News Burst 12-13 April 2020

News Burst 12-13 April 2020

News Burst 12-13 April 2020. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 12-13 April 2020

  • The Afghan radical movement Taliban (outlawed in Russia) plans to release 20 Afghan government prisoners on Sunday, who will be handed over to the International Committee of Red Cross, a spokesman for the Taliban’s Qatar office, Suhail Shaheen, said on Twitter. “Today, 20 prisoners of the Kabul Administration [Afghan government] will be released by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan [Taliban] and handed over to ICRC in Kandahar,” Shaheen wrote.


  • George Pell admitted he is ashamed of his church’s handling of child sex abuse. The cardinal was released from jail on Tuesday after convictions were quashed.


  • Hackers have accessed the mailboxes of some employees at Italian state-owned bank Monte dei Paschi and sent emails to clients, according to a notice to customers seen by Reuters. Monte dei Paschi told clients in the notice that on March 30 some messages with voice mail attachments had been sent as a result of the cyber attack. The notice to customers made no mention of any breach of company data. It did not say what, if any, information had been asked for, or if any customers had suffered any loss as a result of the emails. The bank declined to comment.


  • The convicted celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti has been granted temporary freedom from a New York City jail by a California federal judge who said the spread of the novel coronavirus was a compelling reason to release him. He may stay at a friend’s home during the 90-day release period.
    Avenatti must first be quarantined for 14 days at a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility, to ensure he does not have the coronavirus or symptoms, before moving to the home of Jay Manheimer in Venice, California. He would wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, have no internet access, and except for health emergencies be unable to leave Manheimer’s home without permission. Bond was set at $1 million.


  • Anti-5G fever spreads to the Netherlands as towers suffer “arson and sabotage”. Several 5G broadcasting masts across the Netherlands were damaged in what authorities have described as “a worrying development.” Similar acts of sabotage have previously been seen in the UK.


  • Up to 300,000 Spanish babies were stolen from their parents and sold for adoption over a period of five decades, a new investigation reveals. The children were trafficked by a secret network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns in a widespread practice that began during General Franco’s dictatorship and continued until the early Nineties. Hundreds of families who had babies taken from Spanish hospitals are now battling for an official government investigation into the scandal. Experts believe the cases may account for up to 15 per cent of the total adoptions that took place in Spain between 1960 and 1989. It began as a system for taking children away from families deemed politically dangerous to the regime of General Franco, which began in 1939. The system continued after the dictator’s death in 1975 as the Catholic church continued to retain a powerful influence on public life, particularly in social services.


  • Prince Andrew secret indictment. Shunned by his mom, Queen Elizabeth, and his royal kin, disgraced Prince Andrew has been secretly indicted by a federal Grand Jury. Sources say Andrew’s only slim hope now rides on the legal skills of his pit bull lawyer, Claire Montgomery, London’s top extradition expert — who once saved one of the world’s most evil dictators — to keep from being shamefully hauled to America in shackles for trial. “This is the hammer finally dropping on the playboy prince who’s been such a notorious womanizer he was nicknamed ‘Randy Andy,’” Insiders say the 60-yearold Duke of York’s indictment is currently under seal and follows his snub of U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, who wanted to grill Andrew about Epstein and his cohorts’ involvement in the sex trafficking of young girls. While Berman admits having contact with Andrew’s legal eagles, the prosecutor says the duke “completely shut the door on voluntary cooperation,” so he was “considering options” to get his story. But insiders believe another lawman beat him to the punch — and obtained an indictment against Andrew. However, details are scarce. Now, as damning evidence mounts and he’s squeezed by the law, Andrew’s become suicidal, sources say. As media reported, insiders claim the shamed prince had to have his stomach pumped after downing a bottle of pills in his palace apartment.


  • The Mexican Sinaloa Cartel cartel is staying in a town called Machiques de Perijá under the complacent gaze of Nicolás Maduro’s regime. The dreaded Sinaloa Cartel, one of the most notorious criminal groups in the world, has found the perfect refuge in Venezuela to operate under the complacent gaze of Nicolás Maduro’s regime. In San Felipe, a village near Machiques de Perijá in the northwestern state of Zulia, hearing Mexican accents has become routine. Local residents near the border with Colombia say that the presence of Mexicans is so strong the town has been unofficially renamed Sinaloa.


  • After four days of marathon talks, major global oil producers have finally inked an agreement to slash oil output by 9.7 million barrels per day (bpd), in a bid to boost the energy market amid the coronavirus pandemic. The members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and other oil-producing states outside of the cartel, known as OPEC+, reached the deal to cut their output for May and June, Kuwait’s Oil Minister Khaled Al-Fadhel announced on Twitter.


  • Nepal, Bara city: According to locals eyewitnesses, four goats were bitten to death by dogs at nearby jungle area this afternoon. “Around five dogs appeared in the area out of no where and killed the goats which were grazing around by chasing them down,” Anisha Lama, a local goatherd, said. After the incident, all the goats were buried in the nearby area. After the lockdown, most of the hospitals around the country are witnessing a surge in the number of animal bite cases in recent days.


  • Staff in food distribution, communications, sanitation and other non-essential sectors are now allowed to go to work in Spain. These workers will be able to return to work this Monday following a 14-day self-isolation regime that saw all industries – except for healthcare and food – shut down across all of Spain, local media reported. Back in late March, the “non-essential” staff were sent on paid leave. With the lockdown partially lifted, schools, bars, restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities will remain closed.


  • A military aircraft has crashed during a routine mission near Gujarat, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations reported on Monday. According to a statement from the Air Force, Major Umer, an instructor pilot, and Lieutenant Faizan, a student pilot, died in the crash. This is the fourth major crash for the country’s Air Force this year and the second in just over a month after an F-16 crashed on 11 March while rehearsing for the “Pakistan Day” parade in Islamabad.



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News Burst 12-13 April 2020

News Burst 12-13 April 2020 Bonus Img

Peter Beard with Rachel Chandler

Peter Beard is still missing. This image naming Peter Beard with Rachel Chandler was reposted by Q (#3146, 3/20/2019 ) so Q was clearly pointing us toward Beard. Now he has disappeared without a trace during shelter in place. He lived at the very tip of Montauk which is a small area with ocean on three sides at the end of Long Island – there is literally nowhere to go and no way that an old guy on foot could vanish, yet despite a big coordinated search effort he has not been found. He hung out with some in that Studio 54 crowd. He did date quite a few top models and was known for doing collages with blood smeared all over them. But Q pointed him out for a reason and now he’s missing.

News Burst 12-13 April 2020 - Peter Beard with Rachel Chandler

News Burst 12-13 April 2020 Bonus Img

People Lighting Up Bill Gates’ Instagram With Choice Comments

News Burst 12-13 April 2020 - People Lighting Up Bill Gates' Instagram With Choice Comments
News Burst 12-13 April 2020 - People Lighting Up Bill Gates' Instagram With Choice Comments

News Burst 12-13 April 2020 Bonus Img

People Lighting Up Bill Gates’ Instagram With Choice Comments

News Burst 12-13 April 2020 - People Lighting Up Bill Gates' Instagram With Choice Comments
News Burst 12-13 April 2020 - People Lighting Up Bill Gates' Instagram With Choice Comments
News Burst 12-13 April 2020 - People Lighting Up Bill Gates' Instagram With Choice Comments

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