News Burst 13 October 2020 - Live Feed Cover

News Burst 13 October 2020

News Burst 13 October 2020 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 13 October 2020 – Featured News

  • US President Donald Trump, during a Sunday interview to Maria Bartimoro on her show was asked “Mr President, are there UFOs?” Trump: “I’m going to have to check on that, I mean, I have heard that. I heard that two days ago. So, I will check on that. I will take a good, strong look at that” … “But I will tell you this. We now have created a military the likes of which we have never had before, in terms of equipment, the equipment that we have, the weapons that we have.”


  • Facebook services helped law enforcement identify around 94 percent of the 69 million images of children being subjected to sex abuse reported by US technology companies in 2019. However the privacy laws it is considering are about to jeopardise these efforts. Signed by UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, along with the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and Japan, it urges tech companies to remain vigilant to β€œcriminality on their platforms”. “We owe it to all of our citizens, especially our children, to ensure their safety by continuing to unmask sexual predators and terrorists operating online,” Patel is cited as saying. The statement calls for law enforcement to be granted access to content, and for β€œengagement with governments”.


  • India’s leading jewellery brand Tanishq has been subjected to vicious trolling by social media users over a new advertisement featuring a Hindu bride married into a Muslim household. Several social media users, including members of India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), questioned the jewellery retailer for promoting β€œlove jihad,” or a derogatory reference to interfaith couples with a Muslim husband and a Hindu wife. β€˜Love jihad’ is a term employed by many Hindu nationalists to describe a marriage between a Hindu woman and a Muslim man. Several high-ranking members of the BJP have alleged it to be a conspiracy of Muslim men to convert Hindu women. Several Indian states, including Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, have even launched an official investigation into β€œlove jihad” in the past. Tanishq, owned by famous watch maker Titan, made more than $2.5 billion in retail sales last year, according to the company’s website.


  • Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS) are reporting a temperature rise on the Russian Zvezda Service Module where an air leak has been spotted. The mission control specialist said that a normal temperature should be restored on Monday morning. A small air leak was registered on the ISS inΒ August 2019, in September the speed at which air was leaking from the ISS increased. The safety of the ISS crew is not jeopardized by the air leak. However, additional air might have to be delivered to the ISS if the crew fails to get rid of the leak.


  • In Sakon Nakhon, a province that flanks the border with neighbouring Laos, agarwood – also known as the wood of the gods – now appears to be a failing industry. β€œThe trees have been growing well over the last three or four years. But they have faced drought and flood. Previously the weather was okay. No drought. But in recent years, it’s worse. They have gradually died,” said Thaowan Pha-inn, a 60-year old plantation worker. The trees grow fast, but are sensitive to changes in their environment. Too much heat, dryness or water can stunt their growth or cause them to die. For thousands of years, the fragrant resin known as oud that sometimes forms naturally inside wild aquilaria trees is highly prized. Referred to as β€œliquid gold”, the trees’ resin is distilled and used as one of the world’s most luxurious ingredients for perfume. The essential oil, with a musky aroma, is one of the most expensive of its kind in the world – it varies in price based on purity, but can attract about US$200 per ml – due to the difficulty of harvesting it and its rarity.


  • A telephone found in Syria that contained 36 gigabytes of data, documenting the life in Syria of a German-Tunisian woman born in Hamburg in 1984 and that was living a quiet life in Germany from 2016, brought her three years and six months in jail for joining the Daesh terrorist group.
News Burst 13 October 2020

News Burst 13 October 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 13 October 2020 Balmoral Castle

​Balmoral Castle

Visitors to Balmoral Castle, one of the British Royal Family’s residences located in Scotland, will no longer be able to buy postcards of Prince Andrew at the estate’s gift shop, The Sun reports. According to the newspaper, one tourist told them that although “there are postcards of Charles, Anne and Edward β€” and even the Queen’s grandchildren, Beatrice and Eugenie β€” there is not one of the Duke of York”. Previously, it adds, “Andrew postcards have been on sale”. “When I asked if it was possible to buy one of Andrew, a sales assistant said ‘No, we’ve taken them away. And they won’t be making any more of them’,” the tourist said. This development comes after Balmoral Castle reopened its doors to visitors and guided tours on 3 October.

News Burst 13 October 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 13 October 2020 - Submarine

​Gare Loch

Images shared to social media from Scotland purport to show a nuclear submarine with smoke billowing from its tower in Helensburgh, Scotland. There has been no official confirmation of a fire. The submarine is likely based at Her Majesty’s Naval Base, Clyde, located at Faslane on the Gare Loch, near the town of Helensburgh. The Royal Navy reportedly confirmed the submarine was carrying out a “cold move” in which the vessel is moved around a harbor but without the use of its own propellers. The smoke was merely the result of the boat’s diesel engines firing up and running normally.

News Burst 13 October 2020 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 13 October 2020 - Porokello

Porokello app

The risk of colliding with an elk or deer increases by approximately 40% in the autumn months. Most animal collisions involve elk and deer, and the deer population in particular has grown rapidly in recent years. This has also increased the number of traffic incidents, especially in Southern Finland, where most driving takes place. The hunting season begined on 10 October, will increase the migratory habits of the elk population in particular. The Porokello app, which will help you to avoid any reindeer spotted in the area. The Porokello app has helped significantly reduce the number of reindeer collisions in the region.

News Burst 13 October 2020 – Bonus Video

Tour of Asteroid Bennu

When NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived at asteroid Bennu in December 2018, its close-up images confirmed what mission planners had predicted nearly two decades before: Bennu is made of loose material weakly clumped together by gravity, and shaped like a spinning top. This major validation, however, was accompanied by a major surprise. Scientists had expected Bennu’s surface to consist of fine-grained material like a sandy beach, but were instead greeted by a rugged world littered with boulders – the size of cars, the size of houses, the size of football fields. Now, thanks to laser altimetry data and high-resolution imagery from OSIRIS-REx, we can take a tour of Bennu’s remarkable terrain.

News Burst 13 October 2020 – Bonus Video

News Burst 13 October 2020 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

34 Β°C / 93 Β°F

Average annual temperature of Dallal, Ethiopia, hottest inhabited place on Earth.

DNit Telegram Channel

News Burst Live Feed

We do not know the answer to this question. Where did all the red #Auroras come from? For much of mid-October, Earth's magnetic field has been very quiet. Extremely quiet. There should have been almost no auroras at all but... #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: We do not know the
Image for the Tweet beginning: We do not know the

Nelle ultime 24 ore in Europa e Medio Oriente, la prima #OndaSismica parte dall'Iran con un M4 poi altro M4 tra Italia e Libia e Algeria e Azzorre. La seconda onda ha invece riempito i punti intermedi di quella precedente con M3. M5 nel Nord Atlantico next?#NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: Nelle ultime 24 ore in

#ChiefRaoniMetuktire, one of the most iconic defenders of the #Amazon, condemned Brazilian President Jair #Bolsonaro on Saturday for blaming wildfires devastating the rainforest on indigenous people. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: #ChiefRaoniMetuktire, one of the most

The STS #Sedov encounters no ice as it attempts the #NorthernSeaRoute. Magnificent giant sailing ship easily passes three #Arctic seas exactly 142 years after the famous #VegaExpedition was stuck in pack ice for 11 months. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: The STS #Sedov encounters no

"Welcome to the Sunday School Church,” the ad reads. #Iceland’s National Christian Church officials say they are attempting to attract more visitors by promoting a culture that ’embraces everyone'. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: "Welcome to the Sunday School

Malaysia's palm oil companies are looking to recruit recovering drug addicts and prisoners to solve a severe shortage of foreign workers that has worsened due to a coronavirus-driven border closure. #NewsBurstLive

Image for the Tweet beginning: Malaysia's palm oil companies are
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News Burst 27 October 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 27 October 2020 – Live Feed

NASA has today confirmed, for the first time, that there is water on the sunlit surface of the moon. The revelation means it is possible water is easily accessible and not just in the deep, permanently shadowed craters of the south pole, as was previously thought. A separate piece of research found these so-called ‘cold traps’, which are always in shadow, may contain up to 15,000 square miles – 40,000 square km – of water.

News Burst 26 October 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 26 October 2020 – Live Feed

Tech giants Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon have been summoned by a joint committee of the Indian parliament to discuss the issue of data protection and privacy over the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019. While Amazon refused to appear before an Indian parliamentary panel for a scheduled meeting on Friday, Facebook’s public policy head (India, South and Central Asia) Ankhi Das was grilled for two hours on the issue of data security by the panel.

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Live Feed

News Burst 25 October 2020 – Live Feed

The FBI has declassified documents mentioning flying saucers and “multidimensional beings”, it follows from an almost 70-page report penned by an unnamed professor and recently leaked online, reportedly on the FBI’s online vault. According to Alienstar and the Daily Star, the files dubbed Memorandum 6751 by UFOlogists discuss alien encounters dating back to 1947, mentioning extraterrestrial ray wielding “disks” and other Alien Objects.

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