News Burst 25 June 2021 - Get The News!

News Burst 25 June 2021

News Burst 25 June 2021 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 25 June 2021 – Featured News

  • John McAfee, 75, the security software entrepreneur who became a fugitive from justice, was found dead in a jail cell near Barcelona on 23 June. McAfee, who created an eponymous anti-virus software installation which made him a billionaire, had most recently become a cryptocurrency promoter but he had been hounded to his death by the authorities in the United States, who wanted him for tax evasion.


  • On 23 June, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet together with border forces of the Federal Security Service (FSB) expelled the UK destroyer Defender which had entered into Russian territorial waters. The Russian forces had fired warning shots. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has warned that anyone who carries out provocations similar to the UK HMS Defender incident, that occurred on 23 June, would face dire consequences, according to the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. “If our [Western] colleagues do not understand, we can bomb not only the course, but also the targets”, he added. Ryabkov also stated that Moscow will respond to the incident through diplomatic channels.


  • The influential Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP or World Hindu Council) said on Wednesday that it supports the “Hindu re-conversion programme” and welcomed all those who have chosen to reconvert and embrace Hinduism. “The whole world knows that most of the ancestors (99 and 95 percent respectively) of India’s Christians and Muslim are Hindus. A few Muslim rulers and Christian missionaries forcibly converted Hindu people. But now all of them should convert back,” VHP’s Joint General-Secretary Surendra Jain has said in a video message.


  • Zambian TV Presenter Kabinda Kalimina interrupted his live news coverage during a KBN TV news programme to complain that he and his colleagues had not been paid for a while. The host started with giving a roundup of the top stories, but then he suddenly stopped to make the complaint on air. “Away from the news, ladies and gentleman, we are human beings. We have to get paid,” he said.


  • Facebook’s translation software left officials at Snowdonia National Park in Wales red-faced after mistranslating some Welsh into English in a post that mentioned the park’s mysterious “sex area.” It had nothing to do with an orgy invitation – the post in Welsh asked social media users if they intended “to visit Ogwen Valley sometime.” However, Facebook’s automatic translation tool translated the Welsh word “rhyw” (some) incorrectly, causing the gaffe.


  • A patient who was bitten by a rat in the Intensive Care Unit of a Mumbai hospital, died late Wednesday night. Hitting out at the Shiv Sena-led Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) over the rat-bite incident, the state’s BJP leader, Ram Kadam, said: “The BMC is Asia’s largest civic corporation. But it does not have enough security measures in place to protect patients from mice.” “Who’s responsible for the death? They siphon hundreds of thousands of rupees every year from the taxpayers’ pockets in the name of maintenance. Is this the kind of service you’re providing?” Kadam railed. The BMC is responsible for the maintenance of government-run hospitals in Mumbai.


  • A Muslim family allegedly has killed their daughter and a Dalit teenager (an Indian who occupies the lowest level of the country’s archaic caste system) in India’s southern state of Karnataka. The girl’s family had allegedly tried to warn the young man off but he did not listen. On 22 June, the couple were in a field when the girl’s father and brother tied them to a tree and thrashed them with sticks and stones until they died.


  • World’s ‘most controversial mine’ in Australia strikes first coal, India to be the main customer. The $16.5 billion project, located in the Australian state of Queensland, borders the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO-certified World Heritage Site. It has been facing stiff resistance from Australia’s indigenous communities as well as environmentalists for potentially degrading impacts on flora and fauna once fully developed.


  • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has revealed that an X-ray monitor (XSM) on board its Chandrayaan-2 orbiter has beamed back outstanding scientific analysis of the solar corona (the hot outer atmosphere of the Sun) and heliophysics, a study of the Sun and its interactions with Earth and the solar system, including space weather. A team of Indian scientists from the Physical Research Laboratory, a unit of the Department of Space, found an abundance of magnesium, aluminium, and silicon in the solar corona and observed around 100 microflares, providing new insights into coronal mass heating. The findings were published in two companion papers in the May issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters.


  • A Swedish Court of Appeal has found the ban on Islamic veils in schools, introduced by the municipalities of Skurup and Staffanstorp, illegal. “Being allowed to practice or show one’s religion is something that is protected by both the Instrument of Government and the European Convention,” President of the Court of Appeal Dag Stegeland said in a press release. Both Skurup and Staffanstorp municipalities had previously decided on a ban on wearing headscarves in school. In Skurup, the decision applies to both students and staff and in Staffanstorp only to students.


  • Piet Rampedi, the editor at Pretoria News, who reported on a South African woman giving birth to 10 children, has issued an apology to his higher-ups and colleagues after the story was contested by the authorities and the woman’s partner. Earlier in June, Rampedi broke the story about a 37-year-old Gosiame Sithole, who is said to have set a new world record by giving birth to 10 babies, seven boys and three girls, after eight months of pregnancy. However, the country’s health ministry has not confirmed the birth. Sitole’s partner, Tebogo Tsotetsi, also stated that he had not seen the children and refused to believe in their existence without proof.


  • The residents of northeastern China were recently left puzzled by an odd aerial phenomenon – a white spiral, which some people compared to the magic portals opened by Marvel comics superhero Dr. Strange. US astronomer Jonathan McDowell suggested in a comment for the Daily Mail that the spiral is simply a trace left by a Chinese rocket. Specifically, the Long March 2C, which was launched on the same day that the spiral was seen in the sky. “The spiral happens when the rocket is tumbling end over end while venting its fuel – it’s then exactly like a garden sprinkler”, he said.


  • Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been slammed in the past for saying women are raped because of the clothes they wear. “If a woman is wearing revealing clothes, it will have an effect on the men, unless they are robots. It’s just common sense,” Imran Khan said in an interview with Axios on HBO. When the host asked him if women’s outfits would “really provoke acts of sexual violence”, Imran Khan added that it depends on the society in which one lives. He said: “Expecting people in conservative societies to accept what is acceptable in western culture is a form of cultural imperialism.”


  • Senior members of the Greek Orthodox Church have received acid burns after a fellow clergyman “sprinkled” them with the chemical. The incident happened as they gathered to discuss the priest’s dismissal over a drug case. The bishops and their attacker were having a meeting on Wednesday at the Petraki monastery in Athens, which headquarters the Holy Synod of the Greek Church. The gathering was convened as the priest had been accused of several offenses, including alleged possession of drugs, and was most likely to result in his defrocking.


  • Two people have been killed, after a former soldier, dressed in combat uniform and a red beret, attacked a Thai coronavirus field hospital in Pathum Thani Province. Speaking to Reuters on Thursday, shortly after the attack took place, regional Police Chief Amphol Buarabporn said that an initial investigation suggested the shooter mistook the Covid-19 patients for drug addicts, adding that he hated drug users.


  • The Cowessess First Nation says 751 unmarked graves have been uncovered on the grounds of a former residential school in Saskatchewan. The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), which represents 74 First Nations in Saskatchewan, made the announcement alongside the Cowessess First Nation Chief, Cadmus Delorme, Thursday morning. Chief Delorme said they believe both adults and children were buried at the site. The graves are unmarked but Chief Delorme said they believe there may have been marks on the graves or headstones prior to 1960, but said the Catholic Church representatives, who oversaw the site, removed them. “Removing headstones is a crime in this country and we are treating this like a crime scene at this moment,” said Chief Delorme.
News Burst 25 June 2021

News Burst 25 June 2021 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 25 June 2021 - John McAfee

​John McAfee

McAfee was found dead just hours after it was ruled that he would be extradited to the US to face charges related to tax evasion. A preliminary investigation concluded that the controversial antivirus mogul died from suicide, according to the Catalan justice department, despite his previous warnings on Twitter that he wasn’t planning on ending his life.

News Burst 25 June 2021 – Bonus Video

Sacramento, California, 3-20-2021

News Burst 25 June 2021 – Bonus Video

Space Station

News Burst 25 June 2021 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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