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News Burst 12 January 2023 - Get The News!

News Burst 12 January 2023

News Burst 12 January 2023 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 12 January 2023 – Featured News

  • Switzerland is vetoing the delivery of certain Swiss-made war materials from Madrid to Kiev, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said on Tuesday. However, she did not provide further details as to what equipment would apply to the ban, local media reported. Speaking at a meeting of Spanish ambassadors, Robles reiterated that Madrid would continue to send military equipment to Ukraine to help it in its fight against Russia. However, responding to a question asked by the nation’s envoy to Bern, she stated that Switzerland was reluctant to greenlight shipments that require the approval of the Alpine nation.


  • A group of Chinese scientists engaged in research into fusion power have discovered a new mode of plasma that could help stabilize fusion reactions, making it easier to generate the elusive form of clean electrical power. The scientists’ findings, described as “a big breakthrough in steady-state operation,” were detailed in an article published in the international journal Science Advances earlier this month. According to their report, they found a new “super-I mode” of plasma during a recent record-setting operation of the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) in December 2021. The reactor is located in Hefei, China, and uses the torus-shaped Tokamak reactor design first invented in the Soviet Union.


  • One social media user wondered if the lawmaker’s remark about gas stoves was some sort of an attack against a famous celebrity chef, while another netizen even brought the current US president into the equation. US Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come under fire online after attempting to mock another member of Congress, Republican Representative Ronny Jackson, over the issue of gas stoves. With the US Consumer Product Safety Commission mulling a ban on gas stoves in the country, Jackson tweeted that he will never give up his stove, adding: “If the maniacs in the White House come for my stove, they can pry it from my cold dead hands.” In response, AOC inquired whether Jackson is aware that “ongoing exposure to NO2 from gas stoves is linked to reduced cognitive performance.” Her remark quickly elicited a barrage of mockery from many social media users. “I’m certain you are right,” one netizen wrote in a tweet featuring photos of AOC and US Vice-President Kamala Harris standing near gas stoves.


  • Russia provided assistance to foreign aircraft during the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computer system outage, Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) said on Wednesday. “Today, during a global failure in the crew notification system in the United States, the main center of the Unified Air Traffic Management System, guided by the principles of international mutual assistance, the system’s regional centers in St. Petersburg and Magadan provided the necessary assistance to the crews of aircraft performing transit flights through the border of the flight information region of these centers with the area control center in Anchorage (Alaska),” the statement says. Transit flights served included those flying from the Middle East and Southeast Asia to the United States and Canada through the Anchorage control center and were in the air at the time of the system failure.


  • A team of astrophysicists at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), is observing galaxy convergence processes in Stephan’s Quintet, located 270 million light years from Earth in the constellation Pegasus. The processes occurring in this group are unique and may help scientists understand the formation of the universe.


  • US President Joe Biden said during a news conference in Mexico City that he was briefed on the classified documents found at his private office in Washington, adding that he was surprised to learn there were government documents in his possession from his time as US vice president. “I was briefed about this discovery and surprised to learn that there were any government records that were taken there to that office, but I don’t know what’s in the documents,” Biden said during a joint conference with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts on Tuesday. The White House confirmed on Monday that a “small number” of documents with classified markings had been found at the Penn Biden Center inside a locked closet on November 2, 2022, in Washington, DC. The documents dated back to the commander-in-chief’s days as vice president under the Obama administration.


  • The US Virgin Islands case against JP Morgan just got even weirder. Recall that in late December, Attorney General Denise George sued the bank, claiming they reaped financial benefits from Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation. Three days later, George was fired. The original complaint against the bank filed by George included a lengthy-but-redacted section on “High Net Worth Clients” Epstein brought to JPMorgan. It had 11 separate entries spanning three pages of the complaint – which James O’Keefe of Project Veritas wants to get his hands on. However, one week after George’s firing, the US Virgin Islands has filed an amended complaint which significantly shortens the “High Net Worth Clients” list to just three entries, and unredacts a name we already knew about; Glenn Dubin, the owner of Highbridge Capital Management whose wife once told Epstein’s probation officer that she was “100% comfortable” with Jeffrey Epstein being around her minor children.


  • Scientists have discovered an Earth-sized world that is likely rocky and 95% of the size of Earth. The planet, called TOI 700 e, is orbiting around a star and could have liquid water on it, NASA says. This is the fourth planet discovered in the TOI 700 system – the other planets are named TOI 700 b, c, and d – which is 100 light-years away. TOI 700 is a star the planets orbit around, but only d and e orbit in the “habitable zone.” A habitable zone, also known as “Goldilocks zone,” is an area that is just the right distance from a star that water can exist on a planet’s surface and the conditions are neither too hot nor too cold for life. “This is one of only a few systems with multiple, small, habitable-zone planets that we know of,” said Emily Gilbert, a postdoctoral fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. Gilbert, who led the work, said the newly discovered planet e is 10% smaller than planet d. TOI 700 e takes 28 days to orbit its star, whereas d is on a 37-day orbit.
News Burst 12 January 2023

News Burst 12 January 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 12 January 2023 - TOI 700

TOI 700

News Burst 12 January 2023 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 12 January 2023 - Nubian Pyramids

Nubian Pyramids

A collection of nearly 200 ancient pyramids stand along the banks of the Nile River in a desert in eastern Sudan. They have been the tombs of kings and queens, rulers of the Meroitic Kingdom for nearly 1000 years. Within the north of Sudan, in an area of the Nile valley known as Nubia. The Nubian pyramids of Sudan of Meroë were said to have been built by the rulers of these ancient Kushite kingdoms, known as the “black pharaohs”. The five Kushite pharaohs ruled Egypt from Nubia to the Mediterranean Sea from around 760 B.C. to 650 B.C. Built of granite and sandstone, Nubian pyramids were built between 2,700 and 2,300 years ago. it has decorative elements from the cultures of Pharaonic Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

News Burst 12 January 2023 – Bonus Video

Galactic Federation

Why do Galactic Federation crafts have lights? To partially blend and to be seen without fear. Why don’t they land and say hello?
Too traumatic, the Shift must happen first.How does it happen?
Triggered by GF technology.
When will it happen?
Before the cabal finalizes 2030 plans. ~ Kabamur

News Burst 12 January 2023 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

Beyond The Ice Wall

The photographs were taken in 1912 in Antartica by Captain Robert Scott and his crew. However, the photos were classified as soon as they returned to their base and reported the results. Scott and his crew were then reported missing. Since then, it has been a restricted area, with only a few governments around the world allowed to conduct limited research.

News Burst 30 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 30 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 30 May 2024 ​Economist Jeffrey Sachs revealed that the key reason for NATO aggression against Yugoslavia was to move military infrastructure closer to Russia's borders, making the claim during an interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson.   The...

News Burst 29 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 29 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 29 May 2024 ​In Rafz, a Swiss village in the Canton of Zurich, here the start-up Tomorrow Biastasis is trying to "build a world in which people can choose how long to live, regardless of where they are, who they are and their financial resources." The...

News Burst 28 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 28 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 28 May 2024 ​Mark Zuckerberg’s Camerabuds project will combine “audio, video, and AI to form the ultimate surveillance capitalism data gathering tool”. “Smart Earphones” and other “wearables” have been designed to transition humans into the next stage of...

News Burst 26 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 26 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 26 May 2024 ​Apple released iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 last week, which included fixes for several security vulnerabilities. But these updates also seemed to introduce a serious bug. Some users found that photos that they deleted years ago—some of a sensitive...

News Burst 25 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 25 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 25 May 2024 On June 3, there will be a planetary alignment that may actually allow you to witness six planets align in the sky. This is a rare astronomical phenomenon. It is the best opportunity to see Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all...

News Burst 24 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 24 May 2024 – Get The News!

News Burst 24 May 2024 ​The Brazilian Amnesty Commission plans to discuss whether to apologize for human rights violations in the internment of Japanese immigrants and people of Japanese descent after World War II, it has been learned. The issue will be considered on...

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