News Burst 12 January 2022 - Get The News!

News Burst 12 January 2022

News Burst 12 January 2022 – Get The News! By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 12 January 2022 – Featured News

  • On the afternoon of Monday, January 10, 2022, at around 2:30 PM PST, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop order to all planes, at least in the western United States. The temporary pause on all movements to and from airports included aviators being ordered to land and lasted roughly between seven and 20 minutes before it was lifted and services returned to normal. There has so far been no explanation given for this action. In this vacuum of information, some are connecting the highly peculiar event to another ballistic missile test launch out of North Korea, the second in less than a week, that traveled 435 miles from its launch point, impacting relatively far out into the sea of Japan.


  • The Pope has given his strongest backing yet to the Covid vaccine, siding with the Vatican’s coronavirus advisory board and calling it a “moral obligation,” urging people to show “respect for the health” of others. Pope Francis has previously used softer language, describing getting the vaccine as “an act of love,” and insisting they are safe and effective.


  • An F-16V fighter jet, the most advanced aircraft in the Taiwanese Air Force fleet, has gone missing, with witnesses claiming that they saw the aircraft crash into the sea. A search and rescue operation is ongoing. The plane went missing from Air Force radars on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after taking off from Chiayi Air Base in the south of the island.


  • Major Australian supermarket chain Coles has introduced a “fair” purchasing quota per shopper in order to tackle a wave of panic buying amid a rise in Covid-19 cases and supply chain problems. The retailer announced “national purchase limits” of one pack of toilet paper and two packs of pain relief medicines such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin per customer. The change was made to “maintain availability and make it fair for everyone,” Coles tweeted on Tuesday. The company urged customers to “continue to treat our team with kindness and respect, and only purchase what you need.”


  • Germany has a moral responsibility for the future of Ukraine and is therefore obliged to sell Kiev arms so the country can defend itself against purported Russian aggression, its ambassador to Berlin has claimed. Speaking as part of an interview with Funke media group published on Monday, Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik said, “we call on the [German] government to abandon its current position, which from the point of view of morality is absolutely unnecessary, and urgently provide Ukraine with the necessary defensive weapons. We have the right to self-defense.” At present, Berlin does not supply arms to countries where there are military conflicts.


  • An American hospital patient in the state of Maryland is reportedly in stable condition just days after he received an experimental pig heart transplant as a last resort. David Bennett, 57, consented to the experimental transplant after realizing it was his final shot at surviving terminal heart disease due to his ineligibility to receive a human heart.


  • The launch of the ground-breaking Luna 25 moon lander mission is set to become the most important milestone for Russian science this year, the president of the country’s Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev has said. He expressed confidence that the state-of-the-art spacecraft would make a “soft and successful” historic first landing in the lunar south pole region, which offers the highest chances of finding water.


  • One of the UK’s largest energy suppliers has been forced to apologize after sending “insulting” energy-saving tips to customers that suggested they could save on heating bills by ‘cuddling’ their pets and “doing a few star jumps.” In a blog post emailed to customers on Monday, SSE Energy Services recommended 10 “simple and cost-effective ways to keep warm this winter.” The advice included “sticking to non-alcoholic drinks,” doing chores around the house, and “encouraging blood flow” by eating ginger. They were told to consume “hearty bowls of porridge” and drink more water, while being warned that the “warming feeling from wine or whisky is temporary as you’ll soon lose heat from your core and end up feeling even colder,” according to the Financial Times.


  • A New York City resident has been arrested for saying he plotted to abduct and murder then-US President Donald Trump if he refused to hand over power after losing the 2020 election. Thomas Welnicki was arrested on Monday after he allegedly told the Secret Service on multiple occasions of his plot to kill Trump and another 12 unidentified pro-Trump members of Congress, who he believed backed the Republican president’s claims of election fraud. While Trump is not mentioned by name in the complaint, which was filed with the US District Court in Brooklyn, a footnote identifies “Individual-1” as the “person who served as president from January 2017 to January 2021.”


  • Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell are calling for a retrial after it turned out that some jurors used their own similar stories of abuse to possibly sway the jury’s decision. If Ghislaine Maxwell is not granted a retrial in her sex trafficking case, prosecutors are prepared to drop pending perjury counts when she is sentenced to prevent victims from being re-traumatised at a possible second trial. “In the event the defendant’s post-trial motions are denied, the government is prepared to dismiss the severed perjury counts at the time of sentencing, in light of the victims’ significant interests in bringing closure to this matter and avoiding the trauma of testifying again,” they stated in a 10 January letter to Manhattan federal Judge Alison Nathan. Prosecutors also urged that Maxwell’s sentencing take place “approximately three to four months from today’s date”.


  • Tension prevails in India’s southern state of Telangana after the severed head of a man was found placed at the feet of Hindu Goddess Kali’s idol at a temple in Nalgonda District on Monday. The state police have set up eight teams to investigate the matter. They are yet to establish the identity of the man who is missing his hand. His body has not been recovered. His head, however, was found inside the temple but local police said the man was not murdered there. “The victim was aged between 25 and 35 years and he was killed at some other place,” a senior police official told Press Trust of India news agency.


  • The main areas of cooperation have been agricultural, aerospace, and defence projects as well as the diamond industry, renewable energy, and tourism. In 2021, just one year into the Abraham Accords that saw Israel and the United Arab Emirates normalise ties, bilateral trade exceeded half a billion dollars. According to estimates by the Business Council, a body that brings together more than 6,000 Emirati and Israeli businesspeople, 2022 will see a 50 percent increase in trade and is forecast to reach $2 billion.


  • Airlines have canceled more than 20,000 flights since Christmas Eve as coronavirus outbreaks among workers disrupt schedules across the US. United Airlines Holdings Inc. Chief Executive Officer Scott Kirby described in an internal memo to workers on Tuesday that the rapidly spreading omicron variant of COVID-19 has resulted in thousands of its workers calling out sick, forcing the airline to reduce its near-term flight schedule. “In one day alone at Newark, nearly one-third of our workforce called out sick,” Kirby wrote. “To those who are out sick or isolating, we wish you a speedy recovery.” He said approximately 3,000 of its workers are currently infected. That figure represents about 3.5% of its 85,000 employees.


  • The James Webb Space Telescope is the world’s most powerful and largest space telescope. It is an infrared space observatory that launched on Dec 25, 2021, from ESA’s launch site at Kourou in French Guiana, onboard an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket. The telescope will let scientists to peek back 200 million years after the Big Bang to see how our cosmos looked. Images of some of the first galaxies ever formed will be captured by the telescope.
News Burst 12 January 2022

News Burst 12 January 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 12 January 2022 - Moon China Rover

​Moon Rock

The enigmatic “Moon rock” discovery made by China’s Yutu-2 lunar rover in early December, which triggered speculations that it might be an “alien” house or spacecraft, is apparently no longer a mystery. After several weeks of driving, the rover has come close enough to discover that the “mysterious hut” is, in fact, a rock. In an updated post on Friday, Our Space – a Chinese language science outreach channel affiliated with the China National Space Administration (CNSA) – published the rover’s latest photo of the object that had appeared to be sharp-lined in geometric appearance on the horizon. Most likely, the latter had been simply a trick of perspective, light, and shadow.

News Burst 12 January 2022 – Bonus IMG

News Burst 12 January 2022 -  M6s - 5-11 January 2022

M6s Eartquakes

M6s earthquakes in the last 5 days. Most recent the M6.8 in Alaska at 11:35 UTC at a depth of 22 km. In the Mediterranean Sea west of Cyprus a M6.6 at 19 km depth.

News Burst 12 January 2022 – Bonus Video

News Burst 12 January 2022 – Bonus Video

News Burst 11 June 2021 – Solar Activity

Solar Cycle 25 Is Heating Up

New sunspot counts from NOAA confirm that the young solar cycle is outperforming the official forecast.

News Burst 12 January 2022 - Sunspot Count Prediction

Sunspot counts have exceeded predictions for 15 straight months. The monthly value at the end of December 2021 was more than twice the forecast, and the highest in more than 5 years.

The “official forecast” comes from the Solar Cycle Prediction Panel representing NOAA, NASA and International Space Environmental Services (ISES). Using a variety of leading indicators, the Panel predicted that Solar Cycle 25 would peak in July 2025 as a relatively weak cycle, similar in magnitude to its predecessor Solar Cycle 24. Instead, Solar Cycle 25 is shaping up to be stronger.

Indeed, geomagnetic activity has nearly tripled since the new solar cycle began. In 2020, the first full year of Solar Cycle 25, there were 9 days with at least minor (G1-class) geomagnetic storms. That number skyrocketed to 25 days in 2021. One of those “storm days” (Nov. 4, 2021) was a borderline G4-class (severe) event with auroras sighted as far south as California and New Mexico.

Another sign of increasing solar activity is the X-flare. X-flares are the most powerful type of solar flare. They can cause strong radio blackouts, pepper Earth’s atmosphere with energetic particles, and herald intense geomagnetic storms. The sun produced zero of these flares from late 2017 until mid-2021. Solar Cycle 25 busted the drought on July 3, 2021, with an X1.6 category explosion, followed by an X1-flare on Oct. 28, 2021.

Two down, 98 to go? Typical 11-year solar cycles produce more than 100 X-flares during the years around Solar Max.

News Burst 12 January 2022 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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News Burst 14 June 2022 – Get The News!

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News Burst 12 June 2022 – Get The News!

News Burst 12 June 2022 – Get The News!

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News Burst 11 June 2022 – Get The News!

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