News Burst 3-4 December 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 3-4 December 2020

News Burst 3-4 December 2020 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 3-4 December 2020 – Featured News

  • Gab has had members of the QAnon community on our platform for several years now, but to be honest I never paid much attention to them because they have always been respectful people who follow Gab’s user guidelines and US law. My attention was immediately drawn to them once the legacy press started to smear the QAnon community and especially after Silicon Valley platforms censored and deplatformed groups, individuals, and networks of people who even mention Q or any of the various important topics that the community researches and discusses. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any “conspiracy theories” from the QAnon community. In fact, I’ve seen a refreshing and objective flow of information being surfaced by a decentralized community of millions of people who are researching and reporting on news that so-called “journalists” refuse to cover. The oligarchs in power are most certainly wicked and corrupt people by any measure of morality, but the Epstein saga over the past few years has revealed the depth of this wickedness to general public and the QAnon community played a big role in distributing that information to the masses. I’m not sure how this can be considered a “conspiracy theory” when it has been widely reported, even begrudgingly, by the legacy press. Perhaps it is them who are the conspiracy theorists. After all, the legacy media has propagated endless conspiracy theories over the years including the “weapons of mass destruction hoax” and the “Russian hoax” that is still peddled to this day. The QAnon community is much bigger than an alleged anonymous government insider making posts on an image board. That part may or may not be true, but I don’t think it really matters either way. The QAnon community has less to do with Q and more to do with a decentralized new media network that surfaces, distributes, and fact checks information in real time. It is self-correcting, self-editorializing, and most importantly: it can’t be stopped. You can deplatform these people from legacy tech platforms and call them “racists” and “conspiracy theorists” in the legacy media, but nothing can stop what has already been started and it will only continue to grow. One big reason the legacy media is smearing the QAnon community is because these folks are in direct competition with the legacy media’s power structure and control over the flow of information and news. ~ Andrew Torba, CEO,


  • The mysterious monolith that appeared just days ago in the north of Romania has now disappeared, local media reported. The shiny metal-like triangular structure was spotted on the Batca Doamnei Hill near the Petrodava Dacian Fortress last week. The structure in Romania appeared days after a similar monolith appeared and then vanished in a desert in Utah, United States.


  • The truth is out there, but you won’t hear about it from Barack Obama. The ex-US president Barack Obama has revealed that he asked what the government knows about aliens and UFOs while he was in office. But he’s not saying what he was told. Obama was probed about what classified information he sought during his time in the White House. The Democrat confirmed that he asked about extraterrestrials, but was tight-lipped about what he was told. “Certainly asked about it,” Obama revealed “But I Can’t tell. Sorry.”


  • According to the Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group (HWAG), a well-funded Ukrainian organization dedicated to “countering disinformation and propaganda.” On Tuesday, it published a list of “culinary deceptions,” dishes claimed by Russia but supposedly originating elsewhere, “because food can be an instrument of hybrid warfare as well.” Among the items listed are summer favorites kholodnik, a chilled soup with chopped egg, and shashlik, meat roasted over hot coals, as well as potato pancakes and stuffed vine leaves. The dish that has Russians seeing red, however, is borsht – or beetroot soup. A beloved staple across Eastern Europe, its origins are notoriously murky, with every grandmother in the region perfecting her own variation.


  • The Arecibo Radio Telescope has collapsed. Astronomy lost an icon yesterday, Dec. 1st, when the great Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico shockingly collapsed. At 6:55 am local time, a key cable snapped, dropping a million-pound dome onto the antenna below. One of three skyscraper-tall towers that supported the dome broke about halfway up.


  • Ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza appears to have been constructed using techniques that are different from what was previously thought, a structural engineer claimed. While most archaeologists believe each of 2.3 million limestone blocks the building consists of was first cut and then transported from a nearby quarry and pulled into place using a large external ramp, Peter James, who has been working on preserving the historic buildings and temples of Egypt with his company Cintec for the past 14 years, says that the technique can hardly be put to practice.


  • China Bloom, a Chinese developer company, bought a 99-year lease on a portion of Keswick Island, in central east Queensland, in 2019. Since that time, reports have emerged that locals have been disappointed with the new management of the island and are concerned about its ecological future. A Chinese developer has been preventing residents of Australia’s Keswick island from setting foot on their home turf after the firm purchased a lease to the land, according to multiple media reports. Locals are reportedly banned from renting their properties or promoting them on Airbnb, as their access to the beaches has been limited as well. According to reports, families say that the new Chinese owner is killing tourism on the island, restricting boats from approaching the island and aircraft from entering its airspace in what is seen as an attempt to make the island an exclusive tourist spot for visitors from Beijing only.


  • Brazil has resumed uranium production in Caetite, a municipality in eastern Brazil, to generate power in the country, the Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB), which produces fuel for nuclear power plans, said. The Engenho mine is expected to produce 260 tonnes of uranium concentrate per year when the unit reaches its full capacity by 2022.


  • The Uttar Pradesh government’s recently-promulgated law against “love jihad”, a term used to describe the forced conversion of non-Muslim women to Islam, aims to prevent such incidents.  Police in India’s Uttar Pradesh state made its first arrest under the new anti-conversion law that targets “love jihad”, officials said on Thursday. According to the police, the accused, identified as Owais Ahmad, was produced before Magistrate Priyanka Anjor in Baheri town in the state’s Bareilly district.


  • The United Nations voted on Wednesday to remove medical marijuana from a list of the world’s most dangerous drugs – a move which could pave the way for an expansion of both consumption and research of the controversial plant.


  • Japan’s oldest zoo unveiled the first baby elephant to be born there since its founding more than a century ago. His mother Authi and father Artid were gifted to Japan by Thailand in 2002 to celebrate the birth of Princess Aiko, the only daughter of Japanese Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako.
News Burst 3-4 December 2020

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News Burst 3-4 December 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 3 December 2020 - H-6N Bomber

​H-6N Bomber

Image of a Chinese H-6N Bomber carrying a huge missile underneath its belly. While the projectile’s identity remains unknown, the additional visual evidence heavily points to a hypersonic air-launched weapon.

News Burst 3-4 December 2020 – Bonus Video

Surveillance Cameras Capture Moment Arecibo Observatory Collapses

Newly released surveillance footage by the National Science Foundation captures the exact moment that the radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico met its demise.

News Burst 3-4 December 2020 – Bonus Video


It’s not as exotic as it’s carried away like trash is it?

News Burst 3-4 December 2020 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

-40 °C / -40 °F

The point where Fahrenheit and Celsius scales meet.

DNit Telegram Channel

News Burst Live Feed

Quite sickening of reading far-left, far-right, leftist, rightist, and bs like that... such things do not exist, there is the Cabal, the puppets, the mind control, the soulless, the organic portals... vs. We The People... reconcile #NewsBurstLive

As said previously, the new seismic wave reached Europe with another M5 in Croatia that is releasing much of the force transiting, as expected we can see Romania and Poland struck by M4- ~ Italy has been spared for the time being #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: As said previously, the new

While the next seismic wave is on the way to Europe, the previous one reached the final release point without any major movements in Northern Europe #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: While the next seismic wave

2. The newly created fault in Croatia is releasing al the seismic force transiting in the area probably "saving" the rest of Europe from significant movements of the actual transiting wave. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: 2. The newly created fault

Nelle ultime 24 ore in Europa e Medio Oriente, la prima #OndaSismica parte dall'Iran con un M4 poi altro M4 tra Italia e Libia e Algeria e Azzorre. La seconda onda ha invece riempito i punti intermedi di quella precedente con M3. M5 nel Nord Atlantico next?#NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: Nelle ultime 24 ore in

#ChiefRaoniMetuktire, one of the most iconic defenders of the #Amazon, condemned Brazilian President Jair #Bolsonaro on Saturday for blaming wildfires devastating the rainforest on indigenous people. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: #ChiefRaoniMetuktire, one of the most

The STS #Sedov encounters no ice as it attempts the #NorthernSeaRoute. Magnificent giant sailing ship easily passes three #Arctic seas exactly 142 years after the famous #VegaExpedition was stuck in pack ice for 11 months. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: The STS #Sedov encounters no

"Welcome to the Sunday School Church,” the ad reads. #Iceland’s National Christian Church officials say they are attempting to attract more visitors by promoting a culture that ’embraces everyone'. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: "Welcome to the Sunday School
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News Burst 18 January 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 18 January 2021 – Live Feed

Pleiadian Mothership. It is unusual to have a Mothership drop as low as this but it is done for Exploration and will soon Ascend to at least 50 to 100 miles up and the Crafts within will leave on separate assignments. When the Mothership signals, All Crafts will return as an opening is made, a ramp and Lights are provided and the inner wall of the Mothership will contain all Crafts. Neioh

News Burst 17 January 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 17 January 2021 – Live Feed

Banker and chairman of the Edmond de Rothschild Holding S.A. company, Benjamin de Rothschild, has passed away at the age of 57, his family revealed to French media.

News Burst 16 January 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 16 January 2021 – Live Feed

Bill Gates, the 4th richest person in the world, has been quietly snatching up 242,000 acres of farmland across the U.S. — enough to make him the top private farmland owner in America. It is not entirely clear how Gates’ farmland is being used.

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