News Burst 27 March 2020

News Burst 27 March 2020

News Burst 27 March 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 27 March 2020

  • Charles Leiber- professor from Harvard who was arrested focused on integrating electronics into the Brain via syringe. From their website: “The Lieber group is focused broadly on science and technology at the nanoscale, harnessing the unique physical properties of novel nanomaterials to push scientific boundaries in biology and medicine. We are focusing on a novel approach for integrating electronics within the brain and other areas of the nervous system, which involves non-invasive syringe delivery of neural network-like mesh electronics into targeted distinct brain regions.”


  • A Maryland man who was shot and killed by a police officer was asleep in his bedroom when police opened fire from outside his house, an attorney for the 21-year-old man’s family said on Friday. The man’s girlfriend was also wounded. The Montgomery county police department said in a news release Duncan Socrates Lemp “confronted” police and was shot by one of the officers early on Thursday. But Rene Sandler, an attorney for Lemp’s relatives, said an eyewitness gave a “completely contrary” account of the shooting. She said police could have “absolutely no justification” for shooting Lemp based on what she has heard about the circumstances.


  • The Russian Aerospace Forces plane delivered more than 1 million medical masks and 200,000 coronavirus test systems, handed over to the Russian Ministry of Defense by Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, as a gift, the Ministry told journalists Thursday.


  • The cruise industry, which has dodged US taxes and regulations for years by registering their vessels overseas, is in dire need of cash in order to remain afloat – and aren’t confident that they can borrow from any of the existing taxpayer-funded loan programs due to their offshore registrations. Carnival, the largest cruise company in terms of market share, is incorporated in Panama according to Panama’s registry and the other two major companies in the industry employ similar tactics. Norwegian is incorporated in Bermuda, and Royal Caribbean has been incorporated in Liberia since 1985. Despite the fact that all three of their corporate headquarters are in Miami, annual filings show that these companies are part of an industry that paid an average tax rate of under 1%, which is well below the required 21% corporate tax rate in the United States.


  • Jeff Bezos and other corporate executives across the country sold approximately $9.2 billion in shares of their own companies between early February and the end of last week, salvaging potential losses of up to $1.9 billion, according to an analysis of more than 4,000 regulatory filings. The largest seller was the richest man in the world – Jeff ‘Malware’ Bezos, who sold $3.4 billion in Amazon shares the first week of February.


  • [Cabal Tentative Reset] Since Federal Reserve resources were barely able to prevent complete collapse in 2008, it should be expected that an even larger collapse will overwhelm the Fed’s balance sheet. That’s exactly the situation we’re facing right now. The specter of a global debt crisis suggests the urgency for new liquidity sources, bigger than those that central banks can provide. The logic leads quickly to one currency for the planet. The task of re-liquefying the world will fall to the IMF because the IMF will have the only clean balance sheet left among official institutions. The IMF will rise to the occasion with a towering issuance of special drawing rights (SDRs), and this monetary operation will effectively end the dollar’s role as the leading reserve currency.


  • [The UN should be disbanded.]


  • [End of EU] The EU refused to sell the meds needed to respond to the crisis to Serbia. President Aleksandar Vucic has now officially declared that the EU solidarity “exists only on paper“. He then openly appealed for China to help, and help China did – the Chinese sent aircraft filled with much needed medical equipment and doctors. Then Russia followed suit and sent 10 heavy transporters filled with gear and specialists.


  • [The Cabal is planning to put Draghi, somehow, in charge in Italy, MSM already pushing, all politics flocked in.]


  • Four prefectures in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area are urging residents to avoid all unnecessary travel to the capital to stave off a possible explosion in coronavirus infections in the densely populated area. People are finally staying home? Check the webcam here.


  • The Nepal Astronomical Society has urged Gandaki province residents to provide further evidence on an unknown ‘burning’ object observed entering the atmosphere from space, as many people had reported sighting a bright object flying towards the Earth followed by a crashing sound. The society stated that the object could be a fireball or a bolide (very bright meteor, one that explodes in the atmosphere.)


  • [QAnon] Occam’s razor is the problem-solving principle that states that “Entities should not be multiplied without necessity.” The idea is attributed to English Franciscan friar William of Ockham (1287–1347), a scholastic philosopher and theologian who used a preference for simplicity to defend the idea of divine miracles. It is sometimes paraphrased by a statement like “the simplest solution is most likely the right one”. Occam’s razor says that when presented with competing hypotheses that make the same predictions, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions, and it is not meant to be a way of choosing between hypotheses that make different predictions.



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News Burst 27 March 2020

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Goddess Sleeping

News Burst 27 March 2020 - Goddess Sleeping

News Burst 27 March 2020 Bonus Img

Modern Art Vietnam

Many people commented that this is a unique piece of art in nature, and the owner must have spent lots of time and effort to make it. The owner simply said he forgot his bike under the tree for a long time as he possesses too many vehicles and did not have a proper place to park them all. Hồ Minh Tâm, who runs a restaurant offering cháo vịt (duck porridge), is the reluctant owner of the “artwork”.

News Burst 27 March 2020 - Modern Art Vietnam

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