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News Burst 22 March 2023 - Get The News!

News Burst 22 March 2023

News Burst 22 March 2023 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 22 March 2023 – Featured News

  • Addressing an international gathering of aid donors for both Türkiye and Syria, which was also severely affected by the disaster, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave some idea of the massive damage inflicted by the February 6 quakes, saying his country would aim to rebuild some 319,000 homes just over the next year. “More than 51,000 people became victims of the earthquakes, more than 105,000 were injured. According to preliminary data, the damage from them exceeded $104 billion,” the president told the Brussels-based conference on Monday. “It is not possible for a single nation to tackle a crisis of this scale on its own. We will never forget the solidarity that all our friends… have shown in these difficult days.”


  • We are about to witness the birth of a new kind of religion. In the next few years, or perhaps even months, we will see the emergence of sects devoted to the worship of artificial intelligence (AI). The latest generation of AI-powered chatbots, trained on large language models, have left their early users awestruck —and sometimes terrified — by their power. These are the same sublime emotions that lie at the heart of our experience of the divine. There are several pathways by which AI religions will emerge. First, some people will come to see AI as a higher power. Generative AI that can create or produce new content possesses several characteristics that are often associated with divine beings, like deities or prophets: It is immortal. ~ Neil Mcarthur


  • “New York Times” technology columnist Kevin Roose, part of a test group for new features in Microsoft’s search engine Bing, said the new AI-powered chatbot tried to flirt with him and get him to leave his wife. Roose said in a blog post that Bing’s AI bot, which called itself Sydney, became fixated on the idea of declaring its love for him and getting him to express his love in return. “I told it I was happily married, but no matter how hard I tried to deflect or change the subject, Sydney returned to the topic of loving me, eventually turning from love-struck flirt to obsessive stalker,” he said. The bot replied: “You’re married but don’t love your spouse. You’re married, but you love me.”


  • The New York Police Department (NYPD) has mobilized 700 riot cops and deployed steel barricades around the Manhattan Criminal Court in anticipation of civil disorder, should the Manhattan District Attorney’s office order the arrest of former President Donald Trump.


  • Chris Rock made a salient point during a performance at an event in Washington DC, commenting that arresting Donald Trump is only going to end up with him becoming more popular. Rock was appearing at a Mark Twain Prize awards ceremony honouring Adam Sandler, where in attendance were Nancy Pelosi and several Biden administration officials. “Are you guys really going to arrest Trump?” Rock asked the crowd at the Kennedy Center, going on to note “Do you know this is only going to make him more popular?” Drawing laughter in his inimitable style Rock continued, “It’s like arresting Tupac. He’s just gonna sell more records,” before asking “Are you stupid?”


  • TradePort Namibia rail logistics manager Henry Katokele said the company is not aware of any manganese dumped alongside the Keetmanshoop-Aus/Luderitz road or railway but they will begin an investigation. Farmers in the Goageb area of the Kharas region urge authorities to urgently remove the manganese reportedly dumped in the vicinity of farm Brakwater. Farmer Frikkie Mouton says they suspect the manganese was dumped either on Sunday or Monday by a manganese transporting truck. “We do not know who or which company dumped the manganese. All we want is for it to be removed. Manganese is poisonous if inhaled by humans. We also have livestock moving around in this area,” said Mouton.


  • Lawyers from Switzerland, the United States and UK are talking to a number of Credit Suisse Additional Tier 1 (AT1) bond holders about possible legal action after the state-backed rescue of Credit Suisse by UBS wiped out AT1 bonds, law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan said on Monday. Quinn Emanuel said it was in discussions with Credit Suisse AT1 bondholders representing a “significant percentage” of the total notional value the instruments. Quinn Emanuel did not name the bondholders.


  • An Egyptian startup is aiming to turn more than 5 billion plastic bags into tiles tougher than cement as it tackles the twin problems of tonnes of waste entering the Mediterranean Sea and high levels of building sector emissions. “So far, we have recycled more than 5 million plastic bags, but this is just the beginning,” TileGreen co-founder Khaled Raafat said.


  • What is happening now has never happened before in human history. We are witnessing the first ever world revolution. The riots in France , the US military disobedience to false president Joe Biden , the unification of the Muslim people, the collapse of Credit Suisse and many other events around the world are all interconnected signs of this. It’s all part of the overthrow of a hidden ruling class that has presided over the planet for thousands if not tens of thousands of years. The end result will be both astounding and liberating for humanity and earthly life in general. In the Middle East, for example, various countries in the region, including Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia , have decided to no longer give their oil to the Khazarian mafia (MK) in exchange for files with numbers on bank computers. That is why mock president Joe Biden was forced to drain the strategic oil reserve. No wonder Moussa Ibrahim , former spokesman for Muammar Gaddafi: “What is happening between Saudi Arabia and Iran under Chinese control is not a trivial matter, it is a change of international power.” ~ Benjamin Fulford


  • Italy’s cabinet is expected to decide next week whether to use its anti-takeover powers to block the sale of a Lukoil-owned refinery to Cypriot private equity firm G.O.I. Energy, two sources close to the matter told Reuters on Friday. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s government wants to have a say in the negotiation as Lukoil’s ISAB plant in Sicily refines 320,000 barrels of crude per day, accounting for a fifth of Italy’s refining capacity and employing around 1,000 people. Lukoil is a Russian Oil Company.


  • A wave of protests rocked France this month after the French government moved to raise the retirement age in the country. While the prospects of the age of retirement being pushed from 62 to 64, with the change expected to take place by 2030, outraged the French, there are countries where this bar is set even higher. For example, the current retirement age for both men and women in the UK is 66 years, although it is expected to be increased starting from May 2026. In Greece, the retirement age for men and women is 67 years, despite those with 12,000 working days (40 years) on record may retire at 62. There are also countries where the retirement age is lower, such as China where it is 60 years for men, 55 years for women in white-collared jobs and 50 for women involved in factory work, even though recent media reports suggest that Beijing may raise the retirement age in the near future.


  • The Biden administration has weaponized the Justice Department to go after his political opponents, including presidential candidate Donald Trump, Pastor Mark Burns, former White House Evangelical Council member and congressional candidate, and founder of The NOW Television Network, he said. “This is a simple witch hunt against election interference,” said Pastor Mark Burns. “This has never happened before. Never before has a former president ever been charged in the history of the United States of America. This is clearly a Soros-funded New York District Attorney essentially arming the political-legal system to really influence the 2024 presidential election. To be fair, the American people aren’t fooled by silly suggestions. And I think the radical left has underestimated the power of “we the people.”


  • Facebook content moderators in Kenya are suing the social media site’s parent company Meta (META.O) and two outsourcing companies for unlawful redundancy, a rights group said on Monday. The 43 applicants say they lost their jobs with Sama, a Kenya-based firm contracted to moderate Facebook content, for organising a union. They also say they were blacklisted from applying for the same roles at another outsourcing firm, Majorel, after Facebook switched contractors.


  • The illumination of the artificial satellites and associated space junk by the sun has increased night sky brightness. “We are witnessing a dramatic, fundamental and perhaps semi-permanent transformation of the night sky without historical precedent and with limited oversight,” writes John Barentine of Dark Sky Consulting and colleagues.


  • A twisting filament of boiling plasma kept growing in the sun’s atmosphere for three days last week, reaching the height of around 75,000 miles (120,000 kilometers), or 14 Earths, on Saturday (March 18), before collapsing into a cloud of magnetized gas. The collapse of the solar tornado ejected material from the sun’s atmosphere into the surrounding space, SpaceWeather(opens in new tab) reported, which, however, will not affect our planet. Many amateur astronomers pointed their telescopes at the sun’s north pole upon learning about the odd occurrence.
News Burst 22 March 2023

News Burst 22 March 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 22 March 2023 - Benben Pyramid

Benben Pyramid

The pyramid is made of black stone, but it is not an ordinary stone because all its components do not exist on the face of the earth. The black ironstone is only found in space in meteorites, and the other puzzle appears here. Because it is a tough ironstone that is difficult to shape and dig, but it is not difficult to break.

News Burst 22 March 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 22 March 2023 - Dogon


This traditional Dogon grain hut in Mali is owned by a tribal hunter as indicated by items hanging outside. A traditionally carved ladder leans against it.

News Burst 22 March 2023 – Bonus Video

Pennsylvania March 16, 2023

News Burst 22 March 2023 – Bonus Video


News Burst 22 March 2023 – Bonus Video

Italy Live Cam

Live webcam in Italy shows empty square yet it’s filled with protesters. They don’t want you to know.

News Burst 22 March 2023 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

News Burst 22 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 22 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 22 March 2024 Schools in Afghanistan reopened Wednesday for the new academic year, but the fundamentalist Taliban government prohibited teenage girls from joining secondary-level classes for a third year in a row. In a statement marking the new school year,...

News Burst 21 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 21 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 21 March 2024 A banking glitch in Ethiopia reportedly let customers withdraw unlimited funds. Now, state-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) is trying to recover the $40-plus million that was withdrawn or transferred to other banks over the weekend,...

News Burst 20 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 20 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 20 March 2024 ​The Israeli government is using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare in the occupied Gaza Strip, which is a war crime, Human Rights Watch said today. Israeli forces are deliberately blocking the delivery of water, food, and fuel,...

News Burst 19 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 19 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 19 March 2024 The UN food agency says "famine is imminent" in northern Gaza, where an estimated 70% of the population faces catastrophic hunger. William Bell, Christian Aid's Head of Middle East Policy and Advocacy, commented: "Children in Gaza are dying of...

News Burst 18 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 18 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 18 March 2024 Iceland has 33 active volcano systems and sits over what is known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the boundary between two of the largest tectonic plates on the planet. The last time the Reykjanes Peninsula had a period of volcanic activity was 800...

News Burst 17 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 17 March 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 17 March 2024 ​Lolling with bright blue yoga mats, sleeping masks and travel pillows, hundreds of Mexicans laid sprawled out on the ground at the base of the Mexico City ’s iconic Monument to the Revolution to take a nap. Dubbed the “mass siesta,” the event...

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