News Burst 26 June 2021 - Get The News!

News Burst 26 June 2021

News Burst 26 June 2021 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 26 June 2021 – Featured News

  • Researchers analyzing a number of bones that were found in an Israeli quarry more than a decade ago have confirmed they are from a branch of the human evolutionary tree connected to Neanderthals and could be anywhere between 120,000 and 140,000 years old. The bones, which include parts of a skull, lower jaw bone and tooth, were found in Nesher Ramla, Israel, in 2010. The anthropologists compared them to hundreds of fossils around the world from different eras and determined they came from a group closely related to Neanderthals.


  • After Townhall website posted a compilation video of Biden’s press conference, the hashtag “Creepy Joe” started to trend on Twitter.


  • British pollster YouGov has reported that among the 8% of parents who still regret having kids, 5% say it’s to a small extent, while for 2% it’s to a moderate degree, and for 1% to a large extent. A separate YouGov survey showed that 4% has admitted they would not have had children if they could do it all again. The exact same number of respondents said they would have had fewer kids. A variety of reactions to the result of the survey surfaced online, with some commentators blaming the “new generation of parents” for their choices.


  • An upcoming special by TMZ is going to shine light on an alleged “cover-up” of UFO sightings by the US authorities, the news website’s founder Harvey Levin told Fox. “We also spend time talking about an ongoing cover-up by the United States government,” Levin said. “For some reason, not wanting to talk about what they know about this. The cover-up has been going on for 74 years.”


  • A multi-storey condominium building partially collapsed in the Florida resort city of Surfside in the early hours of Thursday morning. The president of Paraguay’s sister-in-law, Sophia López Moreira, her husband Luis Pettengill, and their three children are among the 51 people currently missing after a 12-storey apartment building collapsed in Miami on Wednesday night. Paraguay’s Foreign Ministry confirmed this information on Thursday.


  • A Tesla customer in the United States has sued the electric vehicle company for “breaking its promise to provide free charging of electric vehicle for life”, reported Bloomberg. According to Kevin Shenkman, the company led by Elon Musk has reneged on its initial offer by imposing a fee on drivers who leave their electric vehicle at the charging station too long. Sources cited by Electrek in May claimed Tesla spent over $23 million in free Supercharging miles last quarter. There has not been an official comment from Tesla.


  • The Indian government released new digital laws in February, the most contentious of which is that social-networking apps must reveal the identity of whoever has posted something the government finds scurrilous. As well as this, the social media giants must employ officers to deal with user grievances and to liaise with security agencies. On 16 May, Twitter lost its legal protection status in India for not complying with the country’s digital rules.


  • “Opioids are used to treat pain, but with long term use, the pain might worsen as the efficacy of the drug on the body reduces, dependency sinks in, and it begins to hamper one’s day to day life if the drug is not consumed. Larger than prescribed doses for longer durations might even lead to death,” Dr.Vighnesh Naidu Y, Consultant General Medicine, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad said. Dr. Naidu also informed that India has about 4 million illicit opioid users, out of these 232,000 are from Punjab state alone. “India’s numbers are twice the global average for Opioids usage, with the easing of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act there is fear of a further spike in these numbers,” Dr. Naidu said.


  • Various parts of Delhi have faced disruptions in their water supply for the past week, following a rise in the ammonia concentration and algae growth in the Yamuna River. Delhi Jal Board (DJB), the organisation responsible for the city’s water supply, has said, both weather conditions and nutrient load have led to this situation. “The organic load, nutrients and phosphate from detergent-like particles were high, and the temperature has not reached above 40 degree Celsius. There have been regular rains. This is an ideal situation for algae growth.”


  • The number of brain cells is not a proxy one’s intelligence, a team of Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Bispebjerg Hospital have concluded. In the experiment, which ended up casting doubt on the IQ theory, the researchers examined the cerebral cortex, which is the outer part of the brain, in 50 deceased men who had had their IQ tested while they were alive. According to Bente Pakkenberg, a professor of the research laboratory for Stereology and Neuroscience at Bispebjerg Hospital, if it is not the number of brain cells that is key to a high IQ, there must be another explanation. “It may be how the brain cells are connected to each other, or how the brain cells ‘talk’ to each other via the synapses,” she mused.


  • Roman Protasevich, a co-founder of the Nexta Telegram channel (labeled as extremist in Belarus), was moved under house arrest, BBC reported on Friday, citing his father. In May, a Ryanair airplane traveling from Greece to Lithuania made an emergency landing in Minsk over a bomb threat, which turned out to be fake. Two of its passengers, Roman Protasevich, the founder of a Telegram channel that Belarus designated as extremist, and his girlfriend, Russian national Sofia Sapega, were detained during the stopover.


  • “Serbia under the leadership of President Aleksandar Vucic has decided that it will be militarily neutral. No suspicions, no matter where they come from – from the east or the west, have any basis in reality,” Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said, speaking at the Russian-Serbian Conference of the Valdai discussion club in Belgrade on Thursday. “We have adopted a parliamentary decision, a national defence strategy and all the necessary documents in which we made clear that Serbia will not be a member of NATO,” the official clarified, stressing that joining the alliance would require the country to completely change the entire structure of government.


  • When France pulled its cooperation with the Central African Republic earlier this month and the CAR then accused a French national of espionage, it quickly precipitated a government collapse and a new pro-Western prime minister was appointed. The incident comes days after Paris ended a security agreement with CAR, claiming the government had become too close to Moscow. At the hearing, Mankeur N’diaye, head of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), said that “in the Center and North-East is an asymmetric war with armed groups of the Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC),” which is united behind former CAR President Francious Bozize. The uprising began after the constitutional court rejected his application to be a candidate in the December 2020 elections. These groups, he said, are “mostly responsible for the serious human rights violations.”


  • A science supply teacher working in London has denied encouraging terrorism in Zimbabwe with four video speeches on Facebook. On Friday, 25 June, Zimbabwe-born William Chinyanga, 50, formally entered not guilty pleas to four counts of encouraging terrorism. Chinyanga, who lives in north London, is said to have made a series of speeches in English and his native Shona on Facebook in early December 2019.


  • The Taiwanese Defence Ministry announced on 15 June that 28 People’s Liberation Army Air Force aircraft, including fighters, maritime strike, and strategic bombers, had entered Taipei’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ), which China does not recognise, as it considers Taiwan an inalienable part of the People’s Republic. Beijing has underscored the need for Taiwan – the island it considers to be an integral part of China – to acknowledge that its future lies in “reunification”. Weighing in on last Tuesday’s incident that saw twenty-eight Chinese air force aircraft, including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers, enter Taiwan’s so-called air defence identification zone (ADIZ), Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said the drills, as he termed them, were “a necessary action for the current security situation across the Taiwan Strait and safeguarding national sovereignty”.


  • “The US targets Venezuela’s power grid to intimidate the nation and enable drug trafficking,” Venezuelan deputy defense minister Adm. Alexander Velasquez Bastidas said on Wednesday. In March 2019, Venezuela was hit by two massive blackouts. Both cases were caused by incidents at the country’s largest hydroelectric power plant, which were blamed on cyberattacks and “mechanical impact.” Venezuela’s minister for communication and information said that the suspects had been detected. They are residents of the US, Spain and Colombia, and requests for them have been sent to Interpol. In January 2019, Venezuela was plunged into a political crisis when the former head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, Juan Guaido, proclaimed himself interim president in a bid to oust re-elected President Nicolas Maduro from power. The United States and most Western countries endorsed Guaido and imposed crippling sanctions on Venezuela. The restrictions specifically targeted the country’s oil and financial industries. As a result, a total of $5.5 billion of Venezuelan assets have been frozen in international banks.


  • While everyone on Planet Earth anxiously awaits to see what the Pentagon says about aliens in their highly-anticipated UFO report this month, their previous official comments on the subject are quite confusing and contradictory. The Department of Defense (DOD) Inspector General accusing the Pentagon of hiding the truth from the American public. Since 2017, seemingly every media outlet has reported the bombshell news that the Pentagon had a secret UFO program for many years. This program was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Whistleblower Lue Elizondo claims he was the director of this shadowy program during his time at the DOD. But what the Pentagon has officially said about all this has never been widely reported.


  • JOn Friday morning, Russia’s Navy kicked off a joint exercise in the Mediterranean Sea, where, alongside the Air Force, it will conduct war games involving cruisers, frigates, and submarines from the country’s Black Sea Fleet. The vessels will be accompanied by a pair of MiG-31K supersonic interceptor aircraft, based at the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Syria. Exercises will take place in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, where Britain’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is also engaging in war games. The British vessel is accompanied by surface warships, as well as a nuclear submarine and two supply ships. The ship is also carrying American F-35 combat aircraft.


  • Environmentalists’ bright promises of utilising solar energy to power the world are darkening quickly as it becomes clear how much dangerous trash is generated, with tonnes of old panels being discarded in landfill sites. Renewables do, on the face of it, look like they might be getting cheaper. Solar panels are slowly getting more efficient. More importantly, the price for each panel has plummeted – perhaps by 70 percent. But a new article in the Harvard Business Review points to another cost that is frequently downplayed: waste. Solar panels are supposed to last for 30 years, and calculations about how much waste will be produced are based on that assumption.


  • On Friday, the Pentagon is scheduled to release its highly anticipated report on UFOs, or as the government now calls them, UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena. Can we trust the government to tell us the truth in its eagerly awaited report on UFOs?


  • The world’s largest broker of fine art and jewelry, Sotheby’s, will accept cryptocurrency for the first time as payment for a rare diamond, which is expected to fetch up to $15 million at an auction in Hong Kong next month. Traditional money is still acceptable but the successful bidder can also pay with ether or bitcoin, Sotheby’s said, adding that no other physical object of such high value has previously been available for sale using cryptocurrency. The 101.38-carat pear-shaped flawless diamond, dubbed ‘The Key 10138’, is one of just ten diamonds of more than 100 carats ever to come to auction, only two of which were pear-shaped.


  • A recently unsealed affidavit has confirmed previous reports claiming that the US government was hunting for a large stockpile of gold which was allegedly stolen during the Civil War. The FBI applied for a warrant in 2018 to hunt for the treasure, stating that it had “probable cause to believe that a significant cache of gold is secreted in the underground cave” located on state-owned land in Elk County, Pennsylvania. The seizure warrant was necessary because Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources could attempt to claim the gold for themselves should the hunt turn up the buried treasure, the FBI argued in its application. According to popular legend, tons of gold being transported from West Virginia to the US Mint in Philadelphia in 1863 were intercepted by bandits, or went missing. Ever since, treasure hunters have been on the prowl for the booty, which could potentially be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


  • Not content with finding everything on Earth racist, the woke are now boldly going into space as Ivy League university Cornell offers a course that attempts to link cosmological terms with racial inequality. Wokeys have started to redraw the cosmos with their red pencils, scribbling out names that nobody – aside from them – find offensive. The same as they’re trying to do with British history and such like.


  • Moscow has played down media reports that an elite group of Russian boffins is working on cutting-edge technology that could plug straight in to the human brain, allowing them to control computers with the power of their minds. A source at Moscow’s Ministry of Education told newspaper Kommersant earlier on Tuesday that the government had set up a task force to implement an order by President Vladimir Putin that will see new research into ‘brain-computer’ interfaces. According to documents seen by its reporters, the federal initiative, named ‘Brain, Health, Intelligence, Innovation for 2021–2029’, will have more than 54 billion rubles ($737,600 USD) to spend on bringing future technologies to life.
News Burst 26 June 2021

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