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News Burst 26 March 2024 - Get The News!

News Burst 26 March 2024

  • The US needs a red wave and will be finished if the Republican Party does not prevail in the 2024 presidential election, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX said in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday. The billionaire, who had previously revealed he voted for Joe Biden in 2020, has since criticized the incumbent US president and clashed with his administration. Musk has repeatedly criticized Biden’s handling of the Southern US border crisis and has accused Democrats of being “controlled by the unions.” “I voted 100% Dem until a few years ago. Now, I think we need a red wave or America is toast,” Musk wrote on X. According to media reports, the entrepreneur became increasingly critical of Biden after Tesla, the top-selling electric-car company in the US, was excluded from a White House summit on EVs in 2021.


  • Historical events are brewing in another West African country, Senegal. Getting rid of the country’s neocolonial dependence on its former official metropolis – France. Over the weekend, presidential elections took place here, in which the opposition candidate Bashiru Jumaye Faye is confidently leading (and may even win them in the first round, which will become known tomorrow), who, as part of his election promises, promised to review oil and gas deals with Western campaigns, including agreements with British Petroleum, Endeavor Mining and Kosmos Energy. He also advocates a radical revision of relations between Senegal and France. And as part of this, Faye is going to follow neighboring Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso to leave the French currency system (by abandoning the CFA franc). And the French military will have to leave the country. By the way, sensing something was wrong, Paris had already announced a little earlier that it was sharply reducing the military contingent in the country (probably so that it would not be so shameful later). In return, he promises to take a course towards rapprochement with Russia.


  • The United Nations Security Council on Monday passed a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza to take place for the duration of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which concludes on April 9. At the vote on Monday 14 members of the UNSC supported the resolution, while the US abstained. The resolution also demands the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages and “the urgent need to expand the flow” of aid into Gaza. Speaking after the vote, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield blamed Hamas for the delay in passing a ceasefire resolution. “We did not agree with everything with the resolution,” she stated while clarifying the reasoning behind the US abstention.


  • In recent years, the start-ups Clearview AI and PimEyes have pushed the boundaries of what the public thought was possible by releasing face search engines paired with millions of photos from the public web (PimEyes) or even billions (Clearview). With these tools, available to the police in the case of Clearview AI and the public at large in the case of PimEyes, a snapshot of someone can be used to find other online photos where that face appears, potentially revealing a name, social media profiles or information a person would never want to be linked to publicly, such as risqué photos. Tech giants had developed the ability to recognize unknown people’s faces years earlier, but had chosen to hold the technology back, deciding that the most extreme version — putting a name to a stranger’s face — was too dangerous to make widely available. Currently used by the police to solve crimes, authoritarian governments to monitor their citizens and businesses to keep out their enemies, it may soon be a tool in all our hands, an app on our phone — or in augmented reality glasses — that would usher in a world with no strangers. ~ Kashmir Hill


  • British special forces recovered a downed ‘non-human’ craft in northern England in the late 1980s, a former UK paratrooper and military intelligence officer claims. Franc Milburn, a veteran of the British Army’s elite Parachute Regiment, tells DailyMail.com he has spoken with a member of the MI6-run unit that conducted the alleged operation. Milburn said he also spoke to UK Royal Air Force crew who chased and fired on a pair of ‘disc-shaped’ UFOs that traveled at hypersonic speeds outstripping their fighter jets.


  • The Philippines has been a treaty ally of the United States since 1951, almost as long as it’s been an independent country. Before that, it was a colony of the US, which had won it as spoils of war from Spain. Because of this, it is hard to characterise the Philippines as anything but an unabashedly pro-American nation. In the past few years however, it took a different line. Under the presidency of the very blunt and frank Rodrigo Duterte, the archipelago became more geopolitically ambiguous in its foreign affairs, pursuing closer relationships with Russia and China, while still being cordial to the US. This unusual “hedging” was part of Duterte’s strategy to adopt a more centralised approach to governing the country, which suffers from high levels of poverty, crime and disorder. Duterte was a hardliner, and also saw economic opportunity in getting closer to Beijing, despite highly contentious disputes over the South China Sea. His relationship with Washington suffered during this period, as it effectively contributed nothing to the development of the country despite the US post-colonial “overlordship”. Instead, Duterte opted for the Belt and Road initiative and sought to turbocharge the islands with Chinese investment.


  • Last Friday’s terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall music venue outside Moscow showed that Islamic State extremists have been able to re-establish their operations in Afghanistan after the chaotic US pullout in 2021, Florida Senator Marco Rubio told ABC News on Sunday. Speaking to ABC’s ‘This Week’, Rubio said the fact that ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K) – a wing of Islamic State based primarily in Afghanistan – has claimed responsibility for the atrocity, suggests that the group has regained its footing and could be planning other attacks. ISIS-K “reconstituted itself as we warned would happen when we had this disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” the senator said, recalling that one of the main criticisms of US President Joe Biden’s rushed exit was that it would give terrorists “operating space to reorganize themselves.”


  • The US continues to operate 30 biolabs on the territory of Ukraine as part of an illegal military-biological program, Russia’s envoy to the Netherlands has claimed. The number of American laboratories on Ukrainian territory has been “well-known for a long time,” Vladimir Tarabrin, who is also Russia’s Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper on Sunday. The diplomat recalled that the head of Russia’s Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, had claimed in March 2022 that 30 such biolabs existed. “Our armed forces discovered documents confirming the extensive military biological program deployed by the US and NATO countries on the territory of Ukraine and other former Soviet republics,” he said.


  • A UN agency has reported the discovery of a mass grave in Libya, believed to contain the bodies of at least 65 migrants who died while being smuggled across the desert. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday that the exact circumstances surrounding the deaths of the individuals and their nationalities are unknown. The North African country has been ravaged by conflict and chaos, with an estimated approximately 700,000 migrants and refugees residing within its borders. It also serves as a transit route for individuals seeking asylum in Europe via the Mediterranean.


  • A court in Mumbai, India placed over 35 pirates from Somalia in police custody on Sunday, according to ANI news agency, almost a week after they were apprehended by Indian Navy personnel in the Arabian Sea aboard the hijacked merchant ship MV Ruen. The pirates were brought to Mumbai aboard the Indian Navy destroyer INS Kolkata on Saturday. The Somalian nationals could face up to life in prison; they are the first to be prosecuted under India’s 2022 anti-piracy law, which allows the country’s navy to make arrests at sea.


  • Foreign nationals will be permitted to buy real estate in Ethiopia in a major change to the country’s laws, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced on state TV late on Saturday. Ethiopia, with a population of approximately 120 million, is grappling with significant economic challenges, including inflation and currency reserve shortages. The landlocked country’s external debt stands at around $28 billion, according to a government report. “We will introduce a law which will allow foreigners to own property,” Abiy told a meeting of business executives. “[The economy] was closed, but now we will slightly open it. So we want you to be ready as well,” he added. The government will also make it possible for foreigners, not just Ethiopians, to participate in the retail sector, the politician stated.


  • Spain’s National Court has ordered internet providers to suspend the use of the Telegram instant messaging service, pending an investigation into claims of copyright infringement. Friday’s ruling came after Spain’s four leading media organizations – Mediaset, Atresmedia, Movistar, and Egeda – filed a complaint arguing that the platform allows users to distribute their content without permission. According to local media, Judge Santiago Pedraz requested certain information from Telegram’s owners as part of the probe. After the request was not fulfilled, he ordered for access to the app to be blocked, effective on Monday. The judge described the measure as “precautionary” and cited Telegram’s lack of cooperation. The suspension is expected to last throughout the investigation.


  • Ukraine may have become a convenient passageway for violent extremists seeking to enter the EU under the radar, Austria’s Heute news outlet reported on Sunday, citing security officials. A “large number” of suspected terrorists have traveled to the bloc via Ukrainian territory, it said. The media outlet cited the example of two Tajik nationals and a Chechen arrested in Austria and Germany in December last year on suspicion of plotting an attack on the iconic St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. The suspects allegedly aimed to attack the cathedral on New Year’s Eve, using Kalashnikov assault rifles and explosives, according to Heute.


  • The US intelligence community’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Office has released a new internal newsletter featuring recommendations on the language that security personnel should avoid in their work, Fox News reported on Saturday. The document urges against using words such as ‘blacklisting’ or ‘cakewalk’, and highlights the benefits of cross-dressing for an intelligence officer’s work, the broadcaster said. It is unclear when exactly the document, titled ‘Words matter: the importance of words’, was published, but Fox News reported that it was initially obtained by the Daily Wire through a public information request. The paper was produced by an agency within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), a cabinet-level position overseeing major spy agencies, including the CIA and several military intelligence services. The newsletter features a total of six articles “that speak to inclusivity more broadly, exploring gender identity, advances in accessibility, and diversity in leadership,” according to Fox News, which was able to review the contents.


  • Severe Geomagnetic Storm–The Strongest In Years. As predicted, a CME struck Earth’s magnetic field on March 24th (1437 UT). The impact opened a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere and sparked a severe G4-class geomagnetic storm–the strongest geomagnetic storm since Sept. 2017. The timing of the CME did not favor observers in Europe or the United States. Instead, New Zealand got the light show.


  • On Feb. 22, Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus spacecraft, affectionately known as Odie, touched down near the lunar south pole, becoming the first commercial vehicle ever to ace a moon landing. The solar-powered Odie operated on the lunar surface for seven Earth days, then went silent after the sun went down at its landing site. This was the expected length of the lander’s surface mission, but Intuitive Machines held out some hope that Odie would wake up when sunlight bathed its solar arrays once more. After all, Japan’s SLIM moon lander bounced back from its lunar slumber late last month.
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News Burst 26 March 2024

Astronomical Events in 2024

Astronomical Events in 2024

Welcome to 2024! There are plenty of events stargazers can add to their calendars.

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News Burst 26 March 2024 – Bonus Image

News Burst 26 March 2024 - Conspiracy Theory

“Conspiracy Theory”

Large-scale geoengineering projects to alter Earth’s climate, once dubbed a “conspiracy theory,” are now spreading globally into the open. What was once just a “ conspiracy theory ” or “ Internet myth ” confined to the fringes of society is now becoming official policy to prevent the planet from “ warming” or “boiling ”. We are talking about chemtrails and other forms of geoengineering , which those who spread such things denied before finally admitting that, yes, attempts are being made to alter the function of the natural order to stop “ climate change”. Concepts like “ dumping chemicals into the ocean ” and “ injecting reflective particles into the sky ” are making headlines in major media outlets that once denied the existence of such things. Due to the supposed “climate crisis” , deranged scientists are coming up with bizarre ideas like blocking the sun with poison , which they say will protect the Earth from melting. ~ naturalnews

📷 https://koroleffsov.ru/himtrejly-globalnyj-chelovecheskij-jeksperiment.html

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News Burst 26 March 2024 – Bonus Video

Cloud Seeding

News Burst 26 March 2024 – Earthquake Video

Earthquakes Above M4 In The Last 36 Hours

News Burst 11 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 11 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 11 April 2024 The Chechen Ministry of Culture announced the ban on its website last week, by the order of Culture Minister Musa Dadayev and with the agreement of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. "Musical, vocal and choreographic" works will be limited to a...

News Burst 10 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 10 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 10 April 2024 The government in Kiev has designated several circus troupes as enterprises of critical importance, whose employees will be exempt from mobilization, two lawmakers confirmed on Monday. The Traveling Circus of Ukraine and five other troupes...

News Burst 9 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 9 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 9 April 2024 [Coincidences?] The solar eclipse is not an isolated natural phenomenon that occurs on April 8, 2024. NASA and the renowned CERN “God Particle” institute have chosen April 8 as the day to conduct some unique scientific experiments. Why is CERN...

News Burst 8 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 8 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 8 April 2024 Explosion on Etna: a cloud of ash 5 kilometers high emitted from the Bocca Nuova crater. A strong emission of ash from the Bocca Nuova crater of the Etna volcano was observed by the INGV of Catania at 3.48pm. The phenomenon lasted about four...

News Burst 7 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 7 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 7 April 2024 Tiny amount of radioactive iodine measured in Tromsø. The Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) underlines that the levels of Iodine-131 measured pose no harm to humans nor the environment. The measurement was seen when the...

News Burst 6 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 6 April 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 6 April 2024 ​President Donald Trump's golf club in New Jersey was hit by the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that rattled the tristate area on Friday. A map of the impact puts the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster at the epicenter of the quake. The U.S....

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