News Burst 2 March 2021 - Live Feed

News Burst 2 March 2021

News Burst 2 March 2021 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 2 March 2021 – Featured News

  • A passenger plane was forced to return to an airport in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum after an angry cat, which somehow got into the cockpit, attacked the pilots shortly after takeoff, local media report. Wednesday’s flight of the Sudanese Tarco airline bound for Qatar’s capital, Doha, was proceeding in a totally routine manner – that is, until a most unlikely passenger caused an emergency in mid-air. Having departed from Khartoum International Airport, the plane was in the air for roughly half-an-hour when an unregistered passenger was spotted inside the pilot’s cabin. The passenger in question was a ferocious cat, according to a report by the local news outlet Al-Sudani.


  • Befuddled Brits from Scotland in the North to Somerset in South were astonished by a phenomenally bright flash in the night sky which lasted some seven seconds and ended with a loud boom, according to some reports. The fireball was so bright it triggered doorbells across the UK shortly before 10pm local time from Manchester to Cardiff, Bath, and Milton Keynes and everywhere in between, with the UK Meteor Network receiving over 120 reports of sightings.


  • Quarantined travelers formed an angry mob in the lobby of a Toronto hotel after it allegedly ran out of food and bottled water, leaving guests waiting hours to be fed during their mandatory stay. Canada’s system of mandatory quarantine hotels for those entering the country from abroad are now in question, after a series of endless, chaotic setbacks including food shortages and even alleged sexual assaults. Some of those experiencing the quarantines, which are mandatory for all incoming travelers for a minimum of three days and at a cost of up to Can$2,000, have documented the problems on social media.


  • Archaeologists are gushing after “an extraordinary find” of a perfectly preserved chariot with “no parallel in Italy thus far” was made at Pompeii. The “exceptional discovery” has already been described by one expert in the ancient world as the equivalent of discovering a Roman-era sports car. “Many of the vehicles I’d written about before … are your standard station wagon or vehicle for taking the kids to soccer. This is a Lamborghini. This is an outright fancy, fancy car,” said Eric Poehler, a classics professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


  • The Japanese government has requested China not to subject Japanese citizens entering the country to anal COVID-19 tests after receiving complaints of “psychological distress” from some of them, the top government spokesman said Monday. Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said the government has made the request through the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, although it has not been informed of any change in China’s policy on how it conducts the polymerase chain reaction tests for the novel coronavirus. Kato said at a regular press conference the government will continue to urge China to exempt its citizens from such a test method, which is used on some of those quarantined or entering China, noting it “has not been confirmed anywhere else in the world.”
News Burst 2 March 2021



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News Burst 2 March 2021 – Bonus Video

Small Pleiadian Craft – Bournemouth, UK – Feb 27, 2021

News Burst 2 March 2021 – Bonus Video

Sacramento, California – 17th February 2021

News Burst 2 March 2021 – Bonus Video

Las Vegas – Feb 28, 2021

New Galactic Federation activity near Nellis Air Force Base.

News Burst 2 March 2021 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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News Burst 11 February 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 11 February 2021 – Live Feed

A plan to force the sale of TikTok to American investors has been put on hold as the administration of President Joe Biden reviews the security risks of the popular Chinese-owned video app.

News Burst 10 February 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 10 February 2021 – Live Feed

Delhi Police have arrested actor Deep Sidhu, involved in the 26 January Red Fort riots, officials said on Tuesday. Last week, Delhi Police had announced a cash reward of INR 100,000 ($1,350) to anyone who would share information about the whereabouts of actor Deep Sidhu, who was involved in hoisting flags at Red Fort on the Republic Day.

News Burst 9 February 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 9 February 2021 – Live Feed

Forbes: The US Navy’s ‘UFO’ Energy Patent “could be a cover for alien technology. If the recent disclosure by the Pentagon of possible encounters with extraterrestrial artifacts is true, such technology may be in the U.S. Government’s possession.”

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