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News Burst 16 August 2022 - Get The News!

News Burst 16 August 2022

News Burst 16 August 2022 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 16 August 2022 – Featured News

  • Apple has given Russian video-hosting platform Rutube two weeks to hide content produced by the country’s state-linked media from global users in its iOS app, the Moscow-based service said. “Apple is proposing to solve the moderation problem with two steps: make the app accessible only for Russian users, or remove the content by ‘state-sponsored media,’” Rutube said in a statement to Russian news agency TASS on Monday. Rutube said that Apple had threatened to delete the app from AppStore unless it complies. The company noted that it has already barred access to the app from all countries except for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. “Rutube doesn’t plan to place restrictions on the Russian media because it violates the rights of the Russian-speaking population,” the company said.


  • Washington has approached New Delhi with queries about Russian oil products that were allegedly shipped to the US from India, Reuters reported on Saturday, citing Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor Michael Patra. According to Patra, the US Treasury informed the country’s authorities that an Indian vessel allegedly picked up oil from a Russian tanker on the high seas and delivered it to a port in the state of Gujarat on the country’s west coast, where the oil was processed and then shipped to New York. “You know that there are sanctions against people who are buying Russian oil, and this was reported to us by the US Treasury… It turns out, an Indian ship met a Russian tanker in mid-seas, picked up oil in the mid-seas, came to a port in Gujarat, it was processed in that port and converted into a distillate which actually goes into making single-use plastic. The refined output was put back on that ship and it set sail without a destination. In the mid-seas it received the destination so it reached its course, went to New York,” Patra said at an event in Odisha celebrating 75 years of Indian independence.


  • Former Afghan security personnel with “sensitive knowledge of US operations” left behind following the withdrawal of American forces from the country are vulnerable to recruitment and coercion by Russia, China, and Iran, Republican lawmakers said in an unreleased interim report, as cited by Reuters on Sunday. “This is especially true given reports that some former Afghan military personnel have fled to Iran,” Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee wrote on the first anniversary of the seizure of Kabul by the Taliban. The militants captured the Afghan capital with little to no resistance in August 2021, during the final stage of the withdrawal of US forces. The fall of Kabul prompted hectic evacuations by Western countries of their nationals and Afghan helpers. A committee aide told the Washington Post that around 3,000 Afghan security personnel crossed into Iran, taking their equipment and vehicles with them. “We believe this happened because they were not evacuated by the US or our allies, and therefore had no other option,” the aide said.


  • The CEO of Pfizer has tested positive for Covid-19, he revealed in a series of tweets on Monday. The drug giant’s chief executive added that he was taking his company’s antiviral, Paxlovid, slipping in some free advertising for the pricey new pill. “We have come so far in our efforts to battle this disease that I am confident I will have a speedy recovery,” Albert Bourla tweeted, praising his employees for their efforts. While Paxlovid was approved last month on an emergency-use basis to treat vaccinated individuals with Covid-19 symptoms, Pfizer’s own data warns its abilities in fighting the virus in vaccinated patients are negligible at best.


  • [ Read Critically] Climate science professor Dann Mitchell of the University of Bristol argued that climate change would naturally lead to more sun exposure for people living in the UK and other northern regions, since people tend to go outside more when temperatures are warm. While admitting that any relationship between heat and cancer is necessarily indirect – “we cannot say a specific heatwave caused a specific cancer” – the academic nevertheless argued that one could “link the increased risk of cancer to the integration of many warmer days, with these warmer days made more likely due to human-induced climate change.” More research was needed, he noted.


  • The vast majority of UK companies have suffered from Western sanctions imposed on Russia this year in response to the conflict in Ukraine, the Daily Mail reported on Monday, citing a survey by insurance agency Mactavish. According to the survey, 71% of British businesses had assets that have been directly affected by the restrictions imposed on Moscow by the UK and other Western governments. Nearly half of these firms reported cost increases and disruptions in production linked with the measures, while 44% said they had lost suppliers and 42% suffered personnel problems. The financial sector was hit the hardest, with 92% of companies working in the industry reporting various problems due to exposure to assets and funds located in Russia. Also, 84% of companies in the aviation industry reported losses because aircraft they had leased to Russian airlines have not been returned owing to Moscow’s counter-sanctions.


  • Former President Donald Trump got a 10-point boost over his nearest Republican competitor Ron DeSantis in a hypothetical 2024 contest following the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll. “A large part of former President Trump’s popularity with his supporters is that he fights back against the establishment, whether it be the ‘swamp’ in Washington, DC, or the political party elites,” says Timothy Hagle, a political science professor at the University of Iowa. 58 percent of Republican voters said they would vote for the former president if the 2024 Republican presidential primary were today. The share of support is visibly up from 54% in July and 53% in June, according to the pollsters. Likewise, a whopping 71% of GOP voters insist that Trump should run for president in 2024. Moreover, 72% of Republicans said they disagreed with the Mar-a-Lago raid.


  • A new study conducted by researchers from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology along with their colleagues from Uruguay, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Britain and Argentina suggests that mechanisms responsible for sexual reproduction may have emerged about a billion years before sexual reproduction itself became a thing, according to Haaretz. In their study published in Nature Communications last month, the researchers note how fusion proteins similar to those found in eukaryotes and some viruses, and akin to those that fuse sperm and egg cells together, appear similar in structure to a fusion protein called Fusexin1 found in some single-celled organisms known as archaea.


  • A dark money group called the Resources Legacy Fund (RLF) that was awarded grant money by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation provided funds to a law firm linked to “climate nuisance lawsuits” across the United States, Fox News reports, citing findings made by the watchdog group Government Accountability & Oversight (GAO). According to the media outlet, GAO managed to obtain emails that were exchanged between major philanthropist Dan Emmett and Ann Carlson, a climate professor at UCLA, in 2017 when they were working with a law firm called Sher Edling to raise money for the firm’s efforts to sue oil companies on behalf of state and local governments. In their correspondence, Emmett and Carlson mention how Sher Edling’s director of strategic client relationships Chuck Savitt received help from Terry Tamminen in the latter’s capacity (at the time) as CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.


  • Former US President Donald Trump on Monday said the FBI took his passports during a recent raid at his residence in the state of Florida.
    “Wow! In the raid by the FBI of Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three Passports (one expired), along with everything else,” Trump said in a message on his social media site, Truth Social. He compared such behavior with an assault on a political opponent at a “level never seen before” in the US. “Third World!” he added. Trump issued a statement on Friday denying he kept sensitive documents at his residence and emphasized that all of the materials were declassified and securely stored. The former US leader repeatedly condemned the raid, saying that the US justice system was being used as a weapon against him and the government could have simply asked for the documents.


  • The United Nations would like to see Afghanistan’s reserves in the amount of $7 billion in the United States returned back to the country, Humanitarian Coordinator for Afghanistan Ramiz Alakbarov said on Monday. “We need to have these assets returned to Afghanistan,” Alakbarov said. “I know that there are negotiations which are going on about those returns, and I know that the proposals have been made on the specific conditions of how, for instance, the private sector assets to be returned. So, flexibility needs to be exercised on both sides.” Alabakov noted that the United Nations is not part of the negotiations about returning the funds to Afghanistan nor is aware about the details of the talks, he added.


  • A lawsuit has been filed against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo for illegally spying on attorneys and journalists who visited with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange when he was at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, court documents showed on Monday.
    “Each of the named plaintiffs, and hundreds of others, visited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange while he was living under political asylum at the Embassy of the government of Ecuador in London, United Kingdom,” the complaint said. “Prior to their visits each visitor was required to surrender his or her electronic devices, e.g. smartphones, laptops etc. to employees of Defendant Undercover Global (UC Global).”


  • The World Health Organization does not see an immediate need for mass vaccination against monkeypox, WHO technical lead on the issue Rosamund Lewis said on Monday. “Mass vaccination is not recommended for monkeypox response. There is no reason to support that at the moment, and it is not looking like it is going to change in the immediate future,” Lewis said in a virtual conversation with The Washington Post. She underscored the need to prioritize vaccine distribution and other countermeasures, along with access to testing. “We need to prioritize based on public health needs. The same goals for the global level and for the national level,” she added.


  • A team of scientists has discovered a likely explanation for why one may feel exhausted after engaging in intense cognitive work. In their study, published in the Current Biology last week, the researchers argue that intense cognitive work, when it lasts for several hours, results in the buildup of potentially toxic byproducts in the prefrontal cortex part of the human brain, which then affects a person’s behavior. “Influential theories suggested that fatigue is a sort of illusion cooked up by the brain to make us stop whatever we are doing and turn to a more gratifying activity,” Mathias Pessiglione of Pitié-Salpêtrière University in Paris, said as quoted in a news release by Cell Press. “But our findings show that cognitive work results in a true functional alteration—accumulation of noxious substances—so fatigue would indeed be a signal that makes us stop working but for a different purpose: to preserve the integrity of brain functioning.”


  • Kenya was a late addition to the British colonial map in 1920. Between 1952 and 1960, Britain fought a war in Kenya against the Mau Mau, a movement that fought for independence from colonialism, but was suppressed. Failed attempts to expose alleged atrocities committed by colonial forces in Kenya during the Mau Mau uprising between 1952 and 1960 forced a former British police commissioner to quit, a new documentary has revealed. The documentary, titled ‘A Very British Way of Torture’, sheds light on the violence that unfolded as Britain fought a war against the rebellious Mau Mau movement in Kenya, a latecomer to its colonial map in 1920. Evidence proving abuses such as systematic torture, murder, rape and forced castration at detention camps used to suppress the independence movement brutally was concealed for decades, the documentary states. However, fresh proof was pieced together using survivor testimony and expert analysis by a team of British and Kenyan historians. The team also revealed that they were able to get access to a secret archive, hidden at a facility used by MI5 and MI6, and lending further credibility to the allegations.


  • The 15 August marks the first anniversary of the Taliban movement taking control of Afghanistan, after the US-backed president, Ashraf Ghani, fled the country. The Taliban returned to power in the wake of a chaotic withdrawal by US and coalition forces after nearly two decades of military presence in the war-ravaged country.


  • According to a report by the Society for Planetary SETI Research there are strange constructions on the moon’s far side that may have been constructed by extraterrestrials and are not of human origin. With a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics, Dr. John Brandenburg worked on NASA’s Clementine Moon mission, which discovered bases on the moon in addition to the water in its poles in 1994. A “mile wide recto-linear building” that was “unmistakably constructed” and that “shouldn’t be there,” according to his description, was what he observed. Dr. Brandenburg expressed “huge anxiety” as a member of the space defense group since “it isn’t ours, there is no way we could have created such a device. It implies that someone else is present. Dr. Brandenburg was instructed “not to meddle” with “an elite department team with the highest security clearance” that was analyzing the lunar imaging data once the Clementine mission was complete.
News Burst 16 August 2022

News Burst 16 August 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 16 August 2022 - Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason

In the space of five years, they went from legalizing gay marriage to convincing half of the West that prepubescent children should be allowed to undergo irreversible, experimental sex-change therapy and surgery, without parental consent. This proves that with power and constant propaganda pressure you can force the masses to accept almost anything, even that which is far Beyond Reason. ~ awakenedspecies

News Burst 16 August 2022 – Bonus Video

Hide and Seek

News Burst 16 August 2022 – Bonus Video


A huge convoy of German farmers, about 400 tractors, went to the German Ministry of Agriculture in Bonn today to protest the EU’s climate policy.

News Burst 16 August 2022 – Bonus Video

Michio Kaku

“We’ll Make Contact with Aliens in This Century”

News Burst 16 August 2022 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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