News Burst 23 October 2021 - Get The News!

News Burst 23 October 2021

News Burst 23 October 2021 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 23 October 2021 – Featured News

  • Mahjubin Hakimi, a member of the Afghan women’s national volleyball team who played in the youth age group, was beheaded by the Taliban in Kabul. In an interview Suraya Afzali (a pseudonym), one of the coaches of the Afghan women’s national volleyball team, confirmed that the athlete had been killed, but said that no one other than Mahjabin’s family knew the exact time and manner of the incident. Mahjabin played for the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club before the collapse of the previous Afghan government and was one of the club’s most successful players. The report mentioned that Suraya Afzali said the murder of Mahjabin Hakimi probably took place in early October, and that the issue remained hidden because her family had been threatened not to talk to anyone about it. According to Afzali, after the collapse of the previous government, female athletes across Afghanistan faced a serious security threat, and the Taliban pursued them and searched the homes of a number of them in various cities. Many female athletes, especially members of the Afghan women’s volleyball team who have competed in foreign and domestic competitions and appeared in media programmes, are under serious threat. The coach of the Afghan women’s national volleyball team said that only two of the team’s players were able to leave Afghanistan through personal action, and the rest of the team members inside Afghanistan are under threat and terror. “All the players of the volleyball team and the rest of the women athletes are in a bad situation and in despair and fear,” Afzali said. “Everyone has been forced to flee and live in unknown places. Efforts to gain the support of foreign organisations and countries to leave Afghanistan have so far been unsuccessful,” the report said. Mahjabin’s death has fuelled fears of being targeted by the Taliban and individuals who have long sought to disrupt women’s sports. With the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, all women’s activities in the sports, political and social spheres have ceased, and there are still concerns about continuing restrictions on the lives and work and safety of women active in the social arena.


  • It’s been revealed by Politico that Haugen, the Facebook ‘whistleblower’ who has generated such intense mainstream attention in recent weeks, receives “behind the scenes” financial assistance from controversial US billionaire Omidyar. The backing is extensive. Omidyar’s Luminate is handling all her press and government relations in Europe, her top public relations representative in the US is a former Obama White House spokesperson who runs public affairs for a non-profit funded by Omidyar, and last year the tech guru gifted $150,000 to Whistleblower Aid, another organization supporting Haugen. A Silicon Valley veteran, Haugen’s stint at Facebook’s Threat Intelligence put her in extremely close quarters with former high-ranking US intelligence officials, who occupy senior divisions in the unit. It can only be considered a shocking indictment of the Western media that the revelation of Omidyar’s secret support for Haugen has not prompted a single mainstream journalist to question whether she is ultimately serving a wider, darker agenda, and what that agenda might be. ~ Kit Klarenberg


  • Conducted by polling firm Trafalgar earlier this week, the new survey showed that nearly 54% of 1,000 Americans polled said they had personally encountered “delays or shortages when attempting to purchase common consumer products,” suggesting significant scarcities across the country as the effects of Covid-19 and associated government lockdowns continue to interfere with the international supply chain. The new Trafalgar poll, which was conducted between October 15 and 18 and published earlier this week, happened to coincide with a letter signed by 160 Republican lawmakers, calling on the Joe Biden administration to get a handle on the supply chain chaos before the problem evolves further.


  • According to a June 3, 2011 email from Hunter Biden to the US aluminum conglomerate Alcoa, he offered a “statistical analysis of political and corporate risks, elite networks associated with Oleg Deripaska” and a “map of OD’s networks based on frequency of interaction with selected elites and countries.” His asking price was “$25,000 for phase one of the project” and “$55,000 for refined analysis.” The offer was made on behalf of Rosemont Seneca, the company run by Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz, stepson of then-senator and future Secretary of State John Kerry. Deripaska is the founder of the Russian aluminum giant RUSAL, and was therefore of interest to Alcoa, which had been bought out by the transnational Rio Tinto in 2007. Hunter’s original email was addressed to Daniel Cruise, Alcoa’s VP of government and public affairs. An email from Cruise’s colleague Pei Cheng, dated June 8, 2011, says the analysis isn’t worth $55,000 but that Alcoa would be interested in “the list of Russian elites connected to OD [Deripaska] that would not otherwise be on Government Affairs team’s radar, including various Russian Committee Heads, Union leaders or Ministers.” Biden then dropped the asking price to $25,000, but Alcoa “missed the point,” according to a June 10 email from his business associate Eric Schwerin. It wasn’t clear what happened to the discounted offer after that.


  • Several gay and lesbian staff at the National Health Service (NHS) have said they feel “unsafe” and “scared” by the organisation’s support for transgender activists who argue that it’s possible to be a biologically male lesbian. A board member of an NHS hospital said the situation for lesbians is “so much worse” today than it was previously. “It is unacceptable for colleagues and managers to refuse to recognise, for any period of time, a member of staff as belonging to the gender in which they are currently living,” warned one Scottish branch of the NHS in 2017, threatening managerial “procedures to deal with the situation” if an employee falls afoul of the policy. It also said that transgender people should be recognised as the gender that they identify with even if they haven’t “undergone any hormonal or surgical treatment or have a Gender Recognition Certificate.” Such policies have been criticised by many woman, who argue that it minimises the identity of biological women and puts them at risk, citing incidents where women have been sexually assaulted in bathrooms by predators claiming to be transgender or ‘gender-fluid’.


  • A group of bloggers have bought a home for a Russian woman who lost her job at a Soviet military factory and took to living in a rusty barrel for 35 years, refusing to move into care despite having no electricity or running water. Svetlana Chernova, from the Siberian city of Omsk, had been living in the dilapidated cistern for over three decades when her story came to light earlier this week. The electricity was cut off two years ago and there is neither running water nor gas. Instead, Chernova must walk hundreds of meters to collect water from a pump and warm her home with a woodfired stove.


  • In the wake of the AUKUS deal, Beijing’s hosting of a summit involving many tiny Pacific countries is significant. It illustrates how China is ready to challenge the traditional supremacy of Australia and the US in the region. On Thursday, China hosted a summit which was attended by foreign ministers from the Pacific island nations of Kiribati, Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Micronesia, and the Solomon Islands. With the exception of PNG, these Polynesia and Melanesia countries are small, yet they are taking centre stage in one of the biggest geopolitical struggles of the 21st century.


  • Having bulldozed most real-life relationships already, Mark Zuckerberg is now moving to strip away what’s left of our expectations of privacy by dragging us kicking and screaming into an online padded cell called the ‘metaverse’.Under fire politically for putting profits before users’ welfare – an attribute that describes every corporation in existence – Facebook’s m.o. has been clear since the platform’s early days. The platform exists to slurp up as much data as physically (and metaphysically) possible before the user realizes he’s being used and stops logging in. Now that there’s no longer any doubt about that in the public eye, Zuckerberg is free to go full Manifest Destiny, reaching into users’ minds in search of ever more data to pimp out. “They trust me, the dumb f**ks,” Zuckerberg acknowledged confiding in a friend back in the platform’s early days, when Facebook was still busy wrenching social norms in the direction of full disclosure. But after more than 15 years of data leaks and other ‘accidental’ info spills, users no longer have any expectation of privacy. This places them in an ideal frame of mind to join the Facebook CEO’s metaverse. In the metaverse, the user won’t even have the option to display a complex emotional state – their avatar will presumably come with a fixed set of expressions, and the more time spent jacked into the system, the less likely the user will be able to actually feel emotions they can’t display online. Imagine forgetting what it’s like to feel nostalgic for pre-Facebook social interaction – you can bet the metaverse won’t offer that option. ~ Helen Buyniski
News Burst 23 October 2021

News Burst 23 October 2021 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 23 October 2021 - US Airforce

Pleiadians Said “No”

(A reconstruction of a UFO sending a beam of light at the warhead in the edge of space)

A former air force chief claimed today how he saw a UFO firing four beams of light at a nuclear missile undergoing testing. Ex-US Air Force First lieutenant Robert Jacobs alleged a craft, resembling a flying saucer, circled the dummy warhead during a test flight in California, during 1964. But despite his claims of what he saw, the former serviceman was ordered never to breathe a word of what he saw, a bombshell press conference heard. Along with other former American air force chiefs Dr. Jacobs was giving evidence about how aliens tampered with weapons systems during tests, at nuclear bases and even shut the missiles down. Giving his testimony at the National Press Club in Washington DC, he said: “I was part of a US Airforce cover-up. It was shaped like a flying saucer and was firing a beam of light at our warhead.” ~ NY POST

News Burst 23 October 2021 – Bonus Video

Trieste, Italy

Very powerful. The people of Trieste, Italy, coming together for a mass meditation.

News Burst 23 October 2021 – Bonus Video

What Is It?

News Burst 23 October 2021 – Bonus Video

Yorktown, Virginia 2021

News Burst 23 October 2021 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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