News Burst 31 May 2021 - Get The News!

News Burst 31 May 2021

News Burst 31 May 2021 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 31 May 2021 – Featured News

  • British professor Angus Dalgleish – best known for creating the world’s first ‘HIV vaccine’, and Norwegian virologist Dr. Birger Sørensen – chair of pharmaceutical company, Immunor, who has published 31 peer-reviewed papers and holds several patents, wrote that while analyzing virus samples last year, the pair discovered “unique fingerprints” in the form of “six inserts” created through gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. They also conclude that “SARS-Coronavirus-2 has “no credible natural ancestor” and that it is “beyond reasonable doubt” that the virus was created via “laboratory manipulation.” Last year, Sørensen told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that COVID-19 has properties which have ‘never been detected in nature,’ and that the United States has ‘collaborated for many years on coronavirus research through “gain of function” studies with China.


  • Venus Aerospace is building a passenger aircraft that will revolutionize the world’s transportation sector with hypersonic flight. The company raised $3 million in a March funding round. It plans to build a Mach 12 hypersonic aircraft designed to travel at the edge of space, allowing passengers to go from Los Angeles to Tokyo in one hour. Traveling in a space plane is sort of like traveling in a regular plane, except for when the pilot initiates rocket boosters mid-flight that propels it to the edge of space. The aircraft then glides back into the atmosphere and can land at any conventional airport.


  • RealRawNews is a sitire site… problem is, the stories aren’t as funny as the Bee, so it’s hard to tell they’re fake….


  • ProtonMail users are outraged as the email service has reportedly started using Google’s reCAPTCHA to “secure” logins, but potentially compromising users’ identities in the process. UPDATE – ProtonMail has shared clarifying information and says Google’s reCAPTCHA is in the process of being phased out again.


  • In a landmark judgment, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) today (May 25) ruled that the UK government’s bulk interception of communications powers “did not contain sufficient ‘end-to-end’ safeguards to provide adequate and effective guarantees against arbitrariness and the risk of abuse”, thus violating the rights to privacy and freedom of expression. The case was brought by Amnesty International, Liberty, Privacy International and several other rights organizations, following whistleblower Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelation that the UK intelligence agency GCHQ was secretly intercepting and processing the private communications of millions of people on a daily basis.


  • A UN report found that autonomous drones armed with explosive devices may have “hunted down” fleeing rebel fighters in Libya last year. If true, the report chronicles the world’s first true robot-on-human attack. According to the report, anti-government Libyan National Army fighters, under military commander Khalifa Haftar, were retreating last March following an unsuccessful attack on Tripoli, when they ran into a swarm of terrifying aerial opponents. They were “hunted down” by unmanned drones, as well as “lethal autonomous weapons systems,” the latter of which can be programmed by controllers to seek out and attack targets, and carry out these instructions even if communications with the controllers are severed.


  • The Daily Beast also revealed that the details of the Gates’s divorce had been decided several weeks prior to the official announcement. Then, on May 9, the Wall Street Journal published a report suggesting that the plans for divorce went back even farther, with Melinda having consulted divorce lawyers in 2019. Allegedly, that consultation was made after details of Bill Gates’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein had gained considerable mainstream media attention, including from the New York Times. While mainstream media outlets apparently agree that Jeffrey Epstein was a likely factor in the Gates’s recently announced split up, what these same outlets refuse to cover is the real extent of the Bill Gates–Jeffrey Epstein relationship. Indeed, the mainstream narrative holds that Gates’s ties to Epstein began in 2011, despite the evidence pointing to their relationship beginning decades earlier. This blanket refusal to honestly report on the Gates-Epstein ties likely is due to Gates’s outsized role in current events, both in terms of global health policy as it relates to CVD and in his being a major promoter and funder of controversial technocratic “solutions” to a slew of societal problems. What is more likely, however, is that the nature of the relationship between Gates and Epstein before 2011 is even more scandalous than what transpired later, and it may have major implications not just for Gates but for Microsoft as a company and for some of its former top executives. ~ Whitney Webb


  • A southwestern Ohio woman won the state’s first $1 million Vax-a-Million vaccination incentive prize, while a Dayton-area teen was awarded the first full-ride college scholarship offered by the program, the state announced Wednesday night. More than 2.7 million adults signed up for the $1 million prize and more than 104,000 children ages 12 to 17 entered the drawing for the college scholarship, which includes tuition, room and board, and books. Four more $1 million and college scholarship winners will be announced each Wednesday for the next four weeks.


  • Astrophysicists who want to spot the merger of two massive black holes understand that to find extraordinary things, you have to know what to look for. In an effort to design technologies that could help them one day discover the crashing of two supermassive black holes, astrophysicists are using computers to create intricate simulations of this event. Unlike stellar-mass black holes, which form from a collapsing star, supermassive black holes typically reside at the center of galaxies and can have masses millions or billions of times that of our sun. The supermassive black hole at the heart of our Milky Way, called Sagittarius A*, has a mass of 4 million suns.


  • Workers at a sunflower oil processing factory in the village of Cheshnegirovo, located in the Plovdiv region of Bulgaria, had a close and not exactly pleasant encounter with US servicemen who entered the facility unannounced, local TV network NOVA reports. The incident occurred on 11 May during the Swift Response 21 military exercise, which was held at a military airfield located in close proximity to the plant. According to the media outlet, a group of US servicemen armed with assault rifles and machine guns hopped over the fence surrounding the facility and entered the factory floor. Two workers reportedly said that the soldiers ordered them to sit down, and then split into groups and swept through the building. “It was really scary. I was very afraid and didn’t know how to react for about half an hour,” one worker said, as quoted by NOVA. Eyewitnesses of the incident did not call emergency services and contacted the plant owner, Marin Dimitrov, who was not present at the site at that time. It was he who went to the airbase to sort things out.


  • Parents of kids at New York private Dalton School, which costs around $55,000 a year, were left furious after first-graders were shown a video about the pleasures of touching themselves during a sex education class led by Justine Ang Fonte, the New York Post reports. The clip is from the animated AMAZE series, which includes a discussion about erections and how it “feels good” for little boys to touch their penises.


  • Sri Lanka is facing its worst beach pollution crisis as tonnes of plastic waste from a burning container ship wash ashore, a senior environment official said Saturday (May 29). Fishermen have been banned from an 80km stretch of coast near the Singapore-registered MV X-Press Pearl as an international firefighting operation went into a 10th day. Authorities are more worried about millions of polyethylene pellets washing up on beaches and threatening fish-breeding shallow waters. The affected seafront is known for its crabs and jumbo prawns as well as its tourist beaches


  • According to former head of the unit Nick Pope, despite the fact that the UK government closed the department in 2009, officials continue to investigate encounters with mysterious objects alongside Washington. The UK Defence Ministry may relaunch a division unit which was tasked with investigating UFO phenomena, the Daily Telegraph reported, citing an anonymous source. According to the newspaper, the ministry will make the decision after learning about the findings of a much-anticipated Pentagon report, in which US officials shared details about the data they collected on mysterious flying objects.


  • A division of the RDM Group dedicated to autonomous vehicles, Aurrigo, has launched a trial of a 24/7 drivereless bus that will carry passengers through Cambridge, UK. The bus will share the road with other vehicles around the University of Cambridge’s West Cambridge campus. The appearance of the shuttle has caused many users online to mock it, suggesting it looked “stabby” and comparing it to “a stealth fighter crossed with an armoured personnel carrier”.


  • A disturbing video of a CVD patient’s body being thrown into a river by two men in Uttar Pradesh, India has been shared by the news channel NDTV. In the video, two men, one of them in a PPE suit, are seen lifting a body on the bridge which is built over Rapti River in the district. The PPE-clad man can be seen tinkering with the body and he seems to be trying to get it out of the body bag. The Chief Medical Officer of Balrampur later confirmed that the body was actually that of a CVD patient whose relatives were trying to dump it into the river, NDTV reported. A case has been filed against the relatives and the body has been returned to the family. The central government directed the states to increase patrols along the riverbanks to stop such activity.


  • The discovery of the wreck of the German cargo ship the SS Karlsruhe in the Baltic Sea in July 2020 led to speculation that sealed crates found aboard might contain the remains of the Amber Room. The discovery of a secret Second World War tunnel network has raised hopes of finally finding the lost Amber Room treasure looted from the Soviet Union by the Nazis. The Amber Room, decorated with intricately-carved amber panels, was looted by Nazi troops from the Catherine Palace 20 miles south of St Petersburg — then Leningrad — in 1941 early on in the German invasion of the USSR.


  • A year after Mount Everest was closed to climbers as the pandemic swept across the globe, hundreds are making the final push to the summit with only a few more days left in the season, saying they are undeterred by a coronavirus outbreak in base camp. Three expedition teams to Everest cancelled their climb this month following reports of people getting sick. But the remaining 41 teams decided to continue with hundreds of climbers and their guides scaling the 8,849-metre top in the season that ends in May, before bad weather sets in.


  • Colombian President Ivan Duque has ordered the deployment of army units to eight of the country’s departments amid ongoing protests in order to unblock roads, the presidential decree released by the Interior Ministry says. Workers’ strikes and public protests started in Colombia last month, with people walking out against the so-called Sustainable Solidarity Law, a now-shelved tax reform bill that trade unions warned would lead to at least 1.5 million workers having to pay new taxes. A governmental commission led by Duque held a meeting with National Unemployment Committee (CNP) representatives earlier this month, however, no agreement was reached and protests continue in Colombia. 
News Burst 31 May 2021

Q&A With Archbishop Viganò – The Great Reset

Mea est ultio, et ego retribuam in tempore, in quo labetur pes eorum!
Juxta est dies perditionis, et adesse festinat sors eorum.

Revenge is mine, and I will repay them in due time, that their foot may slide! The day of destruction is at hand, and their time makes haste to come.
Deut 32:35

11. What can we Catholics do in order to stop such a frightening process throughout the world and restore our constitutional liberties that have been encroached upon and limited in the name of a health crisis?

The violation of “constitutional liberties” is only one aspect of the problem: before this there is the violation of the Law of God, in the name of which abortion, euthanasia, sodomy and the worst perversions are called “rights,” while in fact they represent a challenge to the Majesty of God. Let us remember this well: Deus non irridetur – God is not mocked (Gal 6: 7) – one cannot play games with God, let alone challenge Him. In order to stop this infernal race towards the abyss we have only one solution: to change our lives by radically converting; to evangelize those who do not believe by word and example; to pray to the Lord asking Him to make the Hierarchy of the Church return to being a witness of Christ and not a slave of the world; to invoke the Most Holy Virgin, asking Her to grant us a holy and God-fearing Pope, who will carry himself as a new prophet in this Nineveh that is the modern world, admonishing the powerful of the earth as John Paul II still knew how to do on fundamental themes like respect for life from conception to natural death or the family.

Let’s stop believing that we can do without God, thinking that it is enough to follow any creed we like in order to be saved, or that the One and Triune God who has revealed Himself to us and Who sacrificed His Only-Begotten Son for our salvation can be placed on the same level as false and lying idols, beginning with the accursed pachamama.

Rather, let us seek to make Christ reign above all in our hearts, and, as a result, in our families, so that he may also reign in our societies. If we know how to be the salt of the earth (Mt 5:13) for the restoration of the Kingdom of Our Lord, society can only benefit from it; if instead we go along with the infernal plan of the Great Reset in the name of an impossible brotherhood between Good and Evil, we will be inexorably destined to the condemnation of being trampled on by men (ibid.), along with the enemies of God.

Q&A With Viganò

11 Of 11

Gun lobby

Illuminati Card Game

News Burst 31 May 2021 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 31 May 2021 - Mars Clouds


The Curiosity rover has captured images of highly unusual atmospheric phenomena on Mars unlike anything on Earth – clouds that form so high that they mostly consist of crystalized CO2 instead of water. Our neighboring planet is a dry, icy desert, but it still has some clouds in its thin atmosphere and they form often enough to affect its climate. Martian clouds differ from what we are used to on Earth, however, where common rain clouds are mostly comprised of suspended water droplets. On Mars, the clouds consist of tiny pieces of ice that crystalize around mineral dust particles, similar to so-called night shining clouds on Earth.

News Burst 31 May 2021 – Bonus Video

Palm Beach, Florida, Google Earth Map

News Burst 31 May 2021 – Bonus Video

Maderia beach, Florida On May 23, 2021

News Burst 31 May 2021 – Bonus Video

Super Flower Blood Moon

May’s full moon coincided with several phenomena to produce the Super Flower Blood Moon, wowing skywatchers around the Pacific Ocean region on Wednesday (May 26). The full moon was visibly larger than normal, caused by its proximity to Earth in its orbit around our planet. Earth’s natural satellite also dipped into the deepest part of the planet’s shadow, which temporarily painted it red. Known as a total lunar eclipse, the event was visible from the western part of the Americas, islands of the Pacific Ocean, all of Australia and parts of eastern Asia. Credit: Griffith Observatory | Edited & Time-lapsed by’s Steve Spaleta

News Burst 31 May 2021 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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