News Burst 4 August 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 4 August 2020

News Burst 4 August 2020 – By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 4 August 2020 – Featured News

  • Attorney General William P. Barr reiterated this week that he will not wait until after November’s election to release whatever U.S. Attorney John Durham finds in his examination of the FBI’s 2016 investigation into President Trump’s campaign, raising fears among Democrats that Barr and Durham could upend the presidential race with a late revelation.


  • According to a former member of the Royal guard who worked on Prince Andrew’s security detail, The London Metropolitan Police have destroyed evidence that could have revealed where Prince Andrew was on the night that he is accused of having sex with a teenager that was being trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The night in question is March 10th, 2011, as well as the morning hours of March 11. Virginia Giuffre, who was known by the name Virginia Roberts at the time, says that she was taken to London by Epstein and Maxwell and was expected to have sex with Prince Andrew. Giuffre says that she was just 17-years-old at the time and remembers being taken to the “Tramp” nightclub in London, as well as one of Maxwell’s homes in the city. Andrew was questioned about Giuffre’s accusations during an interview with BBC, and he made numerous mistakes and fumbles that brought his credibility into question.


  • Federal and local authorities in the US have been dealing with all kinds of hacker attacks, including Ransomware, over the past few years, while not all of them were successful, several successful incidents might have a great impact on the US if they happen on the eve or the day of the November election, say several government officials and advisories by federal agencies. Officials admit that their concerns pertain not only to alleged attempts by other states to hack into critical US systems, but even to attempts by ordinary criminals, who often seek to earn money by demanding a ransom for encrypted government data held “hostage”. A December 2019 report by a cybersecurity firm, Emsisoft, says that some 966 government entities had been attacked in recent years, leading to a loss of data, including medical and police records. Local American authorities are facing such hacker attacks on a “daily basis”, says a top election security official with Homeland Security.


  • The overall flood situation worsened in Jamalpur, as heavy showers on hilly terrain, upstream of Bangladesh, led the Jamuna to swell once again from Sunday. Currently 1,000,000 people remain marooned in seven upazilas of the district. Food and drinking water shortages continue to be a problem for locals amid the one month and six day long flood. The five main rivers and their estuaries continued to flow above the danger line until Sunday afternoon and market places, cattle grazing fields, and houses have remained inundated. Flood situation improved slightly in Brahmaputra and Ganges basins after water levels of major rivers of the regions receded today due to dwindling of onrush of hilly water from upstream. Water levels of major rivers in Brahmaputra basin marked fall despite sporadic incidents of riverbank erosion at several places in the last 24 hours until 9am on Monday, said officials of Bangladesh Water Development Board.


  • Portland saw the highest number of homicides in July in more than three decades, officials say. The uptick in violence has strained police resources, which have already suffered from budget cuts. The Portland Police Bureau is investigating 15 murders that occurred in July, making the month one of the deadliest for the city in recent memory, local newspaper the Oregonian reported. The city has registered 24 homicides so far this year, meaning that last month alone accounted for more than half of the city’s violent deaths in 2020. July also saw 63 shootings, compared to 28 during the same month last year, the Bureau said.


  • Microsoft confirmed Sunday it is in talks with Chinese company ByteDance to acquire the U.S. arm of its popular video app TikTok and has discussed with President Donald Trump his concerns about security and censorship surrounding such an acquisition. In a statement, Microsoft said Microsoft and ByteDance have provided notice of their intent to explore a deal resulting in Microsoft owning and operating the TikTok service in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The company said it expects those talks to conclude by Sept. 15.


  • President Donald Trump has said he won’t object if US software giant Microsoft purchases social media app TikTok as long as some profits go to the US Treasury, reversing course on his earlier opposition to such a buyout.
    Trump broke the news at a White House meeting on Monday, describing a conversation he’d had with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella the previous day. When Microsoft confirmed Sunday that it has been in talks with TikTok’s owner – Chinese firm ByteDance – aimed at acquiring the app in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Trump supported the acquisition, but added that Microsoft would be “better off buying the whole thing.” The president also made it clear he expected some financial gratitude in exchange for setting up the acquisition, telling the tech giant, “If you buy it…a very substantial portion of that price is going to have to come into the Treasury of the United States, because we’re making it possible for this deal to happen”.


  • French prosecutors have indicted pharma giant Sanofi for manslaughter over birth defects linked to an epilepsy drug, the company said Monday, in a long-running case that has also seen it charged with fraud. The charges relate to the drug valproate, marketed as Depakine among other trade names, which studies say has caused disabilities in about 15,000-30,000 children whose mothers took the medicine while pregnant. On the market since 1967, the drug is used to treat epilepsy, migraines and bipolar disorder. But research found that when pregnant women took the drug, their children had an elevated risk — between 10 to 40 percent — of congenital malformations, autism and learning difficulties. Sanofi is facing separate charges of aggravated fraud and unintentionally causing injury in 42 cases filed by families, but insists it had warned health authorities of the drug’s risks already in the 1980s. In a statement sent to AFP it insisted it had “fulfilled its obligation” of providing information on the drug and its side-effects, and said it “contests the validity of these proceedings.”


  • Digital financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, will be permitted to сirculate legally in Russia soon, but if you’re planning to go shopping with bitcoin, or other variants, forget it. They won’t be legal tender. According to the new rules, due to come into force in January 2021, Russian citizens will be allowed to buy and sell bitcoin and other digital denominations. Until now, various cryptocurrencies have been in a “grey zone,” as the state did not recognize their existence, but no penalties for mining or buying them existed either. The law signed by President Vladimir Putin on Friday recognizes the existence of bitcoin, tokens and other digital assets. However, it does not remove restrictions to allow individuals to use cryptocurrency as a legal tender. The law does not give cryptocurrencies the same rights that the ruble or any other fiat currency have. After the new law comes into force, it will still be impossible for individuals to use digital currencies as legal tender in Russia. Only financial organizations hand-picked by the Central Bank, as well as stock exchanges, will be able to do so. Still, the new law reiterates that no punishment for operations with bitcoin is envisaged.


  • In the Jayanti Nagar area, Nepal, along the Balkhu River corridor, the incessant rains this past week have filled the roads with knee-deep mud. Poor condition of roads and unmanaged drainage have made life difficult for many.“Whenever it rains, the drainage leaks and the whole area in Chuchepati gets waterlogged. It’s been years since we started facing this problem but the concerned authorities have done nothing,”said Hema Tamang, a furniture shop owner in Chuchepati. Although the Department of Roads had announced that it would be utilising the lockdown period to upgrade the Valley’s roads, it has not done much. The Department’s data shows that only 12 kilometres of road sections in VIP areas like Singhadurbar, Bhadrakali, Ratnapark, Tripureshwor, Teku, Maharajgung, Baluwatar, Babarmahal and New Baneshwor were asphalted during the period.


  • The mystique of Japan’s once-feared covert warriors, spread by films and fiction, is embodied today in the world’s first winner of a master’s degree in ninja studies, who also grows his own crops, just as many of his predecessors did. The modern black-clad ninja is Genichi Mitsuhashi, 45, who says he realized that ninjutsu, or ninja arts, held the key to survival after he was held up at gunpoint during a stay in Brazil at the age of 19. “You are allowed to use weapons or make use of your enemy’s body,” Mitsuhashi said, describing how he was drawn to learn about ninjas. Mitsuhashi is the first of seven enrolled students to finish a two-year program on ninja history, traditions, fighting and survival techniques, complete with two days of fieldwork, launched in 2018 by Mie University, southwest of Tokyo. Like the ninjas of old, who sprang from peasantry in feudal times, Mitsuhashi grows his own rice and vegetables.


  • Suspected of corruption and under investigation by the Supreme Court, the former King of Spain Juan Carlos announced his decision to leave the country on Monday, August 3, in a letter addressed to his son, the sovereign Felipe VI. “Guided now by the conviction to render the best service to the Spaniards, to their institutions, and to you as king, I inform you of my considered decision to exile myself, at this time, outside of Spain “, writes Juan Carlos, quoted in a press release from the royal house. “A year ago, I expressed to you my will and my desire to abandon institutional activities”, he recalls, claiming to have “always wanted the best for Spain and the crown”. King Felipe VI accepts and thanks him for his decision. Juan Carlos I abdicated in June 2014 in favor of his son Felipe, when the end of his reign had been tarnished by various scandals, and in particular suspicions about his opaque fortune and his close relations with the Saudi royal family.


  • A woman has suffered serious injuries after being struck and injured while swimming with humpback whales off the coast of Western Australia. The Australian woman, 29, was with a tour group at the popular Ningaloo Reef on Saturday when she was struck. She reportedly suffered fractured ribs and internal bleeding. St John Ambulance said the woman had suffered internal bleeding and upper torso injuries “from the crush”. Unconfirmed reports said she was trapped between two of the giant mammals, which can grow up to 19m (62ft). She was treated in the town of Exmouth before being flown to a hospital in Perth, where she was in a “serious but stable condition” on Monday.

News Burst 4 August 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 4 July 2020 - The Place Where Ghislaine Was Arrested

Muslim pilgrims circled Islam’s holiest site along socially distanced paths Sunday in the final ritual of the hajj, the smallest in modern history as Saudi authorities sought to prevent a coronavirus outbreak. Only up to 10,000 Muslims took part in the hajj, a far cry from the 2.5 million who took part in the five-day annual pilgrimage last year.

News Burst 4 August 2020 – Solar Activity

News Burst 4 August 2020 - Sunspots

Solar Cycle 25 Strengthens

There’s no longer any doubt. New Solar Cycle 25 is coming to life. The latest sign came today with the emergence of a new sunspot group. Provisionally numbered AR2770, the sunspot has two dark cores (each about the size of Earth) and is crackling with minor B-class solar flares. Its potential for even stronger flares will become clear in the days ahead as the sunspot turns toward Earth, more fully revealing its magnetic complexity.

Active regions from Solar Cycle 25 are now strewn across half of the sun’s northern hemisphere. These are places where magnetic fields are intensifying, creating islands of magnetism on the sun’s surface. In the cases of AR2769 and AR2770, the fields have intensified enough to form dark cores–that is, sunspots. A few days ago, AR2768 also had visible sunspots, but they have faded.

The appearance of so many active regions at once is a clear sign that Solar Cycle 25 is gaining steam. However, that doesn’t mean Solar Minimum is finished. These are just “starter sunspots,” pipsqueaks compared to the behemoths expected when Solar Cycle 25 reaches its peak a few years from now. 

News Burst 4 August 2020 – Active Weather

Typhoon Hagupit

Hagupit will move across the vicinity of Zhejiang to Jiangsu and weaken gradually today and tomorrow. Wind 70-100 kts Pressure 975 hPa Moving N-NW at 10 kts. Slowly Weakening.

Tropical Storm Isaias

Wind 60-75 kts Pressure 993 hPa↓ Moving N-NE 14 kts – Steady intensity than weakening from tomorrow morning UTC.

News Burst 4 August 2020 – Earthquakes

August 3 2020


Europe – M3.4 Romania

Africa – M4.7 South of Africa

North America – M3.8 Alaska

Central America – M4.6 Mexico

South America – M5.5 Chile

Asia – M4.6 Iran

Pacific – M5.8 Papua New Guinea

Deepest EQ – M4.5 578 km Fiji 

News Burst 4 August 2020 - South America Earthquakes

These two movements above M5 in Peru and Chile originate from the deep earthquakes in the Western Pacific of few days ago, the seismic force moved along the fractures, areas of less resistance to the transit.

News Burst 4 August 2020 - Asia Earthquakes

In this image the older earthquakes are represented with red circles, the white circles are the newest. We can see the twin earthquake, as expected, in Taiwan area, two more deep earthquake in the Banda Sea in Indonesia and in the Pacific in the Fiji Islands area. Toward West Asia the new seismic wave have reached Afghanistan and Iran with M4s; after these new deep movement the fulcrum points left from the last EQ will be gradually filled up.

Earthquakes Last 24 Hours – M4 and Above

DNit Telegram Channel

News Burst Live Feed

Thai protest leaders said they expect the biggest anti-gov demonstration in years this weekend. They demand the removal of PM Prayut Chan-o-cha, and changes to a constitution designed to extend military domination of politics after a general election last year. #NewsBurstLive

Here we can see the #earthquakes of the last 2-3 days, we can spot some silent areas, where there were no movements... the middle point along the transfer lines could be hit #NewsBurstLive

This #Crete #Earthquake will put massive pressure in Europe and the Mediterranean. We could see M5s in SE Europe, Italy will be under pressure, probably spread swarms, mainly center and north up to M4, more unlikely one sigle stronger shock on M5+... #NewsBurstLive

Massive ~M6 #Earthquake in the Island of #Crete, #Greece, we were expecting some movements in the area due to the new seismic wave coming in but with a max magnitude of M5... #NewsBurstLive

Seismic waves coming thru Mediterranean toward North Atlantic filling with #earthquakes the middle points mentioned previously, North Africa this time, next wave is probably for Central Europe [Yesterday in the inset] #NewsBurstLive

[Rule of the Iran Priests] In the recorded last phone call, #Navid #Afkari said he and his 2 brothers, kept in the #Adelabad prison in #Shiraz, would be transferred to #Tehran on Saturday, September 12. The #Iran #Priests hanged him in the name of "#God" on Sat... #NewsBurstLive

4 Nigerians and 1 Cameroonian, between 22 and 29 years, alongside a popular #Nigerian #pornstar were charged and jailed by local authorities for recording an adult movie at the #OsunOsogbo Sacred Grove a #UNESCO World Heritage Site and publishing the content online #NewsBurstLive

This looks very much like a "Subtropical Cyclone" in the Mediterranean!! We'll friendly call him #TropicalCyclone #Ciro. Winds are between 60-70 kts, moving #NE toward Greece. #NewsBurstLive #CicloneTropicaleCiro 🇮🇹

Northern #Uganda town of #Moroto - "There has been a break out from the Prison... ~220 inmates overpowering staff and accessing the armory where there were 15 rifles. They are on the loose now. Heavy exchange of fire ensued. They have run towards Mt Moroto [pic]." #NewsBurstLive

#SolarCycle25 has begun. During a media event on Tuesday, experts from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) discussed their analysis and predictions... #NewsBurstLive

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News Burst 18 September 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 18 September 2020 – Live Feed

The Senate Homeland Security Committee voted on Wednesday to authorize subpoenas for dozens of Obama-era officials involved in ‘spygate,’ including former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, former DNI James Clapper — and longtime US intelligence operative Stephen Halper, who the Obama administration paid nearly half-a-million dollars to help the FBI spy on the 2016 Trump campaign.

News Burst 17 September 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 17 September 2020 – Live Feed

BP Plc said the relentless growth of oil demand is over, becoming the first supermajor to call the end of an era many thought would last another decade or more. Oil consumption may never return to levels seen before the coronavirus crisis took hold, BP said in a report on Monday. The U.K. giant is describing a different future, where oil’s supremacy is challenged, and ultimately fades.

News Burst 16 September 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 16 September 2020 – Live Feed

The smaller Crafts leaving are able to flatten and be completely stacked or stored out of site in the Small Craft it is in. In these moments, there is a huge amount of data that is being collected and cameras are being dispersed with other equipment that will measure Vibrational Frequency in the area, return to the Craft it came from and then all Crafts will return to the Mothership which is stationed 4 miles above in this case. Neioh

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