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News Burst 25 October 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 25 October 2020

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 25 October 2020 – Featured News

  • The FBI has declassified documents mentioning flying saucers and “multidimensional beings”, it follows from an almost 70-page report penned by an unnamed professor and recently leaked online, reportedly on the FBI’s online vault. According to Alienstar and the Daily Star, the files dubbed Memorandum 6751 by UFOlogists discuss alien encounters dating back to 1947, mentioning extraterrestrial ray wielding “disks” and other alien objects. “This principle data concerning these craft is now at hand and must be offered no matter how fantastic and unintelligible it may seem to minds not previously instructed in thinking of this type”, it explains dwelling on the incidents.


  • As air traffic once again heads back toward normal levels, airlines are seeing more and more travelers unwilling to succumb to their rules about wearing masks. Nearly 1,500 people have been banned across 6 different airlines for violating facemask requirements, according to the report. Airlines had previously made exceptions for those with medical reasons, but they had to roll back that concession after it became an outlet for widespread non-compliance. The Transportation Department says it has gotten complaints from passengers who said they had disabilities and were denied boarding for not wearing a mask. The airlines don’t however, have the option of banning eating or drinking during flights; and this is where many anti-maskers find their “exception” while on the plane. Some will sip a coffee “for an hour or more”, the Journal notes, just so they don’t have to put their mask back on.


  • Pope Francis has once again shaken up the Vatican with his progressive politics, but this time, instead of weighing in on economic matters with little consequence to the Vatican (like the morality of capitalism, which the Pope has frequently attacked in his sermons), it seems he has touched a nerve by appearing to endorse same-sex marriage, a position the Church has vehemently opposed. Bloomberg reports that the Vatican’s massive media apparatus has gone silent, and that all of the Pope’s spokespeople aren’t returning reporters calls while struggling to formulate a statement of their own. It appears they were as taken aback by the Pope’s comment as millions of practicing Catholics.


  • “If ever there was a political construct the unstated objective of which is to enslave its population, it is the European Union. Its opportunity stems from national governments which, with the exception of Germany and a few other northern states, had driven or were on the way to driving their failed states into the ground. The EU’s objectives were to support the policies of failure by corralling the accumulated wealth of the more successful nations to fund the failures in a socialistic doubling-down, and to accelerate the policies of failure to ensure that all power resides in the hands of statist looters in Brussels.” It is Ayn Rand’s vision of the socialising state as looter in action.


  • Nine months on from Saudi Arabia’s second major oil price war in the last five years, more negative consequences are manifesting themselves. Aside from the irrevocably damaged core relationship with the U.S., the permanent distrust of international investors, and the further alienation of many of its fellow OPEC members, Saudi Arabia is now beginning to discover the true depth and breadth of damage that it has done to its own economy, which will endure for many years to come. The warning from Saudi Arabia’s deputy economic minister, Mohamed Al Tuwaijri, back in 2016 stated unequivocally – and completely unprecedented criticism of government policy from a Saudi minister – that: “If we [Saudi Arabia] don’t take any reform measures, and if the global economy stays the same, then we’re doomed to bankruptcy in three to four years.”


  • Jeffrey Epstein told Ghislaine Maxwell to offer a reward to anyone who could discredit Virginia Roberts after she accused them of rape, newly unsealed court records from a 2016 deposition show. In 2015, Roberts sued Epstein and Maxwell claiming they’d defamed her by calling her a liar in her public allegations against them which included that they’d sexually trafficked her to, among other people, Prince Andrew. In an email dated January 12 2015, Epstein told Maxwell: ‘You can issue a reward to any of Virginia’s friends, aquaints, (sic) family, that come forward to help prove her allegations are false. In 2011 – when Roberts first went public – the pair also discussed the age of consent in Florida. They’d been forwarded information from someone else saying it was ‘complex’. The argument was a person aged under 24 could have a relationship with someone aged over 16 in Florida. Maxwell said she was sent the information because it was ‘helpful’. Neither she nor Epstein were under 24 when they met Roberts in Palm Beach. The emails are among hundreds of documents released on Thursday.


  • An Update to Patreon’s Policies on QAnon – “While Patreon does not propagate this content directly, there are a small number of creators on the platform who have supported the QAnon conspiracy theory with their work. Because of this, and the fact that we have seen a number of other online platforms become overrun with pages and groups actively focused around QAnon disinformation, we are taking action. In an effort to assess and combat this growing threat, Patreon’s Policy and Trust & Safety teams have individually identified the creator accounts that have engaged in spreading QAnon-supporting disinformation.From now on, QAnon-dedicated creators that are identified by our Policy and Trust & Safety teams will have their accounts removed from Patreon. To reiterate, this policy change applies only to creators engaged in spreading QAnon-supporting disinformation. Simply mentioning, entertaining, reporting on, or debunking QAnon is not a violation of our guidelines. This policy update is exclusively addressing the propagation of disinformation related to QAnon. We want to ensure that we provide a safe space for creators to continue to feel empowered to create, so long as their work does not incite violence or harm others”.


  • Biologist and Podcaster Dr. Brett Weinstein has been deleted from Facebook as of Thursday. Weinstein has long been a critic of big tech and authoritarianism. “I have been evicted from Facebook. No explanation. No appeal. I have downloaded “my information” and see nothing that explains it,” he said on Twitter. He concludes, “We are governed now in private, by entities that make their own rules and are answerable to no process. Disaster is inevitable. We are living it.”


  • The recent suicide of a senior high school student in the South Sulawesi regency of Gowa is a tragedy. The death is a result of unbearable mental distress caused by his inability to cope with the demands of online learning and should be a wake-up call for all the country’s education stakeholders. The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has gone so far as to ask the provincial education agency to grill the headmaster and teachers to find out if they violated the guidelines for conducting distance learning. The boy’s classmates have told the police that their friend had complained about burdensome home assignments, while his internet connection was unreliable. Students and teachers have had to grapple with the new ways of learning since the government issued the study-from-home policy following a spike in COVID-19 infection cases in March. A digital divide was revealed as soon as the online learning took effect, as many students and teachers, especially in remote areas, do not have decent internet access, much less high-speed access.


  • European Union environment ministers have adopted a biodiversity strategy aimed at protecting ecosystems. Meeting in Luxembourg on Friday, the 27 national ministers backed the EU Commission’s strategy of placing at least 30 per cent of the EU’s land maritime areas under special protection. The objective will be reached “with all member states participating in this joint effort”, the joint statement said. “The Covid-19 pandemic has once again shown us the fundamental importance of ecosystems and biodiversity for our health and economic and social stability,” German environment minister Svenja Schulze said.


  • AstraZeneca announced that the trial of its vaccine candidate, developed with Britain’s University of Oxford, has resumed in the US, the only country where it remained suspended following a participant’s illness six weeks ago. “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today authorised the restart in the US, following the resumption of trials in other countries in recent weeks. The FDA reviewed all safety data from trials globally and concluded it was safe to resume the trial,” AstraZeneca said. Shortly after AstraZeneca’s announcement, Johnson & Johnson said it was preparing to resume recruitment for its parallel trial, which was suspended last week after a volunteer fell ill.


  • Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has tasked parliament to fast track the Private Voluntary Amendment Bill so that his administration can have total control of the operations of NGOs. Mnangagwa has accused the NGOs of deviating from their humanitarian agenda and venturing into partisan politics. “The conduct of some non-governmental organisations and private voluntary organisations who operate outside their mandate and out of sync with the government’s humanitarian priority programmes, remain a cause for concern,” he said. The Zanu PF government has for over the years been at war with NGOs, most of whom it accuses of either funding opposition political parties or promoting anti-establishment messages.”The Bill is meant to control NGOs and to make sure that people continue suffering because it will drive away people taking care of the suffering masses whilst he (Mnangagwa) is looting all the resources for himself,” said Hlatshwayo, MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson.
News Burst 25 October 2020

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 25 October 2020 - Open Your Eyes


Naval Support Station in Baywater, New Orleans.

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 25 October 2020 - Angkor

Khmer Empire

Cambodia’s Siem Reap city, home to the famous Angkor temples, was crowned the ASEAN City of Culture for the period 2021-2022 at the 9th Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Culture and Arts (AMCA) organised on Oct 22 via Videoconference. Siem Reap is the former capital of the Khmer Empire, rich in tangible and intangible cultural heritage and the world-famous natural cultural tourism destination of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Siem Reap city is the 6th city in ASEAN selected as ASEAN City of Culture. The other five are Cebu, the Philippines (2010-2011), Singapore, Singapore (2012-2013), Hue, Vietnam (2014-2015), Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam (2016-2017), and Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2018-2020). ASEAN is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Bonus Video


Sayville, NY – October 16, 2020
This is a Pleiadian Fleet Of 30, with a Mothership 20 miles up. The Crafts are free flying for exploring and socializing. When this is completed, all will be called back and line up and enter the Mothership. Neioh

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Bonus Video

DC-10 Air Tanker

The aircraft, operated by the joint technical venture 10 Tanker Air Carrier, are converted wide body McDonnell Douglas DC-10 passenger jetliners, and are primarily used to fight wildfires, typically in rural areas. The turbofan-powered aircraft carry up to 45,000 Liters (12,000 US gallons) of water or fire retardant in an exterior belly-mounted tank, the contents of which can be released in eight seconds. In June 2020, two DC-10 Air Tankers were deployed to the Catalina Foothills in Tucson, Arizona. Pilot Dan Montelli praised the tankers for their maneuverability within the steep mountain ridges and inside the tight canyons of the Catalina Foothills.

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Solar Activity

News Burst 25 October 2020 - CME

Coronal Mass Ejection

A Doomsday Machine-shaped Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) rocketed away from the sun during the early hours of Oct. 24th. It will not hit Earth. The source of the blast was a filament of magnetism near the sun’s northeastern limb, which became unstable and exploded.

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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News Burst 25 September 2022 – Get The News!

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