News Burst 15 April 2020

News Burst 15 April 2020

News Burst 15 April 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 15 April 2020

  • News Corp says acquitted cardinal faces new claims over alleged incident in the 1970s when he was a priest in Ballarat. Cardinal George Pell is being investigated by police over a new allegation of child sexual abuse, according to News Corp reports. Pell was released from jail last Tuesday after the high court acquitted him on five historical child sexual abuse charges. Pell, 78, spent more than 400 days in jail after being convicted by a jury in December 2018. The high court acquitted Pell after finding the jury should have held a reasonable doubt as to his guilt.


  • Guides who offer tours of Chernobyl have warned that wildfires close to the former nuclear power station are out of control and have accused Ukrainian authorities of concealing the scale of the problem, which they said now threatens to destroy many of the sites in the area. Firefighters have been struggling for 10 days to extinguish several fires burning inside the 18-mile “Exclusion Zone” that surrounds the station, which was the scene of the world’s worst nuclear accident in 1986. The fires are the largest ever to hit the area according to locals, and despite the deployment of hundreds more firefighters this week they have continued to grow. On Monday, Yaroslav Yemelianenko, the head of the Association of Chernobyl Tour Operators, said the fires were now only a kilometer from the station itself and around 2 kilometers from a site containing radioactive waste. He said the fires had also approached Pripyat, the famous ghost city built for the power station, abandoned since its entire population was evacuated following the accident.


  • A World Health Organization official said Monday that she suspected human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus “right from the start,” beginning on Dec. 31, 2019. But WHO officials echoed Chinese authorities and denied any suggestion of human-to-human transmission for weeks after Dec. 31. Chinese doctors, meanwhile, were reported to have known for weeks prior that the virus could be transmitted between humans. “Right from the start, from the first notification we received on the 31st of December, given that this was a cluster of pneumonia — I’m a MERS specialist, so my background is in coronaviruses and influenza — so immediately thought, given that this is a respiratory pathogen, that of course there may be human-to-human transmission,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said in a press briefing Monday. Despite Van Kerkhove’s apparent suspicions, the WHO repeated Chinese authorities’ downplaying the possibility that the virus could spread between people. The WHO repeatedly stated in early and mid-January that Wuhan healthcare workers weren’t becoming infected with coronavirus — a key indicator of human-to-human transmission. Yet Wuhan doctor Lu Xiaohong told China Youth Daily that by Christmas she had already heard of doctors becoming infected with the virus. The Wall Street Journal similarly reported that Chinese doctors were aware of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19 since late December, though Chinese authorities censored those who spoke out. Additionally, a study by The Lancet found that by Jan. 2, only 27 of 41 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus patients had connections to the Huanan seafood market thought to have been the source of the outbreak. But a Jan. 12 WHO press release said: “Based on the preliminary information from the Chinese investigation team, no evidence of significant human-to-human transmission and no health care worker infections have been reported.” “At this stage, there is no infection among healthcare workers, and no clear evidence of human to human transmission,” it continued. That press release came one day after, Li Wenliang, the Wuhan doctor who authorities punished for warning the public about the virus, came down with the virus.


  • A plan to clear 35,000kg of rubbish from Everest and five other Himalayan peaks has been slammed by some of Nepal’s leading mountaineers. The government says the army will be used for the task, which will cost 860 million Nepali rupees ($7.5m; £5.7m). Last year, they managed to clear about 10,000kg of waste from the region. But Kami Rita Sherpa – who has scaled the world’s highest mountain a record 24 times – says they do not have the skills to reach the highest points. “They collected garbage from lower altitudes,” Sherpa told BBC Nepali, adding: “They should mobilise Sherpas to clean up garbage from higher elevations. “Only Sherpa guides and porters can do that. They should be given proper compensation to clean up the mountains.” The six peaks – Everest, Lhotse, Pumori, Amadablam, Makalu and Dhaulagiri – attract climbers from around the world each year, who often abandon oxygen and cooking gas cylinders, climbing gear and other rubbish like food wrappers, cans and bottles in their attempts to reach the summits. But the climbs are not without danger, and numerous people die each year – Everest saw 11 deaths in 2019. Many of the bodies are left on the mountains, so need to be brought down as part of the clean up. But it is particularly difficult to bring items down from the higher reaches. In some cases, bodies and rubbish have lain for decades in the snow and ice. “Climbing Sherpas are the right people to clean up the peaks,” Purba Tashi Sherpa, who’s scaled Everest 21 times, said. “The government should keep that in mind.” Nepali Army spokesman Bigyan Dev Pandey said he was confident his team would be able to reach the upper areas during this year’s clean up, which ends on 5 June.


  • World’s prestigious multiple stage bicycle race, 2020 Tour de France, may be postponed indefinitely over the ongoing global spread of the novel coronavirus, French daily L’Equipe reported on Tuesday. This year’s race, which consists of 21 day-long stages over the course of 23 days, has been initially scheduled to run between June 27 and July 19. According to the daily, the postponement of the 3,470-kilometer cycling tournament may be enforced due to the decision of French authorities to temporarily ban all mass events on the territory of the country over the COVID-19 pandemic. Another cycling multiple-stage Grand Tour, the 2020 Giro d’Italia, which was scheduled for May 9-31, was postponed indefinitely on March 13.


  • A maxi-amnesty for 90,000 prisoners was approved Monday night in the Turkish Parliament to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus in overcrowded prisons. The measure releases or places on house arrest nearly a third of the total number of prisoners, but excludes opponents of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


  • The Thai has done a swift U-turn on last week’s plans to purchase tablets (iPads and the like, not medicines) for Thailand’s students for home learning during the Covid-19 crisis. The Thai Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan says his ministry will now focus on maximising existing resources and “not invest money buying new equipment unnecessarily”. “We will ask for digital TV channels from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission for teaching via Digital Learning Television,” according to Bangkok Post. The idea of buying computers and tablets for students first came from former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra back in 2005. But the Education Ministry has tried, and failed, before to introduce publicly funded digital tools for students with either the proposed budgets blowing out or caving in under criticism from the public over the waste of public money. The proposed “One Tablet per Child” program was ditched by the newly installed military government shortly after it came to power in 2014. 4 billion baht had been allocated for the program.


  • The Navy with the assistance of residents of Gintota, Sri Lanka, carefully captured a crocodile and handed over it to the Department of Wildlife Conservation (12th April 2020). This freshwater giant, strangled in a net, had arrived in to Gintota area. The crocodile, which is nearly 10 feet in length, has been spotted in the area for several days. Meanwhile, the residents had informed the naval personnel at the Gintota roadblock about this stranger. Subsequently, with the assistance of people in the area measures were taken to prevent the animal sneaking into the village, after the Wildlife Department was informed about this creature by Southern Naval Command. After having captured the crocodile, it was released to the Bundala National Park by Wildlife Department.


  • Sri Lanka’s Minister of Foreign Relations, Skills Development, Employment and Labour Relations, Dinesh Gunawardena referring to approximately over 1 million Sri Lankan migrant workers, who are employed largely in the Middle East, South East Asia, East Asia, Europe, and Africa regions stated that the interests of these Sri Lankans need to be looked into. Minister Gunawardena said that measures taken by the host countries in these regions to curb the spread of the Coronavirus has adversely affected the migrant workers and instructed senior officials to explore solutions to these implications. The Foreign Minister also said that the Government of Sri Lanka would take every possible step to assist and safeguard the rights and wellbeing of Sri Lankan migrant workers all over the world.


  • Mexico’s government is calling on the nation’s men to pick up a mop, do some laundry and take on more household responsibilities while they are staying home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Four female officials spoke out at Mexico’s daily Covid-19 briefing on Thursday to remind people that women do almost three times more housework and family care than men do. That inequity could be remedied while families are being asked by the government to practise social distancing by staying at home, they said.


  • Squatters moved into this £300,000 beachside holiday home in Cardigan Bay, Wales, during the coronavirus lockdown – only to be caught out by neighbours. The couple told locals they had bought the £1,500-a-week cottage and arrived with all their own pots and pans. Unconvinced, one neighbour rang the police who came and arrested them on suspicion of burglary. They were later released without charge but given a fine for non-essential travel. A neighbour said: “They must have spotted the place on a holiday cottage website and realised it was empty because of Covid-19. They turned with a car, a van towing a motorcycle”.


  • Just as he promised last week, and was threatened back with “body bags,” President Trump tonight confirmed he will halt US funding for The World Health Organization, while US reviews virus warnings regarding China. “The reality is the WHO failed to obtain, vet and share information in a timely fashion,” Trump said Tuesday at a White House press conference. “The WHO failed in its basic duty and must be held accountable.” “Tremendous amounts of time” were “lost” due to what Trump called the WHO’s slowness.



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News Burst 15 April 2020

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All Crafts are in constant communication with those on the Motherships and this is a rare opportunity to see Crafts where all are occupied. They continue to check crystal placement globally and meet with other races in many areas. Summary via NEIOH.

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