News Burst 25 February 2020

News Burst 25 February 2020

News Burst 25 February 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 25 February 2020

  • Congratulations, Tesla! You now have the approval of a German court to continue cutting down a massive local forest that has stood in Germany for hundreds of years! Ah, yes, the sweet smell of saving the planet!
  • The Russian military group has rooted out well-equipped terrorist groups in Syria and prevented major threats to Russia on its outer boundaries, President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday.
  • Bahrein and Afghanistan announce firts Coronavirus case, while in China 150 more deaths [Who believe these Chinese numbers?].
  • InSight is a robotic lander tasked with studying the deep interior of the Red Planet. It’s equipped with a range of scientific tools to probe Mars, including a seismometer for detecting quakes, sensors for gauging wind and air pressure, and a heat flow probe designed to take the planet’s temperature. Studies based on the craft’s first 10 months of observations were published on Monday, and they paint a picture of a planet that is routinely roiled by marsquakes, as well as dust devils and magnetic pulses.
  • The ‘Breathless Winter Everest Speed Climbing Expedition’ led by Tashi Lakpa Sherpa will be attempting to set the world record by scaling Mt Everest in five days in the winter season. The team comprises three more experienced Sherpa climbers – Pasang Nurbu Sherpa, Mingtemba Sherpa and Halung Dorchi Sherpa. Tashi Lakpa, a eight-time Everest summiteer, has already set world record becoming the youngest person to scale Mt Everest without using supplemental oxygen at the age of 19 in 2003. The team will try to reach Camp II tomorrow planning to reach the summit point on February 29. The team will also carry a banner of Visit Nepal 2020 while attempting to reach the summit of Mt Everest.


  • The turnout in the parliamentary elections in Iran last Friday has been the lowest since 1979 when the Islamic Republic was established. Nevertheless, the government does not seem to be concerned.
  • US Senators Chuck Schumer and Sherrod Brown are urging the Trump administration to impose sanctions on Russia following reports alleging that the country is meddling in the 2020 presidential election.
  • Over 30 people, including children, have been injured as a car crashed into a carnival parade in the German town of Volkmarsen (the state of Hesse). The driver of the car has been taken into custody.
  • Harvey Weinstein was convicted on Monday (Feb 24) of sexual assault and rape but cleared of the most serious predatory sexual assault charges.
  • The central city of Da Nang, Vietnam, has decided to cancel the 2020 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival to prevent the novel coronavirus spreading in the region. Last year, Finland won after a spectacular nighttime performance on the Han River.



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News Burst 25 February 2020

News Burst 25 February 2020 Bonus VIDEO

International Space Station – 2/21/20

NEIOH: The is a small camera from a Mothership that is far out of sight and distance but well aware of this camera being seen. The Mothership is fully occupied.

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