News Burst 24 May 2022 - Get The News!

News Burst 24 May 2022

News Burst 24 May 2022 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 24 May 2022 – Featured News

  • A letter from Dunja Mijatovic, the Council of Europe commissioner for human rights, to the Home Secretary was released, in which she called on Ms Patel not to extradite Assange because of the “wider human rights implications”. Assange is wanted in the US over an alleged conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information following WikiLeaks’ publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents relating to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.


  • Mars can it host auroras? Scientists have finally found the answer thanks to ultraviolet images from the red planet at night. It seems that the lack of Mars’ global magnetism does not prevent polar lights from igniting near the regions with small, localised crustal magnetic fields. Such regions are particularly frequent in the southern hemisphere, and as they interact with the solar wind, various patches of Mars’ surface are illuminated with auroras. “Our main finding is that inside the strong crustal field region, the aurora occurrence rate depends mostly on the orientation of the solar wind magnetic field, while outside the strong crustal field region, the occurrence rate depends mostly on the solar wind dynamic pressure,” explained physicist and astronomer Zachary Girazian of the University of Iowa.


  • The Italian music group FVG Orchestra refused to participate in the international violin competition Rodolfo Lipizer Prize, following the organizers’ decision to exclude three Russian musicians from the contest, orchestra leader Paolo Petiziol said. According to Petiziol, the Italian group traditionally accompanied the best performers at the end of the event. “It was a solid tradition that I have decided to break, since the logic of the Lipizer association, in my opinion, is inexplicable. You cannot discriminate against someone for their place of birth, this is madness. Tomorrow, we will begin to oppress someone for being a Christian, a Jew, returning to the Middle Ages,” the orchestra leader said, adding that the group is ready to return to the contest if the organizers call off their decision and apologise to the Russian musicians.


  • [Weekly Asteroid] Burj Khalifa is the world’s highest building, towering above the Emirati city of Dubai at 828 metres in height. An asteroid bigger that the world’s highest building is hurling towards Earth, NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) has confirmed. The huge asteroid, named 7335 (1989 JA), is estimated to be some 1.8 kilometres in diameter, twice as big as Dubai’s Burj Khalifa skyscraper. NASA has dubbed the asteroid as “potentially hazardous”, but it seems that our planet is unlikely to be harmed. The mammoth asteroids looks set to miss Earth by about four million kilometres, roughly ten times the distance between our planet and the moon. However, should the asteroid change its orbit or route, it could inflict huge damage to Earth.


  • A Kerala court has convicted a man for abetting his wife to commit suicide in June 2021 over a dowry reproach. “This is a verdict against a social evil and not just against one person,” the special public prosecutor said on Monday, adding that the court is expected to declare the sentence on Tuesday. Government employee S. Kiran Kumar and Vismaya V. Nair got married in May 2020. The bride’s family gave Kumar 1.25 acres of land, 100 sovereigns of gold and a Toyota Yaris car in dowry, costing them approximately INR 1.1 million ($14,190). However, Kumar and his family were not satisfied with the amount, with the man allegedly psychologically torturing and physically assaulting Nair on several occasions, demanding more money and a better car.


  • The British embassy in Jakarta flew the rainbow pride flag, which honours LGBTQ communities, along with its own national flag on 17 May. It has caused a furore in the South-East Asian country, which is the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation. On Monday, Indonesia summoned Owen Jenkins, British envoy to Jakarta, seeking an explanation as to why it raised a rainbow flag that honours the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community at its embassy building last week. “The Foreign Ministry reminds foreign representatives to be respectful of the sensitivities among Indonesians on matters relevant to their culture, religion and beliefs,” Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Teuku Faizasyah said.


  • On Sunday morning, a Goldman Sachs research analyst was shot and killed on a New York City subway train. Daniel Enriquez, who joined Goldman’s research division in 2013, was shot in the chest in an unprovoked attack around 11:45 a.m. on the northbound Q as it passed Manhattan Bridge, according to NYT.vAccording to NYPost, the family of Enriquez had only one message for Mayor Eric Adams: “Do your job … Get crime off the streets.” And it was just last week when the mayor pleaded with Wall Street CEOs to ride the subway to work in an effort to bring employees back to their Manhattan offices.


  • One of the public revelations created by the trial of Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann is that Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Hillary Clinton’s lawyers, and Hillary Clinton’s contracted opposition research firm, Fusion GPS, manufactured the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. However, the DC politicians, institutions of the DOJ and FBI, and the entire corporate media world have been pretending not to know the truth for almost six years. Now they are in a pretending pickle. Mr. Mook was legally forced to put the truth into the official record, ironically because the Clinton lawyers needed him to in order to save themselves. Meanwhile the journalists who received Pulitzer Prizes, for pushing the manufactured Clinton lies that Mook now admits, must avoid any mention of the testimony in order to maintain their ‘pretending not to know things‘ position.


  • The infamous World Economic Forum (WEF) will host its annual meeting in Davos this week. The World Economic Forum (WEF), through its annual Davos conference, acts as the go-to policy and ideas shop for the ruling class. The NGO is led by a comic book villain-like character in Klaus Schwab, its megalomaniac president who articulates a truly insane, extremist political agenda for our future. How about the “Great Reset?” All of those bumper sticker political narratives were popularized by the World Economic Forum. Have you read about the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) movement? That’s also a WEF favorite. Davos 2022 includes the usual components of WEF’s “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” totalitarian eco statist agenda. Topics discussed and panels at the 2022 meeting will include: Experience the future of cooperation: The Global Collaboration Village: Staying on Course for Nature Action; Future-proofing Health Systems; Accelerating the Reskilling; Revolution (for the “green transition”); The ‘Net’ in Net Zero; The Future of Globalization; Unlocking Carbon Markets and of course, a Special Address by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine.


  • Dr. Sanjay Verma, a cardiologist practicing in Coachella Valley, California, sees a few hundred patients a month, and since last summer, he has seen “possibly a dozen” patients whose heart conditions might be connected to the COVID vaccines. “I can only say possibly—not definitively—because we do not yet have any diagnostic test that 100 percent says ‘this caused this.’ What we do is what’s called a process of exclusion. We look for common associations like coronavirus, influenza virus, other infections, atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease, alcohol, recreational drugs, and if everything keeps coming back negative or normal, then by default and process of exclusion, vaccine-associated heart injury is a probability. “Usually we don’t even see that many [heart problems] in a year,” Verma said.


  • The top U.S. general told the ​​U.S. Military Academy West Point’s class of 2022 that the nature of war is changing and the current rules-based international order is being threatened by Russia and China. “Right now, at this very moment, a fundamental change is happening in the very character of war. We are facing, right now, two global powers: China and Russia, each with significant military capabilities, and both fully intend to change the current rules-based order, ” ” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said on May 21.


  • Mike Pence is signaling that he may be planning to go up against his former boss in the GOP’s 2024 presidential primary. “We’ll go where we’re called” the former Vice President told The New York Times when asked if he would be willing to face off against Trump. In nearly every poll where Trump is included, Trump dominates the field, usually by double digits. One exception to that was a Wisconsin GOP convention where DeSantis led Trump 38 to 32%, and Pence came in a distant third, failing to reach 5%. Speaking to Daily Mail, Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich took the opportunity to tout his boss’s record on endorsements.


  • Twitter’s existing content moderation policies are clearly much more restrictive compared to the kinds of speech being protected under the US constitution. Many critics expressed fears that Musk’s plan to align Twitter’s content moderation with the US constitution could lead to disinformation and hate speech flooding the platform. In response, a large number of public figures in the West, including politicians, academics and journalists, decried Musk’s intentions and vowed to quit the platform if the deal was completed.While Musk is still in the process of completing the deal with Twitter, his proposed changes renewed the heated debate over freedom of expression on social media platforms.


  • Authorities discovered a mass grave at a former French military base following the European country’s withdrawal from the African country. While the investigation into the matter continues, Paris was quick to try and shift the blame to Russia. Mali Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop has accused France of disseminating “crude propaganda” to explain away its responsibility for the mass grave found at their former military base near the town of Gossi. “The situation in Gossi is an example of unsubstantiated, crude propaganda. The day after the French Army left the base at Gossi, we found a burial site with bodies in a state that can only indicate that these bodies had been buried a long time ago. And now [France] is showing us photographs where Russians, white people, can allegedly be seen. It doesn’t convince us of anything”, Diop said.


  • It looks like billionaire Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is stuck in a vicious circle: just as conspiracy theories about him and coronavirus start to wane, new ones emerge with the outbreak of monkeypox, a viral disease similar to smallpox which has recently spread to a host of countries. Some netizens expressed their opinions that the billionaire was behind the “new” disease on social media this week, with #BillGatesBioTerrorist temporarily trending on Twitter. Others claimed that Gates predicted the outbreak, ignoring the fact that the Microsoft man actually warned of a possible smallpox terrorist attack and didn’t mention moneypox at all. Finally, other netizens alleged that the philanthropist was planning to earn off moneypox vaccine sales.


  • The Kavachi Volcano has been dubbed “sharkcano” as it houses two shark species in its submerged crater – the scalloped hammerhead and the silky shark. NASA has released satellite images showing a plume of discoloured water emerging from the submarine Kavachi Volcano in the southern Pacific Ocean on 14 May, warning that “sharkcano” is starting to erupt. The volcano lies about 15 miles south of the Solomon Island’s Vangunu Island and is a home to two species of sharks that have adapted to its acidic, sulphuric waters, and particulate matter and volcanic rock fragments. The satellite data suggests volcanic activity occurred on several days during April and May 2022.


  • President Joe Biden said the United States would intervene militarily if China were to invade the island nation. A White House official said Biden’s comments did not reflect a decades-old policy shift. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin expressed “strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition” to Biden’s comments. “China has no room for compromise or concessions on issues involving China’s core interests such as sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


  • Iran has been rocked by protests in recent weeks against an economic crisis exacerbated by subsidy cuts that saw the prices of basic goods soar. Meanwhile, the Iranian government has cut off the internet in a number of areas and cities that have witnessed protests, including Khuzestan province. Last month, Iran’s hardline government, led by the newly elected President Ebrahim Raisi, declared that it had decided to cut and end subsidies for wheat and flour, calling it necessary “economic surgery”. This has led to unprecedented price rises of as much as 300 percent for a variety of flour-based staples in a country where almost half of the 85 million population lives under the poverty line.
News Burst 24 May 2022

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News Burst 24 May 2022 - Dimensional Gate

Endovelicus Portal

News Burst 24 May 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 24 May 2022 - Tutankhamens Seal

The Unbroken Seal On Tutankhamen’S Tomb, 1922

News Burst 24 May 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 24 May 2022 - Maya Figurine


1,500-year-old ceramic Maya figurine that included a removable helmet. El Perú-Waka’, Petén, Guatemala – (Photo by Kenneth Garrett)

News Burst 24 May 2022 – Bonus Video

Seattle, Washington – 14 May 2022

News Burst 24 May 2022 – Bonus Video

Stars Orbiting The Black Hole In The Center Of Our Galaxy

(Credit: Keck/UCLA Galactic Center Group)

News Burst 24 May 2022 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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