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News Burst 29 October 2022 - Get The News!

News Burst 29 October 2022

News Burst 29 October 2022 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 29 October 2022 – Featured News

  • «The former finance minister is now the United Kingdom’s third leader in seven weeks, following the collapse of Boris Johnson’s scandal-plagued government and the light-speed implosion of Liz Truss» the NBC wrote. «Rishi Sunak, the first British Asian to assume the role and a multimillionaire former banker, paid passing tribute to those predecessors in his first speech as leader Tuesday. But he also acknowledged “mistakes were made” under Truss, and promised to lead with “integrity, professionalism and accountability” — three qualities Johnson is widely perceived as lacking» the US network added. In consideration of the fact that the new PM comes from a financial career in Goldman Sachs, one of the most significant investors in Big Pharma Pfizer even before the planned pandemic (with engineered SARS-Cov-2) and the anti-Covid Comirnaty vaccine produced by the New York company with the German Biontech, it is reasonable to assume that the “mistakes of the Truss” are those that have tried to hinder the policy of financial devastation of the poor and middle classes of the British population that is preparatory to the realization of the Great Reset wanted by King Charles III.


  • The fortune of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has plummeted by $100 billion so far this year, Bloomberg reported on Friday, noting the decline was the biggest among the world’s wealthiest individuals tracked by its Billionaires Index. The 38-year-old’s wealth has been on a predominantly downward trajectory since he changed the company’s name from Facebook to Meta. The businessman holds more than 350 million shares in Meta, according to the company’s latest proxy statement, cited by Bloomberg. Zuckerberg’s push into Metaverse, a virtual world accessible through goggles or glasses, has led to an avalanche of criticism, while still requiring billions of dollars every year to complete.


  • American military bases in the Persian Gulf region use the services of subcontractors who could be classed as victims of human trafficking, the Washington Post reported on Thursday. Federal law bans paying taxpayer money to contractors that allow such practices. Foreign workers in Arab nations including Qatar and Kuwait are employed under the controversial “kafala system”, which requires a citizen, usually the employer, to take legal charge of the employee. Critics say the scheme is prone to abuse, making workers unable to leave jobs when they want to, and otherwise puts them at a disadvantage. According to the Washington Post, US military contractors hiring menial and low-skilled staff for the Pentagon’s bases in the Arab world are involved in such abuses. It cites the accounts of dozens of workers, reporting that their passports were away to limit their movements or that they paid a hefty entry fee to get a job at a US facility, which could take years to repay.


  • Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has tried to calm advertiser concerns about his acquisition of Twitter, telling them that he’s buying the social media platform to help save human civilization and that he won’t let it become a “free-for-all hellscape.” Speaking on the eve of closing his $44 billion takeover of Twitter, Musk posted a message to advertisers explaining his rationale for the deal. “I didn’t do it to make more money,” he said. “I did it to try to help humanity, whom I love. And I do so with humility, recognizing that failure in pursuing this goal, despite our best efforts, is a very real possibility.”


  • Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who is exiled in Russia, said on Friday that censorship on Twitter and other social media had become excessive, depriving users of the right to make their own decisions regarding content. Snowden’s comment was in response to the news SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk had bought Twitter. Musk, who has criticized Twitter for limiting freedom of expression in the past, hinted that he finalized the platform’s purchase in a tweet earlier on Friday reading, “the bird is free.” “This is going to cause controversy, but platform censorship had clearly gone too far. Content moderation should be an individual decision, not a corporate prison. Let people make their own choices — and not just on Twitter,” Snowden tweeted.


  • Former US President Donald Trump welcomed Elon Musk’s official takeover of Twitter on Friday, saying the social media platform was “now in sane hands.” “I am very happy that Twitter is now in sane hands, and will no longer be run by Radical Left Lunatics and Maniacs that truly hate our country,” Trump posted on his Truth Social account. “Twitter must now work hard to rid itself of all of the bots and fake accounts that have hurt it so badly. It will be much smaller, but better. I LOVE TRUTH!”


  • Elon Musk’s reign as the head of Twitter has begun on a rather tumultuous note, as the Tesla and SpaceX founder fired several top executives of the San Francisco-based company, multiple media outlets reported. Former Twitter Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Parag Agrawal is being brutally trolled on social media after he was reportedly sacked by Elon Musk, who took control of the microblogging site on Thursday. While some compared the Indian-American Agrawal with “trash” who has been thrown out by Musk, others made fun by posting memes about his departure from the company.


  • Odisha has frequently seen villagers attack others on mere suspicion of being involved in “black magic,” with the state having recorded the second highest number of killings in the country over such allegations. Most victims of superstitious practices have been targeted for “causing health issues,” “crop failure,” or even “killing babies.” 33 individuals, including 20 women, have been arrested in the village of Madhurjhol in India’s Odisha state for killing a woman whose husband was suspected of practicing witchcraft, Indian media reported Friday. According to law enforcement, the villagers became suspicious after about 10 people died due to varying health issues. Since 2014, around 400 persons have been killed on suspicion of witchcraft in Odisha, media reported.


  • In an interview with Sputnik on the sidelines of the XV Verona Eurasian Economic Forum, Francesco Sidoti, an Italian sociologist and criminologist, professor emeritus at the Universita degli Studi dell’Aquila, expressed his opinion on the issues of Russia-EU relations, the US elections and Italy’s ties with Russia and Eurasia. “The XV Verona Forum is the place is very good and the meaning is clear. A point where you can search peace, discussion, soul, ideas, cooperation to bring people together from many parts of the world in a place, which has a great historical heritage in that direction… Confrontation, peace, exchange, growth. Economic in the soul, in the feelings.”


  • Recently, inspectors from the Texas secretary of state’s office and the attorney general’s election integrity team were sent to Harris County, Houston, to assist the county throughout the election period, including tabulation. Election Day is November 8, but early voting started in Houston on October 24 and will run through November 4. The secretary of state’s election security team, which includes lawyers, investigators, and support staff, has been sent to “immediately respond to any legal issues identified by the Secretary of State, inspectors, poll watchers, or voters.” Earlier, in September 2021, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott signed into law the state’s new strict election bill.


  • “By now it has become a common futurist prediction and science fiction plot device that intelligent and sentient life forms can be created which are not biochemical in nature and are thus fundamentally different from all currently known life,” distinguished Princeton astrophysicist Edwin Turner wrote in an email to The Daily Galaxy. “Whether or not this would actually be possible,” he explains, “depends on the nature and origin of consciousness, a topic about which we have little more than entertaining whistling-in-the-dark guesses at this point and no clear path toward obtaining any better understanding of this deep mystery.” In a landmark 2017 study published in the International Journal of Astrobiology scientists from the University of Oxford showed that aliens are potentially shaped by the same processes and mechanisms that shaped humans.


  • In a first-of-its-kind study, a research team, including Northwestern University’s Brian Hoffman and Ajay Sharma, found that ancient bacteria could survive close to the surface on Mars much longer than previously assumed. And — when the bacteria are buried and, thus, shielded from galactic cosmic radiation and solar protons — they can survive much longer. These findings strengthen the possibility that if life ever evolved on Mars, its biological remains might be revealed in future missions, including ExoMars (Rosalind Franklin rover) and the Mars Life Explorer, which will carry drills to extract materials from 2 meters below the surface. And because the scientists proved that certain strains of bacteria can survive despite Mars’ harsh environment, future astronauts and space tourists could inadvertently contaminate Mars with their own hitchhiking bacteria.


  • The authors of a new report point at the prospects of alien life existing “across all K-dwarf or M-dwarf stars” in our galaxy. A new study by researchers from the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science and American University offers an explanation for why extraterrestrial beings apparently skip paying announced visits to our corner of the galaxy. The authors of the new research, Jacob Haqq-Misra and Thomas J. Fauchez, essentially postulate that a hypothetical alien civilization that seeks to expand to other star systems may simply regard our Solar System as a non-optimal target for colonization. Starting with the assumption that “technological civilizations only arise on habitable planets orbiting G-dwarf stars” (for the record, our Sun is a G-type star), as “either biogenesis or complex life is more favored in such a system,” the researchers argue that such civilizations would opt to migrate to low-mass K- or M-dwarf stars located nearby, citing a hypothesis suggested last year by Brad Hansen and Ben Zuckerman.


  • Scientists attempt to understand the immense complexity of the universe with momentary glimpses through telescopes. Despite the incredible beauty of images from Hubble and the JWST, they are limited in what they can tell us because they see the universe in still life. Those snapshots, startling in their detail, are only brief moments within a complex set of interactions tracing back nearly 14 billion years. Often, astronomy is like watching a movie but instead of a cohesive moving picture, you get a few dozen stills out of a two hour runtime. You might be able to infer the broad strokes of what’s going on, but the story would be necessarily incomplete. Getting a movie of the entire cosmos is no easy endeavor, we can’t really get all of reality onto a soundstage, we can’t offer stage directions, and we can’t yell cut. There are no do overs and no second takes, but that hasn’t stopped us from trying. Every six months, NASA’s Near-Earth Object Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer, or NEOWISE, spacecraft completes one trip halfway around the Sun, taking images in all directions. Stitched together, those images form an “all-sky” map showing the location and brightness of hundreds of millions of objects. Using 18 all-sky maps produced by the spacecraft (with the 19th and 20th to be released in March 2023), scientists have created what is essentially a time-lapse movie of the sky, revealing changes that span a decade. Each map is a tremendous resource for astronomers, but when viewed in sequence as a time-lapse, they serve as an even stronger resource for trying to better understand the universe. Comparing the maps can reveal distant objects that have changed position or brightness over time, what’s known as time-domain astronomy.
News Burst 29 October 2022

News Burst 29 October 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 29 October 2022 - The Sun Smiles

The Sun Smiles

News Burst 29 October 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 29 October 2022 - The Creation Of Light

Vesica Piscis The Creation Of Light

The reason you cant find love is because women have been programed to be masculine. The elites have done this on purpose because women are the bridge to the spiritual realm, women literally bring souls into this realm. Women have the power of gods, but women do not understand their own strength. So they are trying to imitate men. This society is lost because only one gender is fulfilling the role. You see men are the masters of physical realm, they build things with their hands. Women are the masters of the spiritual realm. Women are healers psychics, intuitives and emotionally intelligent beings. Their purpose is to connect a man’s mind to his heart. Women allow men to escape their logic, a man stays trapped in his mind until he connects with his heart. Elite’s do not want this to happen because a spiritually awake person cannot be their slave, so they purposely disconnect women from their own divinity. ~ All my love, Niko – awakenedspecies

News Burst 29 October 2022 – Bonus Video

Hallandale Beach, Florida

News Burst 29 October 2022 – Bonus Video

NEOWISE: Revealing Changes in the Universe

News Burst 29 October 2022 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

Beyond The Ice Wall

The photographs were taken in 1912 in Antartica by Captain Robert Scott and his crew. However, the photos were classified as soon as they returned to their base and reported the results. Scott and his crew were then reported missing. Since then, it has been a restricted area, with only a few governments around the world allowed to conduct limited research.

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News Burst 4 February 2023 – Get The News!

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News Burst 30 January 2023 – Get The News!

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There will be a shifting of the poles. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic that will make fotr the eruption of volcanos in the Torrid areas... The upper portion of Europe will be changed in the blink of an eye. The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.

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