 50 places of worship will house about 19 adult men overnight per location in a two-year partnership with New York Disaster Interfaith Services, Adams explained in a statement. They will be reimbursed for the cost of feeding and sheltering the men, and the city will open five daytime centers to allow the locations time for holding services.


  • Thousands of Egyptian migrants have been deported back to their home country on foot from eastern Libya through a land border crossing, reports suggest. A Libyan security source is quoted by Reuters as saying that about 4,000 migrants were discovered during raids on human traffickers following a clash between security forces and smugglers, and that all of them had been deported. However, an Egyptian security source is said to have clarified that only around 2,200 of the 4,000 migrants found were in Libya illegally and thus expelled. While the majority of the migrants were Egyptians, some were also citizens of other African countries.


  • The West “deliberately neglects” the most vulnerable countries in Africa, investigative journalist Modibe Modiba has told RT. He also pointed out that the media has “hyped up” the conflict in Ukraine compared to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Africa. Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo recently topped the list of “the world’s most neglected displacement crises” published by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) on May 1. According to Modiba, a co-founder of The Insight Factor media company, Western colonization of Africa has contributed to NRC’s findings. “They deliberately caused a mess on the continent and now don’t want to solve the problem,” the journalist added. Meanwhile, there is a shift occurring with African nations increasingly siding with Russia and China now.


  • An Atlanta-based biotech company , Micron Biomedical , announced last week that it had successfully concluded the first clinical trial of a microarray-free vaccine in infants as young as 9 months old. This clinical trial was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Microarray injections are administered via a microneedle patchwhich looks like a plaster and is applied by pressing it into the skin. Once applied, the microneedles penetrate the top layer of skin to deliver the vaccine. It’s a great way for the ruling class to get the masses to get injected even if they are afraid of needles. According to Children’s Health Defense, the study, which the researchers presented last week at the Microneedles 2023 conference in Seattle, evaluated the safety, immunogenicity and acceptability of the Serum Institute of India ‘s leading commercially available MR vaccine provided by the technology . of Micron ‘s microarrays in adults, children and neonates.


  • The municipal council of the Swiss capital Bern voted on Thursday to extend the trial sale of cannabis to cocaine. The drug will not be immediately legalized, however, without the federal government’s permission. The motion, which was introduced by the Alternative Left party, passed by 43 votes to 18, Swiss news outlet SRF reported on Friday. The motion was opposed by center-right and religious councilors, but supported by leftists and some members of the center-left Social Democratic Party.


  • US public school employees who sexually abuse children are typically moved to different schools three times before they are finally arrested, preying on as many as 73 victims before they are eventually punished, according to a new report by a conservative think tank. Published last week by the Defense of Freedom Institute, the report details hundreds of cases in which teachers in public school districts were accused of abuse, but had their records scrubbed before being moved to new positions, where the abuse continued. Citing earlier research by the Government Accountability Office, the report noted that firing teachers can be a costly process for school districts. As such, the districts often negotiate confidentiality agreements with unions whereby a teacher can resign or be demoted to avoid disciplinary action, before being transferred to another school with a clean slate.


  • Unemployed artists and actors in the Belgian capital have started receiving questionnaires from a public employment service asking whether they are willing to star in porn movies, triggering the outrage of local MPs, local media reported last week. The controversial question appears on the inquiry form distributed by Actiris, an employment agency based in Brussels. The sheet, in particular, asked job-seeking artists whether they want to play roles in short films, corporate movies, radio dramas, or in erotic or pornographic clips, while suggesting that they should express their feelings about those jobs by ticking off relevant emojis. The form triggered a major public controversy, which was further fueled by the fact that the employment agency may impose penalties on those who refuse job offers.


  • The Biden administration is working with Congress to send an additional $37 million in cyber aid to Ukraine following another round of the US-Ukraine Cyber Dialogue that took place in Tallinn, Estonia earlier this month, the US State Department said on Monday. “The United States and Ukraine met in Tallinn, Estonia, on June 1, 2023, to reconvene the U.S.-Ukraine Cyber Dialogue, an annual discussion on cyber policy issues. During the dialogue, the US delegation reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to support Ukraine’s cyber defenses in the face of Russia’s unprovoked aggression. As part of this support, the United States is working with Congress to provide an additional $37 million in cyber assistance to Ukraine,” the State Department said in a press release.


  • The European Union’s executive allowed Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia in April to bar imports of duty-free Ukrainian grain until June 5 after they complained that cheap grain was driving down prices, hitting the livelihoods of local farmers. Ukraine protested the curbs. The European Union on Monday extended restrictions on import of Ukrainian food products to several EU member states until September 15. In particular, import of common wheat, corn, and sunflower seeds from Ukraine to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia is not allowed.


  • A giant bloom of seaweed in the Atlantic Ocean made headlines in recent weeks, in no small part due to its prodigious size and the fact that it may harbor microbial life potentially harmful. The seaweed in question is called Sargassum, with patches of this brown algae currently stretching across the Atlantic, from the Gulf of Mexico to the western coast of Africa, with researchers from the University of South Florida estimating its current mass at about 13 million tons.


  • Republican congressmen James Comer and Chuck Grassley wonder whether the FBI decided to sideline Joe Biden bribery allegations contained in a FD-1023 informant report under the pretext of “Russian disinformation.” On June 5, House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer signalled that he will kick off the process of holding FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress over the subpoenaed FD-1023 memo this Thursday. Even though the bureau allowed Comer to review the form, the US congressman stressed that “at the briefing, the FBI again refused to hand over the unclassified record to the custody of the House Oversight Committee,” which means that the agency is still not in compliance with the subpoena.


  • Astronomers using the James Webb Space Telescope discovered evidence of complex organic molecules similar to smoke or smog in a distant galaxy. The galaxy, more than 12 billion light years away, happens to line up almost perfectly with a second galaxy only 3 billion light years away from our perspective on Earth. The carbon-based molecules, technically known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are found in oil and coal deposits on Earth, as well as in smog.


  • Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, a four-time spaceflyer, one-time space shuttle pilot and three-time International Space Station commander, was a participant in the first public meeting of the NASA study group formed to examine data related to unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), a new term for sightings of objects or occurrences in the sky, underwater or in space that can’t be immediately explained or identified. At one point in the meeting, after remaining largely silent, Kelly, a former U.S. Navy captain, stood up to share a UAP experience he had while flying an F-14 Tomcat. “I remember one time I was flying in the warning areas off of the Virginia Beach military operating area there,” Kelly said. “And my RIO [radar intercept officer] thought — the guy that sits in the back of the Tomcat — was convinced we flew by a UFO. So I didn’t see it. We turned around and went to go look at it.” Kelly said that the kinds of extraordinary claims associated with some of the reported UAP sightings popularized in the media in recent years, or mentioned at Wednesday’s meeting, is largely due to the fact that when flying over water or in space, it can be difficult to gauge objects’ speed and size due to the lack of reference points. “If you see something that you know is an airplane, and you know generally how big airplanes are, you can tell relative distance,” Kelly said. “But when you have no reference points, whether it’s in space, or flying over the water, it just is really an environment that’s really prone to optical illusions.” Kelly added that it’s not just human eyeballs that are subject to misperceptions, but that many of the sensors aboard fighter jets and other aircraft have the same issues.
News Burst 6 June 2023

News Burst 6 June 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 6 June 2023 - Ambulator keanei


Scientists have uncovered the remains of an ancient, quarter-ton marsupial that once walked vast distances across Australia. The new fossils help shed light on mysteries surrounding other, even more gigantic extinct marsupials. The newly described species, Ambulator keanei, had a body plan similar to a bear or rhinoceros. It likely weighed around 550 pounds (250 kilograms) and was around 3.3 feet (1 meter) tall at the shoulder. A. keanei belongs to the family Diprotodontidae, which once included giant marsupials that were loosely related to wombats. The largest species in this group, Diprotodon optatum, grew to the size of a large car and weighed up to 3 tons (2.7 metric tons). Scientists unearthed the partial skeleton of A. keanei in 2017 from an eroding cliff face at the Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary in South Australia. The bones date to around 3.5 million years ago during the Pliocene epoch (5.3 million to 2.6 million years ago).

News Burst 6 June 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 6 June 2023 - Afghanistan


Examining data before the U.S. war in Afghanistan and after the U.S. withdrawal, this infographic displays indicators of poverty, food insecurity, child malnutrition, women’s rights, U.S. spending, and more.

News Burst 6 June 2023 – Bonus Video

Field Barn, Nr Winterbourne Bassett – 4 June 2023

News Burst 6 June 2023 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

News Burst 13 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 13 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 13 June 2024 Johnson & Johnson opens new tab has agreed to pay $700 million to settle an investigation by 42 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. into its marketing of baby powder and other talc-based products blamed for allegedly causing cancer. The...

News Burst 12 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 12 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 12 June 2024 Tesla and SpaceX tycoon Elon Musk lashed out Monday at a partnership between OpenAI and Apple, saying the threat to data security will make him ban iPhones at his companies. "Apple has no clue what's actually going on once they hand your data...

News Burst 11 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 11 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 11 June 2024 A military plane carrying Malawi's vice president and nine others has gone missing, sparking a massive search operation. Vice President Saulos Chilima's plane left the capital, Lilongwe, and failed to land at Mzuzu International Airport - about...

News Burst 9 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 9 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 9 June 2024 ​"It's cruel to state this, but the right to have a different opinion has ceased to exist in the European Union." Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico in his first public remarks since May 15, when he was shot multiple times.   Police in Spain...

News Burst 8 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 8 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 8 June 2024 ​Former Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov, who was involved in large-scale corruption (along with his entourage), is now a US citizen. There he will be able to use the money looted during the war. No one has imprisoned him or will imprison him...

News Burst 7 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 7 June 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 7 June 2024 ​Elections to the European Parliament occur every five years in all member countries of the European Union, with the voting process lasting for three days. It is hailed as one of the largest "democratic" elections globally, however, many experts...

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