News Burst 5 April 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 5 April 2020

News Burst 5 April 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 5 April 2020

  • Production of Corona beer is being temporarily suspended in Mexico because of the coronavirus pandemic. Grupo Modelo, the company that makes the beer, posted the announcement on Twitter, stating that it’s halting production and marketing of its beer because the Mexican government has shuttered non-essential businesses. The Anheuser-Busch Inbev-owned company also makes Modelo and Pacifico beers.


  • The Department of Foreign Affairs welcome another batch of Filipino repatriates. The group is composed of 185 seafarers onboard MSC Splendida docked in Genoa, Italy, and 122 seafarers onboard MSC Fantasia docked in Lisbon, Portugal. The 307 Filipino repatriates underwent the necessary medical protocols as required by the Bureau of Quarantine of the Department of Health.


  • The Summer Grand Sumo Tournament has been postponed by two weeks from its scheduled May 10 start due to concerns over the coronavirus, the Japan Sumo Association said on Friday. The annual 15-day tournament at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan is one of the six major sumo contests held in Japan every year. The Tokyo tournament is now scheduled to start on May 24, with the next competition to be held in Aichi Prefecture also delayed for two weeks.


  • Continuity of Government (CoG). The program dates back to the Cold War with President Eisenhower’s executive order to develop underground quarters for top government officials in the event of a nuclear attack by Russia. Ironically CoG continued as a sleepy program until President Ronald Reagan’s time in office when Russia threw up their hands up and said “Nyet”. In the 1980’s Congressman Dick Cheney and private citizen Don Rumsfeld, who had worked in President Gerald Ford’s administration, decided to rewrite the CoG program to update its relevance with Reagan signing off on it. The new program did update the tunnels, but it also granted special powers to the CoG program. Now in the case of any special emergency (like the one declared over the Covid-19 pandemic) this secret alternative government could become operational. The first public mention of CoG came during the Iran-Contra Congressional hearings in the spring of 1987. During his testimony before the Senate National Security Council staff member Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North attempted to bring up CoG as a reason for the illegal operation of using arms sales profits to fund Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Before he could finish the phrase Senate committee chairman Democrat Daniel Inouye slammed his gavel and called a point of order saying that CoG was classified information, which could not be mentioned in open testimony. Much of what we know about the CoG appears in the writings of Professor Peter Dale Scott, who coined the phrase Deep State in the early ’90’s. One of the key provisions included in CoG is the suspension of the Constitution, specifically to the writ of habeas corpus and the succession of the presidency. We saw portions of CoG implemented on the morning of 9-11 by its two new authors — then-Vice President Cheney and then-Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. While President George H. Bush was on Air Force One, some of the CoG protocols were instituted. The gang (Cheney and Rumsfeld) also used some of the special powers in the CoG executive order during the Lehman Bros. crisis in Sept. 2007. So here we are today and we get glimpses of CoG in the daily briefings.


  • The lying banned from television actor who lost his show and quite possible could lose his freedom is just pretending to his fans and to the public none of that is happening. In order to move forward, he is going to have to come up with an apology. Jussie Smollet


  • At this point, the permanent A++ list singer ignores calls from her publicist and manager and continues to fall apart in front of our eyes. Each day, she shows how far she has fallen and her thirst for attention. It is sad to see. Madonna


  • The number of funerals in Jakarta rose sharply in March, a development the governor of Indonesia’s capital city said suggested that deaths from COVID-19 may be higher than officially reported. Nearly 4,400 burials occurred in March, 40 per cent higher than any month since at least January 2018, according to a review of statistics from the city’s Department of Parks and Cemeteries. The second-highest total during that period was March 2019, when nearly 3,100 people were buried.


  • Hanx or Tom Hanks has been infecting just about every “fringe” sub-series of conspiracy theories and downright ODD things in connection with Mr. Hanks over the years. Why was HANX, the actor, chosen to turn the Large Hadron Collider at CERN back on? He has posted pictures of lone gloves, shoes and other lost objects. Its kind of his “Thing”. He posted a picture of a discarded glove with the caption “Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.“ This was on 4-4-18 & 40 days (5 weeks 5 days) before Kappy’s death on Route 66.


  • [KSA Suicide Watch] While the world faces an unprecedented crisis over the coronavirus pandemic, Riyadh is trying to push other countries to play by its rules in the oil market, but those actions could have backfired. Since the OPEC+ deal collapsed, Saudi Arabia has brought out the big guns to grab the market share, but the move eventually drove crude prices to new lows. After Moscow and Riyadh failed to reach a new production-cut deal in early March, the kingdom decided to boost production and granted discounts to its oil buyers.


  • The UAE’s wealthiest emirate, Dubai [Fake News, Dubai is banckrupted, the richest is Abu Dhabi, by far], has announced a two-week-long lockdown, starting from 8pm (1600 GMT) on Saturday, in order to carry out large scale disinfection and stem the spread of Covid-19. Mobility in Dubai will be restricted and legal action will be taken against violators, local news agency WAM said. The supermarkets and pharmacies will continue operating as normal. The number of coronavirus cases has been on the rise in the UAE in the first days of April, with more than 1,500 people infected and ten fatalities so far.



Sun Activity

Sunspot AR2759 is crossing the face of the sun this weekend. It’s special because it belongs to the next solar cycle. The magnetic polarity of AR2759 marks it as a member of Solar Cycle 25. So far this year, 80% of all numbered sunspots have come from new Solar Cycle 25, and only 20% from old Solar Cycle 24–a sign that Solar Minimum won’t last forever.


Strongest EQ in Europe M3.8 Greece
Strongest EQ in North America M3.8 Idaho
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.4 Kamchatka, Russia
Deepest EQ M3.6 143 km Dominican Republic


Active Weather

Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold w/v 95kts↓ 950hPa↑ Over North Vanuatu moving SE.


News Burst 5 April 2020 - Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold

News Burst 5 April 2020

News Burst 5 April 2020 Bonus Img

Someone with ankle bracelet… going to jail?

News Burst 5 April 2020 - Someone with ankle bracelet... going to jail?

News Burst 5 April 2020 Bonus VIDEO

Dreaming About Home Planet

This might be the first-ever recording of an octopus changing colors while it’s dreaming. Professor David Scheel recorded the mollusk as it lay in a research tank, and if you listen with the sound on you can hear him describe what the octopus could be dreaming about.

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