News Burst 10 September 2019

News Burst 10 September 2019

News Burst 10 September 2019. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 10 September 2019

POTUS cancellation of secret meeting with of the Taliban leaders announced directly to the people.
When 8chan comes back online and QAnon drops, it’s going to break the internet.
Epstein-Funded child porn hub MIT Media Lab murdered Aaron Swartz.
Belgium MP climbs atop Antwerp’s City Hall to demand “an end to Islamic occupation”.
Farage tells Boris Johnson: Lets beat Jeremy Corbyn together.

Saudi Arabia launches military industrial licensing program.
StemExpress CEO admits to selling beating hearts, intact heads of aborted babies.
A $ 330,000 underwater observatory has gone missing from its location off Germany’s Baltic coast.
European search engine that respect privacy, alternative to Goog: QWant.
IBM: 120 million workers need to be reskilled due to AI in next 3 yrs.

China accuses Apple, Foxconn of breaking chinese labor laws. Apple agrees.
Indian Vikram lander found on Moon’s surface by Chandrayaan 2 lunar orbiter.
Google & Facebook are meddling in Russia’s affairs with political ads on election day.
Google may be blocked in Russia & country is ready to change laws to do it.
NOAA says Trump was right about hurricane Dorian’s forecast.

Nearly all British Airways flights canceled as pilots union goes on strike.
Hong Kong Tourism down 40%.
All bush fire in the Amazon were close to “cultivated” areas.
Bill Gates made donations to MIT through Jeffrey Epstein.
Trump recently signed an Executive Order for America to progress forward in Quantum Technology.

Melting point of iron: 1583 °C
Lowest recorded air temperature on Earth: -93 °C Antartica, August 2010
Strongest EQ in Europe M4.5 Italy
Strongest EQ in US M2.6 California
Strongest EQ on the Planet M5.5 Tanzania

News Burst 10 September 2019

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