News Burst 1 September 2020 - Live Feed

News Burst 1 September 2020

 News Burst 1 September 2020 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 1 September 2020 – Featured News

  • Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters are gathering in central Minsk for a new rally a day after a protest march resulted in scuffles with the police. Law enforcement is maintaining a heavy presence in the city. Crowds of protesters flocked to a spot near a war memorial in the Belarusian capital, gearing for a third massive Sunday rally in a row. They are demanding the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko, who stands accused of rigging a recent election and of brutalizing members of the opposition. Similar events on two previous weekends attracted an estimated 100,000 participants each. Riot police, armored vehicles, and even tanks were seen defending Lukashenko’s residence. Military tanks and personnel carriers were seen pouring into the area, based on activist footage on the ground.


  • Chinese National Charged with Destroying Hard Drive During FBI Investigation into the Possible Transfer of Sensitive Software to China. Guan Lei, 29, of Alhambra, was arrested pursuant to a one-count criminal complaint unsealed this afternoon during his initial appearance in United States District Court. The FBI recovered the damaged hard drive after Guan was not allowed to board a flight to China and after Guan refused the FBI’s request to examine his computer. The affidavit in support of the complaint notes that the internal hard drive “was irreparably damaged and that all previous data associated with the hard drive appears to have been removed deliberately and by force.” Guan is being investigated for possibly transferring sensitive U.S. software or technical data to China’s National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) and falsely denying his association with the Chinese military.


  • Swedish researchers have successfully created an out-of-body experience in which they “swapped participants’” bodies, drastically changing their perceptions of themselves while also interfering with their ability to make memories. The team from the Brain, Body, and Self Laboratory led by Henrik Ehrsson took 33 pairs of friends and “swapped” their bodies using VR headsets, which allowed participants to see themselves in their friend’s body. “Body swapping is not a domain reserved for science fiction movies anymore,” said neuroscientist Pawel Tacikowski from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. The team also included a tactile element to the experiment so the participants could feel what they saw in the goggles, similar to 4D cinema experiences. Pushing the experiment even further, when one participant was threatened with a prop knife, the other would break out in a sweat, showing just how far the dissociation could go, even in a limited timeframe.


  • Trying to clean up plastic pollution from the open seas is a “waste of time and resources,” researchers with the Norwegian-based SALT company have concluded. “The rubbish in the sea is a lost cause, there is no point in cleaning it up,” the team said in a newly released research paper. Attempting to trawl it out is not only disproportionately costly and time-consuming, but it can also do more harm than good. Trawling large areas will catch “too much fish and wildlife compared with the amount of rubbish,” the research team noted. “In addition, rubbish is often found in marine life and organic material that is important for the ecosystems and animals that live there. In the worst case, we risk doing more harm than good by trawling over the areas,” lead author of the research paper Jannike Falk-Andersson told broadcaster NRK.


  • Ly Dara, the author of “Possible Crush”, has promised to recall copies of his book following criticism over his use of English alphabets for Khmer words. He made the pledge after being called in by the Ministry of Culture on Friday to explain his action after a public outcry. The Ministry has stressed that the use of the English alphabet to denote Khmer words in publications seriously affects the importance of the Khmer language. During the meeting with ministry officials, Dara admitted making a mistake. He said his action was unintentional and he did not expect it to cause a bad impact on readers and society. He also promised to be more careful in his writing, to avoid repeating such mistakes in the future.


  • Chief Raoni Metuktire, an Indigenous leader who became a symbol of the fight for the preservation of the Amazon forest in Brazil, was hospitalized with symptoms of pneumonia and tested positive for the new coronavirus. The nearly 90-year-old Kayapó ethnic leader previously met several European leaders to denounce Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s calls for the economic development of Indigenous land in the Amazon rainforest. Bolsonaro alleges that such development is key to the economic prosperity of the local population and the country. On Aug. 4, a Supreme Court ruling forced the government to present within 60 days a plan to create sanitary barriers that protect Indigenous communities from COVID-19.


  • Two members of Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team were spotted visiting her in prison on Friday, reportedly making her the first federal inmate in New York City to be granted an in-person visit since the start of the pandemic. Defense attorney Christian Everdell was seen arriving at the prison Friday morning alongside another female member of Maxwell’s legal team, The New York Daily News reported. Both wore masks as they entered the facility. Sources told the paper it was the first time an inmate had received a legal visit since the pandemic started and that the visit lasted nearly four hours. Attorney Sean Hecker, who has filed a lawsuit seeking to grant defense attorneys access to their clients again, slammed the visit as ‘absurd and unjust’. ‘We’ve been litigating for the Fed Defenders of NY to obtain a safe, in-person visiting option for many months. MDC detainees have been waiting up to 6 months for such visits. And BOP-MDC decides that the 1st such visit should go to a wealthy British socialite? Absurd & unjust,’ he said on Twitter.


  • The French leader Macron recently ordered a ban of the hunting practice, which involves smearing sticks or branches with glue and waiting until birds land. The move came after the European Commission, the executive branch of the EU, warned France that it could face legal action in the European Court of Justice if it does not suspend the practice. A practice called “barbaric” that each year 40,000 birds are killed via the glue method. Conservationists and animal rights activists have long argued that the method is not only cruel, but also harms birds that are not hunted, including songbirds.


  • Brazil expanded its requirements Friday for rape victims seeking an abortion, including a rule that medical staff must tell the woman she can see the embryo or foetus via ultrasound. The new regulations published by President Jair Bolsonaro’s Health Ministry also stipulate that the rape “must be reported to police” regardless of the woman’s wishes, that she must give doctors “a detailed account” of what happened, and that she must be “expressly warned” she can be prosecuted for fraud and aborting illegally if she is unable to prove her claim. Brazil allows abortion only in cases of rape, danger to the woman’s life or the severe birth defect anencephaly. The new rules are issued by interim health minister Eduardo Pazuello, an active-duty Army general.


  • [Weekly Ateroid] On Sept. 1st, asteroid 2011 ES4 will fly through the Earth-Moon system only 72,000 miles from Earth–close, but there is no danger of a collision. The space rock is 30 meters in diameter.


  • A full-bench US federal appeals court has reversed an earlier decision to dismiss the ‘Russiagate’ case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, returning it to the judge who refused to let the charges be dropped. In a 8-2 ruling on Monday, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Judge Emmet Sullivan, and sent the case back to him for review. Sullivan had been ordered by a three-judge panel in June to drop the case against Flynn immediately, but hired an attorney and asked for an en banc hearing instead.


  • Amazon received approval Monday from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate its fleet of Prime Air delivery drones in US skies. The FAA designated Amazon Prime Air as an “air carrier,” allowing it to “safely and efficiently deliver packages to customers.”


  • Thailand delayed on Monday (Aug 31) its US$724 million purchase of two submarines from China, following public outrage over the controversial deal as the kingdom’s economy flatlines due to the coronavirus pandemic. Under a 2015 deal, Thailand was one of the first countries to buy Chinese naval hardware and finalised its purchase of three submarines in 2017, with the first one expected to be delivered in 2023. An order for two more for 22.5 billion baht (US$724 million) was approved earlier this month by a parliamentary sub-committee – a move which drew public outcry as Thailand struggles with a freefalling economy. Angry Thais took to social media to criticise the deal, and the hashtag “People don’t want submarines” trended on Twitter.


  • The Government of Singapore should do more to address job competition from foreigners amid mounting concerns among Singaporeans on the issue. Suggestions raised in the House include having companies prioritise Singaporeans for jobs beyond considering them fairly, ensuring that firms grow their local workforce, as well as mandating that companies are transparent about their selection criteria and foreign workforce.



Bonus Image – Russian “Strizhi” Aerobatic Team

Mikoyan Mig-29 jet fighters of the Strizhi (Swifts) aerobatic team perform during International military-technical forum “Army-2020” at Kubinka airbase in Moscow Region, Russia.

News Burst 1 September 2020 -Russian Strizhi Aerobatic Team


News Burst 1 September 2020

News Burst 1 September 2020 – Bonus Video


Pleiadian Fleet over Los Angeles – July 29, 2020​


If you think these are Chinese Lanterns, Weather Balloons, or a SECRET Space Force from any country on Earth… God help you.

News Burst 1 September 2020 – Solar Activity

News Burst 1 September 2020 - Geomagnetic Storm

 Geomagnetic Storm

The 2nd geomagnetic storm of this sunspot cycle occurred overnight. Solar wind re-intensified but the geomagnetic disruption was minor and short-lived.


Sunspot number: 0

Spotless Days
Current Stretch: 10 days
2020 total: 166 days (68%)
2019 total: 281 days (77%)

News Burst 1 September 2020 – Active Weather

Typhoon Maysak

Present position: West of Okinawa, Japan. Wind 90-130 kt – Pressure 940 hPa – Moving N at 13 kt – Expected to landfall in South Korea.

News Burst 1 September 2020 – Earthquakes

31 August 2020


Europe – M3.8.Crete, Greece

Atlantic – M 6.5 Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Antartica – M4.9 South Shetland Islands

Africa – M4.4 Algeria

North America – M3.5 Oklahoma

Central America – M4.4.1 South Mexico

South America – M4.4 North Chile

Asia – M6.2 Chagos Archipelago

Pacific – M5.0 Vanuatu

Deepest EQ – M4.5 309 km Mariana Islands 

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

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News Burst 2 July 2022 – Get The News!

The investigation determined that a “lack of critical thinking, intellectual rigor, and self-assessment by key [base] leaders”, as well as poor training, supervision and ineffective leadership, caused the leak of jet fuel which left 6,000 ill.

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