News Burst 30 July 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 30 July 2020

News Burst 30 July 2020 – Live Feed. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 30 July 2020 – Featured News

  • For the second time in a week, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) on Monday had to reduce water production capacity by 25 per cent after high levels of ammonia were detected in the Yamuna river. The level of ammonia in raw water on Monday morning was 1.8 parts per million (ppm). This was significantly less than 3 ppm recorded on Friday. The acceptable maximum limit of ammonia in drinking water, as per the Bureau of Indian Standards, is 0.5 ppm. The DJB presently has the capacity to treat approximately 0.9 ppm. The most likely source is believed to be effluents from dye units, distilleries and other factories in Panipat and Sonepat districts in Haryana, and also sewage from some unsewered colonies in this stretch of the river. Water used from the Yamuna for supply to the city is taken before the Wazirabad barrage. Officials of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) claim discharge from industries in Delhi begins after this point. On Monday, a DJB official pointed to high concentration of pollutants being carried by Drains 8 and 4, which bring potable raw Yamuna water to Delhi from Haryana. Drain 8 is also infamous for running alongside another drain carrying industrial waste and sewage in certain stretches of Sonepat district. In some areas here, sandbags are used to prevent the two drains from mixing. However, on days of heavy rain, both the drains overflow, according to residents in the area. The DJB at present does not have any specific technology to treat ammonia. The only solution it adapts is to reduce production at three water treatment plants — Wazirabad, Chandrawal and Okhla — which are largely affected by the pollutant. In addition to this, the board mixes raw water that carries high concentration of ammonia with fresh supply from Munak canal, which brings Yamuna water from Munak area in Haryana to Delhi. The amount of chlorine added to disinfect raw water is also increased when high levels of ammonia are detected.


  • Millions of wild animals are trafficked domestically and out of Brazil every year, a new report has found, with its authors warning that a lack of good quality data means the country’s illegal wildlife trade is not taken seriously enough, with grave consequences for biodiversity. Brazil is home to 60% of the Amazon biome and 13% of the world’s animal and plant life, with 117,000 animal species and 46,000 species of plants. It also had 1,173 endangered species as of 2018, the report said, and one of the biggest threats is illegal take and trade. Data from the Brazilian Amazon is even more “notoriously scarce”, the report found. Turtle eggs and pirarucu fish are sold for food and river fish sold to Asia for aquariums. The triple border region in the western Amazon where Brazil meets Peru and Colombia is “particularly relevant hub” for trafficking, the report said. The Amazon also suffers from a growing trade in jaguar parts, exported to Asia for use in traditional medicine, replacing tigers as their population falls. Brazil’s most seized bird is the saffron finch – traditionally kept as pets by many Brazilians, the report revealed. The bird trade is concentrated in poorer communities near conservation areas.


  • India Patiala police on Monday nabbed four persons and booked 30 unidentified people who took part in a cockfighting competition. The police claimed to have recovered nine gamecocks from the spot. According to the cops, the four accused are the owners of the gamecocks. “A case has been registered on Monday under of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and Section 51 Disaster Management Act 2005 at Passiana police station in Patiala against the accused,” said police. The accused have been identified as Surminder Singh Sira alias Dimpy of Lal Kothi Dakala road Patiala, Bhopal Singh and Jagtar Singh, a resident of Paharpur village. They were the organisers of the cockfighting competition. The police said that around 150 people had gathered at Jungle Lodge Resort, Sangrur Rajpura bypass for illegal cockfight at the time when various farmer unions were holding protests in Patiala district and the entire police force was involved in law and order duties. The police added that when the cockfighting event was raided by the police party, four accused were arrested from the spot along with nine gamecocks. Two cars were also confiscated from the spot.


  • Banks have rushed to borrow a record €1.3 trillion from the European Central Bank at deeply negative interest rates in the latest monetary policy drive to boost liquidity in the euro zone’s pandemic-stricken economy. The banks are due to use about €765 billion of the ultra-cheap loans to repay earlier ECB loans that are about to mature. [Systematic Debt Slavery]


  • A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the unsealing of previously unseen documents in a civil case against Ghislaine Maxwell, according to court papers. Judge Loretta Preska ordered the release of five collections of documents that relate to a seven-hour, 418-page deposition Maxwell gave as part of a now-settled defamation lawsuit filed against her in 2015 by Virginia Giuffre. The papers are among a trove of secret filings that were ordered unsealed by Preska in a court hearing last week. They’ll be posted to a public docket by Thursday, according to Tuesday’s court filing.


  • The Financial Times has quoted unnamed sources as saying that the US biotechnology company Moderna plans to price its COVID-19 vaccine at about $50-$60 per course. The sources claimed that the proposed price for the mRNA-1273 vaccine would apply to the US and “other high-income countries”. The two-dose course costs at least $11 more than that of the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its German counterpart BioNTech, which earlier clinched a deal with the US government on a $39 vaccine. Reuters, meanwhile, cited an insider as saying on the condition of anonymity that the final price for the Moderna vaccine is yet to be determined as the company reportedly continues discussions with governments about the potential supply of the mRNA-1273 vaccine. A Moderna spokesperson, in turn, declined to provide any details on pricing “given the confidential nature of the discussions and contracts”. The developments followed Moderna along with the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) starting the third-phase trial, dubbed COVE (Coronavirus Efficacy), of the mRNA-1273 vaccine that will involve about 30,000 US participants.


  • On January 12, Professor Kwok Yung Yuen diagnosed a family with the coronavirus in Shenzhen, 700 miles from Wuhan. Only some of the family members had been to the city where the COVID-19 outbreak originated, so Yuen knew immediately that he was seeing evidence of human-to-human transmission of the new coronavirus. He immediately alerted the authorities in Beijing. But it took eight days for Beijing to warn the world that the coronavirus, which has now killed almost 650,000 people and infected over 16 million, could be spread through human-to-human transmission. Yuen was helping to investigate the outbreak in Wuhan in early January after other whistleblower doctors had attempted to raise the alarm in late December. “When we went to the Huanan supermarket, of course, there was nothing to see because the market was clean already,” he said. “So, you may say that the crime scene is already disturbed because the supermarket was cleared, we cannot identify any host which is giving the virus to humans.” “I do suspect that they have been doing some cover-up locally at Wuhan,” Yuen added. “The local officials who are supposed to immediately relay the information has not allowed this to be done as readily as it should.”


  • Earlier this summer President Trump directed the Pentagon to withdraw 12,000 US troops from Germany by September, following years of the administration severely criticizing lack of enough military spending from its European ally.


  • Boeing Co has reported $2.4bn in losses for its second quarter earnings on Wednesday and will cut production to several aircraft over weak demand amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and scandal involving its flagship 737 MAX aircraft. Boeing said it would cease production of the iconic 747 in 2022, but added it will continue to support the aircraft.


  • Tiger populations in five countries are making a comeback but the endangered species still faces major threats such as poaching, conservation group WWF and the Indian government said. India, home to 70 per cent of the big cat’s global population, is among 13 countries that pledged a decade ago to boost feline numbers. Population increases in Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Russia. The report warned that although the population had grown, many of India’s tiger reserves and protected areas were within larger regions used for “ecologically unsustainable” purposes such as mining. India had 2,967 tigers in the wild, compared to 1,411 when the first nationwide survey was conducted in 2006. It showed the population had grown six percent a year between 2006 and 2018.


  • Cruise travel in Taiwan is cautiously restarting even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The government hopes that this will help revive the tourism industry, until border controls are fully lifted.


  • Torrential rains in China continued this week, threatening even worse floods after almost 24 million people have been impacted by 433 overflowing rivers, with millions evacuated and at least 142 dead as of Tuesday. The largest of those rivers, the Yangtze, remains the focus of great concern. The third major flood of the year hit the massive Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze on Sunday, pouring 50,000 cubic meters of water per second into its containment systems. An even larger surge was expected by Tuesday evening. According to China’s state-run Xinhua news service, the Three Gorges Dam has discharged water nine times since July 18. Some residents living below the dam suspect there have been more unreported discharges and worry that officials could decide to vent uncontrollable floodwaters on them if the integrity of the showpiece hydroelectric dam is threatened. The worst is yet to come, according to a statement from China’s water resources ministry on Tuesday. The ministry described the current flood control situation as “severe” and warned “the new peak may appear later,” with at least three more days of torrential rain on tap.

News Burst 30 July 2020 – Bonus IMG

Search visibility is a key industry measure of how findable a publisher’s content is in Google search. New data shows that Google has suppressed Breitbart’s search visibility by 99.7 percent since 2016. On April 4, 2016, Breitbart ranked in the top ten search positions (i.e., on the first page of Google search results) for 355 key search terms; but now, as of July 20, 2020, Breitbart ranks in the top ten search positions for only one search term. And, on April 4, 2016, Breitbart ranked in the top 100 search positions for 16,820 key search terms; but now, as of July 20, 2020, Breitbart ranks in the top ten search positions for only 55 search terms. Moreover, organic Google search traffic to Breitbart (measured by unique visitors) is down 63 percent when comparing the first half of 2016 with the first half of 2020. The following chart shows the visibility of Breitbart content in the Google search engine since 2011. It shows that Google has nearly eliminated Breitbart content from its search results.

News Burst 30 July 2020 - Live Feed Breitbart

News Burst 30 July 2020 – Bonus Video

A three-storied building located in Bengaluru, India, collapsed Tuesday night around 10 pm. However, no casualties were reported as the police had evacuated occupants of the building a day ago. The incident took place next to a construction site where the city’s iconic Kapali theatre was located till 2017. The theatre was then taken down and the ground was dug 80 feet for a mall and a multiplex which is planned to be raised at the same location.

News Burst 30 July 2020 – Bonus Video

Crop Circle

Danebury Hillfort, Hampshire – Reported 23/07/20

News Burst 4 July 2020 – Solar Activity

Solar Cycle 25 is gaining strength. Today there are two new-cycle sunspots on the solar disk: AR2767 and AR2768. Both have magnetic polarities that identify them as members of Solar Cycle 25. Neither appears to pose a threat for strong solar flares, though, so the quiet of Solar Minimum continues.

News Burst 30 July 2020 – Active Weather

Central Atlantic

Depression Nine has become Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine but for now it does not look like there are the conditions. Position N of Venezuela. Wind 40-50 ↑ – Pressure 1006 hPa↓ – Moving NW at 20 kts. Slowly Intensifying.

News Burst 30 July 2020 – Earthquakes

July 28 2020


Europe – M3.7 Azores Islands

Africa – M

North America – M5.6 Alaska

Central America – M4.4 Costa Rica / Mexico

South America – M5.0 South Sandwich Islanda

Asia – M4.9 China

Pacific – M5.0 Tonga

Deepest EQ – M4.1 373 km Japan

Strongest EQ – M


News Burst 30 July 2020 - Eurasia 28-7-20

Here we see the movements in Europe, on the M2 in all areas where the seismic force transits. The Azores with high M3 and Iceland complete the picture. Meanwhile, in China there is a twin movement on the M5.

News Burst 30 July 2020 - Alaska 28-7-20

From this image we note the earthquake at 373 km depth of M4.1 occurred in Japan during the night and the new shallow M5.6 in the Alaska Peninsula where the release is incessant. The image below shows ‘some’ of the movements over the past 7 days in Alaska.

News Burst 30 July 2020 - Alaska 20/28-7-20
Earthquakes Last 24 Hours – M4 and Above

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News Burst 23 September 2021 – Get The News!

News Burst 23 September 2021 – Get The News!

A new study recently published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports postulates that the ancient city of Tall el-Hammam, which thrived in the Jordan Valley over three and a half thousand years ago, was destroyed by a powerful “cosmic airburst” in about 1,650 BC.

News Burst 22 September 2021 – Get The News!

News Burst 22 September 2021 – Get The News!

The LA County Department of Public Health responded to criticism of the maskless Emmys by claiming the rules didn’t apply because it was a television production event – despite the fact that workers were still made to wear masks.

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