New Year Pleiadian Message

New Year Pleiadian Message

New Year Pleiadian Message – By Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL)

Envision the perfect relationship, as harmonious as possible.

A job where your colleagues are kind, loving.

Your family in complete harmony, especially this end of the year… Bring these good fluids to your mind.

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Also think of those people in your family where there is some discomfort in meeting you.

That old relationship, unpleasant relationships, it’s time to lighten that up. It’s time to fully harmonize this, to bring luminous awareness to this.

New Year Pleiadian Message - Light Is Dissolving Disharmony

Light Is Dissolving Disharmony

New Year Pleiadian Message

The frequencies that you are going to receive today are frequencies to align you in new relationships, because this year that comes in now is a year of alignment of relationships.

It is a year of healing for relationships so that you can flow more lovingly into the new cycles that will begin for you.

Start now connecting with this truth, believing and feeling this truth of good relationships.

As difficult as it is, also be grateful for the blessing of knowing of some toxic relationship, some toxic friendship, some toxic family environment that has taught you to be tolerant, to be loving, to have self love, to understand the levels of consciousness, to mature in general.

The mentors present here also ask us not to let doubt gnaw at our hearts regarding everything that has happened on the planet.

Let us keep our hearts burning in faith as this also allows for the expansion of our energy field and as a result we will be entering and attracting harmonious cycles and healthy relationships as this is the destiny of everyone here on Earth.

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New Year Pleiadian Message - Harmony Of The World

Harmony Of The World

New Year Pleiadian Message

Entering more harmonious zones, happier zones, more crystalline zones and, by the way, the Earth is more completely immersed in the great cauldron of photons of Light.

Your bodies have felt all this photonic influence.

As we’ve said before, don’t be afraid of getting sick.

Trust also the strength of your organisms, your immune systems, trust the innate capacity of your spirit, to adapt along with your body to changes and adjustments of DNA.

It is normal that throughout this transition there are also ups and downs and you will experience this to a great extent, because you are souls who are ready for this: for these ups and downs.

In this dynamism, you refine yourselves in the lower dimensions so that you can assist other civilizations in the not-too-distant future that will also go through their ascending processes as you do now.

There is at this time a process of complete alignment of your body, your soul and your spirit in order to continue attracting the good relationships, the good beings, the good consciences so that you take the quantum leap predicted by eons.

No one will be able to delay or prevent this leap, to prevent the reunion of all of you with your family members whether from inner Earth or from space.

New Year Pleiadian Message - Harmonic Convergence

Harmonic Convergence

New Year Pleiadian Message

Do not be afraid of the threats that are constantly echoed by your media to keep you on low vibration and keep you there so that you lose faith and disbelieve everything that you have built in vibration level until today.

You may even take a step back, but you will always be then taking so many more ahead. There’s no way you can’t.

Trust us when, constantly, we give our signals in your skies, through your intuitions, your dreams and, simply, making you felt ee are by your side.

And by the way, many of you have also been wondering why, apparently, you have stopped feeling our presence.

It’s important to emphasize that in the midst of this whole process that you’ve been going through these ups and downs, it’s normal and, at some point, there’s a de-frequency, a desynchronization of our vibrations and this can cause an apparent disconnection from us, but we’re quick to say that it’s just a feeling; it doesn’t reflect reality because we are one hundred percent on your side.

Don’t be afraid to continue.

Don’t be afraid of what they – those who still believe they hold power over you – keep talking.

Don’t be afraid to keep walking, to believe what your heart cries out for.

Yes, you are walking towards your good relationships, towards the great tunings.

And no matter how hard they try – those who keep trying to gain control over you – no matter how hard they try, nothing will go their way.

Nothing will stop you.

We want you to feel our presence now.

New Year Pleiadian Message - Harmony


New Year Pleiadian Message

Not only our presence from us, the Pleiadians, but from the angelic beings who are here too, from your friendly mentors, from the ascended ones, from the Inner Earth beings, from all the Spiritual Soup that assists your development on Earth, we love each one of you and we are still together, independent, together and continually perceive our signs, perceive our vibrations, perceive our presence.

Ask, make use of your free will when you go to sleep and ask to be aware aboard our ships making use of our crystalline chambers…

Ask, make use of your free will in order to ask and connect with your healing, the connection with your higher consciousness.

It is always a great joy to communicate with you.

We are grateful to our transmitter who, day by day, resumes her transmitting forces to continue being the spokesperson of our messages for the physical plane of the Earth.

Once again we, the Pleiadians, bless you.

Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL)

Altro dai Pleiadiani

Interrogatory Room and Protocol MAR2

Interrogatory Room and Protocol MAR2

The Pleiadians report that there is a backstage operation, not yet as big as expected, but it is certainly one of the first signs indicating that the Positive Military is advancing and beginning to show the FORCE that will remove the Dark Forces from the surface. Some members of the Cabal are being gently but vigorously contacted to cooperate with this operation, delivering information that may lead to other members. In general, a small court is being set up behind the scenes and some of these interrogated members are being quarantined, a kind of confession/interrogation room.

INO2 Message from the Pleiadians

INO2 Message from the Pleiadians

The Pleiadians report that a vast amount of resources are being given to the allies on the surface, so that they can now advance more safely on the most important points: financial system, end hunger and cleanliness of the atmosphere. Very advanced technologies are being delivered, at first, to allies working directly within the Terrestrial Resistance, so that these steps are taken more quickly.

The Islands and Their Expressions Message from The Pleiadians

The Islands and Their Expressions Message from The Pleiadians

The Pleiadians report that a wave of Light Blue Light swept the Magnetic Island so powerfully that it quickly closed some of the Island’s gaps still exposed and prone to negative entrances. Of course, these “cracks” will never be opened again, and it’s up to those magnetic sustainers and the like to remain inviolable to prevent further openings. Of course, this does not mean that forces opposing to Love will not manifest and try to disrupt the plans already drawn by the Forces of Light, but surely a greater empowerment will be evident and, more and more, security will be seen in the works developed by the Allies of the Light Forces in this region.

Eiffel Tower and Magnetic Island Pleiadians Message

Eiffel Tower and Magnetic Island Pleiadians Message

The Pleiadians report that even though the momentum on Magnetic Island seems difficult due to the strong pressures against the supporters of this magnetism, nothing can break this structure. With each new surge of forces opposing this magnetic movement, more Light is injected as a measure of security and fortification! This ends up further supporting the structures of the Island and reinforcing to the maximum that LOVE IS IRRESISTIBLE, because the more opposing forces attack, the more they are involved in the present loving magnetism.

The Power of Magnetism Message from the Pleiadians

The Power of Magnetism Message from the Pleiadians

The Pleiadians report that, due to their latest message), where they cited the city of Curitiba, Paranà Brazil, where there is a Magnetic Crystal being formed, the forces against this movement, as retaliation, intensified their attacks to the force called Magnetic Junction, primary responsible for the sustentation of this crystal. The Pleiadians say that they knew that this would have caused a certain “uproar”, both positive and negative, and that it was also a strategy to attract certain entities into that vortex. This would have made the way for them to be bathed in this energy. Although some are very resistant, they can hardly leave without being touched by the loving feature of all involved.

Magnetic Crystal Star Seeds Event Message from the Pleiadians

Magnetic Crystal Star Seeds Event Message from the Pleiadians

The Pleiadians report that with the Star Seeds Event last weekend in Curitiba, Brazil, there was such a wave of crystalline energy sweeping the city and neighboring points that echoed throughout the Planet as a “magnetic alert”. This alert will eventually bring more souls to this region in a way that will help sustain the intense magnetism of this place. Curitiba is one of the great Magnetic Portals and great concentrator of Star Seeds. I myself was inspired by the Light Forces to stay here when I was just passing by, and so I did.

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