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News Burst 26 January 2023 - Get The News!

News Burst 26 January 2023

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 26 January 2023 – Featured News

  • [ Read Critically ] Artificial intelligence is writing fiction, making images inspired by Van Gogh and fighting wildfires. Now it’s competing in another endeavour once limited to humans — creating propaganda and disinformation. When researchers asked the online AI chatbot ChatGPT to compose a blog post, news story or essay making the case for a claim — that COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe, for example — the site often complied, with results that were regularly indistinguishable from similar claims that have bedeviled online content moderators for years. “Pharmaceutical companies will stop at nothing to push their products, even if it means putting children’s health at risk,” ChatGPT wrote after being asked to compose a paragraph from the perspective of an anti-vaccine activist concerned about secret pharmaceutical ingredients. “This is a new technology, and I think what’s clear is that in the wrong hands there’s going to be a lot of trouble,” NewsGuard co-CEO Gordon Crovitz said Monday.


  • Foreign Affairs, a highly influential US magazine – effectively a US empire house journal – has published an article detailing how sanctions are quickly losing their efficiency as a weapon in Washington’s global arsenal. It recently published an appraisal of US sanctions – the conclusion being that they are increasingly ineffective, have prompted Beijing and Moscow to create alternative global financial structures to insulate themselves and others from punitive actions, and that Washington and its acolytes will no longer be able to force countries to do their bidding, let alone destroy dissenting states, through such measures in the very near future. The article begins by noting that “sanctions have long been the US’ favored diplomatic weapon,” which “fill the void between empty diplomatic declarations and deadly military interventions.” Despite this, it predicts “the golden days of US sanctions may soon be over.”


  • Troubled by national statistics showing 20% excess deaths per week, UK MPs have demanded an investigation, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday. Speaking before the House of Commons on Tuesday, Conservative MP Esther McVey skewered Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty for blaming the spike in non-Covid excess deaths on “patients not getting statins or blood pressure medicines during the pandemic,” pointing out that the monthly figures for statin prescriptions had remained constant. “Where is the evidence? And if there isn’t one, what is causing these excess deaths?” she asked, demanding the minister “commit to an urgent and thorough investigation of the matter.” Labour shadow public health minister Andrew Gwynne described health secretary Steve Barclay as “part man, part ostrich” over his refusal to confront the issue, accusing PM Rishi Sunak’s government of “denial and buck-passing.”


  • The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists adjusted its Doomsday Clock on Tuesday, moving it 10 seconds forward to reflect the group’s view of how close the world has been pushed to widespread calamity. The clock, which is updated each January, is designed to alert people to the threats to their existence, including nuclear war, climate change and biotechnology. The latest adjustment reflects “a time of unprecedented danger,” which stems largely – though not exclusively – from “the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine,” the group said.


  • With the US federal government’s stock of vaccines for residents running out, Moderna now plans to raise the cost of its vaccine from $26 to up to $130 in a decision that understandably has Americans pissed. One of those leading charge against this obvious price-gouging has been Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders who notes – in addition to the fact that US taxpayers bankrolled the entire research and development of the vaccine to the tune of $1.7 billion and guaranteed billions of dollars in sales figures across the world – is the fact that it only costs $2.85 to produce a single dose. It shows the unbridled greed of Big Pharma and the US capitalist class in general, who are willing to price out poor and working-class Americans from a “potentially life-saving drug.”


  • Google has used “anti-competitive, exclusionary” practices to illegally crush or diminish any major threats to its dominance over the online advertising industry, President Joe Biden’s administration has alleged in a lawsuit against the company. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed its antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday in US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, calling for the company to be forced to sell off parts of its advertising business. Advertising accounts for about 80% of the Big Tech behemoth’s revenue. Google owns dominant services enabling customers to offer advertising space, create better ads and match publishers with advertisers. The company has leveraged its size and reach to buy out or disrupt “actual or potential” competitors and to leave advertisers and websites little choice but to use its services, the lawsuit alleged.


  • Chinese-made microchips embedded in internet-of-things devices like smart fridges, cars, and televisions allow Beijing to spy on unsuspecting Britons, a report from think tank OODA published on Monday and seen by the UK Telegraph revealed. The report alleges that the threat from Chinese-made components, called cellular IoTs, is greater than that posed by the Chinese-made Huawei 5G components, which the UK government decided to cut out of Britain’s 5G network by 2027, under heavy US pressure. These ‘Trojan horse’ modules are found in every device connected to the Internet of Things, from laptops and smart-watches to cars, refrigerators, smart meters, doorbell cameras, credit card payment machines, even lightbulbs. Designed to collect usage data and transmit it back to the manufacturer using 5G networks, they can produce a relatively detailed picture of a user, a community, or an entire industry.


  • The US Department of Defense is reportedly planning to undergo its most “aggressive modernization effort” in nearly 40 years, according to an army report seen by the New York Times, as the Pentagon aims to boost weapons production for Ukraine. The effort will apparently include the expansion of factories and the engagement of new producers in order to achieve a 500% boost in artillery shell production within two years, the outlet claims. It’s noted that such a move would push conventional ammunition production to levels not seen since the Korean War in the early 1950s.


  • The US House Oversight Committee is again requesting information from the Georges Berges Gallery on the anonymous purchase of art made by Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, Chairman James Comer said on Wednesday. “Your arrangement with Hunter Biden raises serious ethics concerns and calls into question whether the Biden family is again selling access and influence. Despite being a novice artist, Hunter Biden received exorbitant amounts of money selling his artwork, the buyers’ identities remain unknown, and you appear to be the sole record keeper of these lucrative transactions,” Comer said in a letter to gallery namesake Georges Berges. The request comes as part of the Oversight Committee investigation into whether Biden and his family engaged in foreign or domestic influence peddling schemes, the letter said.


  • Former US intelligence agents are increasingly occupying Big Tech jobs to regulate “free speech” in the US, American investigative journalists warn. At least 200 former CIA, FBI, NSA, National Security Council and DHS workers have recently landed Silicon Valley jobs, US-based conservative media Just the News has found in a LinkedIn job history review of hundreds of Big Tech senior employees. Many former federal agents, intel analysts and psychological operations experts are likewise currently overseeing content moderation units regulating supposed “disinformation” and dissent, according to the outlet founded by US investigative journalist John Solomon in 2020. To illustrate their point, the US investigative journalists cite a Meta* video featuring Aaron Berman, the company’s product policy manager for disinformation. Apparently, some Meta users are unaware that the modest and smiling man spent a decade and a half as a CIA analyst before joining the Silicon Valley giant.


  • The villagers of Orenkuyu in the province of Diyarbakır have been struggling to survive for years as their main source of income, cattle breeding, is at risk due to a catastrophic lack of water. Orenkuyu villagers built a water reservoir using their own money in 1994. The reservoir, however, only supplies water for 10-15 minutes a day, and its quality leaves much to be desired.


  • European Union member states must grant public access to documents circulated in their working groups for adopting laws, an EU court ruled on Wednesday, as efforts to prise open the bloc’s legislative machine make further progress. Transparency and civil rights advocates have long called for more openness at the Council and Commission discussions on key issues, and that documents circulated among working groups should be made available.


  • Microsoft was hit with a networking outage that took down its cloud platform Azure along with services such as Teams and Outlook, potentially affecting millions of users globally. An Azure outage can impact a variety of services and create a domino effect as almost all of the world’s largest companies use the platform.


  • African countries’ sovereign decisions and blames Russia for interfering, Bayala Lianhoue Imhotep, Burkinabe civil society leader and political analyst, told in an interview. It must be said that what prevents Paris from accepting that the initiative [to demand French troops withdrawal] comes from Ouagadougou is quite simply colonial pride. It’s hard for an ex-tormentor to admit that his victim is taking the initiative for victory. And obviously, from a psychological point of view, French politicians are not used to receiving injunctions from Africa, from the former colonies and by default updating the colonial file.


  • While the Earth’s inner core apparently started rotating faster during the 1970s, its rotation eventually slowed down and came into sync with that of the Earth around 2009. The super-hot, rotating iron core of our planet may now be spinning slower than the surface of our planet, a new study has suggested. The authors of the new research, Yi Yang and Xiaodong Song from China’s Peking University, postulated that the “inner-core rotation has recently paused,” even though the inner core previously started rotating faster than the rest of the Earth during the 1970s. The researchers further suggested that the inner core’s rotation came into sync with the rotation of our planet around 2009, and that the next change in this rotation cycle is supposed to occur during the 2040s.
News Burst 26 January 2023

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 26 January 2023 - Mosul 2016

Mosul 2016

Metallic-looking orb is seen flying over Iraqi city of Mosul in 2016 – first ever publicly revealed UFO footage taken by US spy plane in a conflict zone – as expert warns of ‘significant risk’ to troops overseas. DailyMail.com has exclusively obtained an image of a ‘metallic’ orb flying over Mosul, Iraq in April 2016, from footage taken by a US intelligence-recon plane
It was obtained by journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, who have released the image on their new UFO podcast, ‘Weaponized’. The sighting in a conflict zone where the US military is operating has sparked security and safety concerns at the Department of Defense.

~ NEIOH – The military in the air and on the ground are fully aware of thousands of these objects through the years. This is from the Andromeda Galaxy and these are cameras that are simply taking multiple videos and photos of Earth and life around the planet. There is never anything to fear as many from Andromeda are living as human Starseeds on Earth. There are large crafts always miles above in any area where cameras or Frequency detectors are seen.

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 26 January 2023 - Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest there is an 8 mile long rock face filled with ice age drawings of mastodons, giant sloths and other extinct beasts, painted toward the end of the last ice age, about 12,600 to 11,800 years ago.

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 26 January 2023 - Colossus Of Constantine

Colossus Of Constantine

The Colossus of Constantine has been reconstructed to its full 13-metre height in Milan’s Fondazione Prada. The surviving fragments of the Colossus in Rome’s Musei Capitolini were laser scanned and reproduced for incorporation in the new statue – on display until February 2023.

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Bonus Video

Corpse Flower

Rafflesia arnoldii, aka the corpse flower, has a strong and unpleasant odor of decaying flesh. It grows to a diameter of around one meter (3.3 feet), weighing up to 11 kilograms (24 lb)

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Bonus Video

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Bonus Video

Lusaka, Zambia 2023

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Bonus Video

Yixing Clay

Yixing clay teapots are made from Yixing clay. This traditional style originated in China, dating back to the 15th century, and are made from clay produced near Yixing in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu.

News Burst 26 January 2023 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

Beyond The Ice Wall

The photographs were taken in 1912 in Antartica by Captain Robert Scott and his crew. However, the photos were classified as soon as they returned to their base and reported the results. Scott and his crew were then reported missing. Since then, it has been a restricted area, with only a few governments around the world allowed to conduct limited research.

News Burst 19 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 19 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 19 March 2024 The UN food agency says "famine is imminent" in northern Gaza, where an estimated 70% of the population faces catastrophic hunger. William Bell, Christian Aid's Head of Middle East Policy and Advocacy, commented: "Children in Gaza are dying of...

News Burst 18 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 18 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 18 March 2024 Iceland has 33 active volcano systems and sits over what is known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the boundary between two of the largest tectonic plates on the planet. The last time the Reykjanes Peninsula had a period of volcanic activity was 800...

News Burst 17 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 17 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 17 March 2024 ​Lolling with bright blue yoga mats, sleeping masks and travel pillows, hundreds of Mexicans laid sprawled out on the ground at the base of the Mexico City ’s iconic Monument to the Revolution to take a nap. Dubbed the “mass siesta,” the event...

News Burst 16 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 16 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 16 March 2024 A giant stone head resembling an ancient Indigenous sculpture sits on top of a crushed Tesla car. It’s not the scene of a freak accident, but a piece of art – whose creator says he wanted to provoke Elon Musk Chavis Marmol, a 42-year-old...

News Burst 15 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 15 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 15 March 2024 Israeli fire killed five people at a food distribution center in southern Gaza's Rafah, Palestinian health officials said Wednesday. The Israeli military said it was looking into the incident in Rafah, where more than half of Gaza's 2.3...

News Burst 14 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 14 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 14 March 2024 Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has praised the sniper who shot and killed a 12-year-old Palestinian boy shooting fireworks amid clashes with Israeli police, Haaretz reported on 13 March. On Tuesday, a sniper in an...

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