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News Burst 20 September 2022 - Get The News!

News Burst 20 September 2022

News Burst 20 September 2022 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 20 September 2022 – Featured News

  • A strong 7.4-magnitude earthquake was reported just off Mexico’s Pacific coast on Monday afternoon. Monday is also the anniversary of the catastrophic 1985 earthquake that killed at least 10,000 people in Mexico. The quake was reported 63 kilometers south of Coalcomán de Vázquez Pallares, off the coast of Michoacán state, according to Mexico’s National Seismological Service. Occurring at the shallow depth of 15 kilometers, detection triggered a tsunami warning for the coast. The quake was felt 465 kilometers away in the capital of Mexico City, where it reportedly caused buildings to “sway a bit.”


  • In the largest study of COVID-19 vaccination-related myocarditis deaths to date, researchers found that 100 people in England died of myocarditis soon after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The study, published Aug.22 in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation , found that more than half (51) of deaths occurred 1 to 28 days after receiving a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and just under half (49 ) of deaths occurred 1 to 28 days after receiving a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. AstraZeneca’s vaccine, not licensed for use in the United States, uses adenovirus technology similar to that used by Johnson & Johnson (J&J), or Janssen’s COVID-19 vaccine, which is licensed for emergency use in the United States. Dr. Peter McCullough , an internist and cardiologist from Dallas, Texas, stressed the importance of the new study in a September 15 tweet.


  • Donald Trump, the 45th US President, has claimed that FBI agents violated his constitutional rights and wreaked havoc in his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. The agency searched Trump’s premises in early August in connection with a probe into the former president’s handling of classified documents. Taking to Truth Social on Sunday, the Republican firebrand said that he would “soon be heading” to Mar-a-Lago to check on the “unnecessary ransacking of rooms and other areas of the house.” According to a post published on the social media platform, which was launched by Trump in February, the former head of state felt “totally violated” by the law enforcement’s intrusion. In a string of consecutive messages, Trump accused the agents of violating his Fourth Amendment rights, adding that his estate would “never be the same” after their visit. “It was ‘ransacked’, and in far different condition than the way I left it,” he lamented. He also mentioned that the agents who searched his residence “didn’t even take off their shoes in my bedroom.”


  • Starlink founder Elon Musk announced on Monday that his satellite internet service has become “active” on all continents. A service map published by the company, however, shows current availability only in parts of the Americas, Europe, and Australia – with Russia, China and several other countries on the US “naughty” list grayed out. “Starlink is now active on all continents, including Antarctica,” Musk tweeted on Monday morning. The map on the Starlink website has yet to be updated to reflect that claim, showing Antarctica in gray – just like Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Belarus, Russia, and China. The satellite internet service is currently available only in the western part of North America, Chile, southern Brazil, parts of Australia and most of the EU. Ukraine is shown in the “waitlist” shade but has not been labeled. Musk personally dispatched Starlink terminals to Kiev earlier this year, getting regulatory approval in June. While Starlink has donated more than 3,600 terminals – and the internet service – the US government has paid for another 1,300 or so, according to the Washington Post.


  • In a lengthy interview with CBS on Sunday, US President Joe Biden told journalist Scott Pelley that “the pandemic is over,” even as he acknowledged that “we still have a problem with Covid.” Dr. Harvey Schantz, professor of political science at State University of New York, told Sputnik that Biden’s declaration was shrew politics ahead of the November midterm elections, in which people commonly vote against the president’s party. “Biden is priming voters to think more about his management of the coronavirus pandemic when they evaluate his overall performance in office,” Schantz said on Monday.


  • Finding out fundamental facts about volcano eruptions remains a hard nut to crack for scientists from all over the world. Matthew Jackson from the University of California claims that he and his collaborators “have gotten close to figuring out” how volcanoes in Iceland work. In their study, published in the journal Nature, the scientific team focused on what they observed during the volcanic eruption of Fagradalsfjall Mountain on Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest of Island, in March 2021. Remarkably, this was the first time that a volcano has erupted in the area in 800 years, and Jackson was understandably happy to seize the opportunity and witness the eruption.


  • The Global Consciousness Project is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers. RNG collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in up to 70 host sites around the world at any given time. The data are transmitted to a central archive which now contains more than 15 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials generated every second. The changes we want to see in the world need a new form of collective consciousness, however, striving for a nonviolent culture, this collective consciousness must not suppress the individual but instead allow each person’s individuality to unfold. Just as each organ in the body plays a different and important role, so too do the members of a healthy community have distinct roles to play which serve the overall health and vitality of the community body. The key to this is trust. Roger D. Nelson developed the project as an extrapolation of two decades of experiments from the controversial Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR)


  • As per Indian mythology, Yakshini were semi-divine human beings who were mentioned in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain literature as guardian deities and protectors of treasures. A rare terracotta figurine of a semi-goddess Yakshini has been discovered by a group of researchers of Kotha Telangana Charitra Brundam (KTCB) in the Siddipet district of India’s Telangana state, a report said on Monday. Researcher Kolipaka Srinivas told Telangana Today that they found beads and pottery shells, iron pigments and ‘Sarvatobhadra’ Jain sculpture in a village in the Patigadda region a few days ago. Historian Sthapathi Imani Shivanagi Reddy claimed that the statue belonged to ancient India’s Ikshvaku dynasty (225-340 AD), also known as the Suryavamsha.


  • As Germany desperately attempts to stave off a winter energy crisis, most recently seizing Rosneft refinery assets, a leak at a nuclear plant reported by the country’s Environment Ministry adds to the pressure, with operations now set to be shut in for a week as repairs get underway. The nuclear plant is already slated for a permanent shutdown at the beginning of next year as part of Germany’s plan to phase out nuclear power. However, given the looming energy crisis in Germany as winter approaches, there has been some discussion of delaying a phase-out of nuclear power.


  • The Tank Biathlon’s singles of the ongoing International Army Games 2020 concluded in Sunday. The tank biathlon’s singles have drawn the participation of the crews of 45 tanks from 16 countries. The International Army Games 2020 are being held in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan from Aug. 23 to Sept. 5. More than 5,000 participants from 156 teams from over 30 countries and regions are competing in the games.


  • Ark of Archangel Gabriel -Various ancient books unveil bits and pieces of humanity’s past. Among the most prevalent and revealing of them all is the Bible. When looked upon with the worn glasses of yesterday’s centuries, this compilation of holy texts might look like a bunch of bogus stories, esoteric at best. However, the reality we’re confronting today has designed superior glasses which, if used to read from this revered scripture, will let you see events in a totally different light. Gabriel is an archangel found in very close relationship to the Divine Creator of Christian, Hebrew, and Muslim faiths. He is usually found in The Lord’s presence and does his bidding at will. According to Muslim accounts, Gabriel is the one who reveals Prophet Mohhamed the wisdom of the Qur’an and helps him write it down. In the first chapter. Gabriel speaks of the creation myth where God conceives the first human being using a clot of congealed blood. Further on, Gabriel entrusts Mohhamed with an Ark of incommensurable power, comparable only to the Ark of the Covenant, another powerful artefact known to have caused much destruction in both Christian and Hebrew doctrines.
News Burst 20 September 2022

News Burst 20 September 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 20 September 2022 - Macau - China

​Macau, China

​Grand Lisboa is a 47-floor, 261-metre-tall hotel in Sé, Macau, China. Its peculiar shape lends itself to particularly evocative shots that mix old architecture and sci-fi like views. Photo by Paul Tsui

News Burst 20 September 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 20 September 2022 - Unexplained Flying Object

Unexplained Flying Object

Doctor Cromwell Mortimer saw an unexplained flying object soaring above downtown London on December 16, 1742, and he reported it to authorities. Mr. Mortimer, who was the secretary of the Royal Society at the time, observed the enigmatic object as it moved “slowly” above St. James’s Park around 8:40 p.m. while on his way home to Westminster. He noted that the object was moving quite slowly, which gave him about 30 seconds to acquire a good view of it. Despite being short, 30 seconds is a lot longer than most sightings of meteors and other such phenomena. He was even able to draw a schematic of the item, which he described in his 1746 report, which was recently discovered in the journal Philosophical Transactions, vol. XLIII.

News Burst 20 September 2022 – Bonus Video

News Burst 20 September 2022 – Bonus Video


The video showing a NATO plane on 13 September in the skies of the Marche is causing a sensation in these hours. The aircraft departed from a military base in Germany, reached Italy and then flew over the area of ​​the meteorological disaster that occurred two days later for hours. One wonders: what was this military plane doing in the skies between Le Marche and Emilia Romagna?

News Burst 20 September 2022 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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News Burst 11 March 2020 – Live Feed

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