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News Burst 2 July 2024 - Get The News!

News Burst 2 July 2024

  • Since none of the four Iranian presidential candidates managed to secure more than half the the vote, a run-off is slated between the top two candidates on July 5. Canada has violated the rights of Iranians by not letting the embassy set up polling stations for the presidential election, Ali Bagheri Kani, acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, said. “Last Friday we held elections in all countries of the world, and the necessary preparations have already been made to facilitate voting in the second round of elections abroad next Friday,” Bagheri said. While multiple polling stations were opened for expatriates in countries such as Germany, Iraq, the US and the UK, Canadian authorities refused permission for Iranian election activities on the territory of the country.


  • Citizens in Ireland can be imprisoned for five years if they share or comment on non-mainstream content on social media, according to an authoritarian new “hate speech” law set to be passed in the next few weeks. Speaking at the Irish parliament this month, “Twitter Files” journalist Michael Shellenberger warned that “there is no hate crisis in Ireland” and that the case for censorship was brought about by “elite panic” trying to shut down free speech among the Irish people. The bill would also impact the right to share views on social media across much of the world, with directors and executives of social media platforms with international HQs in Ireland (X, Facebook, and more) held accountable to the Irish government if found to be platforming undefined “hate speech.”


  • The Finnish parliament has approved a Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) with the United States, granting access to 15 military sites, broadcaster Yle reported on Monday. According to the agreement, Finland will provide the US access to 15 military facilities. It also allows for the pre-positioning of defense equipment and supplies in Finland, the entry and movement of US aircraft, ships and vehicles, and the provision of protection, security and safeguarding of US forces, as well as the sites and areas they use. The agreement does not imply a permanent US presence in Finland. The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has insisted that any foreign troops deployed there will be stationed on a rotational basis.


  • The Chinese government has rolled out regulations regarding the management of rare earth elements, placing a strong emphasis on enhanced protection and control over these valuable resources, which are widely used in high-tech products. “Rare earth resources belong to the state; no organization or individual can appropriate or destroy them,” the Article 4 of the document emphasizes. The state will strengthen the protection of rare earth resources in accordance with the law. Companies authorized to mine and process rare earth elements will be designated by relevant State Council departments, and information about these companies will be made public.


  • Even though the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has benefited from billions of dollars in donations from US investor and the world’s tenth-richest person Warren Buffett, it appears that this gravy train will not last forever. Upon his death, whenever it might occur, all of Buffett’s considerable wealth will go to a charitable trust overseen by his children whereas Gates’ organization won’t get a dime, Buffett himself has revealed in an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal. “The Gates Foundation has no money coming after my death,” he said. The billionaire argued that his estate “should be used to help the people that haven’t been as lucky as we have been,” with Buffett noting that he and his children are “in the luckiest 100th of 1% or something.” “There’s lots of ways to help people,” he added.


  • The number of forcible evictions of squatters and homeless people in Paris has grown rapidly over the past year, more than 80 NGOs have said in a report, blaming the rise on the Olympic Games set to be held in the French capital this summer. An umbrella group called Le Revers de la Médaille (The Other Side of the Medal) claimed that authorities in Ile-de-France – the region that includes Paris and its suburbs – have a particularly “high propensity” to resort to such measures. It also accused the French government of what it called “social cleansing.”


  • Jonathan Kaye, the banker in charge of Moelis’ global business services franchise, resigned from the firm last week and was charged this morning in New York City with second and third-degree assault. Kaye was initially placed on leave shortly after the June 9 video surfaced on various social media platforms, including X, showing the banker punching the woman. In a recent report, the FT said Kaye, who is Jewish, allegedly told four individuals with a Palestinian flag at the event that they were “on the wrong side” of history. “Given the sharp rise in antisemitic incidents, any Jewish person in this situation would naturally feel threatened and feel the need to defend themselves and return safely to their family,” the spokesperson said.


  • Pfizer secretly colluded with Joe Biden’s team to help him rig the 2020 election against Trump, according to new Fauci documents. In his new book, “On Call,” Fauci admits that Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, called him the night after Biden was declared the winner of the election, to inform him of Pfizer’s “game-changing results” from the rigged mRNA trial. Fauci discusses Trump’s FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn declaring that he would not go along with the Trump Administration’s plan to roll out the vaccine before the election. Fauci says that Hahn “made it clear to the Trump administration that in terms of vaccine authorization he and his agency would not be pressured into taking scientifically inorrect action,” adding that “vaccine approvals would not be rushed just because the White House hoped that they would be approved before the election.” ~ The People’s Voice


  • A second mysterious monolith has just suddenly appeared….this time in Colorado. The latest discovery comes just days after a mysterious monolith found near Las Vegas was removed. Lori Graves, the owner of Morning Fresh Dairy Farm in Bellvue, said she doesn’t know how the 8-foot tall, 4-foot wide, and 8-inch deep shiny structure ended up on her property. The strange object has created a buzz online – with people speculating that out-of-this-world beings put it there or even perhaps someone is trying to mess with their neighbor who has a proclivity for aliens and conspiracies. But in reality, no one seems to know where these things come from. This latest mirrored mystery is certainly not the first, and likely not the last. Just last week, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said a similar shiny, reflective structure was spotted by its search and rescue unit near Gass Peak. Similar monoliths have also been reported in Belgium, Romania and the Isle of Wight – an island in the English Channel.


  • Despite his public support for the president, Barack Obama is privately lobbying to get rid of Joe Biden, telling insiders he cannot defeat Trump, according to what Tucker Carlson described as an “unusually good source.” Biden got completely embarrassed during Thursday night’s debate, spreading panic amongst top Democrats. “From an unusually good source: Obama’s tweet supporting Joe Biden was disingenuous. In private, Obama is telling people Biden can’t win, and he is therefore in favor of an open convention,” Tucker Carlson posted on X.


  • Fresh research about ripples in the fabric of spacetime suggests a nearly 2,000-year-old cosmic calculator followed the lunar calendar instead of the solar one. The hand-powered “Antikythera mechanism” was retrieved in pieces from a sunken shipwreck in the Aegean sea in 1901, sparking more than a century of research into how this device was made — and why. The box-shaped mechanical computer used gears and dials to track ancient astronomical events such as solar eclipses and the movements of planets. Now, researchers are using cutting-edge work surrounding gravitational waves, which are ripples in spacetime sparked by events like black hole mergers or collisions between stars, to help uncover the mechanics of Antikythera’s Ancient Grecian gears. (The device is named after the Greek island near where it was found.)


  • The Roman Space Telescope team has already started applying the augmented reality (AR) technology while working on the next-gen observatory — its next major eye on the sky after the James Webb Space Telescope’s massive success. Roman is currently being assembled at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and the agency said AR has already saved days’ worth of work. Tasks that would typically require multiple engineers and technicians were also able to be completed with way less effort. With augmented reality headsets and advanced measuring techniques, the NASA team has been able to project digital models of the telescope’s components into the real world. This allows them to align parts with an accuracy down to thousandths of an inch and identify potential interference before any manual assembly takes place.


  • Antarctica’s Hidden Aliens. One of the most compelling pieces of this puzzle involves Admiral Richard Byrd, a notable U.S. Naval officer and explorer. Byrd was one of the first pilots to fly over both the North and South Poles. In 1946, Byrd led an impressive fleet consisting of 13 ships, 23 aircraft, and over 4,500 military personnel on a mission that lasted four months. The official objectives included military training, scientific research, and the search for potential Nazi bases. According to the diary, Byrd and his team found an entrance to an underground world at the South Pole. Adding to the intrigue is Project Stargate, a CIA initiative launched in 1978 during the Cold War. This project aimed to use psychic spies to gather intelligence through a technique called remote viewing. Patrick Price, one such psychic, allegedly reported seeing an alien base inside Mount Hayes, Alaska, where extraterrestrials were collaborating with military personnel in a sophisticated research facility.
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News Burst 2 July 2024

Astronomical Events in 2024

Astronomical Events in 2024

Welcome to 2024! There are plenty of events stargazers can add to their calendars.

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News Burst 2 July 2024 – Bonus Image

News Burst 2 July 2024 - Marge Simpson

Archaeo – Histories

A 3000 year-old egyptian coffin includes the drawing, that looks just like Marge Simpson. While the Marge Simpson sarcophagus is just one of over 25,000 artifacts found at the site, its discovery has been a fun way to merge popular culture and archeology. @archeohistories

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News Burst 2 July 2024 – Bonus Video


They are most notable for their impressive ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment, and the striking beauty of the male bird’s huge tail when it is fanned out in courtship display.

News Burst 2 July 2024 – Earthquake Video

Earthquakes Above M4 In The Last 36 Hours

News Burst 22 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 22 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 22 July 2024 The "fake" CrowdStrike worker who took credit for causing Microsoft's biggest disruption. Vincent Flibustier shared a short video in which he takes "responsibility" for causing the global upheaval. Vincent Flibustier, an update and took the...

News Burst 21 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 21 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 21 July 2024 According to a lawsuit filed by the US Justice Department on Thursday, staff at the nonprofit organization which was responsible for housing thousands of underage migrants, inflicted “severe” sexual abuse upon the children in their care. In a...

News Burst 20 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 20 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 20 July 2024 A massive Microsoft outage has sparked chaos around the world - grounding flights and knocking hospitals, GP surgeries, train services, banks, stock exchanges and TV channels offline. The technical fault has caused Windows computers to suddenly...

News Burst 19 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 19 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 19 July 2024 Like what happened for 911, people knew, and shorted certain stocks the week before. Same thing happened to the DJT stock this past week, they expected a huge drop on Monday due to his "untimely death". The stock options activity is undeniable...

News Burst 18 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 18 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 18 July 2024 The building in Butler, Pennsylvania that Thomas Matthew Crooks used to fired shots that hit Donald Trump and several supporters, was sold just four months ago. American Glass Research (AGR), which is owned by its parent company, AGR...

News Burst 17 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 17 July 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 17 July 2024 The solar flare from sunspot AR3738 occurred late Saturday night (July 13) at 10:34 p.m. EDT (0234 UT on July 14) and NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the dynamic scene from space. The short-lived flare did not produce a coronal mass...

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