News Burst 29 September 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 29 September 2020

News Burst 29 September 2020 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

News Burst 29 September 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 29 September 2020 - Secret Service

British Intelligence Services

According to the hacktivist collective, the files provide, for the first time, “a detailed map” on the British intelligence services’ clandestine operations in Syria to fund, arm and provide a sanitized, publicly acceptable media voice to an array of opposition militants and jihadists seeking to topple the Assad government. Anonymous, the international hacking group behind the 2018 publication of documents detailing the UK government’s Integrity Initiative media manipulation project, has released a new trove of dozens upon dozens of files on a separate, clandestine project by the British and American governments to handcraft a broad, pro-opposition, anti-Assad propaganda narrative which has since gone on to be used in the majority of Western media coverage on the Syrian conflict. The files, released under the wordy title “Op. HMG Trojan Horse: From Integrity Initiative to Covert Ops Around the Globe. Part 1: Taming Syria I,” reveal that Western intelligence services and government-hired public relations firms worked directly with major regional Arabic and international news media to weave a false narrative about the Syrian war across an array of platforms. One of the contractors involved in the project, the Washington-based Innovative Communication & Strategies, is shown to have received funding from the UK, US, and Emirati governments, as well as a group of anti-Assad businessmen, and to have worked to create a vast network of contacts consisting of over 1,600 journalists and “influencers” to push anti-Damascus, pro-opposition information, stories and talking points.

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News Burst 29 September 2020 - Facebook


A man from Turin was sentenced to 15 years of prison. He lured minor girls through Facebook in meetings throughout Italy. Giuseppe Schiavone, 35, relied on the fact that many families are going through a bad period. “I need money, I’m really hungry. Even my father has no money”, wrote a girl in a long chat with her exploiter who actually approached girls through the false profile of a woman, “Elenoir Antonacci”.

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News Burst 29 September 2020 - Ekstra Bladet

Ekstra Bladet

In the 1970s and 80s, girls as young as 15 were posing for the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet in erotic photo sessions. Today, their uncensored images are available in a digital archive behind a payment wall. The Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet has come under severe criticism for making money on minors. In the 1970s and 1980s, having underage “Page 9 girls” was not uncommon for one of the country’s most popular newspapers. This practice has been severely criticised by the organisation Save the Children, who urged the newspaper to remove the erotic images of minors as soon as possible. Kuno Sørensen, an expert in child abuse material with Save the Children, called this practice “unreasonable”. According to Sørensen, there are numerous examples of vintage erotic pictures of young girls shared on child porn websites, including the Dark Web.

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News Burst 29 September 2020 - South Africa

South Africa

The Western Cape, a nearly 130,000-square km South African territory, has been unsupportive of the nation’s governing political party, the African National Congress, according to past election results. Some activists now believe that the province is ready to “build Africa’s newest country” by seceding. The group was formed this year “to coordinate and support people and organisations” willing to see the Cape’s departure from the country in a bid to establish a new sovereign state – the Cape of Good Hope. This goal needs to be achieved “peacefully and democratically”. According to Phil Craig, co-founder of the group, Cape residents have “nothing at all against South Africa” – despite being largely unsupportive towards the governing African National Congress (ANC) party that sits in Johannesburg. For Craig, it’s rather “a question of self-preservation.” “I think we all understand that the country is in dire straits and we need to look at where the solutions are going to come from. We’ve seen since 1994 that ideologically and politically there is a stark divide between what the Western Cape wants and what South Africa wants,” he told the BizNews.

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News Burst 29 September 2020 - SETI

SETI – Breakthrough Listen

2015 – Russian high-tech billionaire Yuri Milner and a stellar team of scientists and others announced an unprecedented $100 million new effort in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
2020 – Yuri Milner seems ready to support at least a few more SETI hot tubs. He says he wants Breakthrough Listen to continue past 2025, when his initial funding runs out. “It’s one of the most existential questions in our universe,” he says. “Just knowing we are not alone … is something that can bring us together here on Earth.”
But some astronomers worry the funding boon is distorting science. Others say SETI could distract funders from a more rational, stepwise search for extraterrestrial life. “We do have a really thoughtful process on what gets funded and what doesn’t,” says Harvard University astronomer David Charbonneau. “That doesn’t happen with rich individuals.”

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News Burst 29 September 2020 - Used Condoms


Police in Vietnam have confiscated an estimated 345,000 Used Condoms which had been cleaned and resold as new, state media reported. Vietnam Television (VTV) this week showed dozens of large bags containing the used contraceptives scattered across the floor of a warehouse in the southern province of Binh Duong. A woman detained during the bust told police that the used prophylactics were first boiled in water then dried and reshaped on a wooden phallus before being repackaged and resold. VTV said it was not clear how many of the recycled condoms had already been sold. The detained woman said she had received $0.17 for every kilogram of recycled condoms she produced.

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News Burst 29 September 2020 - Rama X


Thailand’s digital ministry Puttipong Punnakanta said it would start legal action against Facebook, Twitter and Google this week for ignoring some requests to take down content, in what would be the country’s first such cases against major internet firms. “We’ve notified the companies and sent them warnings twice, but they haven’t complied with all the requests,” Puttipong told Reuters. He did not disclose details about the content or what laws it had violated. The ministry will also file separate complaints against 10 people who it said criticized the monarchy in social media posts during a major anti-government demonstration at the weekend, he said. Thailand has a tough lese majeste law that prohibits insulting the monarchy. The Computer Crime Act, which outlaws the uploading of information that is false or affects national security, has also been used to prosecute online criticism of the royal family.

News Burst 29 September 2020 – Bonus Video

Bear’s Dinner

News Burst 29 September 2020 – Bonus Video

Under The Bridge


4777 - 28-9-2020
4780 - 28-9-2020
4785 - 28-9-2020
4778 - 28-9-2020
4784 - 28-9-2020

News Burst 29 September 2020 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

DNit Telegram Channel

News Burst Live Feed

We do not know the answer to this question. Where did all the red #Auroras come from? For much of mid-October, Earth's magnetic field has been very quiet. Extremely quiet. There should have been almost no auroras at all but... #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: We do not know the
Image for the Tweet beginning: We do not know the

Nelle ultime 24 ore in Europa e Medio Oriente, la prima #OndaSismica parte dall'Iran con un M4 poi altro M4 tra Italia e Libia e Algeria e Azzorre. La seconda onda ha invece riempito i punti intermedi di quella precedente con M3. M5 nel Nord Atlantico next?#NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: Nelle ultime 24 ore in

#ChiefRaoniMetuktire, one of the most iconic defenders of the #Amazon, condemned Brazilian President Jair #Bolsonaro on Saturday for blaming wildfires devastating the rainforest on indigenous people. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: #ChiefRaoniMetuktire, one of the most

The STS #Sedov encounters no ice as it attempts the #NorthernSeaRoute. Magnificent giant sailing ship easily passes three #Arctic seas exactly 142 years after the famous #VegaExpedition was stuck in pack ice for 11 months. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: The STS #Sedov encounters no

"Welcome to the Sunday School Church,” the ad reads. #Iceland’s National Christian Church officials say they are attempting to attract more visitors by promoting a culture that ’embraces everyone'. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: "Welcome to the Sunday School

Malaysia's palm oil companies are looking to recruit recovering drug addicts and prisoners to solve a severe shortage of foreign workers that has worsened due to a coronavirus-driven border closure. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: Malaysia's palm oil companies are

ICE, Brazil Federal Police arrest alleged leader of major human smuggling organization from the Middle East (primarily Iran) into South America, the United States, Canada and Europe.#NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: ICE, Brazil Federal Police arrest
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News Burst 27 October 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 27 October 2020 – Live Feed

NASA has today confirmed, for the first time, that there is water on the sunlit surface of the moon. The revelation means it is possible water is easily accessible and not just in the deep, permanently shadowed craters of the south pole, as was previously thought. A separate piece of research found these so-called ‘cold traps’, which are always in shadow, may contain up to 15,000 square miles – 40,000 square km – of water.

News Burst 26 October 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 26 October 2020 – Live Feed

Tech giants Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon have been summoned by a joint committee of the Indian parliament to discuss the issue of data protection and privacy over the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019. While Amazon refused to appear before an Indian parliamentary panel for a scheduled meeting on Friday, Facebook’s public policy head (India, South and Central Asia) Ankhi Das was grilled for two hours on the issue of data security by the panel.

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Live Feed

The FBI has declassified documents mentioning flying saucers and “multidimensional beings”, it follows from an almost 70-page report penned by an unnamed professor and recently leaked online, reportedly on the FBI’s online vault. According to Alienstar and the Daily Star, the files dubbed Memorandum 6751 by UFOlogists discuss alien encounters dating back to 1947, mentioning extraterrestrial ray wielding “disks” and other Alien Objects.

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