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News Burst 15 August 2022 - Get The News!

News Burst 15 August 2022

News Burst 15 August 2022 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 15 August 2022 – Featured News

  • A third of England’s state-run maternity hospitals have adopted terms such as ‘birthing people’ or ‘pregnant people’, in addition to or in place of ‘mother’ or ‘pregnant woman’, according to the Daily Mail. “Such de-gendered language is promoted by powerful and influential LGBTQ organizations.” The British newspaper submitted Freedom of Information Act requests to the 124 NHS hospitals in England with maternity units, and found that 42 of them have adopted this language. Only 29 still exclusively use the words ‘women’ or ‘mother’ to talk about pregnancy, while 15 are considering giving their literature a woke makeover. Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals told the Mail that they combine gendered and woke terms in the phrase “women and birthing people,” in a bid to “be as inclusive and representative as possible.” However, they could not say whether a single one of their patients has ever identified as anything except a woman.


  • Instagram and Facebook apps track what people do when browsing third-party websites without their consent, privacy researcher Felix Krause has warned. Krause, a former Google engineer, wrote on a blogpost on Wednesday that the iOS app injects codes into every website shown and uses “a custom in-app browser” instead of the built-in Safari to monitor users’ activity. The app does so “without the consent from the user, nor the website provider,” Krause wrote. The researcher said that he could not determine the exact data Instagram is tracking but stressed that such in-app browsers allow everything a user does on a website to be tracked, including “every tap” and “scrolling behavior.” He added that such browsers could be exploited to steal sensitive data, such as home addresses. In a statement to The Guardian on Thursday, Instagram’s parent company Meta said that injecting a tracking code was in accordance with users’ preferences on whether or not they allowed apps to follow them.


  • Rising prices on fuel and fertilizers in the US in tandem with extreme weather conditions could lead to a shortage of tomatoes, thus sending prices on tomato sauces even higher, Bloomberg reported on Saturday, citing producers. According to the report, a drought-induced water shortage is affecting production in the state of California, the region responsible for a quarter of the world’s output of processing tomatoes. This is the variety used in the commercial production of the most popular tomato sauces, including ketchup. The prices of tomato sauce and ketchup have already significantly outpaced what is already the highest inflation in four decades in the US. Tomato paste prices at Ingomar, a supplier of processed tomatoes to some of the largest US food brands, are currently 80% higher than last year.


  • Ukraine will adopt a law legalizing firearms in the near future, Internal Affairs Minister Denis Monastirsky told local media on Saturday. According to Monastirsky, the Ukrainian parliament may allow citizens to buy handguns and other weapons to protect their homes. While stating that he believes people should be able to do so, he said the Internal Affairs Ministry is against granting people the right to carry guns in public.


  • US President Joe Biden is using the conflict in Ukraine to engineer “regime change in Russia” and feed the military-industrial complex, former US representative and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard told Fox News viewers on Friday. Meanwhile, America’s European allies are paying the price as Biden builds his “New World Order.” The former Congresswoman from Hawaii issued a scathing condemnation of the Biden administration’s anti-Russia sanctions, which she said have only hurt the US and Europe while Russia rakes in record energy profits.


  • Ukrainian diplomatic personnel were involved in a traffic accident in Vienna, in which the driver attempted to flee the scene and refused to be tested for alcohol by police. Austrian police said that a car crashed into a vehicle at a red stop light in central Vienna on Friday. Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung cited sources as saying the car that caused the accident was driven by “high-ranking diplomats from the Ukrainian embassy,” crashing “at full speed” into a vehicle with four German tourists. The driver declined to take a breathalyzer test, while one of the two passengers tested positive for alcohol. However, police cited witnesses as saying that the driver had swapped places with the passenger after the crash.


  • A delegation of US lawmakers arrived in Taiwan on Sunday, led by Democratic Senator Ed Markey and Representatives Alan Lowenthal, Don Beyer and Aumua Amata. The American Institute in Taiwan – the US’ de facto embassy on the island, indicated that the trip was part of the lawmakers’ broader trip to Asia, with Markey and his colleagues expected to discuss US-Taiwan ties, security, trade and investment, global supply chains, climate, and other matters. Taiwan’s TVBS News captured footage of the military plane carrying the lawmakers touching down, and indicated that the delegation will meet with President Tsai Ing-wen, Foreign Minister Joseph Woo and other senior officials. The lawmakers were carried by a United States Air Force Boeing C-40 Clipper, and traveled to Taiwan from an airport west of Tokyo, Japan, according to flight tracking services.


  • The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said earlier this week that several states including Madhya Pradesh, will be battered by heavy rains for days. A crocodile wandered into a residential colony in Madhya Pradesh, India, as the state witnessed heavy rainfall on Sunday. According to Ajay Bhargava, subdivisional police officer, the eight-foot-long crocodile was spotted near a bus station in the early morning. A rescue team from Madhav National Park was dispatched to the area, and it took them an hour to capture the “lost” reptile, who was then released in Sakhya Sagar Lake, which is part of the park.


  • Reports of a loud noise over Utah that reportedly shook some homes first circulated at about 8:30am on Saturday morning. Utah Governor Spencer Cox went on Twitter to confirm it was not related to any seismic activity or the state’s military installations. A loud “boom” that echoed across areas of northern Utah was probably a meteor, US National Weather Service officials said on Saturday. Reports of the loud noise first flooded in at about 8:30am, with people from Orem to southern Idaho speculating online about its origins, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. The noise, captured on security cameras, is described as having shaken some homes.


  • A new pilot clinical trial conducted in India and Iran resulted in 20 individuals who had formerly suffered from diseased corneas, having their sight restored. Following the trial, which involved the transplantation of bio-engineered corneal tissue, 14 of the participants who were blind before the procedure exhibited “final mean best-corrected vision (spectacle or contact lens) of 20/36 and restored tolerance to contact lens wear”, the researchers write in their study published in Nature Biotechnology. As ScienceAlert points out, although about 12.7 million people in the world suffer vision loss because of problems with the cornea, only 1 in 70 receive a transplant because of the shortage of donated corneal tissue. This situation, however, may improve thanks to the material produced by the research team, called bio-engineered porcine construct, double crosslinked (BPCDX) and produced via purification of collagen from pig skin.


  • Family members of a nine-year-old Dalit boy from India’s Rajasthan state, have alleged that the child who died at a hospital in Ahmedabad on Saturday, was beaten by a teacher for drinking water from a pot meant for upper caste people. The boy sustained serious injuries on the face and ears from the accused teacher, Chail Singh (40), who has now been arrested, police said on Sunday.


  • US President Joe Biden may not have formally announced his 2024 White House bid, but several House Democrats who are running for reelection this year have either refused to back him as a potential candidate or refrained from offering a definite answer when asked. Reps. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), set to face off in the 12th Congressional District member-on-member primary in New York on August 23, have offered “conflicting” responses on whether Joe Biden should run for reelection, The New York Times has revealed.


  • Sweden could start producing weapons for the Kiev regime as Russia continues its special operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist told Swedish broadcaster SVT. “This isn’t something that I would rule out, but it’s too early to say,” Hultqvist said, adding that no final decision on the matter has been made. According to the Defense Minister, western nations are gearing up for a long Ukraine conflict. Therefore, Hultqvist weighed in on the intentions of the US, EU and other western countries to prop up the Kiev regime with military training, mine clearance, and weapons production.


  • Freya the Walrus stole hearts as she navigated her way through people’s boats in Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway. However, what started off as a lovely viral story seems to have a truly heart-wrenching ending. Following warnings to the public to stay away from Freya the Walrus or else she might end up being put down, Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries on Sunday announced sad news: the animal was euthanized because people failed to listen to the warnings. “People went too close to the animal, some lifted up their children to take selfies. There were also cases where kids threw stones and sticks at her. The situation was unclear,” fisheries director Frank Bakke-Jensen told VG. The difficult decision was made “on the base of a global evaluation of the persistent threat to human security,” as it was difficult to move the walrus, according to an official statement from the Fisheries Directorate.
News Burst 15 August 2022

News Burst 15 August 2022 – Bonus IMG

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​The Largest Baobab In Madagascar

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An aerial view of the Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok

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