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News Burst 19 March 2020

News Burst 19 March 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 19 March 2020

  • According to a press release issued by Vyborg customs authorities, a “Starduster” light aircraft built in the 1960s in the United States was first shipped in a disassembled state from Florida to the Finnish port city of Kotka, and the plane’s owner, a Russian national, then attempted to transport it to his home country by car. However, a customs inspection detected increased levels of ionizing radiation emanating from the plane’s cockpit, with a subsequent investigation revealing that the plane’s pilot would get a “yearly dose of radiation” if they were to stay in the cockpit for just 10 to 12 hours. This radiation hazard was apparently a result of some of the plane’s parts containing traces of radium-226 which was used as a component of radioluminiscent paint, which was used to coat instrument dials until the 1970s. As the plane’s owner lacked the papers necessary to bring radioactive materials into the country, he was barred from transporting the aircraft across the border.


  • Iran’s currency rial continued to lose value against major currencies on Tuesday, reaching as low as 160,000 to the U.S. dollar at one point amid a quickly worsening coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and falling oil prices. Under the pressure of U.S. sanctions and inability to sell crude oil Iran’s foreign currency reserves have hugely depleted. For the first time since 1962 on March 12 Iran appealed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for emergency funding to help it fight the coronavirus outbreak. The rial began a steep depreciation two years ago when the United States indicated it was leaving the 2015 nuclear deal and the specter of new sanctions emerged.


  • Lord Rothschild has announced plans to stand down after more than three decades as chairman of RIT Capital Partners. The City grandee, 82, insisted yesterday that he would continue to play an “ongoing and active” role at the £3.2 billion investment trust when he assumes the new role of president in September. With his family’s 21 per cent stake worth about £672 million, he said he would remain “a committed, engaged and proud shareholder”. Next: Former chief executive of Credit Suisse in Britain and chairman of UK Financial Investments, the body that oversaw the taxpayer’s stakes in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group.


  • The US Treasury Department said Wednesday it wants to dedicate $500 billion to start issuing direct payments to Americans by early next month as the centerpiece of a $1 trillion plan to stabilize the economy as the coronavirus epidemic threatens a body slam to taxpayers and businesses. In a memorandum, Treasury proposed two $250 billion cash infusions to individuals: A first set of checks issued starting April 6, with a second wave in mid-May. The amounts would depend on income and family size.


  • Orthomolecular Medicine News Service has been exposing the corrupt censorship by MSM of vitamin C as a potent antiviral being used extensively against COVID-19 in Asia. Not only is China using actual tons of vitamin C, but South Korea is using it and documenting remarkable results too: “At my hospital in Daegu, South Korea, all inpatients and all staff members have been using vitamin C orally since last week. Some people this week had a mild fever, headaches and coughs, and those who had symptoms got 30,000 mg intravenous vitamin C. Some people got better after about two days, and most had symptoms go away after one injection.” (Hyoungjoo Shin, M.D.) “Vitamin C can truthfully be designated as the antitoxic and antiviral vitamin.”


  • Pizzagate denier is convicted of trying to elicit sex from children. Those that scream the loudest about these so called ‘conspiracies’ have the most to hide. – Former Journalist & Self-Described ‘Male Feminist’ Convicted At Trial For Attempted Child Enticement. Peter Bright, a former technology editor for the liberal online publication Ars Technica, was convicted in Manhattan federal court Monday of attempted child enticement. Bright was convicted after a one-week jury trial. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said: “As the jury found, Peter Bright attempted the basest type of crime, arranging to engage in sex with young children. Thanks to the FBI, Bright is in custody and facing serious prison time.” According to the allegations contained in the Complaint: In April 2019, Bright reached out online to an undercover agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), who was posing as the mother of a 7-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy (the “Minors”). Over the course of hundreds of chat communications, Bright discussed with the undercover agent his plan to meet the Minors to engage in sexual activity. Bright also requested photographs of the Minors. In May 2019, Bright met the undercover agent at a public park in New York, New York, for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity with the Minors. As Bright and the undercover agent began walking to the Minors’ residence, Bright was arrested.


  • Comet ATLAS is brightening faster than expected. Get ready for a wild ride. Comet ATLAS (C2019 Y4) is plunging toward the sun and, if it doesn’t fly apart first, it could become one of the brightest comets in years. It could become visible to the naked eye in early April.


  • Ghislaine Maxwell, a former girlfriend and long-time employee of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has filed a civil lawsuit against the late financier’s estate seeking reimbursement of her legal fees and personal security costs. Maxwell, who has been accused in several lawsuits filed by Epstein’s alleged victims of facilitating his abuse, claims Epstein had repeatedly made “clear and unambiguous” promises to always support her financially, according to a court filing in the United States Virgin Islands. Maxwell, a 58-year-old British socialite, is currently under federal investigation for her alleged role in Epstein’s child sex-trafficking conspiracy, according to multiple sources.


  • By the end of May-2020, most airlines in the world will be bankrupt. Coordinated government and industry action is needed – now – if catastrophe is to be avoided. As the impact of the coronavirus and multiple government travel reactions sweep through our world, many airlines have probably already been driven into technical bankruptcy, or are at least substantially in breach of debt covenants. Cash reserves are running down quickly as fleets are grounded and what flights there are operate much less than half full. Forward bookings are far outweighed by cancellations and each time there is a new government recommendation it is to discourage flying. Demand is drying up in ways that are completely unprecedented. Normality is not yet on the horizon. – CAPA Centre for Aviation.



Sun Activity

A small sunspot is emerging in the sun’s northern hemisphere, (click here for the image). Its magnetic polarity marks it as a member of new Solar Cycle 25. If it continues to develop and lasts long enough to be officially numbered, it would be the 4th new-cycle sunspot this year–another sign that Solar Minimum won’t last forever.



Active Weather

Moderate Tropical Storm 10 (Herold) – Sounth Indian Ocean – w/v 40 kts ↑ 992 hPa ↓ Moving W 4 kts toward North of Mauritius and Madagascar


Strongest EQ in Europe M3.5 Greece
Strongest EQ in North America M5.2 California – 5.7 Utah
Strongest EQ on the Planet M6.2 Indonesia
Deepest EQ M4.9 525 km Ndoi Island, Fiji

News Burst 19 March 2020

News Burst 19 March 2020 Bonus Img

The Portuguese Man O’War

The Portuguese Man O’War (Physalia physalis) is absolutely alien-looking. It may resemble jellyfish because of their “bell” and tentacles, but they’re actually completely different. Man O’Wars are siphonophores, which are a type of hydrozoan comprised of many animals living together in a colony. Each Portuguese Man O’War is comprised of genetically-identical individuals called zooids. Just like a coral head looks like one animal but is made up of many polyps, a Portuguese Man O’War looks like one organism but is made of many zooids. Zooids can perform different tasks depending on the needs of the organism. Parts of the animals include the pneumatophore, which is filled with gas and floats on the ocean surface; the gonozooids and gastrozooids, which are used for reproduction and digestion; and the dactylozooids, which are used for hunting and capturing prey. tentacles can stretch 165 feet below the surface but not all have such impressive appendages, though. The average tentacle length is about 30 feet. They have a nematocysts, or stinging cells, in their tentacles, which they use to stun and capture their prey. Unfortunately, they can also sting humans, even if the animal is dead or the tentacles are no longer attached. The venom is very painful to humans, and can result in skin welts or even an allergy-like response.

News Burst 19 March 2020 -

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