News Burst 1 March 2021 - Live Feed

News Burst 1 March 2021

News Burst 1 March 2021 – Live Feed​. By Disclosure News.

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News Burst 1 March 2021 – Featured News

  • Central Electricity Authority of India has detailed the process of the country importing and exporting electricity with its neighbours allowing Nepal’s power to be traded into the Indian power exchange market. The procedure has imposed certain restrictions for trading of power if there is investment from a country with which India shares land border in the generation of such power, which Nepali officials believe is aimed at Chinese investment in the power sector of Nepal given the strained ties between the two geopolitical rivals.


  • Bitcoin has hit a 20-day low, sinking to $44,069.29 at 17:08 GMT. Since hitting its all-time high of $58,332.36 last week, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency has seen its value plunge nearly 24%.


  • Located at the bottom of a slope on Trisul, one of the country’s highest mountains, the mystery lake (this is how authorities describe it in tourist guides) was reportedly discovered by a British ranger in 1942. Since then, it has captivated the attention of anthropologists as well as curious visitors. An international team of scientists claims to have solved the mystery of India’s lake of skeletons. One theory suggested that the remains belonged to an Indian King, his wife, and their attendants who died in a blizzard. Another theory suggests that the remains belonged to the victims of an epidemic. Still another theory claimed that a catastrophic incident that occurred during the 9th century killed a single group of people. A new study conducted by researchers from Germany, India, and the United States has disproved all those theories. Scientists say the deaths occurred at different times, with some individuals dying up to 1,000 years later than others.


  • Bill Gates is the biggest owner of farmland in the United States. According to a Land Report, the Microsoft co-founder now has a whopping 242,000 acres across 18 states. Gates’ farmland empire is managed by Cottonwood Ag Management, which in turn is a member of Leading Harvest, a nonprofit organisation that helps farmers across the world to “adopt better practices now, so that we all can grow a healthier future for generations to come”.


  • Although the idea that the iconic Egyptian pyramids are indeed aligned with the stars may seem plausible given that ancient Egyptians kept tabs on the night sky, it’s considered to be a marginal one in archaeology, the magazine Astronomy wrote. The idea that “the pyramids were created to serve as a gateway to the stars”, is deemed as nothing other than a fringe idea, the website states, adding there is neither physical evidence of this, nor anything in ancient Egyptian texts signalling the design of the monuments from the decades around 2500 B.C. was intentionally linked to celestial arrangement.


  • African cheetahs to roam indian jungles this year 60 years after extinction. The fastest land animal was last spotted in the forests of India’s Chhattisgarh state in 1947 and in 1952 it was declared extinct in the country. Recently, wildlife scientists have been urging the government to make attempts to return the African Cheetah to Indian habitats. “The reintroduction of the cheetah in India will happen this year. We are expecting nearly 35- 40 cheetahs from Africa over a period of five years. It has been a long struggle for the animal that roamed our forests 70 years ago,” Dr. Yadvendradev Jhala, a dean of the Wildlife Institute of India said.


  • Local approval of the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine would be enough for the Czech Republic to begin using it, PM Andrej Babis has said, signaling that the country would not wait for a green light from EU health regulators. Babis confirmed that Prague will not wait for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to approve Sputnik V and that an approval from the country’s State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) would be enough to begin the vaccine’s rollout.


  • NASA recently unveiled a rather mesmerizing experiment, the Super Soaker mission, in which they fired a small rocket into the upper atmosphere which the agency then detonated to create artificial, glowing clouds… for science. High-flying clouds that shine in the darkness above the polar caps are known as polar mesospheric clouds, or PMCs. They are essentially swarms of ice crystals high in the atmosphere that catch sunlight in an unusual way.


  • A rooster named Raja will appear in court in India after he killed his owner with a knife while attempting to flee an illegal cockfight. The incident took place on February 23 in the Jagtial district in the Indian state of Telangana. Raja was brought by his owner Thanugula Satish to a cock fight at the Yellamma temple on the outskirts of Lothunur village in Gollapalli mandal. Satish affixed a three-inch knife, known as kodi kathi, to his rooster’s leg before sending it into the fighting arena. When Raja attempted to flee the fighting ground, Satish caught him but the blade attached to the cock’s leg pierced the man’s groin. He bled to death soon after, while en route to the hospital.


  • Psychologist Tomas Stahl found that both the religious and atheists share a great deal of common morality, but added that while non-believers do indeed have a moral compass, “…it is calibrated somewhat differently than that of religious believers in some respects, but not in others.” Stahl’s research involved four online surveys conducted across the US, seen as a somewhat more religious country, and Sweden, perceived as a largely secular nation. In all four studies, both groups, atheists and religious believers, rated morals which focused on the individual, the right to self-determination, liberty and protection from outside interference or oppression in a similar way. In other words, both believers and non-believers felt society works best when individuals are free to take responsibility for their own lives and actions.
News Burst 1 March 2021


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News Burst 1 March 2021 – Bonus Video

American​ Airlines Flight 2292 – 21 February 2021

American Airlines passenger jet encountered an unidentified flying object (UFO) over northeastern New Mexico. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon around 1 pm CST. Steven Douglass published a recording on his blog Deep Black Horizon about a transmission by the pilot of flight 2292, which American Airlines confirmed. In the recording, the pilot described the UFO as like a long cylindrical object that nearly similar to a cruise missile type of thing moving at incredible speed over the top of their aircraft. However, the airline company wouldn’t share any further details about the UFO incident. They encourage anyone who has additional questions on the incident to reach out to the FBI.

News Burst 1 March 2021 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes Last 36 Hours – M4 and Above

-145 °C / -229 °F

The clouds of Jupiter.

DNit Telegram Channel

News Burst Live Feed

October 6 2020 -- #KPIndex [0-3] Green - Stable/Calm Magnetosphere. [4] #Yellow - #Unstable Magnetosphere. [5+] Red - Geomagnetic Storm Conditions -- #NewsBurstLive

#TropicalStorn #Delta is brewing SE of #Jamaica, started spinning already and forecast is to move NW toward the central Gulf of Mexico on Oct. 8 with wind gusts at 130 kts. Actual wind 60-75 kts, Pressure 983 hPa moving at 7 kts #NewsBurstLive

The mother of Dr. #LiMengYan, a Chinese MD/PhD virologist who fled China and published evidence that COVID-19 was created in a lab, says that the Chinese Communist Party has #arrested her mother. #NewsBurstLive

Getting closer to the shift... as predicted by many now the #Central #Banksters are pushing their own #cryptocurrency > ECB trademarks #DigitalEuro as it begins experiments on digital currency launch... #NewsBurstLive

The major benefit to the municipalities will be grants of up to 2 billion yen ($19 million) for the first stage. The money does not have to be refunded if a decision is made later to withdraw from consideration. #Suttsu was the first to express an interest. #NewsBurstLive

#Kamoenai has about 820 villagers and about the only local industry is fishing. The village lies just north of Tomari where Hokkaido Electric Power Co. operates a nuclear power plant. #NewsBurstLive

Two #Hokkaido, #Japan, municipalities with little in the way of industry and bleeding population are moving toward applying to the government for consideration to be the final storage site for highly #radioactive #nuclearWaste. #NewsBurstLive

Police buses are parked surrounding the Gwanghwamun square to prevent unexpected #antiGovernment protests amid the coronavirus disease pandemic in central #Seoul, #SouthKorea, Oct 3 2020 #NewsBurstLive

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News Burst 19 April 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 19 April 2021 – Live Feed

New Horizons is a long, long, long way from home. Currently in the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto, NASA’s New Horizons is just one of five spacecraft to reach 50 AU (astronomical units), or 50 times the distance between the sun and Earth, on its way out of the solar system.

News Burst 18 April 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 18 April 2021 – Live Feed

Former EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has suggested that France may follow the UK’s example and finally withdraw from the EU. Speaking at a conference on the future of the bloc in La Touquet on Friday, the French politician referred to “social unrest and anger” in France over unchecked immigration as well as the “red tape and complexity” of the EU.

News Burst 16 April 2021 – Live Feed

News Burst 16 April 2021 – Live Feed

Billionaires like Bill Gates have long said that they, theoretically, would be in favor of paying much more money in personal taxes. And yet the “philanthropist” Bill Gates and some of the wealthiest people in the world are staying silent on a series of active proposals that would do just that, sidestepping a legislative package in their home state of Washington that targets them specifically.

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