News Burst 6 July 2021 - Get The News!

News Burst 6 July 2021

News Burst 6 July 2021 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 6 July 2021 – Featured News

  • Google intervened to remove nine Android apps downloaded more than 5.8 million times from the company’s Play Store after the apps were caught furtively stealing users’ Facebook login credentials. “The applications were fully functional, which was supposed to weaken the vigilance of potential victims. With that, to access all of the apps’ functions and, allegedly, to disable in-app ads, users were prompted to log into their Facebook accounts,” researchers from Dr. Web said. “The advertisements inside some of the apps were indeed present, and this maneuver was intended to further encourage Android device owners to perform the required actions.” The offending apps masked their malicious intent by disguising as photo-editing, optimizer, fitness, and astrology programs, only to trick victims into logging into their Facebook accounts and hijack the entered credentials via a piece of JavaScript code received from an adversary-controlled server.


  • Another Indigenous community in Brithish Columbia, Canada says ground-penetrating radar has found human remains near a former residential school. In a statement released Wednesday, the Lower Kootenay Band said remains of 182 people were found in unmarked graves close to the former St. Eugene’s Mission School near Cranbrook. The statement says the Aq’am community conducted the search in 2020. It also says the residential school operated from 1912 to the 1970s.


  • As countries around the Asia-Pacific region tighten restrictions once again to curb potential breakouts of the Delta coronavirus variant, Singapore has laid out a new vision for life to return to normal. The roadmap, proposed by three members of Singapore’s COVID-19 task force, would scrap lockdowns and mass contact tracing and allow for a return to quarantine-free travel and the resumption of large gatherings. It would even stop counting the daily COVID-19 cases.


  • It has been extensively documented the amount of natural resources that are going to be necessary to make the world-wide shift to EVs that it looks like the globe is on the cusp on. Considering the amount of raw materials necessary, and the way that they are mined, is paramount in trying to visualize the carbon footprint of EVs that use many rare earth minerals in their batteries. And so, as the industry shifts more toward EV, so comes new infrastructure – and that’s exactly what General Motors is planning. The major U.S. automaker is now investing in a U.S. lithium project that could become the largest in the country by 2024. It makes GM one of the first automakers to develop its own source of lithium. The company said last week it will be making a “multimillion-dollar investment” and will help develop Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) Ltd’s Hell’s Kitchen geothermal brine project near California’s Salton Sea.


  • The hacking group REvil, which is believed to be behind the recent attack against the Miami-headquartered IT company Kaseya, has demanded a record $70 million ransom payment to decrypt the locked computers. The Record portal reported late Sunday that REvil took responsibility for the attack in a statement posted on its dark web blog, claiming it affected more than one million systems during the Kaseya incident.


  • Matthew Evans, a student in Devon UK, has captured pictures of what he claimed was a UFO that hovered above the sea for 10 seconds before “vanishing” at speed. The strange object with four bright lights in a triangular-shaped formation was captured lingering in the sky over Teignmouth. ​”It stayed in one spot long enough for me to pull out my phone and get those snaps.”  ~ Galactic Federation Crafts are literally posing for photos now. They want to be seen, but in a controlled way that will prepare us without causing fear. ~ Kabamur


  • One of Sweden’s largest supermarket chains, Coop Sweden, says it had to temporarily close 800 of its shops due to a cyberattack: “One of our subcontractors was hit by a digital attack, and that’s why our checkouts aren’t working any more,” Coop Sweden said.


  • Armed assailants have abducted 140 children from a boarding school in northwest Nigeria. The mass kidnapping is the latest such incident in the country, with hundreds still missing from raids carried out in the past six months. The pupils were kidnapped from Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna in a raid late on Sunday night and into the early hours of Monday morning. A teacher at the school, Emmanuel Paul, told the AFP news agency that “the kidnappers took away 140 students – only 25 students escaped. We still have no idea where the students were taken.”


  • Those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 are committing a sin they will have to repent for the rest of their lives. That’s according to the Russian Orthodox Church, whose spokesman said rejecting a jab is selfish. Speaking to TV channel Russia 24, the head of the Russia Orthodox Church’s Department for External Church Relations, Metropolitan Hilarion, explained that his parishioners regularly repent to him for not being vaccinated. “They come and say, ‘How am I supposed to live with this now?’ And it’s hard for even me to say how to live with it,” he explained. “All your life, you have to make up for the sin you committed.”


  • The reprehensible issue of what many deem “mass murder” of indigenous children in Canada’s Catholic school system has been in global headlines in recent weeks. But this should have been in the headlines decades ago. The nearly 1,000 bodies of indigenous children in mass graves were recently found by ground-penetrating radar, said the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous First Nations (FSIN) and the Cowessess First Nation. A reported 150,000 indigenous children were abducted and imprisoned in the Catholic schools, where they were tortured with the intent of erasing their culture and language, as were also sexually abused, were sterilized, among many other horrific practices.


  • The secret program was called the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which ran for approximately five years between 2007-2012 and had been supported to the tune of $22 million. In the years that have followed, numerous former military personnel have gone public about their involvement in the cases, especially in the 2004 USS Nimitz incident. Kevin Day, a senior radar expert, who was on the carrier support ship USS Princeton, has stated that for a two-week period prior to the incident he had been tracking multiple targets that would often drop from 80,000 feet to 50 feet above the surface of the water in under one second! The objects that are being reported now with increasing frequency are moving in ways that have been observed by credible witnesses around the globe for over 70 years.


  • Britain lifts almost all COVID restrictions, starting July 19, announces PM Boris Johnson. No more legal requirement to wear masks. No more social distancing in any settings. Stadiums and festivals back to full capacity. No limits to indoors, outdoors.


  • Chile installs a new 155-member body charged with writing a new constitution meant to pry power from the hands of the elite and spread it more equitably in the South American nation, as protesters and police clash in the capital.
News Burst 6 July 2021

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News Burst 6 July 2021 – Earthquakes

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