News Burst 17 January 2022 - Get The News!

News Burst 17 January 2022

News Burst 17 January 2022 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 17 January 2022 – Featured News

  • China and Russia are teaming up against NASA in the race to put a base on the Moon. America may have got to the Moon first, but now, with much more than simply bragging rights at stake, Beijing and Moscow are joining forces to gain the first lunar foothold of the 21st century. If it wasn’t clear already, the new space race is about not just who can reach the Moon, but who can dominate, exploit and utilize it. It is a question of who builds lunar telecommunications infrastructure, who gets its resources, who furthers their research, who makes it more accessible to humanity, who uses it first as a launchpad for missions deeper into space, and who gets the military edge from it. Only a decade or so ago this stuff might have still seemed like science fiction, but it is here, and things are only going to move faster. The coming decade will have huge implications for humanity. ~ Tom Fowdy


  • A tsunami warning has been issued for Japan’s entire east coast, as well as the southern Amami island and the Takara island chain. A tsunami triggered by the undersea volcanic eruption has already hit the Pacific nation of Tonga and prompted multiple other nations to issue warnings, including the United States and Japan. The eruption was so big it was seen from space. Residents were warned to evacuate from coastal and riverside areas and seek higher ground for the early hours of Sunday, January 16, with waves expected to reach as high as three meters. Some local media reported that tsunami waves had already reached the coast of Tohoku and Okinawa early Sunday.


  • The Greek prime minister has made a final appeal to the country’s senior citizens to get inoculated before monthly punishments for violating the country’s vaccination mandate kick in next week. Citizens aged over 60 will be fined €50 ($57) from Monday and €100 ($114) each month from February unless they get vaccinated. All proceeds will go to the country’s health system, Greek media said. People vaccinated abroad will be able to register their vaccination through a government website.


  • Africa has long fed the coffers of French industry, from defense to natural resources. Paris has traditionally considered itself to be a privileged partner of the continent, and particularly of its former colonies. When Macron took over the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union on January 1, 2022, he turned his sights straight to Africa. Macron said that he wants Europe to be “stronger in the world” and to “to build a new alliance, to rebuild our European Union-African Union partnership.” ~ Rachel Marsden


  • Thousands of Austrians took to the streets of Vienna to protest against an upcoming parliamentary vote to make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory, with demonstrators calling for the government to be replaced. Protesters accused Austria’s right-wing ruling party – the Austrian People’s Party (OVP) – of splitting the nation with its coronavirus policies.


  • A tsunami warning was put into effect for the US West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii on Saturday, after a volcano erupted in the South Pacific near the island of Tonga. “A tsunami is occurring,” the US National Weather Service announced, after tidal waves hit Tonga.


  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has condemned a hacking attempt on Ukraine that was said to have disrupted several government websites. He announced that the alliance would sign a cyber-security deal with Kiev within days. “NATO cyber-experts in Brussels have been exchanging information with their Ukrainian counterparts on the current malicious cyber-activities. Allied experts in-country are also supporting the Ukrainian authorities on the ground,” Stoltenberg said.


  • A day after Tonga was hit by giant waves following the eruption of a volcano in the ocean off its coast, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake has struck the island of Papua New Guinea, the US Geological Survey (USGS) has said. The epicenter of the quake was located in the autonomous Bougainville region, at a depth of 408 kilometers (253 miles), according to the agency. The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) also registered the quake, putting its magnitude at 5.8. There have so far been no reports either of casualties or significant damage. Papua New Guinea is located some 4,700 kilometers (2,920 miles) southeast of Tonga, which was hit by a tsunami on Saturday, after an offshore volcanic eruption.


  • NASA is currently working on a 2005 task outlined by the US Congress to catalogue and track an absolute majority of potentially dangerous NEOs – objects in space that come as close as 45 million kilometres to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. A group of NASA-funded scientists have finally determined that the Earth’s monitoring system, consisting of dozens of computerised telescopes, has a “blind spot” in the eastern portion of the sky during the night, according to their research published in the scientific journal Icarus.


  • Three whales, including a young calf, are free after a close call with a fishing net off Acapulco, Guerrero, on Thursday afternoon. A 911 call alerted authorities to the situation, and the marines arrived soon after to rescue them. When a citizen called to report whales trapped off Barra de Coyuca, north of the city center, emergency services forwarded the information to state Civil Protection.


  • Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Giuffre has vowed to destroy the the royal and leave him penniless, the Daily Mail has reported, citing a source close to her legal team. According to the insider, the mother of three was livid at the tactics employed by the royal’s legal team, which was described as “victim-blaming”. “Andrew has ruined himself through his arrogance. It is Virginia’s firm belief that Andrew should go to jail, but leaving him broke and destroyed may be enough”, the insider said. The statement comes as the Duke of York’s legal team has asked permission to interview under oath Mrs Giuffre’s psychologist Dr Judith Lightfoot as well as her husband Robert about the woman’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of the two. Prince Andrew’s lawyers believe the mother of three “may suffer from false memories.”


  • One of the oldest known Homo sapiens fossils may be more than 35,000 years older than previously thought, according to a study that used volcanic ash to date the find. Celine Vidal, a volcano expert at the University of Cambridge, said getting a more precise date meant analysing the thick layer of ash deposited above the fossils. “At the time that was nearly impossible since the ash was so fine, almost like flour,” she said. But thanks to more refined methods available today Vidal’s team was able to link that layer of ash to a major eruption of a volcano named Shala, Ethiopia.


  • Indonesia has reinstated its representative office in Kabul mainly to coordinate and monitor the distribution of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, while still holding off on diplomatic recognition of the Taliban as the legitimate government of the country. Following a high-stake citizen rescue mission in late August, the Indonesian mission to Afghanistan was temporarily moved to Islamabad, Pakistan.


  • South Korea – K-pop stars have “charmed the world”, the President Moon Jae-in said at Dubai’s Expo in the United Arab Emirates, the first leg of a trip that will also take him to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Moon talked up the Korean pop music, TV and film that has become wildly popular in many countries across the globe, including in nations in the Middle East. “(Koreans’) yearning for mutual happiness has fostered soft power just as strong as their economic might,” he said.


  • Sudan has revoked the licence of Al Jazeera Mubasher, part of the Qatar-based network, accusing it of “unprofessional” TV coverage of anti-coup protests, the channel said Sunday. “The Sudanese authorities announce they revoked the accreditation of Al Jazeera Mubasher and barred its team from working in Sudan,” tweeted the news channel. Sudan has been gripped by political turmoil since top military leader General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan launched a coup on October 25. The military power grab triggered mass protests by pro-democracy movements demanding civilian rule that has met with a deadly crackdown. Al Jazeera has given prominent coverage to the demonstrations.


  • An estimated 18 to 19 million motorists per year are passing through toll plazas without paying, generating losses of over 1.5 billion pesos (US $73.9 million) for highway concessionaires. The newspaper El Universal, which cited those figures in a report published Thursday, said the avoidance of paying tolls is encouraged by members of associations that dedicate themselves to the illegal occupation of toll plazas, a relatively common practice in Mexico.
News Burst 17 January 2022

News Burst 17 January 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 17 January 2022 - Hunga Tonga - November 17 2021
News Burst 17 January 2022 - Hunga Tonga - January 15 2022
News Burst 17 January 2022 - Hunga Tonga - January 7 2022

​Hunga Tonga and Hunga Ha’apai Volcano

The small islands of Hunga Tonga and Hunga Ha’apai cap a large seamount located about 30 km SSE of Falcon Island, approximately 65 km NW of Vuna Wharf, Nuku’alofa, and 70 km SW of Nomuka Island.

Recent satellite images show dramatic and significant morphological changes in the volcano’s shape during the recent activity. Judging from the latest image after today’s massive eruption (16 January) and comparing to previous images from 17 November and 7 January, it seems that most of the island is destroyed.

Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Wellington warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 60000 ft (18300 m) altitude or flight level 600.

News Burst 17 January 2022 – Bonus IMG

Altai Mountains

​Altai Mountains

This is a presumably 2300 years old boot preserved in the frozen ground of the Altai Mountains that actually has magnetic plates incorporated into it’s soles.

The purpose of this was to keep in touch with the earth and its magnetic field, aka to stay grounded.

People back in the day knew true health benefits of being connected to earth. For comparison in todays time, we walk on rubber soles, and concrete floors, which prevents us from earthing. ~ @awakenspecies

News Burst 17 January 2022 – Bonus Video

400km Alien Maze Structure On Saturn Moon Titan

News Burst 17 January 2022 – Bonus Video

Ft Mill, South Carolina, 9-24-2021

News Burst 17 January 2022 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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