News Burst 18 January 2021 - Live Feed

News Burst 18 January 2021

News Burst 18 January 2021 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 18 January 2021 – Featured News

  • Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny is back in Moscow later on Sunday for the first time since he was nearly killed by a nerve agent attack last year. He was seen on board a plane that left Berlin shortly after 14:30 GMT. Mr Navalny, 44, faces arrest on his return from Germany. Extra police have been deployed at the Vnukovo airport in Moscow.


  • Amid increasing calls for suspension of the use of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines produced by companies such as Pfizer, especially among elderly people, the situation in Norway has escalated significantly as the Scandi nation has now registered a total of 29 deaths among people over the age of 75 who’ve had their first COVID-19 vaccination shot. 55 people in the United States have died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, according to reports submitted to a federal system. Deaths have occurred among people receiving both the Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, according to the reports.


  • The US State Department just revealed that they have new information suggesting it could have emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). In a Friday statement, the state department announced that while they haven’t determined whether the COVID-19 pandemic “began through contact with infected animals or was the result of an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan, China,” the US government “has reason to believe that several researchers inside the WIV became sick in autumn 2019, before the first identified case of the outbreak, with symptoms consistent with both COVID-19 and common seasonal illnesses.”


  • Starting last August, 120 Germans received a form of universal basic income every month for three years. The experiment analyzes how a guarantee of money can reduce stress and help recipients plan for the future. The UBI also would provide retraining to help displaced workers start businesses, engage in creative pursuits or care for children or aging parents. The volunteers will get monthly payments of €1,200, or about $1,400. About 140,000 people have helped fund the study through donations. The concept of universal basic income has gained traction in recent years, and Finland tested a form of it in 2017. But the researchers behind that trial concluded that while it led to people out of work feeling happier, it did not lead to increased employment.


  • The world’s tallest statue – the Statue of Unity in India’s Gujarat state – stands at 182 metres tall. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that the Statue of Unity in India’s Kevadiya town in the western state of Gujarat will soon be more a popular tourist attraction than New York’s Statue of Liberty in terms of visitor numbers. β€œMore than 5 mln tourists visited the Statue of Unity in Gujarat since its inauguration in October 2018 until the time the pandemic struck. A survey has estimated that about 100,000 will visit Kevadiya daily to see the Statue of Unity,” the PM said. The statue was inaugurated by Modi in October 2018 and it’s located on the Narmada River facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam.


  • Members of the Church of Satan residing in the city of Poughkeepsie, New York mourned the destruction of the so called “Halloween House”, an iconic piece of property previously owned by Joe “Netherworld” Mendillo, a high-ranking member of the group who passed away last year. According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the building went up in flames Thursday, with local police saying that a surveillance tape shows an individual walking up to the structure early in the morning carrying two fuel cans, splashing a liquid on the porch, igniting it and running away; the two people who were inside the house during the fire managed to escape without injury. “Everybody’s in shock and everyone in the neighbourhood is worried. Whoever did this is going to be hexed by all of us,” said one of the members of the church who goes by the stage name Isis Vermouth.


  • Advisers for Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson have reportedly reached out to Molly Skye Brown, a former model who emerged as an occasional critic of Virginia Roberts Giuffre on social media, in a β€œdesperate” attempt to discredit the duke’s accuser, a report by the Mail on Sunday claims. Roberts Giuffre says that she was sex trafficked to Prince Andrew by Epstein on three occasions, the first time being in London 2001 before she turned 18. She cites the photo of them together, allegedly taken by Jeffrey Epstein on the occasion that also features his associate Ghislaine Maxwell in the background. The Duke denies these claims, suggesting that the viral pic showing his hand around the young Virginia’s waist could have been doctored. Brown, who was dubbed a ‘Twitter Troll’ by the Mail, is said to have published a series of tweets last year, calling Prince Andrew’s alleged victim a β€œthug” and suggesting that the image in question was faked.


  • NASA specialists carried out test firing of the Space Launch System (SLS) carrier missile engines Saturday. The event was livestreamed on the NASA website. Four engines, installed on a special stand inside the NASA testing facility, worked simultaneously for about one minute. The firing was expected to last about eight minutes. Despite the setback, NASA director Jim Bridenstine did not consider the test firing a failure, adding that the Agency specialists will determine the reason behind the unplanned behavior and will be able to eliminate it. SLS project manager John Honeycutt disclosed that the automatic system was triggered, shutting the engines down. According to Honeycutt, it is too early to tell whether it was a failure of equipment, sensors or software. In 2019, NASA announced the Artemis moon program, which will include three stages: an unmanned orbiter that will return back to Earth, a manned orbiter and a landing mission, which NASA expects to take place by 2024.


  • [War Without Rules] “And that war is waged against one single person…During the vote counting, Trump’s posts on Twitter, where he has over 85 million followers, were flagged as potentially misleading and later even hidden… The events in the Capitol resulted in the unprecedented and permanent suspension of Trump’s accounts in all social media – where he has a total of about 200 million followers… Whether Trump is good or bad, he is his country’s national, and, furthermore, an official who enjoys the trust of nearly half of the Americans… Thus, it turns out that several technological corporations located in California got an appetite for power and thought it possible to juggle with news and facts to suit their own political preferences… This is but a blatant censorship!” ~ Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev


  • Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has suggested plans for a far-reaching crackdown on his social media site in footage reportedly leaked by a company insider, implying the purge campaign would extend well beyond Joe Biden’s inauguration. In footage published by conservative muckraking outfit Project Veritas on Thursday, Dorsey hints at a major clampdown on Twitter in the coming months in the wake of President Donald Trump’s permanent suspension on the platform. β€œWe are focused on one account right now, but this is going to be bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go on beyond the inauguration,” Dorsey said in the video, apparently referring to Trump’s now-defunct Twitter handle.


  • At least 10,000 people marched through the streets of the Austrian capital on Saturday to protest coronavirus restrictions, calling on Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s government to resign as his administration recently spoke of extending the measures. Demonstrators in Vienna, many without masks, held signs that said “Kurz Must Go” and “Make Influenza Great Again.”


  • Kirbyjon Caldwell, a Texas megachurch pastor and former presidential spiritual adviser, was reportedly sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday. Caldwell pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in March after he and Gregory A. Smith, a Shreveport investment adviser, persuaded people to invest $3.5 million in historical Chinese bonds. Caldwell kept approximately $900,000 of the $3.5 million for himself, according to NBC DFW. The Chinese bonds were reportedly issued by the former Republic of China before the country fell to the communist government in 1949. The bonds are no longer recognized by China’s government and have no investment value. Prior to his conviction, Caldwell was a spiritual adviser to both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.


  • While former Army intelligence analyst Elba Barr deployed across the Middle East and Africa after 9/11 to track Al-Qaeda there is no question in her mind the most toxic and dangerous place was Karshi-Khanabad, or K2, a former Soviet airbase in Uzbekistan, a jumping-off point for classified missions into Afghanistan. “K2 was to me, a base that should’ve never been a base … hazards, signs everywhere of where your hazards were,” she said. The 41-year-old mother of two blames the four months she spent at K2 for her chronic reproductive health issues. Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller drafted an executive order that would open the door to medical help and financial relief for K2 veterans.
News Burst 18 January 2021

Conspiracy Theorists

Illuminati Card Game

News Burst 18 January 2021 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 18 January 2021 - Ice Pankakes

Ice Pankakes

Plummeting temperatures around Dunbeath Strath, UK, have already whipped up the recipe for a very unique and strange phenomenon β€” ice pancakes. Ice pancakes require very specific conditions to form and are most commonly found in the Baltic Sea and Canada. In Scotland, these specific conditions are rare β€” however, in recent years sightings of ice pancakes have been on the rise with observations on the River Dee, around the Brora area and along River Helmsdale. A Met Office spokesperson describes the phenomenon as a very β€œunique spectacle”. As detailed above, temperatures will continue to fall over the coming days and weeks, meaning more pancakes may be in the offing.

News Burst 18 January 2021 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 18 January 2021 - The Line

The Line

An ambitious urban development project involving the construction of a city with no roads where 1 million people would live has recently been unveiled by Saudi Arabia. The city design was presented by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman himself, who explained why he believes that a concept of a conventional city should be transformed β€œinto that of a futuristic one”. As per the project, known simply as The Line, the new city is going to be built along a 170-kilometer long stretch of land, resulting in the creation of what is essentially a chain of communities where residents would have easy access to the shops and services they require.

News Burst 18 January 2021 – Bonus Video

Italy – Val Palot

A ranger crosses a track on cross-country skis and notices the capercaillie. The animal, always difficult to meet, is very jealous of its territory.

News Burst 18 January 2021 – Bonus Video

Winters, CA 1/12/21

This is a Pleiadian Mothership. It is unusual to have a Mothership drop as low as this but it is done for Exploration and will soon Ascend to at least 50 to 100 miles up and the Crafts within will leave on separate assignments. When the Mothership signals, All Crafts will return as an opening is made, a ramp and Lights are provided and the inner wall of the Mothership will contain all Crafts. Neioh

News Burst 18 January 2021 – Bonus Video

Fargo, North Dakota – 9th January 2021

News Burst 18 January 2021 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

10.000 Β°C / 18,032 Β°F

Temperature inside a nuclear explosion fireball (energy re-radiated from atmosphere).


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News Burst Live Feed

When President Trump ordered airstrikes against Syria to strategically hamper their ability to attack our forces stationed there and in Iraq, pretty much every Democrat lawmaker and bureaucrat was screaming about legality and authority. #NewsBurstLive

Nelle ultime 24 ore in Europa e Medio Oriente, la prima #OndaSismica parte dall'Iran con un M4 poi altro M4 tra Italia e Libia e Algeria e Azzorre. La seconda onda ha invece riempito i punti intermedi di quella precedente con M3. M5 nel Nord Atlantico next?#NewsBurstLive

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News Burst 1 March 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 1 March 2021 – Live Feed

American Airlines passenger jet encountered an unidentified flying object (UFO) over northeastern New Mexico. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon around 1 pm CST. Steven Douglass published a recording on his blog Deep Black Horizon about a transmission by the pilot of flight 2292, which American Airlines confirmed.

News Burst 28 February 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 28 February 2021 – Live Feed

A group of nearly 70 β€˜believers’ gathered in Dublin in December to carry out an β€˜Exorcism of the Dail’ ritual while the country was under COVID lockdown.

News Burst 27 February 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 27 February 2021 – Live Feed

Cybersecurity researchers today unwrapped a new campaign aimed at spying on vulnerable Tibetan communities globally by deploying a malicious Firefox extension on target systems. Threat actors aligned with the Chinese Communist Party’s state interests delivered a customized malicious Mozilla Firefox browser extension that facilitated access and control of users’ Gmail accounts.

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