News Burst 15 September 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 15 September 2020

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 15 September 2020 Duke of York Interview

​100th Birthday Celebrations

Prince Andrew ‘is airbrushed out of Prince Philip’s 100th birthday celebrations’: Scandal-hit royal ‘won’t be invited to major events and won’t feature in photo exhibition’. Prince Andrew is reportedly not being invited to major events for the birthday next June and the organisers of a celebratory royal photo exhibition have allegedly been to exclude pictures of him.

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 15 September 2020 Wild Boar

 Wild Boars

China bans german pork as African Swine Fever (ASF) infects first Wild Boar. Friday (Sept. 11), the China’s General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said: “All pigs, wild boars, and their products from Germany shipped from the date of this announcement shall be returned or destroyed.”
Germany’s Food and Agriculture Ministry has been notified about the trade halt. German officials have been in talks with their Chinese counterparts this weekend, in attempt to resolve the matter. Reuters notes the ban comes “two days before Chinese President Xi Jinping attends a meeting via video link with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Union leaders.”

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 15 September 2020 Spain Okupas


Adverse possession, better known as squatting (okupas), just keeps rising in Spain, partly due to the economic crisis brought on by Covid-19. For many, squatting is a desperate last resort. For others, it’s a lifestyle choice or political statement. Barcelona, ground zero of the phenomenon, attracts squatters from all over Europe. It’s a symptom of plain simple inequality exacerbated by globalism.

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 15 September 2020 Voting Machines

 Voting Machines

The United States is home to some of the world’s biggest and most influential technology companies, and yet, when it comes to voting technology, the nation often relies on remarkably low-tech solutions. Electronic voting machines have frequently been the target of computer science researchers, who would tear the machines apart and point out their many security flaws.

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 15 September 2020 Screening Check Singapore

Data Leviathan

“Mitigation is the new suppression. Where weeks ago many Western governments deemed it enough to isolate those with Covid-19, now they are closing down societies and producing scenes that few in the BC (Before Coronavirus) era imagined would ever be seen outside of films. Factories and offices are shuttered, stadiums and cinemas gather dust, trains and buses run empty or not at all. The streets of the world’s major cities now exist in a permanent dawn-state, silent but for the occasional car, delivery van, solitary pedestrian or jogger. The police break up groups in parks and stop people to demand a reason why they have left home. Emergency measures tend not to be abolished after the emergency ends. The rise of the Bio-Surveillance State.”

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus Video

Kabamur Taygeta

Lille, France – September 13, 2020

It’s happening all around the world.

Pleiadian Fleets are revealing themselves in ways that allow for an ‘escape hatch’ for those not ready… a safe space. The balloon-lantern-drone excuses are already wearing thin.

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus Video

Estacada, Oregon

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus Video

Astra Space Fireworks

Alameda-based rocketry startup Astra Space treated the world to a fireworks display in a remote part of Alaska Saturday night when the company’s 38-foot-tall rocket prototype failed to reach orbit during its first test launch.
Elon Musk, not exactly known for his tact, or compassion toward rivals, congratulated Astra on the attempt.

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Bonus Video

Prehistoric Beasts

Australia North Queensland – A huge saltwater crocodile speeding along the Bloomfield River north of Cairns on Monday, diving under and resurfacing repeatedly as it races up the river.

News Burst 15 September 2020 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

DNit Telegram Channel

News Burst Live Feed

4 Nigerians and 1 Cameroonian, between 22 and 29 years, alongside a popular #Nigerian #pornstar were charged and jailed by local authorities for recording an adult movie at the #OsunOsogbo Sacred Grove a #UNESCO World Heritage Site and publishing the content online #NewsBurstLive

This looks very much like a "Subtropical Cyclone" in the Mediterranean!! We'll friendly call him #TropicalCyclone #Ciro. Winds are between 60-70 kts, moving #NE toward Greece. #NewsBurstLive #CicloneTropicaleCiro 🇮🇹

Northern #Uganda town of #Moroto - "There has been a break out from the Prison... ~220 inmates overpowering staff and accessing the armory where there were 15 rifles. They are on the loose now. Heavy exchange of fire ensued. They have run towards Mt Moroto [pic]." #NewsBurstLive

#SolarCycle25 has begun. During a media event on Tuesday, experts from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) discussed their analysis and predictions... #NewsBurstLive

Last 24 hours in Europe, the seismic wave i spreading nearly everywhere. Italy has been struck by a swarm of M2s. We said Cyrpys and it was Turkey, not far; we said W Iran it was Causasus, not far... #NewsBurstLive

[#Monolpoly] Facebook stock suddenly tumbled just after 2:52pm following a Kim Kardazzian North West, but more South, bashed Facebook, told her 66.7 million twitter followers that she was "freezing" her Instagram and FB account #whoCares? #NewsBurstLive

Powerful M6.4 deep #earthquake in the Kamchatka Peninsula at 329 km. The area is crowded of volcanoes,, #Scheveluch being the most active. Guessing hi M5/M6 in the mid part of Aleutian Islands? #NewsBurstLive

#HurricaneSally seems it does not want to kick start, the water below is hot enough there is a low pressure so the "vapors" are going up but it does not spin... #NewsBurstLive

The government of #India on Monday banned the export of all varieties of #onions with immediate effect, a move aimed at increasing availability and checking price of the commodity in the domestic market. #NewsBurstLive

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News Burst 25 May 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 25 May 2020 – Live Feed

Authorities say a third of Islamic State fighters who left Germany for Syria have since returned. Germany is taking a “holistic approach” in dealing with ex-jihadi fighters, including deradicalization and reintegration.

News Burst 24 May 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 24 May 2020 – Live Feed

Scientists are hailing it as the best-preserved dinosaur specimen ever discovered. That’s why you cannot see its bones – they remain covered by intact skin and armor. Found accidentally by miners in Canada, this fossilized nodosaur is more than 110 million years old, yet patterns are still visible on the skin. According to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Alberta, Canada, which recently unveiled the find, the dinosaur is so well-preserved that instead of a ‘fossil’, we could safely call it a ‘dinosaur mummy.’

News Burst 23 May 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 23 May 2020 – Live Feed

The weather forecaster missed completely the forecast, now they can luckily blame the AI models for their incompetence. The Tropical Cyclone Mangga never become so, probably it did not even rain… – CCTV footage showing the exact moment the PIA passenger plane went down near Jinnah International Airport.

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